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Tiwonge's Story

“My daughter and I have a special bond," Tiwonge’s dad Joseph told us. “I would do anything for her. Whenever she complains about walking to school because of pain, I take her on my bicycle.”

Tiwonge has neglected clubfoot. Her right… Read more

“My daughter and I have a special bond," Tiwonge’s dad Joseph told us. “I would do anything for her. Whenever she complains about walking to school because of pain, I take her on my bicycle.”

Tiwonge has neglected clubfoot. Her right foot is angles inward and causes her pain in walking. Joseph shared, “We went to our district hospital and they gave us SFABs (Steenbeek Foot Abduction Braces). It lasted a while, but eventually her foot grew and the brace didn’t fit her anymore, so we went back for a new size and they were out of stock. We tried a few times and had no luck. I gave up. I remember being very angry and emotional. I felt I had done everything in my human power to seek help for Tiwonge’s condition and it was only getting worse.”

“I had a friend who knew a friend who referred us to CURE, and now we are here!” Joseph said with great amounts of joy. “I had to sell some of my things to provide transportation for us to come here, but it was worth it because I greatly desire my child’s happiness and healing.”

“My family has mixed opinions on Tiwonge’s condition. Many people feel sorry for her, but usually the grandparents just argue where it came from, blaming one another. My wife's parents and my parents fight about Tiwonge’s condition still today. As for my wife and I, we don’t blame anyone. Our relationship is very strong. We don’t really care where it came from, but just focus on finding healing. We accept the condition as it is and believe that is all from God and for God!”

Tiwonge also has two younger siblings, Francis and Vanessa. She says she missed Vanessa very much. “Tiwonge is very bright and hardworking. I believe she will be able to take great care of our family in the future, especially me in my old age,” Joseph said with a chuckle.

When we asked Joseph what he would like prayers for he said, “Please pray that my child gets all the healing and treatment she needs. I would like to see her a changed person as we step out of this hospital. I pray that it only makes her stronger and realize she is capable of doing anything, but also that she never forgets the love we have for her!” Tiwonge added, “Pray that I finish my school. I want to become a police officer!”

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Latest Updates

Jan 31, 2019

Tiwonge came in to pick up her AFO for her right foot yesterday! Today she had a physio session, and now will be heading back home. She was right back to her usual self when she stepped into the hospital- full of laughter and asking to see all the photos of every patient in the hospital this week! She also loved eating her favorite food... bread!! Tiwonge will be back in six weeks for a review! Please keep her in your prayers while she is at home getting used to her new AFO (ankle foot orthotic)! Photo of Tiwonge

Nov 23, 2018

Tiwonge has been discharged from the hospital and as you can see, she's very upset about leaving us, but we look forward to seeing her again in 2019. The other kids and guardians are really going to miss Tiwonge and her dad as they are quite the jokesters around here and are always full of so much joy! We too are going to miss this girl and the massive amounts of bread she eats! Please keep Tiwonge and her dad Joseph in your prayers during their journey back home to Kasungu! Photo of Tiwonge

Nov 22, 2018

Tiwonge wishes you all a Happy Thanksgiving! We shared a bit about the American holiday with her and she said, "I am grateful for everyone's messages and hope they love their food as much as I love bread!" Thank you for supporting and praying for Tiwonge during her time here at CURE Malawi, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Photo of Tiwonge

Nov 20, 2018

Tiwonge is happy to be hanging around the hospital! She loves playing with our camera, watching the television and eating LOTS of bread! Today, we caught her snacking on bread while drinking her tea! She says, "I love tea time!" Tiwonge has been experiencing a little bit of pain, but all around is back to her usual sweet and happy self! Today the doctors have advised her to put no weight on her leg and they will be having the physio team reinforce her cast with fiberglass. Please keep Tiwonge in your prayers while she is here in the hospital... eating LOTS of bread! Photo of Tiwonge

Nov 19, 2018

Tiwonge was first on the list for surgery today! Her tibial transfer went well and she came out of the operating room with the biggest smile on her face! We told her, "Wow, we've never seen someone so happy after surgery!" She laughed and replied, "Thank you!" She then continued asking, "Can I see the photos from yesterday of me and my bread?" We laughed remembering that Evance took some photos of her on our camera yesterday while she posed with her six slices of bread. We showed her the photos and her smile became even bigger! Tiwonge loves bread and is excited for her "after surgery bread!" Please keep Tiwonge in your prayers as she recovers in the hospital with her beautiful smile! Photo of Tiwonge

Nov 16, 2018

Tiwonge is back in the hospital and with one of the dirtiest casts we have seen! Dr. Andrew told her, "So this is what fun really looks like! You did it right!" We agree! He went on to take a picture of her cast so that he can show other kids in the future what their casts should look like when they come back. Today Tiwonge will have her cast removed and her leg washed. Next week she will being going into surgery for a tibial transfer. She is really excited to be back in the hospital and blew the camera a kiss with her two fingers! Please keep Tiwonge in your prayers as she prepares for surgery next week! Photo of Tiwonge

Oct 07, 2018

Tiwonge gave us a thumbs up at her first physio session Friday! Her operation was a success and she headed home over the weekend! We plan to see her again on December 6th for her next procedure. Storyteller Alexis and Tiwonge made up a secret handshake that they practiced a few times to remember when they meet again! Tiwonge says, "I am excited to go home and hug my baby sister Vanessa!" Please keep Tiwonge and her dad, Joseph, in your prayers during her healing time at home! Photo of Tiwonge

Oct 03, 2018

Tiwonge's dad Joseph about fell off the hospital bed shouting "Yes!!" when the doctors told him his daughter would be going into the operating room tomorrow! Joseph and Tiwonge are extremely excited! When we asked Tiwonge how she felt about it, she gave us the biggest smile! Please keep Tiwonge in your prayers before heading into her first surgery tomorrow! Photo of Tiwonge

Oct 02, 2018

“Hi, my name is Tiwonge. I am in third grade. My teachers are Mr. Yolamu and Mrs. Banda. I love dresses. My favorite colors are the CURE colors, white and green. I have both a white dress and a green dress. I love my baby sister Vanessa.” We asked Tiwonge what we should write for her first status and this is what she said! Tiwongwe will be going into the operating room this week for surgery, so please keep her in your prayers! Photo of Tiwonge

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