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  • Age6
  • Conditionburn contractures
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The picture above is of CURE in Malawi. Everyone who serves with CURE in Malawi, from medical professionals to office staff, are dedicated to providing the highest quality medical and spiritual care to people who, without CURE, couldn't find it and couldn't afford it, just like Jenita. To do that, we're inviting you to partner with us.

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Jenita's Story

“Jenita’s friends mock and laugh at her because of her burnt hand, she has come to me many times saying, ‘My friends say, “You can’t do anything because your hand is like that. You will be like that for the rest of your life.”’ This i… Read more

“Jenita’s friends mock and laugh at her because of her burnt hand, she has come to me many times saying, ‘My friends say, “You can’t do anything because your hand is like that. You will be like that for the rest of your life.”’ This is what prompted us as a family to seek more medical help,” says Lucia, Jenita’s aunt.

“Last year it was very cold. My sister’s daughter Jenita was trying to make herself warm with her friends, so they made fire. Then she accidentally fell into the fire and her hand burnt. Unfortunately they were little children and could not do anything. When we heard the crying we rushed to see what had happened and found her with her hand burnt.”

“We took her to a local hospital, which referred us to the district hospital because they could not do anything, and that’s where she got treatment until the wounds healed. But unfortunately when she healed she had this contracture.“

“Her disability has affected our family so much. Some of the people in our community say, 'Her mother is so stupid, because she allowed a little child to get burnt and wasn’t watching her.' It is something that hurts my heart a lot because she’s old enough and independent enough that we can’t be constantly watching her. Our family still sees it as an accident, despite the gossip.”

“I’m so privileged that I faced no problems when I sought help for my niece. All the people I met in hospitals were so kind and helpful. I met an organization called MACOHA who helped with her care. One day they told me to be at the district hospital since the CURE doctors were visiting. After I was seen at the clinic, I was given a date to come here. I thank God that MACOHA provided transport for us to come to CURE; otherwise it would have been very hard financially for us to get here, although we would have tried our best. A lot of people were encouraging us to get help for her.”

“I came with my niece because her mother has a newborn and an older daughter to watch after, and Jenita’s father has left the family and gone back to his village because of a family disagreement.”

“As for my prayer request, in the village, most people believe in traditional healers for things to work. But as a Christian I believe that God can help me, and I want prayer for my marriage since it has been difficult. Please pray for both my marriage and my sister’s marriage, as well as for Jenita, who is scared to be in the hospital after the blood test.”

“I believe that now that I’m here my niece will receive help; I don’t doubt that she will get better. And at the end of it all, she will be able to wash herself, and she’ll be able to help us farm when she grows up.”

Please join us in praying for Jenita, that she won’t be scared to be in the hospital, and for her auntie and mother in their family life!

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Latest Updates

Jun 28, 2018

Jenita was having some fun playing with the parachute and the GO Team (short term mission team) from the USA! She went home early yesterday so this photo is from Tuesday. She and Auntie Lucia were so excited to go home! We got a very brief answer out of her... when she goes home she's going to play Pada with her friend Rebecca. Auntie Lucia was a bit more forthcoming, she says, "I'm very happy I'm going home. When I go, we will gather grass to thatch our house. I need prayer for traveling mercies, that we will go well." Jenita went home with a splint and will be seen once a week at her local hospital for wound dressings, so we don't know when she will next be back at CURE Malawi. Please pray for her as she heals! Photo of Jenita

Jun 26, 2018

Us: "Jenita, have you made any friends?"

Jenita: *giggles uncontrollably and hides her face*

We gave up and asked Auntie Lucia who Jenita's friend is... she says Billiam, who plays with her apparently despite the fact that he shook his head when we asked if they were friends!

Please continue to pray for Lucia and her husband as well as for Jenita's parents relationship. We asked Lucia if she had gotten ahold of her husband since she's come, but she neither has his number nor a phone so they haven't been in contact. Photo of Jenita

Jun 22, 2018

"Jenita, have you made any friends?" "Palibe! [No one]" "Is Timothy your friend?" "Alone!" Jenita looks a bit too cheerful to not have ANY friends in the hospital, so maybe she's just being coy as usual, but please pray that she'll make lots of friends. She's stuck in bed with her arm raised at the moment so it's a bit more difficult than usual. She'll have a wound inspection next Tuesday to make sure her hand is healing well. Photo of Jenita

Jun 20, 2018

We brought Jenita her get-well messages for the first time today! She was being smiley but very shy, so her Auntie Lucia says, "I'm very happy they are praying for her. May they continue so that Jenita gets well." We asked Jenita if she had any friends in the hospital - she nodded yes but refused to say who. We asked her if Billiam, who was standing behind her was her friend, and she didn't answer but he shook his head no! We'll put on our detective outfit and try to discover who Jenita's mystery friend is for you! Photo of Jenita

Jun 18, 2018

Jenita's smiling now, although she's super shy still! It took forever for us to get a photo of her looking at the camera for her new profile photo - most of them she's looking away! Funny tried tickling her to get her attention and while smiling she said, "I'll beat you up!" so apparently tickling isn't the way to go... Auntie Lucia says, "She's happy now and no longer afraid." Photo of Jenita

Jun 13, 2018

Jenita had her operation today! Dr. Linda released the flap of skin pulling her thumb back, and then took a skin graft from her tummy to cover the excess flesh from where we cut out the burned scar tissue. Please be praying for her while she recovers! Photo of Jenita

Jun 12, 2018

Meet Jenita! She's a bit intimidated by the hospital, so you can pray that she won't be scared or frightened and will settle in well and make friends. She will have surgery later this week, most likely tomorrow, to release a burn contracture on her hand. Dr. Maina is pleased with how loose the skin is pulling back her thumb and thinks that an easy z-plasty (cutting the skin in a zig-zag and rearranging it) will work well, which means she won't need the more difficult skin grafting for her wrist. Please pray for her operation! Photo of Jenita

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