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Sharon's Story

“To me, I think that it was the power of the devil that deformed Sharon’s foot. When she was born, we all immediately noticed her deformity. The local hospital where she was born gave us a referral letter to go to another hospital, but unfortun… Read more

“To me, I think that it was the power of the devil that deformed Sharon’s foot. When she was born, we all immediately noticed her deformity. The local hospital where she was born gave us a referral letter to go to another hospital, but unfortunately my wife misplaced it so we just stayed at home until she was seven. We thought that the hospital would not help us because we didn’t have a letter,” says Londolani, Sharon’s father.

Sharon was born with clubfoot on her left foot. Clubfoot causes the foot to be turned inward, and in infancy can be treated very easily with a series of casts. Unfortunately, because Sharon’s family didn’t know to bring her to the hospital, her foot is now a lot stiffer.

“When she turned eight, people came to our village telling us to register the names of kids with disabilities, so I registered my child and we were told to go to Lilongwe’s hospital and there we were given a date to come here to CURE Malawi. Unfortunately, we didn’t make it to the date we were given, because Sharon was sick with malaria. I then went back to the man who we registered with, to ask him what we should do next since she was sick. He told me that I should wait until she gets better. After she was better we came to CURE Malawi.”

“Sharon has never come to me complaining that she was mocked or laughed at by her friends. People sometimes wonder, “What is wrong with her?” but they wouldn’t laugh. They were just feeling sorry for her. As a family, we were very upset by the way Sharon was born. We wondered if her foot could be corrected. We were filled with joy when we were told that it is possible for her to be healed.”

Sharon has already been at CURE Malawi for several weeks. Because she’s still young, casting still is helpful in making the foot more malleable, although it will take a lot more casts and a more major surgery at the end than it would have if she was treated as a baby. We’re in love with Sharon’s smile, even though no matter what we ask her the answer is “nothing” with a smirk, and wanted you to be able to fall in love with her too!

Londolani says, “I’m very impressed with CURE, because it is a hospital that really helps. And this is what I would tell my friends who have children who need to come here. Spiritually, my life has changed so much. Before I came here, I used to smoke heavily. Even when I went to the Lilongwe clinic, I would go out of the clinic and smoke and then come back. But ever since I stepped into CURE, all the desire to smoke has gone! I will not smoke again even when I go home, and I want everyone to see my life has changed. It has changed because of the prayers and preaching I have found here.”

Please pray that Londolani and Sharon will continue to be healed both physically and spiritually through the rest of Sharon’s time getting casted for her clubfoot here at CURE Malawi!

“Before, my main concern was how she would be when she grows up. She would have been feeling sorry for herself, because she wouldn’t be able to do what her friends are doing, like running, walking, playing. She would have looked at me as not a good parent. Now, when her foot is straight, she will be very happy, and proud of us that we have done well getting her help.”

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Latest Updates

Aug 17, 2018

Sharon has been discharged from the hospital and we just missed her! The Malawi Storytellers were out of office yesterday at a clinic, but the day before she was laughing, dancing and trying to steal the camera. Sharon was given a lollipop from the spiritual department and loved sticking her tongue out to show everyone it turned green! Sharon is scheduled to be back on October 22nd. Please continue to pray for the healing of Sharon’s foot while she is away! Photo of Sharon

Aug 14, 2018

Sharon has not been able to go to the playroom because of the constant need to elevate her foot. She was quiet today, but did mention her favorite color is red! The doctors plan on changing her cast this week and making a decision on when she will go in for her next surgery. Please continue to pray for Sharon’s foot and the upcoming decisions the doctors will be making! Photo of Sharon

Aug 09, 2018

Yesterday we read Sharon your get-well messages! We asked her what is one of the first things she wants to do when she gets home and she said, “I want to wash the dishes” - she gave us all a good laugh! Sharon also told us her favorite toy to play with is the "tu-tu (bicycle).”

We also asked Sharon’s father about his experience here at CURE Malawi. He says, “My experience has been very good and we have been well taken care of by all of the nurses. It is a prayerful hospital that I will always remember and pray for God to bless.” Please join us in praying for Sharon as she continues to heal! Photo of Sharon

Aug 06, 2018

Sharon had her surgery first thing this morning! It turns out she didn't need the slightly longer PMR (posteromedial release) surgery, and instead just needed a tendon lengthening... as soon as Dr. Karolina lengthened the tendon, her foot came straight up! She'll need orthotics in the future to keep her foot in place but as long as she's diligent in wearing her AFO her foot should be all set! Please pray for her as she recovers from surgery! Photo of Sharon

Aug 03, 2018

Alas, Sharon's surgery was NOT today! One of our doctors called in sick so we didn't end up having enough time to do her operation, and instead it will be next week! She says, "I'm not happy I didn't have surgery... actually, it's okay. I'm not worried." We don't blame her for having mixed feelings, surgery is usually something that causes some apprehension! Photo of Sharon

Aug 02, 2018

Sharon is going to have her surgery tomorrow because there wasn't enough time today or yesterday since we have a lot of kids who needed operations! She doesn't seem to mind that much and was enjoying watching videos of the kids on Lisa's phone with her friend Wezzie! Please be praying for Sharon as she has surgery tomorrow! Photo of Sharon

Jul 31, 2018

Sharon: "I want to go to the playroom!"

Us: "What are you going to do there?"

Sharon: "Coloring!"

Us: "How do you feel about going to theater?"

Sharon: "I don't want to go to theater. I don't want to go today, but tomorrow. I will go, I'm not afraid."

Fortunately, Sharon IS going to theater tomorrow or Thursday, not today. The doctors have finally decided that the casting has brought her foot around enough for her PMR (posteromedial release) surgery. Please be praying for her! Photo of Sharon

Jul 26, 2018

Sharon was having a blast on the merry-go-round yesterday! We asked her today if she liked it and she says, "Yes, also I like ball games!" She had a cast change this morning and was really throwing a tantrum about it. She says, "I feel pain when they change it." Now, however, she says, "It's okay, it doesn't hurt." Please pray that getting the cast changed won't hurt so much! Photo of Sharon

Jul 24, 2018

We tried to have a chat with Sharon today but she was WAY too busy to have a conversation. She, Samuel, Debora, and Shekina were having a blast tossing some inflated gloves around the ward and trying to keep them from hitting to floor! We asked Debora if she's Sharon's friend and Debora's mom said in English, "She's her friend indeed!" which Debora repeated despite not really understanding the English! These kids are so cute together. Please continue to pray for Sharon as they continue casting her foot! Photo of Sharon

Jul 20, 2018

Some lovely visitors from the UK came today to set up a mobile book library for our kids who are stuck in the ward and can't get up and to the playroom! Shoutout to Charlie and Emma who set it all up with help from donors in the UK via Children's Corner Childcare! Emma was helping Sharon read one of her books. We asked her about it later while she was watching TV and she said, "Yes, I like the book. I was reading it in bed. There are people in it. Now I'm watching a show." Photo of Sharon

Jul 19, 2018

Sharon had her cast change today! She says, "I don't like the cast, I can't walk in it!" She was a champ though getting her cast put on. We asked if she's made any new friends and she pointed at Debora... we asked her friend's name and she said, "I don't know..." But Debora didn't know Sharon's name either! Photo of Sharon

Jul 17, 2018

Meet Sharon! She's already been at our hospital for a couple weeks getting casting for her clubfoot, but we've fallen in love with her little smirk and wanted to share it with all of you! Dr. James says she'll still need several more weeks of casting before her foot is in the right position for surgery. Please join us in praying for her! Photo of Sharon

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