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  • Age4
  • Conditionbowed legs
  • Next Appointment 07/01/2019

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CURE in Malawi

The picture above is of CURE in Malawi. Everyone who serves with CURE in Malawi, from medical professionals to office staff, are dedicated to providing the highest quality medical and spiritual care to people who, without CURE, couldn't find it and couldn't afford it, just like Miracle. To do that, we're inviting you to partner with us.

We need to raise approximately $1000 to treat children like Miracle. When you give a gift through Miracle's CUREkids profile, your contribution will help us continue our work in countries like Malawi. Have more questions? Ask us.

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Miracle's Story

Miracle received her name when the impossible became possible. “The doctors told me there were many complications during the pregnancy. I was three months in when the doctors in South Africa told me they could no longer see the baby in my womb. I… Read more

Miracle received her name when the impossible became possible. “The doctors told me there were many complications during the pregnancy. I was three months in when the doctors in South Africa told me they could no longer see the baby in my womb. I didn’t believe it. I came to Malawi and they said the baby was still there, but I could deliver at anytime because my birth canal couldn’t close and the baby would not survive. I already had my oldest daughter Maureen, but I then had two miscarriages after her. Miracle was born perfectly normal and so I named her, Miracle.” Cecilia, Miracle’s mother shared with us the story of Miracle and her love for CURE Malawi.

“I have three children. Maureen, Miracle and Happy. Miracle is three years old and we know CURE is going to heal her because we have seen it before. Maureen is now fifteen years old, but when she was three, she also had the same disability as Miracle and was treated here at Beit CURE International Hospital. She is walking without any problems now.”

Miracle has bilateral genu varus, a deformity in which both legs are visibly outward, bowing at the knee, and the lower leg is angled inward. She had her first surgery Monday where the surgeons placed an 8-plate in both of her legs to guide the growth while beginning the straightening process.

“Miracle often comes home with a sad face saying her friends talk about how bent her legs are. I am happy she will receive healing from CURE so she can play with her friends without them mocking her.” Cecelia continued, “It has also been hard for her to walk long distances. I carry her everywhere, but if I put her down to play, she will choose to stay in the same place because movement can be painful.”

Cecelia told us she has great trust in what CURE Malawi will do for her daughter Miracle and she ask that we pray for “Miracle’s quick healing and that all the people assisting us here at CURE will be blessed abundantly by God!”

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Latest Updates

Mar 06, 2019

Miracle's surgery was a success yesterday, and she has already been discharged. "I'm going home!" Miracle is so excited to be going home, and was super smiley all morning. She's having a bit of pain, but nothing compared to her operation before. Miracle's mom Cecelia says, "Last night was difficult, but today is much better. We both slept okay. She is okay, I am okay, so it is okay." She chuckled, and we thanked her for being such a beautiful and heroic mom to her daughter. Please keep Miracle and her mom, Cecelia, in your prayers as they journey home on this rainy day in Malawi! Photo of Miracle

Mar 05, 2019

Miracle is on her way into the operating room! She is finally having her 8-plates removed and we can't believe it's so soon! This girl is not afraid of surgery today, as you can clearly see by her excited facial expression. Miracle is making great progress in her healing, and her mom thanks you for all of your prayers and support. Please continue to keep Miracle in your prayers while she is in surgery, and that she has a smooth recovery! Photo of Miracle

Oct 08, 2018

Miracle came in for clinic this morning! She was running around looking cuter than ever! Her mom says she is not having any problems with her legs and everything is going well. Miracle has enjoyed being home and has a new hairstyle since the last time we saw her! She now has colorful beads in and really likes them! She told us her mom braided her hair with the beads! We were very impressed. It's so good to see Miracle happy and pain free! Please continue to keep her in your prayers during her full healing! Photo of Miracle

Sep 26, 2018

Miracle has been discharged from the hospital! This morning she selected just about every children's book from the mobile library. She loved looking through the pictures and turning every page. We are going to miss her smile around here, but she will be back on October 8th! Please pray for Miracle as she heals during her time away! Photo of Miracle

Sep 25, 2018

Miracle has just come in this week and already had her first surgery Monday morning! The doctors said everything went well and placed an 8-plate in both of Miracle’s legs, guiding the growth while straightening them out. Miracle says she hopes to be a pilot one-day! We asked her where she wants to fly and she just wiggled her eyebrows… we think that means EVERYWHERE! God is a miracle working God, so please pray He pours out His miracles over the life of Miracle! Photo of Miracle

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