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  • Conditioncastable clubfoot
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Chisomo's Story

“My granddaughter Chisomo was born with a foot and hands deformity. She has never walked nor stood since she was born four years ago. I have been frustrated so much by what our neighbors say. They accuse my daughter of being the cause of my grand… Read more

“My granddaughter Chisomo was born with a foot and hands deformity. She has never walked nor stood since she was born four years ago. I have been frustrated so much by what our neighbors say. They accuse my daughter of being the cause of my granddaughter’s disability. This really hurts me - we never asked for such a disabled blessing from God. However, we as a family made a decision to not pay back the evil that people do to us, but rather to leave everything in the hands of God Almighty for vengeance is His.”

Chisomo was born with arthrogryposis, a condition where the limbs are contracted, often especially the hands and feet. This has caused clubfoot in her lower limbs, which the doctors will treat using the ponseti method, where casts slowly manipulate the feet into a better position before surgery. She will also need surgery for her knee, which is bent at the moment, but the feet need to be treated first. Dina brought Chisomo to a CURE Malawi clinic where she was booked for admission.

“I have visited various hospitals so that my grandchild can get better but all my efforts were futile. I thank God for an organization (MACOHA) that takes care of people with disabilities, which came to our village to pick us up and dropped my granddaughter and I at the local hospital where we were seen by CURE doctors. I have trust and confidence that my granddaughter will be able to stand and walk just like her friends do after receiving treatment here at CURE. I enjoyed the welcome I received upon arrival here at CURE hospital as compared to our district hospital. May God give it (CURE) all it needs for its sustainability in healing the sick and proclaiming the gospel,” said Dina, Chisomo’s grandmother.

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Latest Updates

Feb 23, 2018

Chisomo's doing well after her operation and is going to be discharged home soon! We're gonna miss her sweet little face but will see her in the future for her knee contracture operation. She'll have the plasters for three weeks until March 22nd and then she'll be seen at clinic in Lilongwe. Please be praying for her while she recovers! Photo of Chisomo

Feb 21, 2018

Chisomo had her surgery today! We almost missed the whole operation it was so quick, but we managed to grab a photo of them casting her in theater. The operation went really well, the doctors thought she would need a more complicated surgery but in the end they only needed to do a tenotomy, a small operation usually done under local anesthetic to lengthen the Achilles tendon with a couple small cuts. Please be praying for her as she recovers! She'll need the cast on for a few weeks to keep the feet straight and after that we can work on straightening her bent knee! Photo of Chisomo

Feb 19, 2018

Chisomo's doing well! She's already on her third cast after having it changed this morning! She is still not a big fan of casting. Her agogo (granny) Dina is so faithful taking care of her! We're so grateful for all the grandparents who come in and take such good care of their grandchildren! Photo of Chisomo

Feb 15, 2018

Chisomo had her first cast change today and was a bit teary about it, so here's a photo while she was having fun and smiling! Every time we walk by her bed she yells "Azungu! Ndjumbule!" Azungu is the Chichewa word for a white person or foreigner, and ndjumbule means "take a photo of me"! She's so cute that we almost always oblige! Photo of Chisomo

Feb 12, 2018

Meet Chisomo! She's a little girl with a condition called arthrogryposis which has caused limb contractures resulting in clubfoot. Her knee is also contracted, but, first off, we need to treat her feet because once we straighten out the knee she won't be able to wear the casts needed for the ponseti method of clubfoot treatment. She's already had a few casts locally, but will need more before her tight tendons are released. Please be praying for her and her granny! Photo of Chisomo

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