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Chimwemwe's Story

“I was seven years old when I realized I was different. I was so angry that all my friends and family members were normal except for me and that I was the only one who felt pain walking. I was born like this. Everyone is always talking about me a… Read more

“I was seven years old when I realized I was different. I was so angry that all my friends and family members were normal except for me and that I was the only one who felt pain walking. I was born like this. Everyone is always talking about me and I can’t stand it, but I don’t let it get to my head because I don’t get along with anyone anyways!” Chimwemwe entered into her story with a vulnerable heart and joyful spirit.

“I am a single mother and have a baby girl, Ethel, who is one year and eleven months old. This is the first time I have ever been away from her, but I know when I go home, I will be able to take even better care of her. It has been hard to carry her distances, so my sister has to carry her, but now I will be able to,” said Chimwemwe.

Chimwemwe is a sixteen year old with bilateral neglected clubfoot. She came into the hospital last week, but was not admitted. The doctors saw her and requested she be admitted immediately. They were very excited to assist her case because they were confident in the great result that would come after the operation.

“In my family and my community people have different views on my condition. Some people laugh at me and some feel sorry for me, but when they found out I was referred to CURE, they were very happy for me!”

When we asked Chimwemwe how she heard about CURE, she said, “I am still enrolled in school and I am a part of a physical disabilities club at my school that took us to the CURE clinic in Mangochi. I was admitted, but mixed the dates up because I had malaria, which was why I was not admitted when I arrived.”

Chimwemwe says there has been a lot of conflict within her family, being a girl with a disability and a child. Her parents are not very supportive and she feels covered in shame. She is grateful to have a hospital like CURE to not only help heal her disability free of charge, but minister to her in this time of struggle.

“I have observed that CURE is a very good hospital and I will get the treatment that I never knew was possible. I have hope for Ethel and I and what great things CURE will allow me to do in the future.

Chimwemwe says, “Please pray that I can get well soon to go home to my baby and for the bright future of Ethel!”

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Here's a thumbs up from Chimwemwe through Evance's frames! Today, we decided to entertain Chimwemwe and Evance by letting them take photos of each other from their hospital beds! We are so grateful these two have each other through frame turns, physio exercises and just being able to chat across the way! Chimwemwe is having a lot of pain and swelling in her left foot. The nurses wrapped an ice pack around it for her to sleep with last night that she found very cool. She says that the frame turns are becoming more painful now that she is further in the process. Please keep Chimwemwe in your prayers, that her swelling goes down and her pain goes away! Photo of Chimwemwe

2 days ago

Chimwemwe has been a bit down this past week after Baby Ethel left to go back home! She's been in the hospital for quite some time now continuing her turns at physio, so we are doing are best to keep her entertained. Today while raising her legs up and down for her physio exercises, Storyteller Alexis decided to go sit next to her and give it a try! They did both legs counting to ten in English each time. Even though Chimwemwe has frames on, she was much better than Alexis. She laughed and said, "You are not very flexible!" which then made everyone else laugh. It looks like Chimwemwe and Alexis will now be doing physio together more often! Please keep Chimwemwe in your prayers and that she be constantly filled with the joy and love of God during her time here in the hospital! Photo of Chimwemwe

Oct 12, 2018

Guess who came to visit her mama at the hospital?! Baby Ethel! Chimwewmwe was so happy to reunite with her daughter after a month of not being together! Ethel was scared of just about everything at the hospital, especially Chimwemwe's frames! She held Chimwemwe's hand through the bars of the hospital bed, but did not want to get on the bed because it was too close to the frames for her liking. It was so adorable and we were thrilled to witness such a beautiful moment! Please keep Chimwemwe's continuous healing in your prayers, along with Baby Ethel, as she will soon journey back home! Photo of Chimwemwe

Oct 11, 2018

Chimwemwe is always joyful, but today she was the happiest we have seen her! She is usually pretty camera shy, but she was dancing, singing and drawing her heart out with her friend Flora. Flora is super extroverted and has definitely brought out Chimwemwe's goofy side. Chimwemwe's cousin, Esnart, who had been staying with her, left the hospital today to go home to her village since she is far along in her pregnancy. Everyone is really going to miss her fun personality and how much she cared for all of the children! The other moms are taking good care of Chimwemwe until her mom arrives tomorrow. ALSO, baby Ethel is coming! Chimwemwe is happy since it has been so long since she has seen her daughter! We are super excited for them to reunite! Please pray for Chimwemwe and that all goes smoothly for her mom and daughter's journey to CURE Malawi! Photo of Chimwemwe

Oct 05, 2018

It's another day of frame turnings with Chimwemwe, but this time she has a friend! Evance, another patient that came to CURE Malawi with neglected clubfoot, has started his frame turnings! Chimwemwe loves having a friend to talk to during physio, there was lots of laughter involved with these two! Please pray for both Chimwemwe and Evance as they heal together! Photo of Chimwemwe

Oct 03, 2018

Today Chimwemwe is continuing her turning program. She has a new friend in the hospital, Evance, who has the exact frames as she does. During the ward round in the morning, Dr. Kyle asked Chimwemwe to be encouraging Evance, that he will eventually be used to having the frames and the pain will gradually leave. Chimwemwe gave us some encouraging words to share with Evance. “He has to be strong because I'm going through the same thing. Soon he will be able to bend his legs as I am doing now, and please tell him not to think too much about the frames which are on his legs, but rather focus on the total healing which has started.” Wow, so amazing! Both Chimwemwe and Evance will be in the hospital for quite some time, so please keep them in your prayers! Photo of Chimwemwe

Sep 26, 2018

Chimwemwe and Alexis our Storyteller, have discovered a new way of greeting each other! Crossing fist bumps! It’s only the two of them who understands how this works. Every time Chimwemwe and Alexis meet, there is something new discovered and there is lots of laughter! During ward rounds this morning, Dr. Andrew asked everybody who was with him to keep Chimwemwe happy so that she avoids being bored while in the hospital. Thank you for your unending prayers for Chimwemwe and please keep on praying for her! Photo of Chimwemwe

Sep 25, 2018

Janet our physiotherapist, has been assisting Chimwemwe with her physical therapy sessions. She has trained her so that she does the lessons by herself. Chimwemwe appears not to have a problem and when we asked her about it, she simply said doesn’t have any pain. She just smiles throughout the sessions! Amazing! In the morning we found Chimwemwe drinking tea and we could tell she was not enjoying it. She says, “I have missed eating sweet potatoes at home, my appetite for bread is simply gone.” Please keep Chimwemwe in your prayers not to lose appetite for other food too since she will still be in the hospital for a long time! Photo of Chimwemwe

Sep 21, 2018

Today we read Chimwemwe your get well messages and she was all smiles! She says, “I am so blessed by the messages I received today. Though I do not know you personally, I am glad that you are wishing me well. I have full faith that Ethel is fine together with my family. I haven’t spoken to them in a while, since my admission. May the good Lord bless you for thinking about me.” Chimwemwe is still in the hospital and is continuing physical therapy as well as the turning of her frames. Thank you for keeping Chimwemwe and her family in your prayers! Photo of Chimwemwe

Sep 17, 2018

We love having Chimwemwe in the hospital, she is always making everyone smile! Today she showed us that she can crack all of her knuckles by bumping her two fists together. The best part was the way she laughed after doing it while the rest of us cringed. The physio team is having Chimwemwe continue her frame tuning and the doctors say Chimwemwe will be here for the next month. She misses her daughter terribly and hopes they will reunite soon! Please pray for Chimwemwe as she continues to patiently wait in her healing process! Photo of Chimwemwe

Sep 12, 2018

Chimwemwe is a funny girl to be around! She has an extraordinary laugh and smiles every time you ask her just about anything. She is a happy girl! Chimwemwe says she is not feeling any pain despite having her frames on! She has already started her physiotherapy and is progressing well. Chimwemwe is ready to start tuning the frame today. Please keep her in your prayers. Photo of Chimwemwe

Sep 11, 2018

Chimwemwe has the most joyful spirit, which makes sense because her name literally means joy! She has an extraordinary laugh and smiles every time you look her way. Chimwemwe came to CURE Malawi last week and was not yet admitted, but the doctors sent her to the physio team for an assessment and requested she’d be admitted immediately. They were super excited about her case! Chimwemwe has bilateral neglected clubfoot. She had her first operation on Friday of last week and will be having another very soon! Please pray for Chimwemwe’s upcoming surgery and a quick healing so that she can reunite with her daughter very soon! Photo of Chimwemwe

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