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Filla's Story

“I would be very happy if my feet become straight. I will be able to stand for a long time without losing my balance and I will be able to walk by myself wherever I want, including school. It is my desire to become a doctor after I’m done with … Read more

“I would be very happy if my feet become straight. I will be able to stand for a long time without losing my balance and I will be able to walk by myself wherever I want, including school. It is my desire to become a doctor after I’m done with school so that I can help my friends who are sick,” says Filla.

“My son Filla was born with clubfoot. The hospital where he was born never said anything to me about it, even when they noticed his feet. When he was growing up, many people told me there was help for him, but the cost was too much to travel for assistance. I never sought treatment until his teacher saw a poster with a child with clubfoot and she advised me to go to the district hospital, and that’s where I met MACOHA, an organization that helps children with disabilities. I was then told to come back to the hospital and meet CURE doctors during an outreach clinic. After my son was seen, he was given a date to come here to CURE,” says Margret, Filla’s mother.

“We have a bicycle which Filla takes to school, but sometimes we need the bike for other things and it’s very hard for him to go to school when there is no bike. He feels a lot of pain when he walks for longer distances, and it takes about an hour for most children in our village to walk to his school. His friends love him so much though, to the point where if he doesn’t go to school, they come and pick him up so that he goes to school. They come and take him on their bikes to school.”

“I’m so happy with the welcome we received when we came to CURE. I believe my son will be well with the help of God. We both ask for prayer for Filla’s feet, for a good outcome after surgery,” shared Filla's mom, Margret.

Please join us in praying for Filla's healing so that he can get to school pain free and achieve his dreams!

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Latest Updates

Oct 10, 2018

Filla is back in the hospital this week and just had his third operation on Monday! He has been so quiet, we almost missed him! The doctors are continuing the process of straightening Filla's feet and will be reinforcing his cast today before discharging him. Filla says he had been feeling pain, but is doing much better now! Please keep Filla in your prayers while he journeys back home! Photo of Filla

Aug 08, 2018

We brought Filla his get-well messages today since he'll be going home soon! He told us to tell you, "Please continue praying for me. We were supposed to go home today but I have malaria so we may go tomorrow. I was sick this morning but now I'm feeling much better. When I get home I will thank God. I'm going to play bao (mancala) with my siblings since I won't be able to walk."

We asked Filla's mom, Margret what they will do when they return home and how CURE Malawi has impacted her life spiritually. She says, "We will gather together as a family to thank God since we never knew Filla could be healed as he is today. Afterwards, we will eat a meal together. Since I have come to CURE, I have learned a lot and the sermons have sunk deep into my heart that we need to love each other and that if we pray the Lord can heal our children. I have learnt how to pray. I was not a Christian before, but I have heard clearly what the Bible says about my life. It won’t be easy to live as a Christian in my society but no one will stop me from reading the Bible.” Please join us in praying for Filla and Margret as they head home and that Margret will stand strong in her faith! Photo of Filla

Aug 06, 2018

Filla had his frames off today! We're so excited for him, and this means he'll probably get to go home and see his five siblings soon! His mom Margret was watching over him while he slept off the anesthesia and he seems to be doing pretty well! Photo of Filla

Aug 03, 2018

We finally caught Filla in the playroom and he was having a lot of fun with a puzzle! We read him some get-well messages while he was there. He says, "They should continue to pray for me. When I go home I won't be able to do very much since I won't be able to walk yet, but I'm looking forward to seeing my friends and relatives. I have five siblings, Melody, Rahim, Hinda, Rhoda, and Merozi. I'm the second to last born. I miss all of them; we play ball games and bao." Please pray that Filla can have his frames off next week like the doctors expect so he can go see his siblings! Photo of Filla

Jul 31, 2018

We got to chat with Filla while he had his turns done today by Physio Bessie. "They removed that wire and now I don't have pain anymore." He's hasn't gotten a lot of time in the playroom because of physiotherapy, but he's been able to play with his friends in the ward. When asked what he plays he told us, "Bao. Mostly just bao." Bao is a mancala game where you have a board with four rows of eight holes and two rows belong to you and the other two to your opponent, and you need to capture your opponent's stones to win. It's a lot more complicated than that but we're sure Filla and his friends will be pros at the end of their hospital stay with all the bao they've been playing! Photo of Filla

Jul 27, 2018

Funny, the playroom assistant, translated Filla's get well messages for him today! He says, "They should continue praying for me. The first thing I'll do when I can walk is play football! While at CURE, I've learned that Jesus loves us all the time." We asked if he's heard from his family and wants any prayer for them. He told us, "Some weeks ago two of my siblings were sick, but now we've heard they're much better. Pray that they won't get sick anymore!" Photo of Filla

Jul 26, 2018

"I feel better than yesterday - yesterday the turns hurt, but today I didn't feel anything. Physiotherapy is also going well, I don't have pain," Filla says. Photo of Filla

Jul 24, 2018

"I'm doing well, no pain. I got a book yesterday. I was reading about the rabbit and the lion. I just read my own book because everyone else was also using their books. Please pray that I get better soon." Filla hasn't managed to get to the playroom still, but fortunately we had some lovely visitors from the UK last week who set up a mobile library so that bedridden kids like Filla can enjoy some of the books! Photo of Filla

Jul 20, 2018

Poor Filla missed getting a book from the new mobile library set up in the ward because he was in physiotherapy. Fortunately there's always next time! He says, "I'm feeling okay. My mom bought some gum so that's where all the stickers came from! My frames aren't painful." Photo of Filla

Jul 18, 2018

Filla was reading the Bible today when we stopped by to deliver his messages! We asked what he was reading and he told us, "I was reading Genesis 1 - it says, 'God created the heavens and the earth.' I'm reading the Bible so I can be blessed." He's grateful for all your messages and says, "They should continue praying that I get well. I miss my siblings a lot. I'm missing them all, my dad, my two sisters Jamila and Hinda, my brother Havae and Melozi..." His mom added, "Pray that they are all doing well." Photo of Filla

Jul 17, 2018

Filla just got out of the operating room! The doctors just went in quick to take out a wire that was shifting into the wrong position. He says, "I feel a LOT better! It was hurting before." He still has a while to go before we can take the entire frames off but in the meantime, we're happy he's feeling better! Photo of Filla

Jul 13, 2018

So thankful for Bessie and the rest of our physiotherapist team who keeps an eye on the kids frames and makes sure they're turned every day! We asked Filla if he's made any new friends since we chatted Wednesday and your prayers have been answered! He's friends with Chindikani and Kennedy, who's name he forgot! It's amazing how many of the kids play together every single day and yet don't know their friend's name! Filla says, "We've been playing bao (a mancala game) together and also going to the playroom together." Photo of Filla

Jul 11, 2018

Filla loved hearing from the people who have been writing to him! He says, "They should continue praying for me, that I may get better quickly. On Monday, I had a lot of pain but now I'm okay. I've been doing physio, even when I'm in bed I've been stretching my legs like I learned in physiotherapy. I don't have many friends in the hospital now; most of my friends have gone home." Please pray Filla makes new friends to play with! Photo of Filla

Jul 09, 2018

We had a group of visitors from the US come in last week to see what we do, and one of them had an instant camera and was giving the kids their pics! Filla loved his! Today he's not feeling too well, so you can be praying that his frames get less painful again. Photo of Filla

Jul 03, 2018

We brought Filla your get-well messages today! He was in a lot of pain yesterday but today says, "They should continue praying for me, and Jesus should bless them as they have blessed me. I'm feeling a lot better today than I did yesterday. I don't know why it hurt so much yesterday - it hurt even before they turned the frame and worse after. Normally my mother wheels me around in my wheelchair, but now I'm waiting for her because she's gone to the public hospital because she has a cough, and after the doctors see her, she'll help me get up. My friend Mofolo who is staying at the hospital also pushes me around in my wheelchair and we play." Please join us in praying that Filla continues to feel good and that his mother's cough gets better! Photo of Filla

Jun 28, 2018

Filla was happy this morning in bed with his mom but now he's in a bit of pain, "I'm feeling better but right now I have some pain. I've been stuck in bed all day, I only went to the dressing room but I haven't been in the playroom!" Photo of Filla

Jun 25, 2018

"I'm feeling a lot better. I only had pain the first few days," Filla says. He showed us a picture he drew. It says, "Wait for me! I want to board the bus, I'm going to Beit CURE. This bus is going to Blantyre to CURE." Photo of Filla

Jun 21, 2018

Filla says, "I'm feeling pain. It hurts and it hasn't gotten better since I came out of theater. I've just been sleeping today. Please pray that I get better." Photo of Filla

Jun 19, 2018

Filla is having his surgery today! Dr. Lubega and Dr. Karolina are hard at work putting bilateral frames on his clubfoot, which takes five to six hours. They cut the bone so that it's flexible and will move around, and then put on the frames which will slowly shift his feet around to be flat! Please be praying for him during his operation! Photo of Filla

Jun 13, 2018

Filla was enjoying some time outside on the playground alone this afternoon! We went and spoke to him about how he feels about his upcoming surgery. Unfortunately, Friday is a holiday and we had a lot of children come in for surgery this week so his operation has been postponed until next week. "I'm tired of being inside, so I'm happy to be out here. I just have to wait patiently [for surgery] because all I want is help. I'm not scared because I've seen many of my friends come out of surgery and I see something good is coming from it so I'm not worried. I'm also not concerned about the frames since many of my friends have them." Photo of Filla

Jun 11, 2018

Meet Filla! He was sharing his story with Playroom Coordinator Funny and Storyteller Avanell. He's a sweet, earnest kid and we're looking forward to seeing him walking on two straight, healed feet! He's going to have surgery later this week and will have bilateral frames, which will slowly manipulate his feet into position. Please be praying for him! Photo of Filla

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