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Cliff's Story

“When Cliff was 3 months old, I left a lit candle on a table which was near our mattress in the sitting room. Then I fell asleep without blowing it out. It fell on the couch, the linens caught on fire and Cliff’s hand was burnt,” says Edise, … Read more

“When Cliff was 3 months old, I left a lit candle on a table which was near our mattress in the sitting room. Then I fell asleep without blowing it out. It fell on the couch, the linens caught on fire and Cliff’s hand was burnt,” says Edise, Cliff’s mother.

Burn contractures like Cliff’s are a common occurrence in Malawi, where most people still use wood fires for cooking, candles for light, and have open pots of oil for frying. Unfortunately, people don’t always recognize these injuries for the accidents they are.

Edise says, “When I explained to my neighbors, they didn’t believe what I told them. Some thought I did it on purpose, I guess because they couldn’t find the candle; it had burnt out, and because the bottle holding the candle was still on the table. Others thought it was matsenga (magic) because it was just the corner of the bed he was lying on that got burnt. As for me, I also thought it was magic. We were building a new house in our home village and my husband was supposed to go and fix some doors and windows on Thursday. But Wednesday, before he was to leave, Cliff got burnt, so it’s strange. I think it’s magic from our home village, because of jealousy from people over our new home. Cliff’s father did not say anything, I told him, ‘You have brought this from the village’, but he just says, ‘No, it’s just an accident.’”

“The morning after he was burnt, I took him to the local hospital, where he was treated and I went back home. I was told that I have to go to the hospital for dressings every day; unfortunately, some days I couldn’t make it because transportation was too expensive. My neighbor is a doctor at another hospital, so he gave me a pill to grind and put on his hand. It helped, the wound was healed, but unfortunately he developed a contracture.”

“I feel sorry for my son, because the way his hand is now, it is as if he had seizures and fell on it. The doctors that I met were very helpful, but they had some questions as well about what happened. When I explained to them, they understood and just advised me to not use candles, but instead flashlights. One of my neighbors has a disabled child and she told me to take my son to a district hospital in Lilongwe, so I went there three times and the third time is when I met CURE Malawi doctors and I was given a date to come here. From what I have seen of other children here at CURE Malawi, I believe my son will be healed as well.”

We asked Edise her hopes for Cliff’s future. She says, “After surgery, I believe my son’s life will change, because he will be able to use his right hand for writing, eating, and other things, instead of the left hand. Please pray all our misfortunes are cut off in Jesus’ name.”

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Latest Updates

Oct 16, 2018

Cliff has been discharged! The doctors gave him some medicine to take at home and plan to see him back in two weeks on October 22nd. He cries every time an azungu (white person) steps in his direction because he is just a baby, but we hope when he comes back he won't be as scared! Please keep Cliff in your prayers during his time at home! Photo of Cliff

Oct 10, 2018

Cliff is just hangin' today! Dr. Lubega has sent Cliff and his mom to our hostel until next week. They will need to come in for Cliff's wound inspection and after that, the doctors will come up with a plan on when his next procedure will be! Please keep Cliff and his mom in your prayers during this waiting time! Photo of Cliff

Oct 08, 2018

Cliff is back in the hospital and had his first surgery today since he finally turned one last month! Happy belated birthday Cliff! Dr. Karolina released his hand and put a vac on until his next surgery. He will need another surgery later on to continue the release of his fingers, please keep Cliff in your prayers as he begins healing! Photo of Cliff

Jul 26, 2018

We have two teams of doctors, so Cliff's team asked the other team to check him out and give their opinion! They think it's better to operate on him as soon as possible as waiting for the scar tissue to mature will actually make the operation more difficult in the long run. Unfortunately, the anesthetists still don't feel comfortable putting him under while he's so young, so a compromise was made. Clay's going to be healed for his birthday! Well... a couple weeks after his birthday. We'll see him again October 7th for his operation, please pray for him and Edise as they travel home! Photo of Cliff

Jul 24, 2018

We just heard some unfortunate news. Cliff was booked by one of our new doctors, who didn't know that we try not to operate on babies under the age of one. Since most of our surgeries are elective, it's not worth the risk of putting them under anesthesia before then. Because of this, Dr. Maina has decided to send Cliff home until he's a little older and the scar tissue has matured a bit more. In the meantime, the physiotherapists will teach Cliff's mom some exercises to stretch his hand as well as make a splint for him to use. He'll be seen at our Lilongwe clinic near his home in 2019 to rebook for surgery! We're sad he can't have his operation now, but we know that his case is in God's hands and trust the doctors are making the right call to wait! Photo of Cliff

Jul 23, 2018

Meet our new buddy Cliff! He and his mommy, Edise, are here to get treatment for Cliff's burn contracted hand! He'll most likely be having surgery on Wednesday when our hand surgeon comes in. Please be praying for him and his mom while we share healing and Jesus' love with them! Photo of Cliff

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