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Timothy's Story

“I was very shocked to hear that my son Timothy was hit by a car just as I was preparing to go and pick him up from school. I rushed to the scene only to find that my son had already been rushed to our nearest hospital. At the hospital they just … Read more

“I was very shocked to hear that my son Timothy was hit by a car just as I was preparing to go and pick him up from school. I rushed to the scene only to find that my son had already been rushed to our nearest hospital. At the hospital they just put on a bandage or tourniquet on his injured leg because a lot of blood was coming out. We were immediately rushed to a district hospital,” says Timothy’s mother, Getrude.

“Timothy was trying to cross the road from school when he got hit by a car and his right leg was very injured. This encouraged a lot of rumors and gossip in our neighborhood. People said it was mysterious and encouraged me to seek help from traditional healers, but I refused. I couldn’t do such a thing because I knew that it is God that has saved my son from dying on the street, and He will also surely heal his leg,” Getrude explained. Some of her neighbors were also saying that it all happened because of her negligence, which hurts Gertrude a lot, but she knows that people tend to gossip when things like this happen so she tries not to take it to heart.

Timothy continued with his treatment at the Central Hospital until the wound was healed. However, after healing, he was unable to put his whole foot down. This left Gertrude hopeless, “I completely lost hope and never thought there could be a remedy for my son to walk normally again. But then I was comforted when I heard about CURE through a friend who came here with his child. I then made the decision to come here for help as well.”

“I love the care and cleanliness of the hospital. The bathrooms and the toilets are very beautiful. I believe after his operations my son will be healed because I have heard many testimonies from guardians whose children have already gone for surgery.”

It is Timothy’s wish for his foot to be healed and also to be free from the pain he experiences when he walks a long distance. Timothy hopes to become a bank manager after he is done with his schooling. Please join us in praying for Timothy as he has a long way to go and will need multiple operations including a bone graft, a muscle flap and a frame to correct his foot!

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Latest Updates

Mar 08, 2019

Timothy has been discharged! The doctors prescribed him some antibiotics for his time at home while they wait on the results from his last operation. They plan on having the results in the next two weeks, so we'll see Timothy back in for clinic then. Please keep Timothy in your prayers during this waiting time, and that he will have a safe journey home! Photo of Timothy

Mar 01, 2019

Timothy's screw removal went really well yesterday morning, and by the afternoon he was awake drawing and coloring with his mom. During ward rounds today, Dr. Lubega said Timothy is ready to start his dressings. Timothy isn't too thrilled, but he is super happy to have his bed moved beside his new friend Jacquireen who also loves to draw, color, and practice English! Please continue to keep Timothy in your prayers, as he begins his dressing changes! Photo of Timothy

Feb 27, 2019

Timothy is expecting to go into the operating room to have the screws in his leg removed tomorrow. He didn't have much to say today, as all his attention was glued to the activities they had just given him in the playroom. The kids had to write and decorate their names and Timothy filled his entire page! We pray everything goes well in the operation room and that he heals quickly! Photo of Timothy

Feb 26, 2019

Timothy was re-admitted into the CURE Malawi hospital to have his wounds cleaned. When we asked him if he had been in any pain while away, he told us he hadn't. We were so excited to hear that news! Today, he cleaned and dressed his own wounds without anyones help! It was very impressive. As much as we think Timothy should now be a nurse, he says being a pilot has always been his dream. When we asked what he will miss most about home while in the hospital, he said, "Bird hunting! I usually do it with my catapult or stones, but I have just learned how to set a trap for birds. You poke a wire into a sticky substance (locally called 'phula'), place a bug or two on the 'phula', plant the wire in the ground, and all I have to do is wait for a bird to land and get stuck on it." We reminded him of God's immense love and care for him and ask you to join us in prayer as he awaits to hear what the doctors have planned. Photo of Timothy

Oct 02, 2018

“Thank you so much for the messages which are wishing me to get-well soon and bringing good wishes to my family,” says Timothy. Today we met Timothy when he visited the clinic with his mom, Gertrude. We read him the messages you sent and he kept on saying, “May they continue praying for my healing and that I should be able to do well in school. Please remind them to keep Miracle in prayer too so that she stops being naughty!” Timothy is now feeling well and has been completely weaned off the crutches. May God bless you for your wonderful messages to Timothy! Photo of Timothy

Aug 31, 2018

This morning Timothy came in for physiotherapy. He sat on the mini-bike as he was waiting for his turn to be assessed! Timothy will soon have ankle-foot-orthotics (AFOs) which he will be using for his right leg. The date of his review with the Physio team will depend on how soon the AFO is made. Please continue praying for Timothy’s full recovery! Photo of Timothy

Aug 24, 2018

Our friend Timothy is here again! He says he has to come back every two days! He says, "Miracle is back. She's always fighting with friends." Timothy is going back to school on September 10th and he told us, "I'm going into Standard Four, I passed my exams! I will take a bike taxi to my classes since it is far. You can pray that I will be walking properly, that I will be able to go to school, and that Miracle will stop fighting." Storyteller Avanell is leaving next Friday, so in case she doesn't catch him at his next wound inspection she made sure to say goodbye! He told her, "Have a safe trip. I will miss you." She's going to miss him and his stories about Miracle too! Photo of Timothy

Aug 20, 2018

Timothy is back for a wound inspection and some physiotherapy! He was hanging out with his friend Bestwick who is also in for a checkup. We have a 'new' Storyteller/Translator in the office, Zione, so Timothy said, "I don't know you!"

Zione: "Do you know the other person's name?"

Timothy: "You know it..."

Storytellers: "Funny's on holiday! Is Miracle still on holiday? Do you miss her?"

Timothy: "No! I don't miss her because she always fights."

Storytellers: "Are you happy to see Bestwick?"

Timothy: "Yes, I'm happy to see my friend. Right now we aren't doing anything, just chatting."

Storytellers: "What can we pray for you for?"

Timothy: "Pray that I get healed quickly and do well in school."

We asked Timothy's mom if she wanted any prayer, and she told us, "You should continue praying for my son that he will walk well and when the school opens on Sept 10th he will be able to go with his friends. His school is very far so we hire a motorbike to take him there and back." Photo of Timothy

Aug 06, 2018

Timothy's back for more physiotherapy! He says, "Physio is going on well. They've started showing me how to walk without crutches so my mom doesn't have to carry me anymore, I use my crutches to get to the bus." We asked how the friend that Miracle bit is doing. He told us, "I don't know, I didn't talk to the one who was bitten, but they're all together. It was a relative." "Has Miracle ever bitten you?" "Yes, many times." Photo of Timothy

Aug 03, 2018

Timothy was in again and of course we asked about Miracle! Timothy says, "Physiotherapy is going on well. Miracle is fine, she's gone on holiday to Lilongwe [Malawi's capital] so I just heard from my sister, her mother, that she had bitten a friend until some blood came out!"

Us: "Where do you go on holiday? Why didn't you go with them?"

Timothy: "I also go to Lilongwe, my auntie lives there so that's where we go. I didn't go with them because of my foot. I'm sad. They're gone for a month, until school starts September 9th. I'll be going to school too, I'm looking forward to it."

Please be praying that Timothy won't be too sad and lonely with Miracle gone in Lilongwe - although it sounds like he'll be a lot safer from her teeth if she's that far away - and that his leg won't be any hinderance for him going to school in September! Photo of Timothy

Jul 30, 2018

Funny, our normal translator, wasn't feeling very well this morning so we didn't get to interrogate Timothy about Miracle today, but he's still coming in for physio and seems to be doing quite well for now! Photo of Timothy

Jul 24, 2018

"I'm doing much better. I'm doing physio at home and it's not very painful. Miracle has stopped slapping me because I'll slap her back. I'm still not going to school," Timothy says. Please pray his appointment today will go well! Photo of Timothy

Jul 20, 2018

Timothy came in for physio! It sounds like Miracle (and grandad) has gotten over her malaria, but also her sympathy for Timothy. He says, "I'm doing a little better. I've stopped crying like a baby. Miracle is also better. She has started fighting now. When I'm sitting on a chair she'll climb up the back and slap me and then run away. I'm happy I can start walking with crutches now. You can pray that I will start running with the crutches." Photo of Timothy

Jul 13, 2018

Timothy's back for more physiotherapy! He wasn't feeling too well after it, but his mom says, "At least it's better than the last time we came, he walked a bit today." His poor mom Gertrude has been carrying him all over and right after this picture said, "I'm already tired. It has been a long time since I carried him on my back, last time he was very small. Now I have to carry him and he's big!" Also, Miracle and his grandfather both have malaria, they're on the medication and getting better but you can be praying for them! We asked Timothy if Miracle was bothering him before she got ill, but apparently she feels sorry for him and is afraid of hurting him because of his bandages so has laid off with the pinching! We'll be seeing Timothy twice a week for physiotherapy so we'll get to hear what fresh mischief Timothy and Miracle are up to regularly, stay tuned. Photo of Timothy

Jul 09, 2018

Timothy came in for his wound inspection today and is getting a backslab, just the back of a cast which will keep his foot in the right position while he's not walking around. He was a bit terse and for today just says, "I'm feeling much better, it's not painful. I'm continuing physiotherapy at home. Miracle is good." Photo of Timothy

Jul 03, 2018

Guess who we met before Timothy headed home today?! We finally got to meet the incorrigible Miracle and she's just as cute and sassy as we expected. Timothy says she hasn't been up to any mischief yet as of today, but we asked Miracle if she likes to steal Timothy's nsima and she nodded yes! She also has a sweet side that Timothy didn't tell us about... when he told her to get on his lap for the photo she was afraid she might hurt him because of the bandages. Timothy lives near the hospital so we'll see him (and maybe Miracle) on July 9th for a wound inspection. Photo of Timothy

Jul 02, 2018

When the short-term missions team offered Timothy a toy snake last week he was so terrified! It turns out he only likes drawings of snakes, not even toy ones, so he got a penguin toy instead. There were a lot of children and even parents who were really afraid of the beanie baby snake, which makes sense in a country where snakes can be very dangerous! Timothy will hopefully be able to head home tomorrow, but he won't be going with his penguin, because guess who visited him on Sunday and stole it? You're right, the infamous Miracle! Timothy says when he gets home, "I will get my toy back. Pray that tomorrow I can go!" His mom Gertrude says that once they head home, "I will continue taking care of Timothy but I also will probably need to clean my house! Please pray for Timothy that he will be able to walk and step down." Photo of Timothy

Jun 28, 2018

"We've been learning about Daniel and the Lion's Den!" Timothy made a mask with a short term mission team that's come from the States and was showing it off to us. He's having his frame off tomorrow and says, "I'm excited to get rid of this thing. After it's off, I want to go home." Photo of Timothy

Jun 26, 2018

"The visitors [a team from the US] were teaching me how to draw. A butterfly, a snake..." Timothy says. The last time he was drawing, he didn't do a very good job of drawing a snake and everyone was good-naturedly teasing him so it's quite impressive how much he's improved!

"I'm feeling good. There's no pain and I'm so happy that on Friday or Monday this frame will be off and I will be able to walk!" Dr. Lubega promised Timothy his frame will be off next Monday at the latest, Friday if Dr. Chokotho says it's alright! Please pray it's Friday! Photo of Timothy

Jun 22, 2018

Thomas, our X-ray Assistant, was hanging out in the ward this morning and stopped by Timothy's bed to give him some math problems to do while he's stuck in bed! We're so grateful for our team here at CURE Malawi where everyone pitches in to help the kids feel at home (or school)! Photo of Timothy

Jun 20, 2018

We brought Timothy some get-well messages yesterday! He says, "They should continue praying for me." Someone asked him what he wants to name his rabbit. He says "Joseph." "Why?" "Because he's a boy." We also got some follow up on his niece Miracle! Timothy says, "She came yesterday, she's doing fine. She came with my sister."

Us: "Did she steal your Nsima again?"

Timothy: "No, she was just running up to me and pinching me. But when I try to catch her in the wheelchair, I can't find her."

Poor Timothy! It's hard enough being stuck in bed, and worse yet when a toddler is running up to you and pinching you! We told him to tell us next time she comes in so we can grab a photo of them together. Unfortunately, it sounds like Timothy is going to be in the hospital longer than we thought, since it won't be until NEXT Friday that he has his frame off, at the earliest. When the doctors checked the flap, it was bleeding so they needed to lift it up to check on it which means it reset the time he needs to have it on. Poor kid. Please continue to pray for Timothy (and Evelyn asks for prayer for him too)! Photo of Timothy

Jun 19, 2018

Timothy was really grumpy when we went to visit him yesterday because he had just gone into the operating room for a wound inspection and was in a bit of pain. Today, however, he says, "I'm doing a lot better than yesterday." "Do you know when it will come off?" "Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow and the other day!" Which apparently means Friday! He says, "I'm so happy it's being removed soon so I can walk!" Photo of Timothy

Jun 14, 2018

We brought Timothy his messages yesterday! His response was a blasé, "Whatever you're doing, just keep on!" but then said a more serious, "Continue praying for me."

A family sent a picture of Minnie, a fluffy little dog in a sweater, and after some questioning, Timothy said, "I like the dog, it is very pretty, it has on a nice outfit. It is not a scary dog. If it was my dog, I would name it Bruce. I have a rabbit at home as a pet, but he doesn't have name."

We also asked if he wants prayers for anyone at home and if there's someone he misses. He told us, "I miss Miracle, my sister's daughter. She's two years old. I chase her when she annoys me. She deserves it because she provokes me. She's not that young because she can talk already. The other day I was eating nsima (porridge) and she stole my nsima and ran away! But I still miss her. You can pray for her." "Pray what for her?" "Pray." Photo of Timothy

Jun 12, 2018

Your prayers for Timothy have been answered! He seems to have made some more friends in Lisboa and Bestwick and was listening to music with them this afternoon, and this morning he was hanging out with his friend Ernest. When we brought him back in his wheelchair from tea this morning he said, "I don't want to be next to Evelyn, I want to be next to Ernest."

Funny: "Why?"

Timothy: "Because she's selfish."

Funny: "How so?"

Timothy: "When I am on my bed and she calls me and I shrug and ignore her, she says, 'You are selfish but you will need me someday!'"

Funny: Why do you like Ernest?

Timothy: "We watch videos together - the Jesus Film, cartoons..."

Funny: "Are you feeling better? Are you still crying all the time?"

Timothy: "I have stopped crying. It is no longer hurting."

It sounds like Timothy and Evelyn have some sibling-like squabbles going on but they both seem pretty good natured about it, despite believing that each other are "selfish". Photo of Timothy

Jun 08, 2018

We found Timothy drawing this morning and despite the fact that he looked relatively happy, this conversation will give you a bit of a clue about his mood today.

Timothy: "My leg doesn't hurt as much as it did at first, unless someone touches it."

Funny: "Do you have another friend now that Sphiwe is gone?"

Timothy: "Nobody."

Shamim's mother, who was standing nearby: "What about Shamim?"

Timothy: "No."

Funny: "What advice would you give to Evelyn, who's having the same surgery?"

Timothy: "She should keep on crying, as she is doing."

Funny: "What are you doing every day, besides drawing?"

Timothy: "Crying."

Please join us in praying that Timothy will find a new friend and some happiness soon! Photo of Timothy

Jun 06, 2018

Timothy's a bit less smiley today - he was listening to a school program on the radio this morning so Playroom Coordinator Funny asked him what he learned. He said, "They were saying to wash your hands after going to the bathroom." Always a good tip! We asked if he has any prayer requests and he says, "I'm feeling a lot of pain in my legs. Please ask them to pray for me that I get better so my frame can be removed." Photo of Timothy

Jun 04, 2018

Timothy is having a major operation today! Dr. Chokotho, the plastic surgeon from Queens Public Hospital and married to our very own Dr. Linda, came in to help out! He and Dr. Lubega are transferring the flap of skin and flesh from one leg across to the other and then everything will be held in place by an external metal rod connecting the two legs. It's going to be very inconvenient and uncomfortable for Timothy for the next couple of weeks before the flap is healed on enough to detach from the original leg, so please pray for him! Photo of Timothy

Jun 01, 2018

We brought your get-well messages to Timothy today after he had a quick pop into the operating room today to change his vac dressing. We asked him about his life at the hospital and he says, "I had a friend here, Sphiwe, but she has gone home now. I like the playroom here at CURE. I am very thankful for the prayers, they should continue praying for me." Someone sent him a photo of a dog and he said it looks funny! He says he's afraid of dogs but apparently they're also his favorite animal! He definitely is not a cat person though, based on how much he shook his head when we asked. He says he likes cows because of milk! Photo of Timothy

May 28, 2018

Timothy is doing well today! It looks like his painkillers are working because he came out of the operating room a couple of hours ago after getting a vac change on his right leg and he's already smiling and posing for the camera while stuck in the recovery bed. Please be praying for him as the meds wear off! Photo of Timothy

May 24, 2018

Timothy had an operation yesterday - sorry we didn't give you an update, we didn't know what was going on! Apparently his first skin flap failed, so we needed to call in Dr. Chokotho, the plastic surgeon from Queen Elisabeth Hospital who is married to our own Dr. Linda. Dr. Chokotho will do a complicated surgery where he brings the same muscle from the OTHER, left leg across to the right leg. Dr. Chokotho tied off the blood vessels for the left leg off, the same as Timothy's first surgery, and in five days he will attach Timothy's legs together so that the blood supply remains intact when the muscle from the left is attached to the right. Please be praying for Timothy as he'll be stuck in bed for a while! Photo of Timothy

May 21, 2018

Timothy is waiting to go in for a wound inspection today! Please pray that his flap is healing on well and that everything is as it should be. Photo of Timothy

May 18, 2018

We brought Timothy your get-well messages Friday! He's doing and feeling well but was a bit quiet today and just told us to tell you, "I'm very thankful for your messages. Please support and encourage other children the same way." Next week he'll have a wound inspection to see how the flap is taking, please pray for success! Photo of Timothy

May 15, 2018

Timothy is having his second operation today! Dr. James reconstructed his ankle bone with a graft from his pelvic bone and a wedge, and then Dr. Lubega moved the muscle flap they had prepared last week to cover the flesh where the scar tissue was cut away. He's still in surgery right now, please be praying for him as he recovers! Photo of Timothy

May 11, 2018

We asked Timothy what he wants to do when he grows up. He says, "I would love to be the bank manager. I want to control and protect the economy that many people store at the banks. I will be well and I want to do things that I would not have done if my condition was not treated." Photo of Timothy

May 10, 2018

Timothy's doing well post surgery! Jarson from our Spiritual Department was doing a Christianity Explored class with the parents in the playroom, so a lot of the kids were sitting in the back quietly coloring or playing with toys. Timothy was having a lot of fun coloring with Innocent - they were thick as thieves and trying not to giggle too loud! We're glad they were enjoying themselves, but please pray that they pick up a bit from the class, and even more so for their parents, as they hear more about Jesus! Photo of Timothy

May 09, 2018

Timothy's first stage operation went well yesterday! Dr. Lubega just went in to tie off the muscle so that it will fill with blood over the next few days, making it graft better when they move it down to cover the scarred area on his foot. He'll have another operation next week to move it, but in the meantime, he's looking happy in the ward, although he'll be stuck on bedrest for a while! Photo of Timothy

May 08, 2018

Timothy is waiting to go to theater today! This afternoon he'll have his first operation, so please be praying while he goes in for his flap preparation. Yesterday we got our photo release forms for our kids and we got this photo. Unfortunately, Timothy's mother can't write, so Timothy asked if he could fill out the form! Don't worry though, we had her do her thumbprint to give consent, which is what we usually do if the guardians are unable to sign. Timothy has lovely handwriting, and we're so glad that he's so enthusiastic about writing! Photo of Timothy

May 07, 2018

Meet Timothy! Timothy is a young boy who has an injured, twisted foot from a car accident and will be treated here at CURE with multiple surgeries. Later this week he will have a small operation to prepare a muscle flap to cover the large scar on his heel. Five days after that surgery, the flap will be moved into position and Dr. James also will need to do a bone graft because part of the bones in his foot are gone. Once the skin flap has healed, he will have a frame to move the foot around. Fortunately he's already made friends with Innocent, who has had almost the same operation, minus the bone graft, and is on the frame stage. It's good Innocent can give Timothy some reassurances about his operations! Please be praying for Timothy as he has his first surgery later this week! Photo of Timothy

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