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Chifuniro's Story

“She should just die.” “You should have slept on her and killed her.” “You never should have brought that child home from the hospital.” These are some of the lies Chifurino’s mom, Patricia, was told after giving birth to Chifuniro. I… Read more

“She should just die.” “You should have slept on her and killed her.” “You never should have brought that child home from the hospital.” These are some of the lies Chifurino’s mom, Patricia, was told after giving birth to Chifuniro. It has taken years of ridicule, for her community to finally learn to love and accept her daughter, Chifuniro.

Chifuniro came into the hospital this week with neglected clubfoot. She was treated at our hospital as an infant with serial casting and braces, and although she made great progress, she is still seeking for full healing. Patricia says, “She use to walk on the top of her feet so that the bottom was completely backwards, but now she walks on the sides, which is better than before.” The doctors have discovered the reason Chifuniro didn’t receive full healing immediately is because she has a more difficult type of clubfoot, as her feet are very stiff, and some bones may even be fused together. Chifuniro will be sent for a CT scan, so the doctors can evaluate her more clearly and make a plan.

“Chifuniro has a twin sister named Chisomo. When Chisomo was young, she would ask me many questions about Chifuniro.” Patricia explained how after delivering a child in the Malawian culture, you come home celebrating and tell your community, “I bought a child!” The adults understand this phrase, but the children think they literally went to the hospital and purchased a child. When Chifuniro and her sister Chisomo were young, Chisomo asked her mom why she would select and buy Chifuniro, who looks so different from her. Chisomo couldn’t understand how two girls who were suppose to be sisters, even more twins, could look so different. As they grew up, Chisomo fell in love with Chifuniro as her sister, and their bond became tighter. Patricia told us Chisomo always stands up for her sister and says, “I’ll beat you up if you make fun of my sister, Chifuniro! Even if you just look at her wrong!” Patricia went on to say, “Because our family loved and valued Chifuniro, our community then learned to also.”

“Both her knees and her feet bring her severe pain when walking, especially long distances. She used to also have a problem when her wrists were twisted, but it was treated with a splint when she was an infant and now it is perfect,” Patricia told us.

“I believe my child will be healed and I pray that God does not fail us because I trust in His promises!” Patricia shared. She continued by saying, “I want to thank you, and God for you and the people at CURE. You not only passed by to say, “Hello!” or “Good morning!” like most people, but you sat down to know my heart and story. No one has ever sat with me to really know my story with Chifuniro. Thank you so much.”

Thank you CURE family for being a part of this first for Chifuniro and Patricia - for sitting with, reading about, and knowing the heart of Chifuniro’s story, along side of her mother. Thank you for following Chifuniro on her continued journey to healing!

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Latest Updates

3 days ago

Chifu received your get well messages and even though she's in a lot of pain, she wanted to give you a thumbs up to thank you for all the love and support. She said in the sweetest voice, "Thank you so much. It really means so much." She loves knowing she has so many people praying for her. Chifu is a sweet and feisty little thing and we love having her here at CURE Malawi. Your prayers mean the world to her and we are all so grateful for you being such a big part of her journey! Photo of Chifuniro

May 22, 2019

Chifuniro's mom did Chifu's hair and the little rows of pom poms are absolutely perfect! Chifu was having a great morning playing and dancing, until the time came for pin-site care. There were lots of tears and she was in so much pain that she didn't want to be around anyone, so during tea time we found her hiding behind the kitchen and laundry room by herself. We came over and sat with her sharing some bread and after a few minutes of eating bread, a smile popped on her face! When asking about her feet she said in a quiet voice, "It is so painful." It about broke our hearts, but we told her she is so brave and she'll be out of frames and walking properly in no time. Please keep Chifu in your prayers as she continues with pin-site care, frame turns and physio, and that she remain brave! Photo of Chifuniro

May 16, 2019

Chifuniro watched a bunch of kids play soccer outside today and was feeling really sad. She says she wishes she could run around and play soccer. We said in a few months, she'll be number one on the field, showing all the boys how it's done. Overall, Chifuniro has had a really hard time with the frames, but her mom has tried to keep her as joyful as she can. She could really use some encouragement and prayers! Thanks for love and support you show for Chifu! She really appreciates it! Photo of Chifuniro

May 13, 2019

Chifuniro smiled for us today, but her mom says she's been in a lot of pain. She has been such a trooper! The doctors told physio to start her frame turns for her left leg and continue turns for her right leg. It won't be easy, but Chifuniro is very strong. Please join us in keeping Chifu in prayer, that she be brave throughout physio and her time in the hospital! Photo of Chifuniro

May 10, 2019

Chifu is having her frame turns done on her right foot by physiotherapist, Bessie. Her left foot turns won't start until this weekend. She's not loving having frames on and misses the freedom to run around, but one day in the future, she'll be running around pain free, frame free and properly, just like her twin sister Chisomo which makes her very excited! She also told us she is one of seven siblings and has three sets of twins in her family. A twin brother and sister older than her, herself and her sister Chisomo, a set of girl twins younger than her and she has one baby brother who is not a twin. Wow! Lots of twins! Her mom laughed telling us how cool it is for her to have so many twins! They are all very close. Thanks for your continued prayers for Chifuniro and she presses on with her pin-site care and frame turns. Photo of Chifuniro

May 08, 2019

Chifuniro is heading into surgery today for her second frame. She's not too thrilled about it, but is hanging in strong! This girl has the best manners. Just about every time we take her picture, she says in a sweet voice, "Zikomo kwambiri," clapping her hands together quietly in thanks. It about melts our hearts. Please keep Chifu in your prayers, that she remain brave and recover smoothly from her second operation! Photo of Chifuniro

May 06, 2019

Chifuniro is recovering well from her operation last week. The day after, she has a lot of bleeding and Dr. Flavia had to come over, clean, and rewrap her leg. Other than that though, everything has been very smooth. The doctors say they will create a program for her right foot today and a plan to send her into the operating room for her left foot this week. Please keep Chifu in your prayers as she begins her turns and prepares for her next operation! Photo of Chifuniro

May 02, 2019

Chifuniro is having her first operation today! Dr. Lubega and Dr. Flavia are placing ilizarov frames on both of her feet, but also need to do an osteotomy since the bones in her feet are fused together. Please keep Chifuniro in your prayers while she is in surgery, and that the hopes of being like her twin sister who doesn't have clubfoot, come true! Photo of Chifuniro

Apr 30, 2019

Chifuniro is back in the hospital! Yay! We feel like it's been forever. She finally received the results of her CT scan and the doctors are reviewing her case this week and creating a plan. It seems Chifuniro's bones are fused in both of her feet, so her procedure will be a bit more complicated than usual. Please keep Chifuniro in your prayers while she is with us at the hospital, and as she slowly comes out of her shell, making friends with other patients! Photo of Chifuniro

Feb 18, 2019

We grabbed this photo of Chifuniro last week and found out today that she went home over the weekend! Unfortunately, Queens Hospital's CT scan list was booked and they were not able to take a CT scan of Chifuniro. Dr. Lubega has contacted Mwaiwathu Private Hospital, a hospital nearby, to check their CT scab availability. Chifuniro is scheduled to be back March 18th, but Dr. Lubega says he'll call if he can work anything out soon! For now, Chifuniro is at home reunited with her sister, but we are excited to see her again in March! Please continue to keep her in your prayers while she patiently waits for her CT scan! Photo of Chifuniro

Feb 15, 2019

Chifuniro and her mama are having a good day! They are still waiting on Queens Hospital to see if they have the ability to schedule a CT scan for Chifuniro. Queens is limited on a number of CT scans throughout the year and usually uses them for emergency trauma cases. The doctors at CURE will be contacting Queens today to see if this is an option, and they will figure out a plan for Chifuniro next week. Chifuniro has been afraid to go to the playroom for the past few days, as she's not a fan of "school" and doesn't like how the kids treat her at school in her home village. Today, she finally went to the playroom, and loved it! We are so excited to see her happy and making friends with kids who have struggled in their own villages with similar disabilities! Thanks for you continued prayers and messages you have been sending to Chifuniro! Photo of Chifuniro

Feb 13, 2019

Meet Chifuniro! She's been to our hospital before when she was just a baby to be treated for infant clubfoot, and later realized her feet were not correcting as well as they should have been. Although Chifuniro has made a lot of progress, she is back in the hospital to better understand why her feet aren't perfect. It seems some of the bones in her feet may be fused together and is what is causing the problem. The doctors are reviewing her notes and sending her for a CT scan at Queens Hospital next door. After receiving the results, they will make a plan for Chifuniro!

Did we mention Chifuniro is a twin? She has a twin sister named Chisomo, who was born without clubfoot, but loves Chifuniro even more because of her condition! The two are inseparable, and it will be hard for them to be a part for so long when Chifuniro is in the hospital. Chifuniro's mom, Patricia, told us, "Chisomo says she will tell off anyone who makes fun of Chifuniro, even if they just look at her wrong!" It's great to know Chifuniro has a supportive sister by her side! Please keep Chifuniro in your prayers during her time in the hospital, and the doctors as they are reviewing Chifuniro and coming up with a plan! Photo of Chifuniro

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