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  • Age16
  • Conditiona bone condition
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Jacquireen's Story

"My classmates say, 'Look at the girl with the disabled leg!' I am alone during my breaks at school, and do not have any friends to play with, but my teachers encourage me." Jacquireen shared her beautiful heart with us, along with the hardships of… Read more

"My classmates say, 'Look at the girl with the disabled leg!' I am alone during my breaks at school, and do not have any friends to play with, but my teachers encourage me." Jacquireen shared her beautiful heart with us, along with the hardships of her story. "I remember falling when I was five years old in the kitchen. I think that is how my leg became this way, but I don't know. Around that time, I was also sent to the hospital. The hospital in my village told me to draw a hot bowl of water, soak a towel, and apply it to my leg. It didn't help, and the swelling became worse."

Jacquireen came into the hospital this week, but has been here twice before. Even though Jacquireen remembers falling, her condition isn’t usually caused by any incident at a child’s age like herself. Jacquireen has pseudarthrosis, where the bone cells around her bone are weak, and her bones tend to act like a joint by its motion. This can allow the bone to fracture very easily. The doctors are coming up with a plan on how to best assess Jacquireen’s condition, and plan to operate on her this week by placing a frame on her left tibia.

“It’s been eleven years with my leg like this.” Jacquireen said. She expressed that school has not only been hard in terms of friendships, but also in the journey to get there. “Going to school has been difficult. Sometimes I am late because of how long it takes me to walk there. There is another girl at school who struggles with a disability too, but she somehow has friends. Mine is worse. I have only my teachers.”

“I hope that after CURE I can go draw water from the well or fetch firewood, since now the distance is too long. I also hope I can skip rope.” Jacquireen continued, “I hope to be a nurse one day so I can help people like me.” Jacquireen asks for prayers for a “speedy recovery and intelligence in school.”

We are so blessed to have Jacquireen at our CURE Malawi hospital, and are excited for her healing here with us! Please keep Jacquireen in your prayers as she prepares for surgery, and that she feels deeply loved by others and mostly, by Jesus!

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Latest Updates

Jul 22, 2020

This is Jac's farewell to you all pose! She is heading home today! Before they departed, Jac's mother left us with these words, "If I had not known about CURE Malawi, I strongly believe that my daughter would have never been able to walk and be transformed into a beautiful, hopeful, and Christ natured girl. All of you who have been praying for Jac and me, thank you so very much for the time, resources, and prayers you sacrificed for us. Today we are walking home with a new song in our hearts!" Today, Jac goes home with a very big smile on her face. The change that you have contributed to bringing about in Jac, both physical and spiritual, will remain forever! Photo of Jacquireen

Jul 21, 2020

"I am almost done with my (physical therapy) exercises!" Jac told us with excitement in her voice. Jac has a few more days to complete her walking exercises under supervision by our physical therapy team. She's doing great and should soon be able to do them on her own. Please keep her in your prayers. Photo of Jacquireen

Jul 17, 2020

Jac is finishing her exercises today with the physical therapy team! The next step is to check in with our doctors and they'll make the call if she can go home! Photo of Jacquireen

Jul 16, 2020

Jac escaped the other patients for a little alone and TV time this morning. The physical therapy team is still working with her to get her leg used to walking normally again. Please pray for smooth progress. Photo of Jacquireen

Jul 15, 2020

Jac had ended up getting her leg put back in a cast back in June, but today it was taken off and the doctors say she is finished! She's now headed to see our CURE Malawi physical therapy in order to get her new leg working. Thank you to each and every one of your for your support, encouragement, and prayers through her entire journey! Photo of Jacquireen

May 27, 2020

Jac having her wound checked by our nurse to make sure it's are clean. Our CURE Malawi staff is planning to see how best they can help Jac with a few things (Whether to put her leg in a cast or back slab to support her leg or leave her leg completely free) to complete her treatment. Please keep her in your prayers as our doctors are planning. Photo of Jacquireen

May 26, 2020

Jac is doing pretty well today. Her mother has been spending time reading their Bible together as we had a long weekend here in Malawi. Jac will have her leg checked out this afternoon and we're praying the doctors have good news! Photo of Jacquireen

May 22, 2020

Jac was a bit subdued today. It's usual to get a little homesick every now and again and we get that. We're doing our best to keep her spirits high with activities and lots of intentional investment. The doctors are checking in on her leg again on Tuesday and we'll see what they say then! Photo of Jacquireen

May 21, 2020

Since Jac cannot move much after having her frame been removed, her friends flock to her bed to keep her company! What great friends she has. Our doctors will see her tomorrow during their ward rounds and we will keep you updated on what they say. Meanwhile, we'll play some cards with our friends to pass the time! Photo of Jacquireen

May 20, 2020

While Jac is recovering from her frame removal, her mother has been reading her the Bible! Jac is doing really well, but still pretty tired. Jac will be sticking around at least for the rest of this week so the doctors can keep an eye on her. Thank you all for your prayers and support from the start of Jac's stay with us until now! Photo of Jacquireen

May 19, 2020

Jac's frame has been successfully removed! She did great in the OR and we can't wait to see how she feels now that it is finally off! Photo of Jacquireen

May 18, 2020

Good news! Jac has managed to stay infection free and she's now come back to CURE Malawi to have her frame removed! She's been super strong and courageous. With your prayers and support, Jac has finally reached the end of her time with her frame on. We are so grateful for your support and life-changing prayers! Photo of Jacquireen

Mar 17, 2020

Jac's infection has officially cleared up and she is going home! Thank you so much for your prayers and support. We will see Jac again in April.  Photo of Jacquireen

Mar 13, 2020

Jac had her x-rays done and the doctors are happy how the bone is healing! Thank you for your prayers and encouragement as you all haven taken part in the healing process for Jac. Jac will continue having her pin site care and physical therapy. Unfortunately, the doctors also found Jacquireen's leg was getting infected so she will need to stick around here until the infection clears. Photo of Jacquireen

Mar 10, 2020

Today, we found Jac memorizing some Bible verses! She told us that she wants to remember by heart the first verse in the Bible which is Genesis chapter one verse one. It is so encouraging to see Jac, despite her pain and discomfort with the frame, being able to look to Jesus and study her Bible. We believe that with your prayers and support, Jacquireen's healing is possible. Please continue to encourage and pray for her. This week the doctors said she will continue physical therapy then she will have her X-rays done. This will help our doctors to see how the bones have healed! Photo of Jacquireen

Mar 08, 2020

Jac is back! We met Jacquireen today in the ward and we are so happy that she is here again! The doctors will check her frame tomorrow and from what they find out, they will make plans on how to move forward! Jacquireen would love to hear some get-well messages from all of you and she says she has missed CURE so very much!  Photo of Jacquireen

Feb 11, 2020

"I love spending time in the playroom and drawing. Some of the things we do in the playroom remind me of my class back home: the Math we do and some of the English books," said Jacquireen. Our doctors said Jacq will go home once her mother has mastered how to care for her while at home! So far, Benedata, Jacq's mother, is doing great in learning and observing everything she is being advised to do. Please keep them both in your prayers! Photo of Jacquireen

Feb 03, 2020

Jacquireen is hanging out with her little friend Emmanuel today. It started out with Emmanuel just looking for trouble and ended in a game of hide and seek. Jacquireen is feeling much better this week. She says, "I hope my mom will learn my new frame turns this week so that next week I can go back to school." We are hoping Jacquireen can go back to school soon too. Please join us in keeping her and her mom in prayer! Photo of Jacquireen

Jan 29, 2020

Jacquireen has had a rough week and could really use some prayers and kind messages! While the doctors took her into the operating room planning to take her frame off, it looks like she wasn't ready. Jacquireen ended up needing more lengthening and had a new frame put on. She will be starting her new frame program next week. Physical therapy has been hard for her to relearn how to walk with her new frame, and emotionally it's been a lot. Luckily, she has some really good friends in the hospital to hangout with and keep her distracted, including her new backpack flamingo friend, Gilda, gifted to her by an awesome volunteer. Please keep Jacquireen in your prayers, that she remains strong throughout her healing process. Photo of Jacquireen

Jan 23, 2020

The doctors reviewed Jacquireen's x-ray and decided it was best to remove her frame and exchange it out for rush rods. This should give her an even better correction after the tremendous progress the frame has already made. Jacquireen is super excited to have her frame removed. Please keep her in your prayers while she undergoes this process in the OR! Photo of Jacquireen

Jan 22, 2020

Our friend Jacquireen is here! She was reviewed yesterday and has been admitted for regular frame wound cleanings. The doctors say she's not quite ready for removal, but they'll be taking and reviewing her X-ray today to see what's next. We love having Malawi's sweetheart back at the hospital with us. Thanks for keeping Jac in your prayers while she continues healing! Photo of Jacquireen

Oct 09, 2019

Jacquireen is having her last physical therapy session until 2020 today! She is really excited to be going home and we won't see her again for another three to four months. Jacquireen has the sweetest spirit and kindest heart. We sure are going to miss her around here. She's been working really hard at physical therapy and keeping her frame clean. Her mom jokes that she likes to be called "Anursi amayi" meaning "Nurse mom" while she's at home. Jacquireen's mom and Jacquireen have a special bond, and her mom has done a great job taking care of her throughout her healing. Please keep Jac in your prayers while she travels home. We can't wait to see her again in 2020! Photo of Jacquireen

Oct 08, 2019

Jacquireen has been told she gets to go home soon! Today Dr. Lubega changed the direction of some pins on her frame and told her she has a few more physical therapy sessions this week before leaving. Jacquireen will be at physical therapy this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon, and then the doctors will decide. It's been quite the process, but little by little we are happy to see Jacquireen healing and happy. Thanks for keeping her in your prayers! Photo of Jacquireen

Oct 03, 2019

Jacquireen is in the operating room today to have the rod removed! The doctors say her bone is healing up so well and she does not need this rod in her leg anymore although she'll still have the frame on. Jacquireen will most likely be a little sore after surgery so please continue to pray for and encourage her. Photo of Jacquireen

Oct 02, 2019

"The nurses have taught me how to take care of the pin site in Jacquireen's wounds. Now I am confident to continue keeping it clean when we go home" said Benedeta, Jacquireen's mother. Jacquireen will have another minor surgery this week where the doctors will remove one of the metal rods in her bone! This is the road to healing! We are so glad that Jacquireen is coming nearer to her complete healing! Thank you so much for your prayers and encouraging messages you share with Jacquireen. Photo of Jacquireen

Aug 05, 2019

Jacquireen will be going home today for sure! The wounds where the screws were removed last Friday are healing nicely, and she will have the stitches removed at a local clinic in two weeks. The doctors encouraged her to "walk, jump, dance, and fly" on her frame to gain strength. Jacquireen will continue pin-site care while at home to prevent infections and will return to CURE Malawi in late September. Please pray for Jacquireen and her mom as they travel home and continue their healing surrounded by family. Photo of Jacquireen

Jul 30, 2019

During ward rounds, the doctors went back and forth while making decisions on what's next for Jacquireen. It started with "Yay! You are going home!" and ended with "I think we should remove the two screws in her leg this week." Jacquireen didn't seem to mind as she really likes the hospital. The surgeons will be removing two screws in Jacquireen's left leg this week to create more space before they send her home. Today she's been enjoying the playroom while she learns all the colors and numbers one through fifty in English. We love having Jacquireen here with us and thank you for keeping her in your prayers! Photo of Jacquireen

Jul 26, 2019

Jacquireen wanted to tell you a little bit about her spiritual experience at the hospital. She says, "I have been reading the bible since I was in Standard 4. My favorite bible verse is Ephesians 6:1 and I am very close with my mom. I have learned a lot during my time here at CURE Malawi and want to know more about Jesus and about praying. At first I wasn't sure about the hospital and it took me time to make friends, but now I have friends and no longer feel alone. I am very thankful to God."

We were so moved my Jacquireen's story and thank YOU for being a part of it! She's be wrapping up her pin-site care and physio this afternoon so she can go home this weekend. Please keep Jacquireen and her mom in your prayers as they journey home and Jacquireen continues her healing! Photo of Jacquireen

Jul 23, 2019

Jacquireen is working hard at physical therapy. The doctors would like her to be able to put her full weight on her leg by the end of the week. They've also instructed our nurses to reteach her and her mom how to do the pin-site care as her infection seems to have come back under control and we want to keep it that way! Jacquireen has been a bit shy this time around in the hospital, but has also been super invested in the miniature Bible she's been reading. Her spiritual life has grown tremendously since coming to CURE Malawi and she says she wants to tell us all about it tomorrow. We look forward to hearing more about Jacquireen's spiritual healing and growth this week! Photo of Jacquireen

Jul 19, 2019

"God bless you and lead you all. Thank you for the prayers. CURE Malawi is really taking care of us and we are so grateful. Continue praying for my daughter she is getting much better," Benedeta said after over hearing your get-well messages that we got to read to Jaq today! Jaq is doing so much better, but still has to stick around for a while longer to continue having her wounds cleaned. No word on if she'll need a surgery to clear the infection or not, but we're still praying about it. Photo of Jacquireen

Jul 17, 2019

Jaq made it out to the playroom today and she is doing so much better! The doctors said she'll keep getting her cleanings. They also mentioned Jaq may need another surgery to manually clear the infection. It's not the ideal scenario, but if it needs to be done, it needs to be done. Please be praying Jacquireen keeps her spirits high and determination solid through the current uncertainty! Photo of Jacquireen

Jul 16, 2019

"I feel so much better now that we have come to CURE Malawi again. My leg was getting bad, but the nurses here took care of it when we arrived," Jaq said, filling us in. We are so happy that this young lady is back and getting the treatment her leg needs. She's getting regular cleanings now and will be hanging out with us for a little bit to make sure her infection doesn't grow into anything dangerous! Photo of Jacquireen

Jul 15, 2019

Jacquireen came in for her follow up appointment this morning and was admitted into the hospital. After reviewing Jacquireen's x-ray, Dr. Flavia found an infection in Jacquireen's left leg. Jacquireen will have the nurses thoroughly clean her frame today and the doctors will later come and check on the her and the infection. Please pray for Jacquireen and that this infection is an easy battle to win! Photo of Jacquireen

May 10, 2019

Jacquireen is going home! The nurses say that Jacquireen's mom learned a lot on how to be a good "mom nurse" for Jacquireen when she is at home, so that her wounds stay clean. Jacquireen says she'll miss the hospital, but is okay with going home. She'll be back again on July 15th and we can't wait to see her then. We're sure we will get a few calls from her mom as it gets closer saying, "July 15! July 15!" like last time. Please keep Jacquireen and her mom in your prayers as they travel home! Photo of Jacquireen

May 08, 2019

Jacquireen is happy to be back in the hospital! The doctors say she will continue her pin-site care and physio here to make the progress she needs. They will later focus on lengthening. We are so happy to have this sweet one back with us. Yesterday she wanted to pretend she had her ears pierced, so she put star stickers that she found in the playroom on her ear lobes. We gave her a thumbs up, since it seems much less painful. Jacquireen LOVES stickers! She says she plans to go to the playroom, physio and watch TV today. Please keep Jacquireen in your prayers as she continues healing! Photo of Jacquireen

May 06, 2019

Remember when Jacquireen's mom used Storyteller Alexis' phone to call all her relatives and let them know she was coming home? Well, Jacquireen is now back and she's been calling to tell us all week! It seems Jacquireen's mom saved Storyteller Alexis' number from her previous calls and wanted to let her know they were coming back soon. Everyday for the past week Jacquireen and her mom have been calling Alexis saying, "May 6! May 6!" The would laugh as we all got so excited with them. Jacquireen is here for clinic and has been sent for an X-ray. It seems her wounds are looking a little dirty and she'll be staying the night for a cleaning and better pin-site care management tomorrow. Please keep Jacquireen in your prayers as she continues healing! Photo of Jacquireen

Mar 22, 2019

Jacquireen is going home! Her mom used Storyteller Alexis' phone this morning to call all of her relatives and tell them they are coming home. How exciting! We are so proud of how much progress Jacquireen has made and will miss her sweet smile around the hospital. Her friend from the bed beside her, Vanessa, wanted a picture with Jacquireen before she left. Jacquireen will be missed by many kids and guardians in the hospital. Thank you for the continued encouragement during Jacquireen's stay, and please join us in praying for a safe journey home! Photo of Jacquireen

Mar 19, 2019

Jacquireen's mom is coming today! Yay! She has been patiently waiting for her mom to come back to stay with her at the hospital. Although she loves and appreciates her aunt, Jacquireen has a special bond with her mom and is so excited to see her. Jacquireen also showed us her new hairstyle yesterday. Her, along with a few others in the ward, all have the same spikes. The girls had a great time over the weekend getting their hair done by some of the moms in the ward. Jacquireen is still having her afternoon physio sessions where she is mobilizing and non-weight bearing. Please continue to keep her in your prayers! She is so strong! Photo of Jacquireen

Mar 15, 2019

Jacquireen is on the move! She has improved so much during her physio sessions and now loves to use her walker to go to the playroom and back. "I'm going to the playroom! I'm going to the playroom!" she told us giggling as she hobbled her way down the hall. The doctors say she will be discharged home on Monday. Jacquireen says she's still in pain, but her smile remains regardless. We are so proud of how hard Jacquireen is working and thank you for all of your prayers and encouragement during her recovery! Photo of Jacquireen

Mar 12, 2019

Jacquireen's cousin, Ladea, came to visit her in the hospital! Ladea's mom, who is also Jacquireen's aunt, is Jacquireen's current guardian in the hospital. Jacquireen is patiently waiting for her mom to come back, but is enjoying her aunt in the meantime. Jacquireen loves having her cousin Ladea here to chat with while she recovers. The doctors advised her to continue icing and elevation. We are glad to see Jacquireen so happy, and thank you for your constant prayers! Photo of Jacquireen

Mar 08, 2019

Jacquireen is smiling through the pain! She has had a really difficult recovery so far, but has been so strong. Today she was advised to continue elevating her leg and will have ice applied constantly throughout the day to help the swelling and pain. She appreciates all of your encouragement, and is excited to have her mom come back next week, as her aunt has been staying with her this past week. Thanks for keeping Jacquireen in your prayers! Photo of Jacquireen

Mar 06, 2019

Jacquireen is in recovery from what was suppose to be a four to six hour surgery, and ended up being a seven hour surgery, excluding anesthetics. Wow! This girl is a trooper! She is in a lot of pain today and is a bit groggy from the medication. Her lip was also swollen this morning, so the doctors are changing her antibiotics. They will be checking her X-ray today, and the doctors also mentioned that they did a bit of a leg lengthening at the end of Jacquireen's operation yesterday since they were already in deep. Since Jacquireen is in a lot of pain today, we are posting a photo of her from yesterday, right before she went into the operating room!

Today Storyteller Alexis brought Jacquireen her favorite drink, Cocopina Sobo, that she had kindly asked for last week saying, "Could you bring Cocopina Sobo for me after theater (the operating room) Tuesday?" Even with all the pain wrinkles across Jacquireen's forehead, she smiled when Storyteller Alexis handed her the Sobo! It will be as intense of a recovery as it was a surgery, so feel free to send Jacquireen some love and get well messages! Thank you for your constant prayers and encouragement for Jacquireen during this time. Photo of Jacquireen

Mar 05, 2019

Jacquireen is in for a six hour surgery today! This operation is super intense, and the doctors have been preparing for it for a week now. As Dr. Flavia explained, the surgeons are going to resection and take out the pathological bone in Jacquireen's tibia and place rush rods in the bone to align her leg. The surgeons will then graft the bone and the periosteum (which is like skin around the bone) from her pelvis to wrap around the defect in her tibia. Lastly, they will place an Ilizarov frame to secure her leg, since the bone is weak and they don't want it to fracture. Please pray for Jacquireen, as it will be a hard recovery! Photo of Jacquireen

Mar 01, 2019

Jacquireen was getting super into her game of Bao, with Funny from our Spiritual Department. It's a pretty even match, even though Funny and Jacquireen both say they are the best! Timothy, Jacquireen's new friend, came into the playroom to watch them compete and to see who the real champ is. He can't seem to pick. "They are both really good!"

Jacquireen's surgery has been delayed until Tuesday, as the surgeons need more time to review her case, since it will be an intensive operation. Monday is a holiday here in Malawi, so when Dr. Lubega planned for Jacquireen's surgery being Monday, the doctors all joked, "Good luck on your own!" Jacquireen is excited to enjoy her last weekend before she gets her frame. She says she can't really imagine what is will be like. "Maybe heavy, or maybe light. I think it will be heavy, but I hope it will be light." Thanks for your encouragement for Jacquireen as she prepares for surgery next week. Photo of Jacquireen

Feb 27, 2019

We talked to Jacquireen and her mom today to see whether they are ready or not for tomorrow. Jackie will have a frame put on her left leg in the operating room. "We are hoping for the best and putting our trust completely in the hands of God and the doctors," said her mom, Benedeta. Seeing how Jacquireen does not have friends back at home, her mother expressed how happy she was to see her daughter play and talk to the other children with disabilities in the ward. She shared, "It's really great to see her interact, and it's easier for them to connect as they are in the same situation. It's also comforting for me to be surrounded by guardians and parents I can share my experiences with." Jackie is looking forward to the day she can properly walk again. Please continue praying for her, so that she feel the grace and love of God showered upon her. Photo of Jacquireen

Feb 25, 2019

Meet Jacquireen! She just came in this week with pseudarthrosis. This usually effects adults after trauma or surgery, but occasionally occurs in children without trauma and the bone can fracture. Jacquireen has been here three times before and after medication to help her nutrition, she is finally ready for surgery! The doctors plan to place a frame on Jacquireen's right leg in the operating room on Thursday!

Jacquireen has the sweetest personality! She says that she loves "chips (french fries) with everything" and if she were to pick a chitenje fabric from the market, it would be "black and HAS to have flowers!" Please keep Jacquireen in your prayers as she prepares for surgery Thursday! Photo of Jacquireen

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