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  • Conditionburn contractures
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Paulina's Story

“I really want to be helped so that I can use my right hand as I did before and so that my friends will not mock me anymore,” says Paulina.

Paulina came here with her grandmother, and now her father has come and tells us more of her sto… Read more

“I really want to be helped so that I can use my right hand as I did before and so that my friends will not mock me anymore,” says Paulina.

Paulina came here with her grandmother, and now her father has come and tells us more of her story. Her dad says, "When Paulina was ten, she went out to play with her friends, but when she came in from playing my wife and I were outside working. She came in and went straight to the kitchen, and we didn't see her go in. There, the seizures started and she fell into the fire. We didn't know there was anyone in the kitchen but we smelled something strange. We said, 'what is it?'. We looked around but didn't even think of checking the kitchen, but the smell went on and on. Finally we went inside and that's where we found her. She's had the seizures for 11 years. When she first got them she would only have them maybe twice in three months, but after she was burned she would have seizures almost every day, and she stopped going to school because of that."

Sizalia, Paulina's grandmother, took her granddaughter to a nearby hospital, which immediately referred them to a district hospital. “It was so horrible spending so many days in the hospital with my granddaughter but then what choice did I have?” Paulina was later discharged and was given some medicine to continue at home. When the wound was fully recovered a foreign family brought them here to CURE.

It is Paulina’s wish to be healed and to be able to use her right hand again for eating and especially writing. Above all she desires healing because some of her friends mock her because of her disability. Sizalia and Paulina are so happy to be here at CURE. They liked the nice welcome, food and even where they are sleeping. “CURE hospital is very clean and I have never seen such a hospital. May God bless all the staff members for their kindness and love,” says Sizalia.

Please join us in praying for Paulina as she has surgery for her badly burnt hand! Unfortunately, we first need to get her seizures under control, so please pray for accurate assessment and that the proper medication will be found so that she can proceed to having surgery for her hand!

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Latest Updates

Jun 11, 2018

Paulina and her dad are heading home and will be back on July 22nd for her next operation, hopefully she'll be prepared by then! We brought them into the playroom to give Paulina a bag to take home and her dad was thanking us by saying, "I've observed three things about your hospital. First, the welcome is so good. When there are a lot of people it can be very hard to manage, but we are being looked after very well. Second, the prayers. I believe that is why you do not have death here. Third, the interaction with the staff, it never changes, they're always cheerful and helpful. I've never seen this in another hospital before, the way that you treat us." Please continue to pray for Paulina, that she'll be in a better mood when she comes back in July, and please pray for safe travels back to Mozambique! Photo of Paulina

Jun 08, 2018

Paulina is a bit better behaved today because dad has come to the rescue! We've updated her story with some of the information from her father, since he knows more about her condition than her granny did.

Her dad says, "I am very happy that we're here because in Mozambique we couldn't get help. Here she's received help for the seizures, she's only had two seizures when she first arrived with her granny, but since then it's only today that she's been complaining of a headache. She has been given help, she went to Queens (Hospital) and has seizure medication so I'm happy now."

"Ir will be difficult for them back home since I'm gone, but my daughter is here and I feel very sorry for her, so it's better that I stay here even though it will be difficult for my family in the village. But even if I have to spend the whole year here just for my daughter to get well, I cannot worry because I just want my daughter to get the help she needs. When I came, I was just coming to see how she was doing and didn't mean to stay. I planned to go back the same day, but when I heard that she's being troublesome I thought to stay here and let her granny go home. I don't even have a change of clothes because I thought I would be going back home the same day. But all I want is for her to be healed because she has big problems right now, so I want her to be better." Photo of Paulina

Jun 06, 2018

"I haven't had much of a break," says Sizalia, Paulina's granny, after Paulina's operation yesterday. (Paulina was hiding under the blanket). We missed Paulina's surgery yesterday because it was a lot shorter than originally planned. Dr. Lubega was worried about her reaction to the operation, so he decided to just release a minor contracture on her elbow with a z plasty (reorganizing the skin in a zig-zag pattern) to see how she manages it and help her get used to the bandage before her major operation. Apparently Paulina has some developmental difficulties, which is causing the issues for her poor granny. Paulina has continued to try running away since last Friday, so her granny and the nurses need to be constantly vigilant. Now that she has a bandage though, her grandmother says, "I have to keep stopping her from taking it off and scratching at it." Please be praying for Sizalia as she obviously loves Paulina but is very stressed to be here alone and to be constantly having to watch her. Also please pray that Paulina will calm down and understand that she's here to be helped! Photo of Paulina

Jun 04, 2018

Paulina's still really upset to be in the hospital, but fortunately plans have changed and she WILL have surgery this week which hopefully will help her realize that being here has a good purpose! Dr. Kaiser our anesthetist says since she's been seizure free for over a week there's unlikely to be a change, but they'll be careful with her. Today Dr. Chokotho, the plastic surgeon from Queens Hospital, came over to do a case and give some advice to Dr. Lubega on how to best operate on Paulina's hand. She'll have surgery tomorrow. Her mom says, "I am very happy that she is going to theater tomorrow, she's being very troublesome so maybe when she comes out of theater she will be much better and won't cause as many issues." Please pray it all goes smoothly and that she cheers up! Photo of Paulina

Jun 01, 2018

Paulina says "No photos today." We don't always have happy kids in the hospital, sometimes the kids are grumpy! Paulina says, "I'm mad. I want to go home. If they aren't straightening my hand, why am I here? I want to go home." This morning she ran away from the hospital and her granny had to chase her down after she got halfway down the road! Fortunately, Paulina will get to go home after a week of observation to make sure her seizures are calming down. Unfortunately she needs to be on medication for six weeks to make sure the seizures are stabilized before she has surgery for her hand, otherwise it could be very dangerous to put her under anesthetic. We have tried to explain to her but she's not having it! Please pray that she'll be in a better mood when she comes back to have her hand straightened, and that the medication will be working so there are no more delays!

May 31, 2018

Paulina keeps addressing me in Chichewa, which unfortunately I can't speak! Funny was laughing as she translated, "You should buy me food, I'm hungry." Paulina's not afraid to speak her mind! She's such a spunky kid. At the moment she's not in the hospital as she's gone to Queens Hospital next door to hopefully get some good seizure medication. Photo of Paulina

May 28, 2018

Meet Paulina! She's a little girl who has come all the way from Mozambique for surgery on her hand, which has a bad burn contracture. Unfortunately, she has seizures which aren't under control, so we need to get her on medication that helps with that before we try to operate on her hand. She'll be referred to Queen Elisabeth Public Hospital nearby and hopefully they can find a medication that works soon! Please be praying for her, it may be a while before she can even have surgery here for her hand! Photo of Paulina

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