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  • Age10
  • Conditiona limb deformity
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Evelyn's Story

“My daughter Evelyn was born healthy, but when she was only six years old she got hit by a car as she was trying to cross the road coming from school and it broke one of her feet. I rushed her to our local hospital which did not waste time but in… Read more

“My daughter Evelyn was born healthy, but when she was only six years old she got hit by a car as she was trying to cross the road coming from school and it broke one of her feet. I rushed her to our local hospital which did not waste time but instead referred us straight to the central hospital,” says Lucy, Evelyn’s mother.

“I spent five months in the hospital and I was later discharged to continue wound dressings at our local hospital. I did as advised and the wound was eventualyl healed. I was so glad that all has come to an end. However, little did I know that my daughter shouldn’t run because running just for a short distance caused a cut on her foot which oozed blood and pus. I really got very worried as to how my child’s life would be. To make matters worse, her body temperature is always high since she was injured,” Lucy continued.

“I thank God for one Sunday morning, which brought back the hope I had lost. It was announced at church that CURE doctors would be visiting our local hospital and all children who are disabled or have issues to do with the bones should go there. I was filled with joy knowing that my daughter will finally be assisted. On the day, I went to the hospital and I was seen by CURE doctors and they gave me a date to come here to CURE,” Lucy continues.

Evelyn, who was injured in 2014, is now nine years old and has had an ongoing infection ever since the accident. The wound on her foot is still oozing and we hope to treat it here at CURE with persistent dressings and antibiotics before operating to fix her anklebone, which is also broken.

“Evelyn’s disability has made my life very difficult. I no longer work with peace of mind because I always have to watch how she is doing all the time. The five months we spent in the hospital were very traumatic for me. I am a single mother with four children so you can imagine how hard it was to leave behind three children for five solid months. However, I can never give up on my beloved daughter because I believe all this will come to an end some day soon.”

Evelyn, who is always smiling, is very privileged to have good friends who still love and play with her even with her deformity, which is uncommon in her culture. “I thank God that my friends always play with me the same way they used to even before I got injured,” said Evelyn happily.

Lucy believes that now that she has made it to CURE, her daughter will be treated. She has seen some kids with more threatening conditions than hers being treated, and this has boosted her hope for her daughters future. Please join us in praying for Evelyn and Lucy!

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Latest Updates

Aug 10, 2018

Evelyn says she is feeling much better today! "I am excited to go home and see three of my siblings, but not Queen!" Evelyn told us. Queen is her fourth sibling and when we asked her why she didn’t want to see Queen, she just giggled. “I want to play Bao and Tchua when I go home.” The doctors plan on making a window in the side of her cast to make sure that her wound is healing well. Evelyn asks for continued prayers for a speedy recovery! We'll see her again in an outreach clinic near her home on October 21st. Photo of Evelyn

Aug 09, 2018

Evelyn had her surgery yesterday and is happily recovering in the ward today. We asked her last night if she had any pain and she cheerfully said, "No!"

Dr. Karolina and Dr. Lubega originally were planning on putting a frame on her foot which would slowly bring her foot up, but when they put her under anesthesia they discovered that when she was relaxed the foot came into the right position really easily! This is super good news and means that she only needed a very simple tendon lengthening for the back of her foot, praise God!

Unfortunately, the growth plates in her large toe and ankle were destroyed when the car ran over her foot, so she'll need more operations in the future to deal with the potential issues that will cause. If her big toe stays the same size and everything else grows it can throw the whole foot out of wack! Also, her leg will eventually be shorter because of the destroyed growth plate in her ankle so that will need to be dealt with. Please pray for Evelyn as she has a long journey ahead of her! Photo of Evelyn

Aug 08, 2018

Evelyn's foot is ready for her next operation and we brought her get-well messages while she was waiting to go in for surgery - unfortunately she was already half asleep from the medications they give, so she just told us, "I'm not afraid. I liked the messages, thank you very much. Don't stop, help others as well." Her mom says, "Just continue to pray for healing for Evelyn." Please be praying for her operation today! Photo of Evelyn

Aug 06, 2018

Evelyn's back in the hospital for an x-ray to see if she's ready for her next surgery! We had a nice chat with her about home and the hospital.

Us: "Evelyn, how many siblings do you have?"

Evelyn: "I didn't count them."

Us: "Who do you play with the most?"

Evelyn: "My siblings are Fishani, Queen, Vitumbiko. I play with Fishani. We play Tchua (similar to jacks) and Bao (a mancala game)."

Us: "Have your friends been nice?"

Evelyn: "Ah some of my friends have been laughing at me, saying, 'Oh look at her crippled leg.' So some were not nice but some didn't say anything."

Us: "How do you feel about being in the hospital?"

Evelyn: "I'm happy because I'll get better and be walking properly."

Please pray that Evelyn's foot is ready for the next operation so she can start walking well again! Photo of Evelyn

Jul 09, 2018

Oops! Evelyn went home over the long weekend while we were celebrating Malawian Independence Day! We're so sad she left and we didn't get a chance to say goodbye, but the good news is she'll be back for a chat and another operation on August 5th! Please be praying for her while she heals at home, we're so thankful that her wound inspection looked good enough for her to head home after almost two months stuck healing here in the hospital. Photo of Evelyn

Jul 03, 2018

Evelyn went into theater yesterday to have a wound inspection and maybe a skin graft and turns out she got a skin graft! This morning when we went to take this photo, she wasn't very happy because of pain but now she's back to smiling again! Photo of Evelyn

Jun 28, 2018

This photo of Evelyn is from a couple days ago, because the poor girl just hasn't been feeling very well and has been sleeping most of today. Her mom says, "The vac's settings were too high last night so she didn't sleep and was crying all night and disturbed everyone in the ward. Now they've turned it down and she's feeling better though, even if I need to turn it on she won't cry." Lucy also says, "Please continue praying for her healing, because I know it's a battle. The devil doesn't wish her well but I know that God will help her, so please pray for her." Photo of Evelyn

Jun 26, 2018

A short term missions team has come in this week and were handing out Beanie Babies! Evelyn got a rooster and Funny asked her, "Ah, should I bring in a real chicken for you?"

Evelyn: "Yes!"

Funny: "What are you going to do with it?"

Evelyn: "I will take it home."

Funny: "How will you keep it in the hospital?"

Evelyn: "I will tie it on a string!"

Avanell: "Would you eat it or the eggs?"

Evelyn: "The eggs."

Avanell: "What would you name it?"

Evelyn: "Avanell...."

Avanell: "Ah! You'll name the chicken after me? What will you name your stuffed chicken?"

Evelyn: "Auntie Funny!"

We asked Lucy, Evelyn's mother, if she has any prayer requests. Her mom says, "Just continue praying for us that God will visit us in a special way. Pray for grace for my children back home." Photo of Evelyn

Jun 20, 2018

Funny and Avanell brought Evelyn some get-well messages today while she was hanging out with her friends Shamim, Cathbert, and Timothy. She says, "Thank you very much, you should not stop living this way, you should do the same for others. My foot is feeling better."

Avanell: "Who are your friends in the hospital?"

Evelyn: "Timothy and Shamim. We throw the balloon (blown up glove) to each other."

Avanell: "Do you like to bother Timothy?"

Evelyn: "Yes!"

Avanell: "Do you want prayer for your friends in the hospital?"

Evelyn: "No?...."

Cathbert: "We're not going to help you answer that! Answer it!"

Avanell: "Do you think Shamim wants prayer for her leg?"

Evelyn: "Yes, in the same way they are praying for me, they should pray for my friends."

Avanell: "Who should they pray for?"

Evelyn: "Timothy and Shamim."

Avanell: "Anyone else?"

Evelyn: "Cathbert."

Timothy: "Don't be praying for me, you should be praying for yourself!"

Cathbert (fake outrage): "Ahhh. Me. Don't you play with me?" Photo of Evelyn

Jun 19, 2018

"Evelyn, why are you happy today?" "Because the machine isn't on my leg anymore!" Photo of Evelyn

Jun 18, 2018

Mphatso, another CUREkid, is leaving today, and when asked who she'll miss the most at the hospital she said, "I'll miss Evelyn." We can understand why! We asked Evelyn what she thought about Mphatso leaving and she said, "I'll miss her too because we would blow up the latex gloves like balloons and throw them to each other!" Photo of Evelyn

Jun 14, 2018

Evelyn had her surgery yesterday! Dr. Lubega fixed the bone in her ankle by cutting it and using a bone graft, but decided to try using just a skin graft on her ankle and try to heal the skin that way rather than the originally planned cross leg flap transfer. If the graft doesn't take and heal well though, we'll have to go back in and do the flap instead. Please pray that this way works as it's much less time and pain intensive for Evelyn! Photo of Evelyn

Jun 13, 2018

We brought Evelyn messages this morning right before she went in for her big surgery! She says, "Thank you very much, please don't stop helping and help others as well. I'm feeling okay about my surgery; I'm not afraid." We told her we'd all be praying for her! Lucy says, "I'm very thankful to know I'm not the only one in this battle and there are others praying for us." Photo of Evelyn

Jun 12, 2018

Funny: "Where did you get the stickers?"

Evelyn: "On the bubble gum."

Funny: "Where did you get the bubble gum?"

Evelyn: "Esther's mom gave it to me."

Funny: "Are you feeling pains still?"

Evelyn: "No, I'm feeling better."

Evelyn's so sweet, just like bubble gum! She's been bugging Timothy, another CUREkid, with her constant laughter and enthusiasm, but we don't mind! She also asked me (Storyteller Avanell) for my name in very good English! Avanell seemed a bit complicated to her so we're going with Avi for now. Photo of Evelyn

Jun 08, 2018

Evelyn has been crying a lot because the vac is causing her pain, so we didn't want to wake her, and instead spoke to her mother Lucy. Lucy says, "I'm not feeling very sorry for her, because if I feel sorry for her it will be more difficult for her. What the doctors are doing will help her in the future, so I can't feel too bad. They can pray for Evelyn that her pain will ease so that she can get better. Also pray that my three other children back home, that they will be well taken care of." Photo of Evelyn

Jun 06, 2018

Yesterday Evelyn had an operation and now she's a bit teary-eyed, so please pray she gets back to her optimistic self soon! Dr. Lubega tied off the vein in her leg. Basically this increases blood flow to the area and increases the chance that it will heal on well. She'll have a wound inspection in five days and the operation to transfer the flap in ten, so hopefully it will all go well! Once they transfer the flap, her legs will be held together for a couple of weeks while the flap heals on and the blood flow eventually starts coming from the new site. Please be praying for her! Photo of Evelyn

Jun 04, 2018

Evelyn is always happy so we've started asking her why. Friday it was because of, "The songs on tv!" Today it was "No reason, I'm just happy." We also asked her, "Who is your best friend in the hospital?" She pointed at me [Storyteller Avanell] and then hid her face! I'm quite flattered! Please be praying for her as she goes in for another operation tomorrow. Unfortunately the vessel we tied off last week we don't think will reach all the way down without more stretching then we want to do, so instead they're going to do a cross leg flap and will tie off the OTHER side and in a couple days they will need to do an operation to keep her legs together while it heals on. Please pray for her as this will definitely test her eternal optimism! Photo of Evelyn

Jun 01, 2018

We brought Evelyn your get-well messages today! She says, "I am very grateful that they are praying for me, please ask them to keep on praying!" We asked Evelyn, "What's your favorite thing to do in the hospital?" "Praying!" "What do you pray about?" Then she got really shy and wouldn't say! Evelyn's mom Lucy says, "I am very happy that we are here and we're receiving care from the doctors. Thanks very much for the prayers, please keep praying for her. Evelyn is very intelligent, she was sad after her accident but she likes school and when she heard that there is school here she was very happy! That's what she likes most about the hospital, and also the prayers and worship. When Evelyn is in pain, and is unable to go for prayers in the morning, she will still sing the songs with us and they can hear her all the way across the ward! And I'm very happy that you [Funny, the Playroom Coordinator] keep on coming to check on her, this encourages her and makes her feel loved by her teacher." Photo of Evelyn

May 31, 2018

Evelyn had a minor surgery yesterday where they tied off part of the vessel they want to transport down to her foot. This procedure is in preparation for her more major operation later. Over the next couple of days the flap will fill with blood, which will make it take better when they move it down. Please be praying for her! Photo of Evelyn

May 28, 2018

Evelyn and Cathbert were having a lot of fun playing together and watching tv this morning! Evelyn's foot is looking good so Dr. Lubega is consulting with plastic surgeon Dr. Chothoko to get some advice on the best way to treat her foot. She will have her surgery later this week! Please be praying for her! Photo of Evelyn

May 23, 2018

Evelyn's doing great today playing with her teddy! She doesn't really enjoy the vac machine but it's doing it's job to help heal the wound. On Friday we'll take out the current "sponge" and replace it with a new one. We also took a pus swab to make sure there's not a specific infection we need to put her on medication for, so we'll find out from the lab if there's anything up with that. Thank you for your faithful prayers for her! Photo of Evelyn

May 21, 2018

Evelyn is going into the operating room today! For now she's just having her wound cleaned and a vac put on - a special machine that sucks up all the bad stuff and promotes wound healing. Please be praying for her, and that the vac works well so that she can have her actual surgery soon! Photo of Evelyn

May 17, 2018

Evelyn is doing well today and she is still having regular dressings. They're considering doing a muscle flap (taking healthy skin and flesh from higher on the leg and bringing it down) but will need to wait until after her wound heals up. Else Hitt, wife of our CURE Zambia Executive Director Steve Hitt, is here for a few weeks and today was teaching our kids how to play Uno in the playroom. Evelyn was really enjoying learning a new game! Photo of Evelyn

May 15, 2018

Meet Evelyn! We can already tell she's going to be a lot of fun to be around! There's some kids who just make wherever they go light up with laughter, and even in the hospital they're full of joy! Evelyn has had a wound on her foot since it was run over by a car in 2014, and we're hoping now we can sort out why it hasn't healed yet and what the best course of action is to heal it surgically. Please be praying for her! Photo of Evelyn

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