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  • Age15
  • Conditionbowed legs
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Elliot's Story

We first spotted Elliot at the Mangochi clinic a month ago, when he was admitted to Beit CURE International Hospital. He has just come in this week and we are so excited he will be receiving treatment from CURE.

"I am excited about surgery b… Read more

We first spotted Elliot at the Mangochi clinic a month ago, when he was admitted to Beit CURE International Hospital. He has just come in this week and we are so excited he will be receiving treatment from CURE.

"I am excited about surgery because I know I am finally going to be okay. I am finally going to be like everyone else. I am finally going to be normal," Elliot shared with us. "I can do everything now, like sweeping the group, playing soccer and I can even work on the farm, helping plant. I am just happy to have the chance to walk properly. I am just so grateful for how wonderful God is."

Elliot has severe Blounts, or bowed legs. His cousin, Mayeso shared, "He was born with the condition, but over time it only became worse. His parents never sought help because financially they could not afford it. His father went to find work in South Africa and his mom never took him to the hospital or any outreach clinics because she was alone raising six children. Elliot is the third born." Mayeso continued on to say, "When his father came back, a stranger who worked at the Mangochi hospital saw Elliot and told his dad about the CURE outreach clinic coming to the Mangochi hospital. At that point, both his parents brought him to the clinic and he was admitted immediately."

When it comes to community, Elliot says he is blessed to be able to have friends that talk to him and don't make fun of his disability. He says his community doesn't give him a hard time, but he has felt like his family has taken his condition for granted and this is the first time he feels like they are really there to help make him better. "I am so grateful for surgery!" Elliot says he can't wait to find healing soon and "be like everyone else."

Mayeso prays that his cousin will feel better soon and Elliot asks for prayers "to be better and just to thank God for CURE." Please keep Elliot in your prayers as he heads into his first major operation tomorrow and for his journey ahead here with us at CURE Malawi!

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Latest Updates

Dec 14, 2018

Elliot will be home for Christmas! Today he was pretending to sleep so he didn't have to go home to Mangochi. He's not a big fan of physio, but he knows he'll be walking on his frames even more at home and will still have to continue physio. He says he going to miss sitting in his hospital bed, playing games on Storyteller Alexis' phone and all the fun toys at the hospital, including balloons, lollipops and bouncy balls! Please keep Elliot in your prayers while he is at home healing! Photo of Elliot

Dec 12, 2018

One of the surgeons who worked on Elliot's frames, Dr. Andrew, came with his church to sing Christmas carols last night for the patients at CURE Malawi. Elliot really enjoyed hearing the "azungus sing," but we laughed with him at how different it was from the Malawians singing. The church group later passed out candy and taught Elliot the word "lollipop." Elliot says, "I love lollipops!" Elliot is loving many new things during his time here at the hospital- from bouncy balls to balloons to lollipops! We are always happy to see him playing and smiling!

Elliot is patiently waiting for his progress, an X-ray on Friday and preparing to go home! He will miss the balloons and lollipops, but will be back soon in the new year to play again! Photo of Elliot

Dec 10, 2018

Elliot is getting his early morning stretches in! Apparently he can touch his toes even with frames on! Storyteller Alexis showed him she can't even come close to touching her toes without frames. Elliot decided Alexis needs to go to physio with him.

Dr. Karolina says Elliot will be discharged on Friday after an X-ray to make sure everything is okay. Until then, he will continue physio and walking with his crutches so he can prepare to go home for Christmas. We plan to see him again mid-January. Please keep Elliot in your prayers as he finishes the week strong and prepares to go home for the holidays! Photo of Elliot

Dec 06, 2018

Elliot is on crutches! He seems to be handling this whole process with so much strength and grace. We walked with him to physio today, dancing our way up the ramp, and during his pinsite care, the physio team told us things are going well! He isn't having much pain and is enjoying his time in the hospital. Thanks for praying for Elliot as he continues healing here with us at CURE Malawi! Photo of Elliot

Dec 04, 2018

Elliot has a new profound love for balloons! We gave him a balloon yesterday afternoon and he played with it all night and all morning. His cousin Mayeso says he can't put it down. Elliot told us he still loves dribbling bouncy balls, but bouncing the balloon in the air is more fun! After continuing to play with the balloon all morning, even passing it around to the staff during ward rounds, he finally put it down to go sing songs in the playroom! He really enjoyed singing and playing with the other kids in the hospital! The doctors have advised Elliot to continue pin site care and playing with his new favorite balloon! Photo of Elliot

Nov 29, 2018

Elliot had his first surgery today and it was six hours long! The doctors placed to frames on both his legs and "worked magic!" Dr. James told us. Dr James, Dr. Karolina and Dr. Andrew were very focused for this long surgery and absolutely loved operating on Elliot! Elliot is out of surgery resting now, but told us before going in that he was very excited, giving us a high five! Please keep Elliot in your prayers as her recovers from such an intense surgery! Photo of Elliot

Nov 28, 2018

Meet Elliot! We first met him a month ago at the Mangochi clinic and he already had captured our hearts with his sweet smile. During ward rounds this morning, he sat staring and smiling at us until we looked up. "Hey! Mangochi!" we said! He smiled, nodding yes, and gave us a high five. It's always great to see someone again in a different location, knowing they made the same journey as you!

Today Elliot has been chilling around the hospital, dribbling a bouncy ball, so we decided to bounce the ball with him and ask him some fun facts about himself. He says, "My favorite colors are blue and orange. I love to eat nsima and goat meat with vegetables and my favorite fruit would have to be mangos because I am from MANGOchi!" We laughed. What a fun kid!

Elliot will be having his first major operation tomorrow. He is very excited and shared, "I am excited about surgery because I know I am finally going to be okay. I am finally going to be like everyone else. I am finally going to be normal." Please keep Elliot in your prayers while he is in the operating room tomorrow! Photo of Elliot

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