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Dalitso's Story

Dalitso was just eleven days old when we first met him at CURE Malawi. “He is my first born and only child. I had a C-section and immediately noticed something was wrong. I was so ashamed that my first born had this condition and I didn’t tell … Read more

Dalitso was just eleven days old when we first met him at CURE Malawi. “He is my first born and only child. I had a C-section and immediately noticed something was wrong. I was so ashamed that my first born had this condition and I didn’t tell anyone,” Dalitso’s mom, Mwandida shared with us.

Dalitso’s right foot not only has clubfoot, but his right hand also has radial clubhand, a condition in which the radius bone of the forearm is underdeveloped. He will be able to have casting applied to his foot and a splint put on his hand, but later down the road, Dalitso’s hand will still require surgery.

Mwandida told us, “Dalitso was born in in the Nsanje District. We are originally from Blantyre, and after coming to Queens Hospital, the doctors told us to come to the CURE clubfoot clinic. My cousin had clubfoot when he was a baby and CURE Malawi also assisted him. His parents treated his condition at the same age we are treating Dalitso. He is doing great now and we are very hopeful for Dalitso.”

When we asked if the community has been supportive back at home, Mwandida said, “My husband and mother have been very supportive. They both escorted me to CURE. Most of the people in our community do not know this disability exists in our family, since my cousin was treated as an infant, and I have kept Dalitso’s condition a secret.”

“I have great faith my child is going to be well after seeing the children who have come out of CURE healed. It appears to be a very good hospital. I hope that Dalitso will be able to attend school in his future and will not have any difficulties.” Mwandida continued by asking, “Please pray that my family should be able to relate to each other and my husband and I grow stronger together throughout this time of Dalitso’s healing!”

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Latest Updates

Apr 17, 2019

Dalitso is here for hand therapy today. He came in with his mom and English speaking sister Faida, who sat with us to look at Dalisto's past photos. Faida says, "Wow, that was his foot before? We have to be thankful to God for the way it is now." We were so moved by Faida's awe and hearing her immediately give glory to God. She then continued to laugh at how much hair Dalitso now has. Our physiotherapist Patrick says Dalitso will continue hand therapy regularly at our CURE Malawi hospital and come back in May to review the healing of his little foot. Please continue to keep this little one in your prayers as he continues to find healing with us at CURE and celebrates his first Easter! Photo of Dalitso

Apr 11, 2019

Dalitso came in for clubfoot clinic this morning. He's getting so big, and his little foot is so straight! Today he tried his new shoe braces on and his mom told us she was so happy with his progress. We took them around the ward to meet the other kids in the hospital and Dalitso met another patient with radial clubhand, Mwayiwawo! Dalitso's mom and sister enjoyed seeing another child like Dalitso, since Dalitso will later need an operation on his hand like Mwayiwawo! We are so happy to see Dalitso growing and healing! Thank you for keeping him in your prayers! Photo of Dalitso

Oct 04, 2018

Dalisto and his mom are back in for their weekly visit to our clubfoot clinic! He is bundled up in his yellow blanket and is just so cute! We can tell he is looking around even more than last week, enjoying the sights of the world. We printed out some photos of Dalitso throughout his journey here at CURE Malawi to give to his mom and she was so happy! She loved having the pictures to remember where he started and to hold onto as he grows up. Dalitso has made a lot of progress. Please continue to keep him in your prayers as his healing continues! Photo of Dalitso

Sep 27, 2018

Our little baby boy Dalitso is back in for clubfoot clinic! He is growing up so fast! Look at all that hair! Dalitso really enjoys looking all around with his eyes wide open. Today only his mom, Mwandida, could be with him, so Zione stepped in to hold Dalitso in his bath water, while Mwandida removed his cast. He was a trooper and didn't cry until the last two minutes! We have seen major improvement in Dalitso's foot and are excited for his continued healing! Photo of Dalitso

Sep 20, 2018

“Every time I come to the hospital I see that there is a lot of improvement on my son’s leg and we are happy that he is progressing well,” says Mwandida, Dalitso’s mom. Today we noticed that Dalitso was crying a lot, unlike the other days when his cast was being removed from his leg. We then saw that he had a blister which developed inside the cast was was making him uncomfortable. We asked our Physiotherapist Janet about it, and she says, “It is common for babies to develop a blister inside a cast because their bodies are still developing and go through a lot of changes. Other babies react to the cotton bandage inside the cast while for the majority is just the weather. Since it is summer, the leg can get hot inside the cast.” Luckily for Dalitso he has his cast change every week! Please pray for our Dalitso’s blister to heal as he continues his castings! Photo of Dalitso

Sep 13, 2018

“I have seen a lot of improvement and I am extremely happy that Dalitso’s leg is improving each day,” says Dalitso’s mom, Mwandida. Dalitso came for another casting of his left leg which will continue for a couple of weeks until the foot is corrected. His dad, Madalitso, is making sure that he doesn’t miss the clinic and Mwandida says he has been very supportive. Dalitso has an arm splint which he only wear during the night to correct his right arm too. Thank you for your continuous prayers for Dalitso and his family! Photo of Dalitso

Sep 06, 2018

It was so lovely meeting Dalitso’s family at the clinic today! His mom Mwandida, his dad Madalitso, and his step-sister Faida, were all there for his second casting. When we asked Mwandida how Dalitso was doing, she said there is a lot of improvement that she has seen after the removal of the first cast. She says she is happy that her son is now getting better. Dalitso’s step sister Faida is so bright and speaks good English, she told us that she loves carrying Dalitso around. Please continue praying for Dalitso’s total correction of his foot and we hope to meet him and his family again next week! Photo of Dalitso

Aug 30, 2018

We are honored to have Dalitso with us for treatment at CURE Malawi! This new little one is just eleven days old and won't even remember having a disability when he grows. Thank you for making a bright future free from shame possible for Dalitso! Photo of Dalitso

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