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  • Conditionburn contractures
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Emma's Story

“It hurts me so much when my friends say, ‘Look at her, she has a burnt face and fingers.’ I wish they understood that I never wanted to be burnt,” Emma says.

Emma’s mother Alliness says, “Emma is a wonderful daughter God gave m… Read more

“It hurts me so much when my friends say, ‘Look at her, she has a burnt face and fingers.’ I wish they understood that I never wanted to be burnt,” Emma says.

Emma’s mother Alliness says, “Emma is a wonderful daughter God gave me. She was born healthy, but mere days after birth she got burnt when a kerosene lamp exploded and all her clothes and blankets caught fire. I was in great shock as I went into the house and found her crying loudly while rolling, trying to help herself. I felt very bad for my little daughter.

People around where I stay came to see what had happened. I felt relieved by the sight of my friends, but little did I know that they would add more pain to my life. Some of them said they should beat me because I am the cause of the problem, however a few said it was just an accident that would happen to anyone. They encouraged me to take the child to the hospital but I refused because I wanted to go to my mother so she could see what has happened.

I did as my heart wished and upon seeing the child, my mother said we should go to a traditional healer and not the hospital. We went there and we were assisted with herbs which helped in the healing of the wound. However, upon healing she developed a contracture on the left hand fingers.

I then didn’t know what to do and never thought it would be possible for the fingers to be well again until I met an organization that takes care of people with disabilities (MACOHA). They told me to go to a hospital in Lilongwe on February 5th, which I did and I was seen by CURE doctors who gave me a date to come here at CURE.

I am so happy to be here at CURE and I believe my daughter will be healed and will no longer suffer shame through mockery as she is currently. I so much like how beautiful CURE hospital is. I have never seen such a beautiful hospital in my entire life. May God keep blessing the hospital with well wishers to support it so that it keeps looking beautiful.”

Please be praying that Emma and her mother Alliness will receive emotional and spiritual healing as well as physical healing during their time here at CURE! They’ve both been through a lot of mockery because of Emma’s disability and need Christ to heal their hearts, not just Emma’s hands.

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Latest Updates

Mar 28, 2018

Emma went home yesterday after a wound inspection! We brought her your messages and she says, "I am very happy for the prayers that are being offered for me. Please keep praying for me." Another kid from America asked her what she likes to do and she says, "I like to play netball and cook nsima (maize porridge) and relish (stewed greens)." She's so happy to be going home and to get to see her siblings! We'll see her at the next Lilongwe clinic in June! Photo of Emma

Mar 26, 2018

Emma's having a wound inspection today in the operating room for her hand! Hopefully it's healing well and she'll be all set to go home. Please pray that there's no infection and that it is healing quickly! Photo of Emma

Mar 23, 2018

Emma's been having a lot of fun with the team from Woodmen Valley Chapel - Angie was especially charmed by Emma's smile and was helping her out with shooting pom-pom balls at the camera yesterday! Photo of Emma

Mar 21, 2018

Emma's surgery went well yesterday! Dr. Lubega released two of the fingers on her left hand for this time around, but she might need more operations in the future for the other finger and other hand. He released the scar tissue and then replaced it with some skin grafts. Please be praying for her as she recovers in the ward! Photo of Emma

Mar 19, 2018

Emma was having a ton of fun outside today playing with a church team from Woodman Valley Chapel in Colorado, throwing a ball around! She is finally feeling better and will be going in to have surgery tomorrow on her hands. Please be praying that it will go smoothly! Photo of Emma

Mar 16, 2018

Emma seems to be getting better and she's having a great time playing in the hospital playroom! Yesterday she drew a lovely picture of someone carrying water from the well and another girl going to school. She'll be going to surgery on Monday, please be praying for her! Photo of Emma

Mar 14, 2018

Please be praying for Emma! She was supposed to have surgery yesterday but it was canceled because she was sick and nauseous - fortunately Funny and Avanell noticed she was outside when she shouldn't be and asked her mom what was happening. Her mom didn't want to report it to the nurses because she wants the operation done so she can go back home sooner to her baby. We can understand that she wants to go home soon, but Funny counseled her that it can be really dangerous to go for an operation when you're sick, and we all went together and told the nurses. It turns out she has malaria, her blood test had a false negative, but now she's on treatment and is looking better! She'll have surgery next week after she's recovered. Please be praying for patience in the process! Photo of Emma

Mar 12, 2018 Meet Emma! Emma has bad burn contractures on her hands. We met her at our Lilongwe clinic last month and are so excited to see her in the hospital, waiting for her operation! Please be praying for her as she has surgery tomorrow!

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