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  • Conditiona bone condition
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Lorina's Story

“My friends laugh at me. I don’t know why,” Lorina says.

“When I was pregnant with Lorina, I saw a scorpion in my clothes, and when we tried looking for it to kill it, we couldn’t find it. The next day, my mother-in-law told me th… Read more

“My friends laugh at me. I don’t know why,” Lorina says.

“When I was pregnant with Lorina, I saw a scorpion in my clothes, and when we tried looking for it to kill it, we couldn’t find it. The next day, my mother-in-law told me that she had a dream where some witches came surrounding my house while I was inside. All these things made me wonder. I believe my daughter’s disability started then,” says Lorina’s mother, Maleni.

“My daughter was born healthy, but after three years I noticed her deformity developing. I took her to a district hospital, and there they asked me if by any chance she had fallen down. I told them that she never fell down. They continued asking me how she was born, and I said she was born normally, and they asked if the doctors said anything was wrong during the birth, and I said I was not told anything. The doctors said, ‘If you have enough courage, you should come so that we can cut her leg wide open so that we can see what is wrong.’ I decided not to go, because I didn’t think as a doctor he should say it that way. I thought he could have been more sensitive and just say, ‘Come and we will try to help your child.’

“Fortunately, I met a man from an organization that helps people with disabilities (MACOHA), who gave me transport money to go to another hospital where I was seen by CURE doctors at an outreach clinic. The doctors gave me a date to come here to CURE. But since my husband and I depend on subsistence farming, we couldn’t afford transport money. I tried begging MACOHA to help me with transport, but they could not help. Since I wanted my daughter to be healed, we sold food and maize at home to raise money for transport, and that’s how I’m here today.”

Lorina has a condition known as pseudoarthrosis, or false joint. It has caused her tibia to bend in a sharp angle. It is one of the most difficult orthopedic conditions we treat at CURE Malawi because just cutting the bone straight and putting in a bone graft doesn’t work, as overactive cells in the bones keep the two pieces from healing together. She will be given special medication to stop these cells from eating away at the bone graft so it will heal together properly, but this means her surgery will be delayed a couple weeks until the medication starts working.

“Lorina’s friends mock her, saying, “You dog with a bent leg! Don’t play with us.” And even older people say her grandmother, who was taking care of us, was reckless because she didn’t notice the problem when Lorina was born. This is very painful to me, since the deformity wasn’t noticeable until she started walking. It is my wish that Lorina should go back to school after her leg is straight. Pray that my daughter gets well, and also pray that the two year old son I left at home will be protected by God.”

Please join us in praying for Lorina and Maleni as we work to heal Lorina physically and share the gospel with her and her mother!

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Latest Updates

Jul 16, 2018

Lorina went home on Friday but she got a couple of lovely messages from a Vacation Bible School in the US (with a photo of a golden retriever) so we made sure to read that and her other messages to her before she left! This was her response. https://youtu.be/27Iyy0JQaPc

Jul 13, 2018

We got a picture of Lorina and her mom for you since we realized yesterday that we haven't posted any photos of them together! They've been discharged home but before they left Storyteller Avanell made sure to give Lorina a mandasi (donut) since she couldn't have one before her surgery! She sweetly said "Thank you" in very good English! They'll be back in three months for Lorina to have more of the medication, but in three weeks she'll be going to 500 Miles for a special orthotic called a clamshell to hold her leg in place while it heals. Please pray she makes all her appointments as it's very important for her healing! Photo of Lorina

Jul 12, 2018

We read Lorina her get-well messages today since she will probably get to go home tomorrow! She says, "They should keep praying for me." And her mother Maleni says, "I'm happy the leg is like this now. I also wish for them to continue praying so that Lorina may be healed." We asked Lorina what she'll do when she gets home and she says, "I'll play zawana (pretend house) with Zione!"

We spoke to Maleni and asked her if her spiritual life has improved since she came. She says, "The prayers we have here have helped me, but just a little bit. I still feel like I can't pray on my own. I have a lot to learn." Please pray that our Spiritual team will be able to explain to her that God is always willing to listen and there's nothing to keep us from speaking to Him! In the meantime we asked if she had any prayer requests for us to help her with, and she told us, "Please pray that I will be helped with my facial tumor at Queens Hospital and that it will be successful. I'm supposed to go today but every time I leave Lorina with another mom she starts crying. I don't know what to do."

Maleni has a condition called neurofibromatosis (tumors in the nervous system), which has caused a benign tumor (a neurofibroma) on her face. Neurofibromatosis is hereditary and is what has caused Lorina's pseudoarthrosis. When Maleni came in, Dr. James referred her to Queens since we don't treat adults or deal with facial tumors, so hopefully they'll be able to help her if Lorina lets her go for a while! Please be praying for them! Photo of Lorina

Jul 10, 2018

We couldn't buy Lorina a mandasi today because she needed to fast before her operation! She was healthy enough to go under anesthesia after all, so Dr. James is operating on her right now with help from Dr. Karolina and Dr. Benan. They will cut out the bit of abnormal bone and then use a rush rod to fix the rest of it straight together. Eventually she'll need a frame to lengthen her leg since it will be short as it is right now, but Dr. James thinks waiting until she's older is better than putting it on right after it heals. Please be praying for her while she recovers! Photo of Lorina

Jul 09, 2018

Lorina may be going for surgery tomorrow! So exciting... unfortunately the anesthetists noticed she has a bit of a cough so we're waiting to see whether they decide she's fit for surgery or not yet. She's pretty cheerful and says, "I'm feeling very well - oh, casts! You should buy me a mandasi [donut]!" Her mom Maleni says, "Please pray she recovers from this cough." Photo of Lorina

Jul 04, 2018

Lorina loves stickers! She's been playing today with her friends Sharon and Mphatso and seems to be having a blast in the hospital. We wish all our kids enjoyed it as much! Photo of Lorina

Jul 02, 2018

Lorina: "We're having fun on the swings!" Us: "Why are you happy?" Lorina: "I'm happy with tea!"

Lorina had her medication last week on Wednesday so we now need to wait two weeks for the medication to take affect before we can operate on her leg, so in the meantime she's just running around the hospital making us all smile! Photo of Lorina

Jun 28, 2018

Lorina is entertaining everyone in the hospital with her giggles and funny faces. "I've been playing with dolls in the playroom."

Us: "Who's your best friend in the hospital?"

Lorina: "Ibrahim! Hannah!"

Funny: "Is there a Ibrahim or a Hannah here? Maybe she's thinking of friends at home? Who's your best friend in the hospital?"

Lorina: "Zione!"

Us: "There's no Zione in the hospital either..." Photo of Lorina

Jun 25, 2018

“When I am better I will play Zawana (pretend house)," Lorina says. Meet Lorina! She's an adorable little girl who has been running around the hospital with an enormous grin all day! Many kids are scared when they first come to the hospital, but not Lorina! Lorina is going to be put on a special medication so that when the doctors cut the bone in her tibia it will heal back together again. Pseudoarthrosis is a difficult disability to treat as often the bones won't heal after being put straight because of overactive cells, which this medication will combat after it's started working in a couple weeks! Please be praying for her and her mommy Maleni! Photo of Lorina

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