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Joyce's Story

“Joyce was burned seven days after birth. I remember feeling so desperate and hopeless. I was out using the bathroom when I came back inside and saw her on fire. I screamed, calling out to my husband and he came running into the room. He grabbed … Read more

“Joyce was burned seven days after birth. I remember feeling so desperate and hopeless. I was out using the bathroom when I came back inside and saw her on fire. I screamed, calling out to my husband and he came running into the room. He grabbed Joyce and soaked in cold water. She was just a baby.” Enifa, Joyce’s mother, shared with us Joyce’s story and the traumatic accident that occurred in their home.

“I wasn’t really sure how it happened. I remember running back into the house and seeing that the paraffin lamp had fallen over. The blankets Joyce was wrapped in were on fire, but the mosquito net around her was not. Somehow her body didn’t react, and the only part of Joyce that was burned was her hand. She shouldn’t have survived. It was really a miracle!”

Enifa continued, “My three other children were fine, but many things in the house were also destroyed. We rushed Joyce to the local hospital. Her hand was looking normal, except for her pinky finger. It was just a bone without any skin. The doctors told us it was too late and they would have to amputate the finger. I couldn’t stop crying. We were referred to to a district hospital who then sent us to Beit CURE International Hospital.”

Joyce’s left hand has a burn contracture, which started out simple, but over the years has bent back and become attached to her forearm. The doctors plan to operate on Joyce this week and are strategically planning her procedure. Joyce’s forearm shares tendons with her left hand, so it will be a more complicated procedure than just the release of her fingers.

“I know that my child will receive quality care here. We have faced many challenges and our community and family have not been very supportive. They often told me I was careless and I felt so ashamed.” Enifa went on to tell us that she does not want to have any more children because the weight of her community’s words has affected her deeply, as well as it has affected Joyce. “One day, Joyce came home and had a breakdown. She cried and cried saying, ‘I am the only disabled person in this house! I will be like this forever!’ She said her friends would make fun of her hand because it was deformed and short. It was hard to hear as her mother.” Enifa told us.

Enifa shared with us, “There are tasks and activities Joyce cannot do, like pounding the maize in our village because she relies on one hand, but when it comes to cleaning dishes, you would never know because they are squeaky clean! We are hopeful for the healing of her hand and trusting in CURE’s treatment.”

When asking Joyce what she wants to be when she grows up, she said “A doctor!” When we asked her why, Joyce became shy and goofy. Enifa asked her “Because you want to heal sick people?” Joyce exclaimed, “Yes!” We laughed as her mom and the other mothers around joked with her calling her “Doctor Joyce!”

Enifa asks you to join us in praying for “Abundant healing and knowledge so that Joyce will achieve what she need to become… Doctor Joyce!”

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Latest Updates

Jan 21, 2019

Joyce came in for clinic and physio this morning with her mom Enifa! She was so happy to be back at CURE and tackled Storyteller Alexis with a big hug! After she was sent to get a splint for her hand, she had a few tears from the pain. So, we gave her a lollipop, and her smile bounced right back up! Joyce's hand is looking much better and her mom says she feels comfortable using it. Joyce plans to be back on February 11th! Please keep this sweet girl in your prayers until we see her again! Photo of Joyce

Nov 12, 2018

Joyce came in to the hospital today for a wound inspection. She told us home has been "fun!" After her wound inspection, she was sent over to physio to begin exercising her hand. She said, "I will let you take a picture of my arm for a sweet!" This girl is great at negotiation. Upon leaving, she looked back, giving us a big smile with her lollipop sticking out between her teeth. Joyce is so sly! All is looking good for Joyce and we are excited to witness her healing! Her physiotherapist, Shedrick, says he will be seeing her again on Wednesday next week! Thank you for keeping Joyce in your prayers! Photo of Joyce

Oct 19, 2018

Joyce has been discharged! She was casted again today to adjust the positioning of her arm and later, she will be back for another operation. We are going to miss her dance moves and the funny faces she makes when she pops out her big eyes! Please continue to keep her in your prayers during her time at home! Photo of Joyce

Oct 18, 2018

We had a little talent show today and Joyce was our star! She danced and sang her heart out as her friends Flora, Tamala and Rachael cheered her on! Joyce has some moves and we love watching her show off her Malawian ways! Joyce got a new cast today and is waiting on the doctors to come up with a plan for what's next! Thank you for all your continuous prayers for Joyce!

Oct 16, 2018

Joyce is in for her review! She came into the hospital yesterday, but because it was Mother's day in Malawi, our clinic was closed, so Joyce stayed the night and is in for clinic this morning. She loved reuniting with her old friends, Rachael and Cynthia! They played with balloons, drank tea, and watched cartoons on Storyteller Alexis' phone without her knowing. We are so happy to have our Joyce back and love the big smiles and hug she always gives! Please keep her in your prayers while the doctors come up with a plan! Photo of Joyce

Sep 25, 2018

Joyce has been discharged and is going home today! Her vac was taken off and she had a wound inspection yesterday in theatre. The doctors are satisfied with the progress and will review her in two weeks. During ward rounds, Dr Lubega said that since Joyce has a flap on her hand, they will not be able to put a splint above the elbow to fix it which apparently has a dislocation that was discovered during her X-ray. Please keep Joyce in your prayers for quick recovery as she is going back home! Photo of Joyce

Sep 24, 2018

Joyce is going into the operating room for a wound inspection today! She is really enjoying the hospital and says she loves hanging out with her mom and her new friends! Joyce has to stay in her bed, so she is bummed she can't gather with the guardians and patients for prayer time, but says she still prays along with them from her bed since she can hear them down the hall. Please continue to keep Joyce in your prayers during her healing and recovery! Photo of Joyce

Sep 21, 2018

Joyce loves her new friends at the hospital - Alice, Rachael, Deborah and Cynthia! Today we caught them all on Joyce's bed with big smiles hugging each other! It was the cutest thing! They all loved having their pictures taken and were being super goofy! Their laughs made the other children and guardians laugh. What a fun day of shenanigans! Photo of Joyce

Sep 18, 2018

Joyce is in the operating room for her second procedure! The doctors have removed the vac and are taking a skin graft from Joyce's leg to place over her hand and forearm. Please pray for Joyce while she is in the operating room and for her smooth recovery afterwards! Photo of Joyce

Sep 13, 2018

Joyce is in the operating room for her first surgery! Her mom, Enifa, is very excited and hopeful. Dr. Lubega said, "We were able to release her entire hand and straighten it out. We decided to put a vac on her forearm until next week. From there, we will either take a skin graft or create an abdominal flap, but we are thinking a skin graft is the best way to go!" Please keep Joyce in your prayers during her recovery from her first surgery, as well as Enifa, as she patiently waits outside of the doors for her daughters return! Photo of Joyce

Sep 12, 2018

“Doctor Joyce” is ready for surgery tomorrow! The surgeons plan to release her hand from her forearm. Dr. Karolina says it will be a complicated procedure and it will take two to three surgeries to make the hand straight, and another one to close it. Dr. Karolina is hoping to complete the first stage tomorrow. Please keep Joyce and the surgeons in your prayers as they prepare for tomorrow! Photo of Joyce

Sep 11, 2018

Meet Joyce! This goofy girl just came in to CURE Malawi this week and dreams of one day becoming “Doctor Joyce!” She has three older siblings, Kenneth, Limbani, and Mphatso, but she likes Kenneth best because he tolerates her when she is acting crazy! Her favorite snack is tea with bread and she LOVES to clean dishes! Please join us in praying for Joyce as she will be headed into the operating room this week! Photo of Joyce

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