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Chisomo's Story

“My friends laugh at me at school saying, “Look at the cripple!” but I just don’t answer them back,” Chisomo shared with us.

Chisomo came into the hospital last week with neglected clubfoot, but was very sick, and couldn’t be ope… Read more

“My friends laugh at me at school saying, “Look at the cripple!” but I just don’t answer them back,” Chisomo shared with us.

Chisomo came into the hospital last week with neglected clubfoot, but was very sick, and couldn’t be operated on until the end of the week. Not knowing how Chisomo would manage the pain, the surgeons decided to do one frame at a time. Chisomo received his first frame last Thursday, and just this morning gave the doctors a thumbs up; ready to have his second frame put on tomorrow.

Chisomo came here with his aunt, Cecelia, who shared a bit of Chisomo’s story. “It was very strange when Chisomo was born. I had never seen such a condition and was very worried. I knew that it still must be the will of God.” Cecelia explained how Chisomo’s mom had a natural birth at home, and did not go to a hospital. She continued, “His mother had a severe mental illness. When the child was three, she finally agreed to take him to our local hospital in Mulanje. We were then referred to Queens Hospital. Before I could take Chisomo to Queens, his mother ran off with him and her family, taking them to Mozambique.” Cecelia shared about the days she waited; to go after them, to find Chisomo, and to bring him back to get proper help. “After eight years I finally went to Mozambique and brought Chisomo back to Malawi with me. That was two years ago when he was eleven.”

Cecelia told us she had been seeking help to the best of her ability ever since Chisomo’s return. “I heard about CURE through a pastor’s wife who saw Chisomo and felt compassion towards him. She gave me the contact information and that’s how we found ourselves here.”

Chisomo says, “I cannot run or walk long distances. I watch all my friends walk to the farm, and hope I also can someday.”

When asking for prayer requests, Cecelia said, “I will be very happy to see my grandson able to walk properly. Please pray that there will be fast healing!”

Please keep Chisomo in your prayers through his operations and time here at CURE Malawi!

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Latest Updates

Nov 22, 2019

Chisomo left to go home early this morning after they made the decision to postpone his surgery until next year. We missed his photo - so here's a photo of when he first came in earlier this week. Chisomo gives the best hugs! We plan to see him again at the Mulanje clinic in May 2020, where he'll be scheduled for his next operation. The plan will be for Chisomo to have another frame on his left foot since the clubfoot has slightly relapsed. Please keep Chiso in your prayers as he returns to school and prepares for his next operation next year! Photo of Chisomo

Nov 20, 2019

Chisomo is hanging out in the playroom today. He misses all his old friends, but loves making new ones! The doctors reviewed Chisomo this morning and are making a plan to correct his left foot. His feet are straight, but his left heel rises when he walks - so Chisomo will be having an operation to correct his heel this week. Please keep Chisomo in your prayers as he prepares for another operation! Photo of Chisomo

Nov 18, 2019

One of our favorite little humans is back, and we are all so excited to see him! Chisomo came into the hospital with his grandmother today, and the two of them were tackled with hugs. Everyone at the hospital has really missed the sweet grandma-grandson duo. Chiso is so happy to be back at the hospital and the doctors will be reviewing him this week to see what's next! Photo of Chisomo

Jun 17, 2019

Chisomo is going home! "I have been born again!" Chisomo says with eyes full of joy. Being able to walk again after a long, hard life, Chisomo says today it is his best day ever! "I will probably keep my shoes on in bed tonight!" he tells us. We are so grateful to all the children, parents, supporters and all who took part in sending Chisomo prayers and get well messages. It has really made him loved, cared for and today we are singing a new song. Bless you all as well continue to love and care for our children around the world with good news and encouraging messages! Photo of Chisomo

Jun 13, 2019

"I can walk again! I have new legs and I am so happy to see myself walking with healed feet," Chisomo said, unable to sit still! We're guessing he's traveled over a mile today running all around the hospital! His mother Cecelia is so thankful to CURE Malawi and to all the people around the world and those who are following his treatment with prayers and get well messages. "God has been so good to us," was all Cecelia could say seeing her son walk again! Photo of Chisomo

Jun 12, 2019

"It feels like I can run and kick a football, but the doctor who is helping me to walk says I still have a few weeks until I can. I am so happy to have my feet corrected," Chisomo told us! He is so happy to have his plastic support shoe. Today, he got to walk around and tried to ride a toy bike we have in the ward! It is really a happy day for Chisomo! Photo of Chisomo

Jun 11, 2019

Chisomo is here again! He is so excited and he remembers almost every doctor and nurse around the corner. Chisomo got his casts off and is ready for the plastic shoes which will help his feet to get even better. It was pretty cool for some of the other kids in the hospital who also have clubfoot to see how good Chisomo's feet are and it's an encouragement to them! Photo of Chisomo

Apr 25, 2019

Chisomo was happy and pumped up after having your messages read to him! He was amazed to know that so many of you care for him enough to send your messages of encouragement. He tried to imagine all of you beside his bed, all at once, and all he could do was blush and laugh and say "Thanks! I appreciate it!". His grandmother had more words though, "Thank you so much and it means a lot to us to receive such sweet words of encouragement, we really needed them." Chisomo and his grandmother have left for home today and will be back in the hospital on the 10th of June. Please keep Chisomo in your prayers, he appreciates your messages and prayers! Photo of Chisomo

Apr 24, 2019

Chisomo's tendon transfer went well yesterday and he is smiling again today! He is experiencing a bit of pain, but is managing very well so the doctors have discharged him. His grandmother told us they plan on leaving tomorrow morning, but will miss CURE Malawi when they go. We will surely miss sweet Chisomo and his loving grandmother, but look forward to seeing them again in seven weeks for a cast removal, physio and AFO's (shoe braces)! Photo of Chisomo

Apr 23, 2019

Chisomo is back and he is back in full force! With a smile on his face, he sat on his wheel chair waiting to go into surgery this morning, along with Manuel who went in first. After having his frames removed, he goes into the final stretch of his journey in which he will have a tendon transfer to finalize the correction of his clubfoot. Keep Chisomo in your prayers and keep sending him encouraging Get-Wells messages! Photo of Chisomo

Mar 24, 2019

Chisomo has been discharged! Before leaving, all his friends came to sign his casts so he could remember them while he was at home healing. He and his grandmother are SO excited to be going home! They've both spent a long two months here in the hospital. Chisomo loved having his friends sign his casts with marker so much, that he even signed his name three times and started drawing people and smiley faces with different markers. We are going to miss this smiley boy! Please keep him in your prayers as he journeys home with his super sweet grandma! Photo of Chisomo

Mar 22, 2019

Diana (physiotherapist): "Chisomo, do you like physio with frames or casts better?"

Chisomo: "Hmm... frames!"

Diana (physiotherapist): "Really?! Why?"

Chisomo: "You have no idea how hot these things are!"

Chisomo is always making us laugh. Today he was doing very well at his physio session. He went back and forth on the bars repeatedly without taking the breaks he was given. This may just be why his casts were feeling hot! Thanks for keeping Chisomo in your prayers as he remains strong through physio! Photo of Chisomo

Mar 20, 2019

The frames are off! Chisomo is in a lot a pain but he says, "I was already in pain with the frames on, so it's okay!" We are so happy Chisomo is healing well and are excited for him to soon be discharged! Please continue to keep Chisomo in your prayers as he recovers! Photo of Chisomo

Mar 19, 2019

The frames are coming off! Chisomo is currently in the operating room for his frame removal! Finally! He has been so patient. Today he did a little dance in his theater gown with Storyteller Alexis, giggling and saying, "Lero! Lero! Lero!" meaning "Today! Today! Today!" Yes, today is the day! Our medical team is wrapping Chisomo's new feet up and though it will be painful coming out of surgery, we are excited for Chisomo to see his new casts! Photo of Chisomo

Mar 18, 2019

Chisomo's smile has not left his face since the news was announced he will be going into the operating room for his frame removal tomorrow. Yay! We are all so excited! Both Chisomo and his grandmother have been waiting for such a long time and are so happy the day has finally come! Please keep Chisomo in your prayers as he has his frames removed tomorrow and that he not be in too much pain! Photo of Chisomo

Mar 15, 2019

It's Friday! That means Chisomo is that much closer to Monday, when he'll be having his frames removed! He's been so patient this week and is very excited for Monday! Today he was making cards in the playroom and decorating them with stickers and glitter. Chisomo's card says, "God loves you!" with a purple butterfly on it, which makes him smile every time he opens it. He also loves looking through other get well card with Funny from our Spiritual Department. Chisomo is full of smiles and is SO excited for Monday! Please keep Chisomo in your prayers as he prepares for his frame removal and that this time it works out! Photo of Chisomo

Mar 13, 2019

Chisomo has had a rough week so far! He was told he would be going to the operating room this Monday, as he had finished his frame program Sunday. He was so excited until Monday came, and the doctors told him they'd be removing his frames the following week. Chisomo has really be looking forward to getting his frames off because they have been causing him a lot of pain. He also really wants to go home and so does his grandmother! They have both been so patient, and are just hoping that the frames really are removed next week! The doctors plan to remove them Monday. Please keep Chisomo in your prayers as he continues his exercises and patiently waits for his frame removal! Photo of Chisomo

Mar 08, 2019

Two more days left of frame turns this week after today's session! We started chanting, "Two more days, two more days!" and Chisomo began busting out his best dance moves to our beat. He was full of excitement and laughter. Chisomo and his grandmother are beyond excited to be having his frames removed next week! "I can see the difference in how his feet are now straight," Chisomo's grandmother shared. Here's to great progress! We are so proud of Chisomo and thank you for your prayers and constant encouragement throughout his healing at CURE Malawi so far! Photo of Chisomo

Mar 06, 2019

"March 10th! He's so close!" Maureen, our clinical officer, shouted at ward rounds this morning with joy!

Chisomo's program is ending in just four days, meaning next week, he should be having his frames removed! Chisomo and his grandmother are so excited for the frames to come off and to switch over to casts. The closer it gets to the end of the program, the more painful it becomes, and we think they are both ready for a break from wound cleanings! Chisomo is in a bit of pain, but remaining strong. Please continue to keep him in your prayers as he finishes out his frame turning program. Photo of Chisomo

Feb 27, 2019

Chisomo laughed continuously as we hit playback on the camera, showing him all of the photos of him posing with his favorite snacks! "Yes, bread! Yes, Frozy!" He giggled. Chisomo is continuing his frame turns and physical therapy and is hoping to have his frames off in the next two weeks. He says he can see the difference in his feet from the way they were before and is happy they are straightening. We are so excited Chisomo is leaping towards full healing! Please continue to keep him in your prayers as the end of his turns become a bit more painful! He has been so strong and could definitely use lots of encouragement! Photo of Chisomo

Feb 26, 2019

Chisomo is doing well, but smiling less as we get closer to removing the frames. This is when the most pain is experienced. Despite the pain he is going through, Chisomo is still keeping his cool and helping his grandmother clean his wounds. Later on, we caught up with him reciting Bible verses with the other children in the hospital, Psalms 10:1, and it says, "Why, Lord do you stand far off? Why do you hide yourself in times of trouble?" When the whole chapter is read, it is noted that the Lord does not leave us alone, but that he is "defending the fatherless and oppressed, so that mere earthly mortals will never again strike terror," Psalms 10:18. Thank you so much for all your prayers for Chisomo, and encouraging him not to lose heart! Photo of Chisomo

Feb 22, 2019

A big smile for the camera! Chisomo is looking forward to going home in a few weeks time. Please pray for his quick recovery. We asked him what food he was looking forward to stuffing his face with when he gets home and he said bread with butter! He has Patrick waiting for him back home, his friend with whom he plays 'dogo' (action figures made from mud) with. We thank you for constantly praying for him and following his journey! Photo of Chisomo

Feb 21, 2019

We read your get-well messages to Chisomo! He really appreciated how much you all love his smile, and loved knowing all the places you live.

Chisomo has a request! He wants you to send pictures of you or your family, so he can know you as well as you know him. He also says "Zikomo kwambiri!" meaning "Thank you so much!" Today Dr. Lubega and Dr. Flavia reviewed Chisomo's frame program. All is coming along and he is on the right track towards full healing. Chisomo also wanted us to let you know his favorite animal is a lion and he loves playing with "human stuffed animals," similar to dolls. Thank you for all your encouragement for Chisomo on his journey here at CURE Malawi! He truly appreciates it and can't wait to get to know you! Photo of Chisomo

Feb 18, 2019

Chisomo is having his wounds cleaned this morning! His grandmother has been taking great care of him and told us that Chisomo has been in a lot of pain today. The turns are becoming more challenging and Chisomo will be back for his regular physio session today. During his cleaning, he was able to give us a thumbs up! What a trooper! Unfortunately, Chisomo's review didn't happen Friday, but will be happening this week. Dr. Vincent says everything is looking very well so far! Please continue to keep Chisomo in your prayers as he pushes through the pain during his time here at CURE Malawi! Photo of Chisomo

Feb 14, 2019

Chisomo is having tea and bread with his grandmother this morning! He will be continuing his physical therapy turns this afternoon. He will be reviewed tomorrow to make sure the program is on the right track and the correction of his feet is moving along. After tea, Chisomo will be having a wound cleaning in the ward, as the doctors have noticed some wound openings between his toes that need to be cleaned and kept free from infection. This will be a bit painful, but, overall, Chisomo is managing his pain very well! Thank you for your continued prayers over Chisomo during his time here at CURE Malawi! Photo of Chisomo

Feb 11, 2019

Chisomo loves watching TV! Today, he rolled over in his new wheelchair with his buddy, McDonald, to watch a Malawian video of gospel leaders singing and dancing in worship. Chisomo says his favorite thing to do in the hospital is to watch the television everyday. Dr. Lubega advised the physio team to keep on with Chisomo's frames turns, and shared that everything is looking good so far. He will review him again Friday. Thanks for keeping Chisomo in your prayers during his time with us at CURE Malawi. Photo of Chisomo

Feb 08, 2019

We walked passed Chisomo's bed this afternoon and caught him doing some crazy stretches. He laughed and said, "Take my picture! Take my picture!" Chisomo has a wound cleaning with the assistance of Nurse Ulemu this morning, and is feeling much better. He loves watching TV with the other kids in the ward, and today watched a Malawian movie about the passion of Christ. When we asked him what he thought about the movie, he smiled and said, "I like it!" Later, our spiritual department handed out balloons, which Malawians call "chibalunis," and Chisomo wanted to pass it to a friend who's bed was too far away, so Storyteller Alexis stood in the middle to help transfer the balloon back and forth between Chisomo and his new friend! There were lots of giggles happening! We are so glad Chisomo is enjoying his time at the hospital and staying entertained through the long process of frame turns. Please continue to keep Chisomo in your prayers during his time here at CURE Malawi! Photo of Chisomo

Feb 06, 2019

Chisomo can't stop giggling! During ward rounds this morning, the doctors said Chisomo could start on on his right frame turns. The doctors will make the program today so that this afternoon, Chisomo can start his second leg's turns at physio to catch up with his first leg. During "school" in the playroom today, Chisomo took a math quiz! It had three questions with two problems each. Chisomo got them all right! Three out of three! We are so happy Chisomo is enjoying the hospital and still keeping his brain active with his academics. Please continue to keep Chisomo in your prayers as he starts his right leg turn program this afternoon! Photo of Chisomo

Feb 04, 2019

We caught Chisomo laughing today! Last week he was in a lot of pain, or trying to sleep through the pain. Today, he was giggling away with his next door hospital bed buddy, Maness, while she was showing Chisomo what he looked like in her new little mirror. The giggles were non-stop, as they both loved making funny faces in Maness' little mirror. Chisomo's pain is much better, and he is starting his physio sessions today. Please keep Chisomo in your prayers as he begins physio! Photo of Chisomo

Jan 30, 2019

Chisomo's surgery was a success yesterday! The surgeons placed on his second frame, and made adjustments to the first one in the operating room. Chisomo gave us a smile with a thumbs up this morning during ward rounds, and the doctors told him he will be starting his dressing changes today. Thank you for keeping Chisomo in your prayers during his operation yesterday. We are excited to have him here at the hospital for some time, as he journeys to find full healing! Photo of Chisomo

Jan 28, 2019

Meet Chisomo! His favorite colors are green and red, and he loves bread! He came into the hospital with neglected clubfoot last week, but was really sick, so wasn't operated until the end of the week. Chisomo had his first frame placed on his left foot last Thursday, but the surgeons wanted to make sure the pain was tolerable before they did the right. This morning during ward rounds, Chisomo gave the doctors a thumbs up and is ready for the second frame! Chisomo is now on the list for surgery tomorrow! Please keep Chisomo in your prayers during his time here at CURE Malawi! Photo of Chisomo

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