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  • Age15
  • Conditionburn contractures
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Kelvin's Story

“My name is Kelvin. I am the fifth born of six children in our family. I was born healthy, but last year I got burnt when I left a candle lit and fell asleep. My whole right leg was affected by the fire. My mother took me to a local hospital, whi… Read more

“My name is Kelvin. I am the fifth born of six children in our family. I was born healthy, but last year I got burnt when I left a candle lit and fell asleep. My whole right leg was affected by the fire. My mother took me to a local hospital, which tried to help me with some medication. However, upon healing I developed a contracture. I was then referred to a district hospital, which gave me a date to come again and meet CURE doctors. I was so happy when I was examined by the doctors and they gave me a date to come here at CURE.”

Kelvin is an amiable teenager who was unfortunately drastically scarred by the burns. He’s already been to CURE Malawi once. He came in October and was given the first stage of his surgeries, a skin graft. Because of the contracture, the joint has become stiff and he can’t move it, but before we can stretch it straight with a frame he needed the burnt, scarred skin to be replaced with a stretchy skin graft. His graft was successful and now he’s here for the frame!

“I am now here for the third time and I hope this operation will be the last one and I will be completely healed and be able to go back to school because I miss it so much. I really wish to do well in my studies so I can become a banker. The good part of my story is that my friends love me just as they used to before I got injured. I am not able to play games with them but the fact that they come to see me comforts me and makes me feel like part of the group. I love playing in the playroom here at CURE because there are a lot of games I can play without using my leg. May God keep blessing CURE Hospital.”

Please join us in praying for Kelvin and his mom Gloria as they stay here at CURE for another operation! They’re already used to the routine of the hospital and Gloria says she loves the daily prayers! We look forward to seeing healing come in Kelvin’s life!

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Latest Updates

Oct 19, 2018

Kelvin loves being back at the hospital! He has been in a lot of pain the past fews days, but is feeling much better today. He loves listening to music and playing games with his new friend Blessings. We always catch the two of them dabbing around the hospital! Kelvin will be discharged today after getting a shoe raise from our physiotherapists. We plan to see him again at our Lilongwe clinic in 2019! Please continue to keep him in your prayers! Photo of Kelvin

Oct 16, 2018

Kelvin is back in the hospital and first on the list for surgery today! He will have an epiphysiodesis procedure, where his growth plate is fused to delay the growth of his bone. This will require the doctors to drill into his right femur and tibia. Please pray for Kelvin as he wakes up and recovers from an intense surgery! Photo of Kelvin

Mar 22, 2018

Kelvin was discharged home yesterday while we were out! We're so excited for him to have time at home to relax and recharge! We'll see him on June 18th at the Lilongwe Clinic, and hopefully his bone will be strong enough by then for his next operation to be booked. He can't have the other frame on until his bones, which are soft from disuse, are stronger. Photo of Kelvin

Mar 19, 2018

Kelvin's having his frame off tomorrow and is obviously excited! He'll need another couple surgeries once he's healed from this one, but it's still an achievement worth celebrating - plus he'll get to go home and have a relaxing break! Photo of Kelvin

Mar 15, 2018

Kelvin and Nisha are still BFFs - the other day they were listening to Nisha's music with the same headphones! They were so obsessed with bao that our CUREkids office lent them a deck of cards so they could play games with the other kids as well (bao is a two-player game), so now they've been spending time playing cards! Photo of Kelvin

Mar 12, 2018

Kelvin's back to playing bao with Nisha! Almost every single morning we spot them playing! Kelvin has four more days of turns before he's done with this frame. He'll have the frame off next week, then he'll be in plaster for six weeks while his bone strengthens, and then he'll have ANOTHER frame to fix the gap in his tibia. Please be praying as he's gonna have a lot of time in and out of the hospital! Photo of Kelvin

Mar 09, 2018

We brought Kelvin some get-well messages this morning! Thandy, our old co-worker, dropped in during his university holidays to see us for the day and decided to help out in translating your get-well messages. Just like old times! Kelvin says, "I slept so well last night and there was no pain! Tell them to keep praying for me so that I can continue feeling better, especially at night." Thanks for your encouragement to Kelvin! Photo of Kelvin

Mar 08, 2018

Almost every morning we've spotted Kelvin and Nisha playing bao in the ward! It seems to be their favorite thing to do, especially since it's difficult getting around with the frames on their legs! Bao is a mancala-type game where the goal is to capture your opponent's pieces (in this case rocks). Kelvin's leg looks almost straight in the frame, but that's because his tibia was cut in one place to make it straight, and it needs to be brought up to the same level as the rest of his leg as it's sitting lower. Please pray for patience in the process! Photo of Kelvin

Mar 06, 2018

Kelvin is up and getting around already after his operation! Physio Patrick is really happy with how he's doing with his walking and weight bearing on his framed leg so soon after surgery. We're so encouraged by that! Please be praying for him as the frame slowly manipulates his leg straight! Photo of Kelvin

Mar 01, 2018

Kelvin had his operation today! Dr. James and Dr. Robert put a frame on his knee, which will gradually stretch the stiff joint out to make it straight. Please be praying for him as he recovers in the ward. He may need to have the frame on for quite a while! Photo of Kelvin

Feb 27, 2018

Meet Kelvin! He's great fun to have around the hospital and is already bonding with the older kids here, playing bao and other games while the little kids run around. He has already been to CURE Malawi twice for a skin graft surgery for his knee, which has burn contractures, and is back for a frame to extend the stiff knee straight. Please be praying for him as he will most likely be having surgery on Thursday! Photo of Kelvin

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