Ishmael and Rahim

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  • Age10
  • Conditionclubfoot
  • Currently In Hospital

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Ishmael and Rahim's Story

“When Ishmael (10) and Rahim (8) were little we used to take them to Domasi Mission Hospital to treat their clubfoot, but we stopped because my wife was deceived by people who said, ‘If you keep on taking them to hospital, they will end up cutt… Read more

“When Ishmael (10) and Rahim (8) were little we used to take them to Domasi Mission Hospital to treat their clubfoot, but we stopped because my wife was deceived by people who said, ‘If you keep on taking them to hospital, they will end up cutting their legs off!’ So she lied to me and told me that they had been discharged,” says Levison, Ishmael and Rahim's father.

Ishmael and Rahim's clubfoot has brought a lot of strain to their family. “When I found out that my wife lied to me, saying that the kids were discharged, we started arguing, which eventually led to our divorce. I left with my two deformed sons and moved to another area where I enrolled them to Matandani Primary School. They caught the attention of Andy, a European who is working at the school as teacher. He advised me to take them back to the hospital, so we have been going to Domasi Mission Hospital till early December when they referred us here," Levison continues.

The boys have received ponseti treatment at their local mission hospital, where casts are used to slowly manipulate the foot around straight, and now they have been referred to CURE to have the tight tendons in their feet released. Ponseti helps to loosen the foot up and means a lot less invasive surgery in the long run, and a better outcome.

Although Levison divorced his wife, he still has doubts. “Although I was brave enough to divorce my wife, I was still afraid that maybe she was right, and if I take them to hospital they really will cut their legs off, but Andy convinced me by taking me to Malawi Against Physical Disabilities (MAP) in Zomba where I saw many kids who had similar conditions to my sons walking around, so this encouraged me.”

Levison says the problem is an inherited disability from his wife’s family. “My sister in-law has a child who is also deformed, so they are used to it. That made it difficult for me to convince them to seek medical treatment. Whenever I took them to hospital they would mock us that now I can never get back with my wife. Even my sons are relieved that we separated, because they were unhappy kids, they were always a topic of contention around our house.”

Meanwhile Levison is also facing challenges with his neighbors. “It is really painful having deformed kids, my neighbors say they were bewitched because it can never happen for a family to produce two deformed kids. They advise me to go to the witch doctors to seek help, but I used to say to myself, ‘Let me try medical treatment first, if it fails then I will see the asing’anga.’”

Ishmael and Rahim need a couple more casts before they’re ready for surgery, so they’ve been admitted for a couple weeks of ponseti here at CURE and then they will have PMRs (posterior medial release). “My wish is to see my sons walking so that they can erase all the bad thoughts people have for deformed kids, and if they walk maybe my sister in-law will be convinced to take her child to hospital,” Levison concludes.

Please be praying for Ishmael, Rahim and Levison. They’ve have had a tough story and we’re hoping with God’s help we can bring healing into their lives both physically and spiritually!

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Latest Updates

Jan 11, 2018

Yunusu is another boy who Andy brought in to CURE for treatment from Zomba! He and Rahim were waiting while Rahim's big brother Ishmael had his casts put on on Tuesday. Please be praying for Rahim, who has a sore throat. The boys will have another set of casts on Friday! Photo of Ishmael and Rahim

Jan 09, 2018

Meet Ishmael and Rahim! They're ten and eight year old brothers and are here to receive ponseti treatment for a couple weeks, where the feet are gradually casted into position, and then they will have surgery to fix the tight tendons in their feet. We actually met them a couple months ago in clinic when Andy, a European teacher from their school, brought them in for treatment. They were referred back to their local hospital for a couple months of weekly casting and now they've been admitted for a couple more casts and then surgery! Please be praying for them and their dad Levison! Photo of Ishmael and Rahim

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