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Chifuniro's Story

"He was born with the condition. Children would laugh at him, make fun of him, call him names and we didn't know what to do. We thought there was nothing we could do and then we heard about CURE," Chifuniro's mom, Indiana, shared her raw and beauti… Read more

"He was born with the condition. Children would laugh at him, make fun of him, call him names and we didn't know what to do. We thought there was nothing we could do and then we heard about CURE," Chifuniro's mom, Indiana, shared her raw and beautiful heart with us when talking about Chifuniro's story.

"We were sent to many hospital's before coming here, but this is the first place that I have walked in and felt hope. I have three children and Chifuniro is the youngest. My first born is Prisca and second born is Amos. Chifuniro's condition has not been easy. Our family is supportive, but our community has always made him feel unwelcome." Tears began to run down Indiana's cheeks as those words came off her lips. "I still can not believe CURE can really heal him. I am so thankful to God."

Chifuniro came in to the hospital this week with bilateral neglected clubfoot. The surgeons will be placing two frames on his feet to begin the process of straightening his feet out, so that he will soon be able to walk properly. He will be spending a lot of time in the hospital to continue his frame turns on his way to full healing, but he and his mom both are inspired by CURE Malawi and grateful to be here.

When talking to Chifuniro, he said, "When I came here, I knew something was different and then I saw Chimwemwe (one of our patients with bilateral neglected clubfoot) and I couldn't believe that that could actually be me and that my problem could be fixed." Chifuniro continued, "People call me names, but seeing Chimwemwe made me feel that I wasn't alone."

Indiana continued weeping tears of gratitude asking that we pray, "that this be a testimony to everyone- everyone who seeks healing, everyone who made fun of him, and everyone everywhere. That they now have faith after seeing God heal Chifuniro!"

Please continue to keep Chifuniro and his mom Indiana in your prayers during their long stay here at CURE Malawi, and that this truly be a testimony to everyone!

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Latest Updates

Mar 18, 2019

Chifuniro is back in the hospital! He is patiently waiting for his tendon transfer and his mom says, "I hope everything is well so that the doctors can operate on him this week." Chifuniro can't stop smiling and is so happy to be back at the hospital. He loves looking at his feet and kicking them around in the air since both his frames and casts have been removed! Please keep Chifu in your prayers as the doctors review their plan for him this week! Photo of Chifuniro

Feb 22, 2019

Chifuniro is having his wounds cleaned in readiness for his journey back home to Lilongwe. His tendon transfer has been postponed for 3 weeks until his infection heals. Dr. Lubega says he can go home and come back so he doesn't have to wait around bored in the hospital for too long. Even though Chifuniro said he enjoyed his stay at CURE Malawi, he is looking forward to eating some "java" (slang term for vegetables boiled together with grounded peanuts), seeing his grandmother again, and mostly going back to school when he returns home. Chifuniro's mother praised him for being an intelligent boy and keeping his grades up in school while staying in the hospital. He missed his end of year exams, but he looks forward to being in class again. Thank you for keeping Chifuniro in your prayers and please join us in praying for his safe return home. Chifuniro will be back on March 17th and we are looking forward to his return, as he journeys towards complete healing! Photo of Chifuniro

Feb 21, 2019

Chifuniro, sporting a Star Wars shirt and TMNT shorts, got all your messages and was all smiles hearing from you, knowing that he has people looking out and praying for him across the world. He wants to express his good wishes to someone who sent a get well message and talked about their father who was also in the hospital and wanted to know if on his 100th birthday - did all 100 candles fit on one cake? Chifuniro also expressed appreciation to people who had a similar condition and those that were in surgeries with other conditions for writing to him even though they were going through their own struggles too. His favorite show happens to be Ben 10! Thank you to all of you who took the time to connect with our guy Chifuniro! Photo of Chifuniro

Feb 20, 2019

Chifuniro had a back slab placed on both of his feet in the plaster room today! He was originally scheduled for surgery yesterday, but one of his feet got infected! The surgeons decided to delay the operation until they can clean out the infection. After all is well, he will go into theater for his tendon transfer. He was such a brave boy today in the plaster room! He has some tears softly rolling down his cheeks from the pain, but still smiled and gave us a thumbs up after some encouragement from physiotherapist, Patrick! Please keep Chifuniro in your prayers, that he has a speedy healing from this infection so that he can have his last operation soon! Photo of Chifuniro

Feb 18, 2019

Chifuniro is back! Today Chifuniro saw his feet for the first time in two months. He, along with his mom, were anxiously waiting for his casts to be removed. Chifuniro was serious and focused, but eventually we got a smile out of him! His mom's heart was racing out of her chest watching Chifuniro's first cast be taken off his foot. As she tried to hold back her emotions, she told us, "I am so happy!" Chifuniro was very still and difficult to read as he starred at his new feet intensely as if he couldn't actually believe those were really his feet. After his mom gave him a piggy back ride to his hospital bed with joy, and when passing by later, she pointed to his feet while throwing her hands in the air and began cheering with excitement!

Chifuniro is scheduled to be going to the operating room tomorrow for a tendon transfer. This will hopefully be his last operation. The calluses on the sides of his feet where his old "heel" was will eventually shift to his new and proper heels with physio. Thanks for sharing this exciting moment with Chifuniro and his mom and for all of your prayers and support. Please keep Chifuniro in your prayers as he heads into surgery tomorrow! Photo of Chifuniro

Dec 14, 2018

Chifuniro is having his frames removed! We are so excited for him! He's been in a lot of pain and we hope his recovery is smooth and pain free. He will be discharged after he recovers from surgery and is excited to go home for Christmas! Thank you for all of your prayers and support for Chifuniro! Please continue to keep him in your prayers while he heals at home and we look forward to seeing him again in February! Photo of Chifuniro

Dec 13, 2018

It's taking Chifuniro's wounds a little more time to dry before they operate on him, so his surgery was pushed back until tomorrow. He is really excited to get his frames off, as he was in a lot of pain during his physio exercises today. He will be discharged right after surgery as long as everything looks good so he can head home for the holidays! Please keep him in your prayers while he prepares for his operation tomorrow! Photo of Chifuniro

Dec 10, 2018

Chifuniro gave us another funny face today! He loves having his photo taken! He has been in quite a lot of pain with sores on his feet, but is remaining strong in hope of getting his frames removed and going home soon. The doctors told him his frames will be removed Thursday. They are waiting for one of his wounds to dry before doing so, but the plan is for Thursday. He will be discharged and on his way home the following day after removal. Please keep Chifuniro in your prayers and that he is able to get his frames removed Thursday this week, as he has been in a lot of pain healing and is ready for a smooth recovery! Photo of Chifuniro

Dec 06, 2018

"Chifuniro has one of the brightest smiles in the hospital," one of the guardians told us while pointing across the ward at Chifuniro laughing. Chifuniro's smile really does beam! He has been in a lot of pain with his frame turns, but is staying strong and gets excited every time he gets his picture taken. He loves seeing what he looks like in detail. It's hard to get Chifuniro to smile from a distance, so we usually have to go up to him and pull up his cheeks to get his smile started so he can finish it and make it last. It's the cutest thing! Today he took some silly photos and wanted to say, "thank you for praying for me!" He is continuing his physio and his frame turns and is hopeful to have his frames removed soon. Thanks for loving on, supporting and praying for Chifuniro during his time here at CURE Malawi! Photo of Chifuniro

Dec 04, 2018

Chifuniro made a new friend! Greg Bellig, our Chief Medical Officer at CURE International in the States is here visiting CURE Malawi with his son, Miles! Miles has been hanging out in the playroom- coloring, blowing up balloons and passing out lollipops! Chifuniro can't stop smiling with all the fun things Miles has brought to CURE Malawi. The two of them are close in age and have become best buds!

Chifuniro is continuing his turns and Dr. James says he may be ready to have his frames off at the end of next week - we sure hope so! Chifuniro has been such a trooper through all the pain! We are so glad he is feeling good today and has a new friend to keep him entertained! Photo of Chifuniro

Nov 30, 2018

Chifuniro is continuing his frame turns! Today he watched a video of himself on Storyteller Alexis' phone and laughed with the biggest smile watching it over and over. His mom told us he had never seen a video of himself and loved watching him "alive!" All of the kid's ward surrounded him smiling at the contagious joy he contained! It's always great to see Chifuniro smiling! Please continue to keep him in your prayers! Photo of Chifuniro

Nov 26, 2018

Chifuniro is smiling! He called us over this morning with a big smile on his face telling us he is happy, his pain is getting better and then proceeded to ask for "acartoons!" I guess he really enjoyed the cartoons we let him watch with Evance last week during physio, so we said we'd let him watch a few again today during his physio session in the afternoon. The doctors told Chifuniro to continue his turns and saw that one of the wires from his right pinky toe had popped off, so Dr. James told the physio team to cut off it because it's not too necessary anymore. Please keep Chifuniro in your prayers while he continues healing with us at CURE Malawi! Photo of Chifuniro

Nov 23, 2018

Chifuniro has found a new friend! Evance and he watched cartoons on Storyteller Alexis' phone during physio today. The frames have still been very painful for Chifuniro, so Alexis told him, "If you distract yourself with a video, the pain won't be as bad!" It seems to have worked pretty well because Chifuniro smiled throughout his physio session! We told him, "You and Evance look like brothers and your moms look like sisters!" We now call them the frame family! Please keep Chifuniro in you prayers and that his pain gets better everyday! Photo of Chifuniro

Nov 20, 2018

Chifuniro started his first day of turns with a smile! He is still in a lot of pain, but today was the first day we saw him smile since his surgery and his mom is so happy to see him feeling better! "We almost forgot you had teeth! Look at that smile!" we told him. Chifuniro giggled and then smiled even bigger! Thank you for keeping Chifuniro in your prayers during his recovery. Please pray for his continuous healing as he begins the beginning of his program! Photo of Chifuniro

Nov 16, 2018

Dr. James, Dr. Karolina and Dr. Andrew placed frames on both of Chifuniro's feet yesterday. Waking up after surgery, he was in a lot of pain which has continued throughout today. His mom Indiana is having a hard time watching him in so much pain, but she continues to smile as she is so happy for what God and CURE are doing for her son! Please keep Chifuniro and his mom in your prayers, that he have no more pain and for strength and patience for both of them! Photo of Chifuniro

Nov 15, 2018

Meet Chifuniro! He’s just come in to CURE Malawi this week with neglected clubfoot and is having his first four-hour operation today! He has two older siblings, his sister Prisca and brother Amos. Chifuniro loves to play soccer and sweep around the house. His mom Indiana is with him and asks that we pray his healing be “a testimony to everyone!” Photo of Chifuniro

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