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  • Age14
  • Conditionclubfoot
  • Next Appointment 08/20/2018

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Tadala's Story

“’Am I cursed?’
‘Why me, Lord?’
These are some the questions that I ask myself,” says Regina, Tadala’s mother.

Tadala is a 13-year-old girl. She is the second born in a family of five and is in Standard 6 at a prim… Read more

“’Am I cursed?’
‘Why me, Lord?’
These are some the questions that I ask myself,” says Regina, Tadala’s mother.

Tadala is a 13-year-old girl. She is the second born in a family of five and is in Standard 6 at a primary School.

“My daughter was born deformed. We first came here in 2010 and she was operated on then, but she started walking using toes again, so when we come here for check up they told us to be stretching it - but it was in vain.”

Although Tadala has had operations here in 2010, her clubfoot has now reoccurred and she will need a frame to slowly manipulate the foot into the right position. Unfortunately, clubfoot occasionally comes back, especially due to the fact that parents don’t have time to bring their children back for follow up appointments and aren’t rigorous about making sure they wear braces to keep conditions like this from reoccurring.

Problems came when she gave birth to her fifth child, who also has a disability. “After the birth of my son, the people around us call me names and mock me, some to the extent of calling me a curse because I have two deformed kids,” says Regina.

“Sometimes I cry when I see two of my kids deformed. Why me, am I cursed? Then I start comparing myself with other mothers and some relatives who have normal kids and I always end up crying and worried. I am tired with hospital life because after her then I will be coming with my son, but I will endure it all because I want my kids to be treated.”

Fortunately, Tadala is not facing as many challenges as her mother. “My friends don’t bully me, they play with me and they like me, but I want to get help because my leg hurts when I am walking and envy my friends when they are walking normally. I always work hard in class because I want to be a nurse when I grow up so that I can help other deformed kids.”

Regina says, “I thank CURE for helping my kids, I'm so grateful for always receiving me with happy faces.” Please join us in praying for Tadala and her little brother, as well as her mom Regina!

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Latest Updates

Jul 04, 2018

Tadala's surgery was a minor one that went well and now she's ready to head home! She wanted a photo with Storytellers Avanell and Funny before she goes home tomorrow, but a few more people joined the mix, including CUREkid Stelia! We also brought Tadala her get-well messages. She says, "I'm very grateful, they should continue praying for me and not stop. When I go home I will write my exams. There is not much I can do since for now I can't put weight on my foot. Fortunately I live near school and my teachers said they will bring my exams to me. You can pray that I do well in English." Please pray for her while she travels and heals at home! Photo of Tadala

Jul 02, 2018

Tadala is back for another surgery and she's going in for her operation today, please be praying for her! We also found out that her little brother Conex who we took a photo of last time is the brother in the story who is also a patient at CURE, he was treated for clubfoot in our clubfoot clinic. We're so glad his parents learned from Tadala that it's good to make sure follow up appointments are met! Photo of Tadala

Jun 11, 2018

We ran into Tadala today when she came for her review! We asked her who the toddler was she was with last time, and she says it was Conex, her little brother.

"I'm happy because there's a great improvement. I couldn't step my foot down before and now I can walk on it. My friends are surprised I can walk better now. I'm going to school now and my favorite subject is English!"

It looks like according to the doctor's notes she has a bit of a contracture on her ankle still, so she's coming back for another operation on July 1st. Please be praying for her! Photo of Tadala

May 15, 2018

Tadala came in today for some physiotherapy and brought along her little sister (we think, unfortunately we didn't get her name)! Tadala was such a good big sister and was playing with her on the bike and carrying her all around! Her physiotherapy is going okay but physio Katy says her foot is still very stiff and was considering taking off her boot to see if that would help. Please pray for wisdom for the physios and that Tadala will keep up with whatever exercises they give her! Photo of Tadala

Apr 30, 2018

It's Tadala! She's back to see the doctors again and have some physiotherapy since her leg is a bit turned inward. We also brought her some get-well messages while she was here and she says, "I'm very thankful for the prayers and I'm happy to hear words from them." Photo of Tadala

Mar 02, 2018

Tadala is here again! On Monday we couldn't find out exactly what was going on, but now she's back and we got to check out her notes. Unfortunately she had a bit of a wound breakdown which doesn't seem super serious, but still she will need to be coming in for some dressing changes while it heals. Please be praying that it heals soon! Photo of Tadala

Feb 26, 2018

Tadala is back for a checkup! She's saying that she's still having some pain despite the painkillers, but she's having her cast off today so hopefully that should help a lot. Please be praying for her that the pain dies down. Photo of Tadala

Feb 14, 2018

Tadala had her frame off yesterday and she is SO much happier now! We caught up with her in the playroom and brought her some of your get well messages! A pair of sisters, Laura and Ana, who help to sponsor her asked her what she likes doing in her free time at the hospital! She says to tell you, "I am so happy that my surgeries here at CURE were all successful. My foot is now straight unlike before. It was very hard for me to walk longer distances because of pain, I believe that now I will walk without any problem. I like chatting with my friend Yankho here in the hospital during my free time. Thanks a lot for checking on how I am doing now and again. May God bless you!" We're so happy for her, and are going to miss her as she heads home tomorrow! We'll see her again March 26th for a checkup! Photo of Tadala

Feb 12, 2018

Tadala's frame journey is almost over! Fortunately, bringing the foot up from a tiptoe position is a lot faster than the month or two the frames take for clubfoot. She'll be getting her frame off tomorrow, although she's been a bit sick so the doctor needs to check her out and make sure she's okay before she can go to the operating room. Please pray her stomach feels better! Photo of Tadala

Feb 08, 2018

We were away for the beginning of this week and only got to see Tadala today! She's looking well and is still up and around on her crutches, doing physiotherapy and keeping at the turns for her frame! Photo of Tadala

Feb 02, 2018

Tadala was doing some physiotherapy the other day and it looks like it was going pretty well! Physiotherapy can sometimes be painful (albeit necessary) for the kids so we were glad she wasn't in pain. Photo of Tadala

Feb 01, 2018

Tadala ended up having her operation added to the list on Tuesday afternoon and it went really well! She's been wandering around the ward, doing physiotherapy and is almost recovered now. Dr. James put a frame on her foot which will slowly manipulate the foot up into the correct position. It will probably take about two weeks worth of turns to get her foot completely flat, but we're excited to get to spend that time with her! Photo of Tadala

Jan 29, 2018

Meet Tadala! She's just been admitted yesterday for treatment for relapsed clubfoot and already has made a friend and is playing baow, Malawi's favorite game! Please be praying for her as she has a frame put on to correct her foot on Wednesday. Photo of Tadala

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