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  • Age3
  • Conditiona limb deformity
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Francis's Story

“Many of Francis’ little friends are surprised by Francis’ fingers. They ask him, “Oh, let us see your fingers.” So it makes me feel bad. I am imagining that his friends will one day laugh at him because of his hands, and that’s why I t… Read more

“Many of Francis’ little friends are surprised by Francis’ fingers. They ask him, “Oh, let us see your fingers.” So it makes me feel bad. I am imagining that his friends will one day laugh at him because of his hands, and that’s why I thought it wise to seek medical help,” says Saujati, Francis’ mother.

Francis was born with a condition called syndactyly, a congenital condition where the fingers are fused together. For Francis, his pinky and ring finger on both hands are stuck together.

Saujati continues, “When Francis was born, I told the doctors about his fingers, and they said, ‘We cannot do anything; you have to go to a bigger hospital.’ When I took him to the larger hospital, the doctors told me to return in a month. When I went back in a month, I was told to come back in a week. When I went back to the hospital, I was seen by CURE doctors, who said, ‘He is too young, you should wait until he is one and a half.’”

Unfortunately this sort of run-around is common in the local hospitals in Malawi, where lack of resources result in parents often having to travel long distances to the hospital only to be told to return the next month or week.

“I’m a single mother of four, my husband has passed away and I don’t have a job. So I just depend on some small-scale farming to support myself and my children. So due to financial issues, I could not go back to the hospital when it was time. Instead, I returned when Francis was two and a half and they told me to come to CURE Malawi,” Saujati says.

“I’m very happy that I’m here at CURE Malawi; I was welcomed very well, and I believe my son will be healed. I believe that after surgery, my son’s life will change. He will be like his friends, and he will be very happy. Please pray that my other children who are with my uncle will not be worrying about Francis here, and that they will be okay.”

Please join us in praying for Francis and Saujati as he has surgery to release his fused fingers later this week!

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Latest Updates

Nov 03, 2018

We ran into Francis at the Mangochi clinic yesterday! Storyteller Alexis gave him a photo of the two of them from his time at the hospital. He held onto it the whole time, looking at it very intensely. Francis was exhausted from the heat while waiting at the clinic, but his mom made sure to bring his favorite drink, orange Frozy, to give him energy! Dr. Saf took a look at Francis' hands and said everything looked good. Francis has been discharged and it is so good to see him using his new hands! His mom was very happy! Thank you for all your prayers and support for Francis' healing! Photo of Francis

Aug 21, 2018

Yesterday we read your get well messages to Francis since he was preparing to go home today! Francis’ mom Suajati said that she was very happy for all the messages that were sent to her son. “I like how they express much love towards Francis and continued prayers for him during our stay in the hospital.”

We asked her how she feels about going home and she shared that she was excited to see her four kids who are at home waiting for Francis.  “I am happy that what we came here for has been a success by the grace of God and that my son will be happy as he is healing,” she said.

Francis’ best friend is his sister Hawa and he is so anxious to see her because he mentions her frequently. “Some of Francis’ friends at home are Aisha and Asiyata; he is surrounded by a bunch of girls who are his age mates at home,” Suajati says. Such a charmer! Please continue praying for Francis and mom as they travel home, we’ll be seeing them again on November 1st at our outreach clinic at his local hospital! Photo of Francis

Aug 17, 2018

"Francis always feels very free in our family. We are very close!" Saujati, Francis's mom told us when we asked her about her relationship with her son. We always catch them snuggled up together in his hospital bed. Francis seems to love hanging out with his mom over any other activity, but he does really like his teddy bear and playing with the wheelchairs! His favorite snack is corn puffs and he loves to drink Frozy, a local brand of soda. Francis says he doesn't miss his siblings, but he was happy to talk to them on the phone the other day!

He had a fever yesterday, but is feeling much better today thanks to the nurses. He will be going in for his next wound inspection Monday morning! Saujati says, "Please keep Francis in your prayers and that his siblings are behaving!" Photo of Francis

Aug 15, 2018

Francis came running up to Storyteller Alexis, wrapping both big casts around her legs and hugging her tight this morning. His mom, Suajati says, “I am never going to be able to get him out of here! You should just keep him!” We all laughed. She told us that Francis LOVES the hospital! We always catch Francis dancing, jumping and doing splits on the floor. He loves to show off his snacks and his new stuffed animal teddy bear. He hasn't given it a name yet. Francis is scheduled for his next wound inspection Monday, please continue to keep him and his mom in your prayers! Photo of Francis

Aug 09, 2018

Francis is really enjoying life at the hospital! We constantly see him jumping up and down, sticking his tongue out and sliding across the floor. The past few days he has been in pain, but today he is feeling really good. "I like the hospital because they are so quick to help when something is wrong," his mom Suajati mentioned. Suajati asks that we pray for Francis' time in the hospital and his continued happiness! Photo of Francis

Aug 07, 2018

Francis' surgery went really well yesterday and he's back with his mom Saujati recovering in the ward. Dr. Karolina and Dr. Lambat released the joined fingers on both of his hands, and then took a skin graft from his tummy to cover the extra flesh in the new gap between his fingers. He's already back to giving us big grins and giggles in the ward but please continue to pray for him as he recovers! He'll be having a wound inspection next week to make sure the skin graft is healing on well! Photo of Francis

Aug 06, 2018

Meet Francis! He's just come in with his mom Saujati for surgery for his syndactyly (fused fingers). He's going in for surgery today, so please join us in praying for him as he has his fingers released and for his mom and she waits for him to come out of the operating room! Photo of Francis

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