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  • Conditionbowed legs
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The picture above is of CURE in Malawi. Everyone who serves with CURE in Malawi, from medical professionals to office staff, are dedicated to providing the highest quality medical and spiritual care to people who, without CURE, couldn't find it and couldn't afford it, just like Damaris. To do that, we're inviting you to partner with us.

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Damaris's Story

"When we got off the bus from Mzuzu and arrived in Blantyre, I could even see the way people looked and stared at Damaris on the street as she was walking beside me while I was carrying the bags. She doesn't notice, but people always stare and talk… Read more

"When we got off the bus from Mzuzu and arrived in Blantyre, I could even see the way people looked and stared at Damaris on the street as she was walking beside me while I was carrying the bags. She doesn't notice, but people always stare and talk about her disability." We chatted with Damaris' dad, Patford, as he shared Darmaris' story with deep faith in the plans God has for Damaris and their family. He continued, "Damaris has a twin brother, who is called Tatenda. They were both born normal, but overtime both of their legs started to bend. We noticed when they first started walking at the age of one. We went to Mzuzu Central Hospital and they advised us to come back when the Beit CURE clinic was coming. When we came to the clinic, the doctor gave us Vitamin D supplements and advice to include milk and eggs to their daily meals. We continued to come back to the clinic every six months.” Patiford said joyfully, “It worked for Tatenda! His legs are now perfectly straight and he doesn't have any problems.” He then added, “Damaris it helped, but her legs were still not straight, so Tatenda was discharged from the clinic visits and Damaris was admitted.”

Damaris came into our hospital this week with genu valgus, which looks similar to bowed legs. She will be having 8-plates placed into her legs, for both tibias and both femurs.

“People gave our family a hard time and they didn’t understand. Kids would look and point at Damaris and Tatenda and the community didn’t think we were taking enough of an action.” Patford went on to explain how it was an exercise in patience waiting for both of his children to find healing, but his faith never wavered. “We are happy here at CURE.”

Patford shared that Damaris didn’t feel she had any true challenges, “She would walk, run, climb and jump. I just want to see her go back to school and for her to feel like a normal girl because everyone says “She’s so cute!” but when they notice the problem, they don’t see her that way anymore.”

“Please pray for a quick recovery and for the plans God has for our family and each of our children. I just want to see Damaris happy and for my children to grow as responsible kids and to help change things.”

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Latest Updates

Dec 04, 2019

Damaris has straight legs! She's been walking in circles around the hospital today, holding her dads hand, getting used to her new legs. Although you can't see it in her picture, her dad says she's really happy. Damaris might always remember the hospital as a scary place with too many doctors for her liking, but her dad says he'll remind her of the difference CURE has made in her life. They'll be heading home today, and if there are any problems, they will be seen at the Mzuzu clinic. We are so excited to see Damaris healed and walking freely! We are hopeful for her bright future ahead! Photo of Damaris

Dec 02, 2019

Damaris is here at the hospital, and she's the first one in for surgery today. She'll be having her 8-plates removed, and her dad is super excited! He says, "Look at her straight legs. She is better now. We are so happy!" Please keep Damaris in your prayers while she undergoes surgery. Photo of Damaris

Jan 18, 2019

Damaris has been discharged! We plan to see her back at our hospital in June. The doctors told her she needs to have her 8-plates in for six months until they remove them. Storyteller Alexis joked, telling Damaris she also had the same amount of "worry wrinkles" on her forehead after her surgery years back. Damaris then smiled, but the worry wrinkles didn't seem to want to leave her face!

Damaris is in a lot of pain and physio was not easy, but she is happy to be going home where she can reunite and rest with her family. Please keep Damaris and her dad, Patiford, in your prayers as they make a long trip back up to North Malawi! Photo of Damaris

Jan 17, 2019

Damaris' surgery was a success! She had 8-plates put in both femurs and tibias on her legs. She is in a lot of pain and is a little fearful of all of the doctors and nurses, as she watches them closely while they treat people in the ward. She will have a post-op X-ray today and a physio session before she is discharged home. Her sibling at home sent her a video of them all saying, "Hi Damaris! We miss you! Feel better soon!" Damaris' dad, Patford, told us Damaris is a bit homesick, and would love any prayers for her to feel better soon! Photo of Damaris

Jan 16, 2019

Meet Damaris! She just came in this week with genu valgus and will be having her first operation today. Damaris also has a twin brother, Tatenda, who had the same disability, and over time with Vitamin D supplements and diet changes, his legs were corrected and are now perfectly straight. Damaris' legs are a lot better, but she will need 8-plates to help fully correct them.

Damaris is in kindergarten, she loves stuffed animals and singing! Her favorite food is rice and she is the fourth child out of six in her family- Patford, Upendo, Tatenda, Damaris, Alinafe and Theodore. Her family is very close and her siblings have been sending her "miss you" videos while she is here with us at CURE Malawi. Her dad, Patford, asks for prayers "for a quick recovery and for the plans God has for our family and each of our children!" Photo of Damaris

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