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Matness's Story

Matness, a sweet and very clever girl, says, "I wish I was able to stand and walk. I really admire my friends who walk alone going to school. I, however, thank God for my friends who are so loving and caring. They do push me on a wheelchair to and … Read more

Matness, a sweet and very clever girl, says, "I wish I was able to stand and walk. I really admire my friends who walk alone going to school. I, however, thank God for my friends who are so loving and caring. They do push me on a wheelchair to and from school. I am so happy to be here at CURE and I believe I will be treated and be able to walk. I have this confidence because I have seen my friends here who have been assisted. I would like to be a doctor when I grow up."

"My daughter Matness was born, she seemed very normal and I never thought she wouldn’t be able to walk today. I discovered that she was born with a disability when it was time for her to start sitting. Her neck wasn’t strong enough and that’s when I knew that she has a problem. I then took her to our local hospital, which gave me a date to go back to the hospital. When it was time, I did as advised and there I met an organization that takes care of people with disabilities (Malawians Against Physical Disabilities). They taught me how I could help my daughter sit and I followed all the instructions until she was able to sit at the age of two years," says Paulina.

"Later, my family moved to another district and unfortunately there was no MAP and I had to switch to another organization called MACOHA. The organization started assisting my daughter through the casting method, but unfortunately she developed a wound in one of her legs so they had to stop. When she got better, the organization had no casting materials to apply to my daughter. I then decided to buy them on my own. The organization resumed casting the legs until I was unable to buy more casts. Lucky enough, the organization gave me a date to come so that I could be seen by CURE doctors at a local clinic. Upon examination by the doctors, I was given a date to come here at CURE," Paulina, Matness' mum explained further.

Matness’ experience of disability is very different from a lot of disabled children in Malawi, who are often teased and seen as cursed. Paulina says, "I am so encouraged by friends who tell me to keep up my faith in God that one day He will see me through and my daughter will be able to walk. I don’t take this for granted because I know they are a lot of people who have children with disabilities that are going through hell because of their children’s condition."

Paulina says she is very happy and excited to be here at CURE, "At first I had it in my mind that I just want to try CURE, but now I have changed my thinking because of what I have seen here. I believe my daughter will be healed since CURE is a God fearing hospital. It puts God first in all that it does."

Our CURE doctors aren’t 100% sure what is wrong with Matness, as she has unusual symptoms. Her legs are very weak and unable to straighten, so she will have a complicated surgery to shorten her femurs and adjust her kneecap, which will give her legs more power. At the moment, however, she’s waiting for an MRI so we can make sure it’s not cause by a spinal condition that needs to be addressed first. After her operation, she will need to stay in the hospital for four weeks having intensive physiotherapy, which her mother has agreed to. Please be praying for her as she has a long journey ahead!

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Latest Updates

Jul 11, 2018

We brought Matness get-well messages today before she heads home via Lilongwe to get her orthotics. Apparently she will have her walker made at a place near her home, as well as get physiotherapy! We asked Matness a bunch of questions, and she says, "I'm very thankful for the well-wishes, and I'll also be praying for you that God will give you everything you need. When I get home, I will be walking to school and to church. I've been going to school on a wheelchair and my favorite subjects are mathematics and English. When I am home, I am excited to see my siblings and cousins who I live with, Junior, Deborah, Singi and Jessie. We will be teaching each other good manners and schoolwork. While I was here I learned stories of Jesus healing the sick!" Please be praying for safe travels, as well as that she'll have good physiotherapy at this place near her home, as it's very important! We'll see her at a local clinic on November 21st. Photo of Matness

Jul 09, 2018

It's amazing what the kids can play games with! Matness was telling us about a game you play with the ubiquitous scratch off cards Malawians use to put money on their phones, and we finally got to see it in action! Basically you put the card down and whack it and try to get it to flip over - if it flips you win it to your pile, if not your opponent gets a turn to try!

Last week Matness disappeared to Lilongwe for a couple of days to get her orthotics fitted, but she'll need to go back up on Tuesday to pick them up! We're not sure if she's going to head straight home from 500 Miles, where they make the orthotics, or if she'll need to come back to CURE Malawi since she doesn't have a walker yet. The good news is that she's doing well with physiotherapy! Stay tuned! Photo of Matness

Jul 02, 2018

Matness is back for her intensive physiotherapy! "Home is fine, my siblings are okay. Because of the casts I've just been crawling. I'm happy to be back because I want the casts to be removed. I'm looking forward to walking!" Please be praying for her as physiotherapy is a tough journey for some of our kids! Photo of Matness

May 18, 2018

Matness headed home over the weekend! We're so happy for her and we brought her your get-well messages before she left! She says, "I'm very thankful for the prayers, I'll be praying for them too, that God gives them a long life." She's so sweet! Please pray for her continued healing; we'll see her again July 1st to be readmitted for physiotherapy! Photo of Matness

May 16, 2018

We love Matness' huge smiles! Her leg isn't quite straight enough so she'll go into theater tomorrow to have the cast wedged and made straight. Please be praying for her while she goes under anesthesia for the procedure! Photo of Matness

May 15, 2018

Matness is smiling big! She seems to have completely recovered from her operation over the weekend and will probably be going home sometime in the next few days until it's time to come back for physio after six weeks! Photo of Matness

May 11, 2018

Matness had a long operation yesterday! Dr. James, Dr. Robert, and Dr. Kaweme were all working on her legs. They cut and shortened her femurs, securing them with metal plates, to relieve the tightness in her muscles and nerves, but then they had to adjust some of the soft tissues and her kneecap to make sure everything was still in place and working properly. They also released the tight muscles which were keeping her legs permanently bent. Please pray for her as she recovers! Photo of Matness

May 10, 2018

Matness is waiting to go in for her surgery today! Please be praying hard as she will have a major operation! We spoke to her mother Pauline a while ago, and she says, "Before I came to CURE I was not going to church regularly, and praying was also a big problem. Now I am able to pray, read the Bible and encourage my friends to pray. I believe that God will help my daughter's condition." Please be praying for Pauline's encouragement and peace of mind while Matness has her operation. Photo of Matness

May 09, 2018

Matness' mother Pollina is one dedicated lady! She's been working so hard to make sure that Matness is strong enough for surgery, and has been doing all the physio exercises they've been taught with her! Matness says, "I believe my legs will be well and that I will achieve my dream of becoming a doctor. I want to help people with health problems. My mother always tells me that I will walk one day and I believe her."

Please be praying for Matness! Her MRI has come back clean and free of complications, so she's all set to have her surgery tomorrow! After her operation she'll be going home for six weeks to heal and then will be in the hospital for four weeks getting physiotherapy. We think we heard wrong or the doctor misspoke when we heard months instead of weeks, oops! Please pray as either way Matness and Pollina have a lot of work to do! Photo of Matness

May 08, 2018

Showing kids their photo on the back of the camera often elicits a huge outburst of laughs and giggles, but unfortunately we usually can't turn the camera around fast enough to capture it! Matness and Miracle, however, were laughing for a LONG time after they saw their pictures! We're pretty sure Matness went and had her MRI yesterday but the doctors still need to check it out and make sure nothing is wrong before her surgery. Photo of Matness

May 04, 2018

Matness was doing a great job starting out her strengthening exercises in physiotherapy today! She's been practicing with knee braces and a walker while she waits for her MRI next week. Please continue to be in prayer for her. Photo of Matness

May 02, 2018

Meet Matness! She has very weak leg muscles and is unable to stand or walk. Our doctors aren't 100% sure what is causing this, as there are several factors which seem to invalidate most of our best guesses. We think it may be a spinal problem, so she is waiting right now in the hospital to get an MRI on May 7th to make sure that she won't need spinal surgery first. Whatever is causing this, whether it be a spinal condition, a type of cerebral palsy, or something else, she will in the long run be having a complicated surgery and spend some major time with the physiotherapists. For after the operation Dr. James is planning for her legs, she will need to stay in the hospital for four months to have intensive physiotherapy, otherwise she may never walk. Please be praying for her as she has a long journey ahead of her! Photo of Matness

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