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  • Conditiona limb deformity
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Sofiati's Story

“I failed Grade 4 four times, so I left school young. But, I have hope for my daughter. She is smarter than me, and I want her to be treated so that she can start and complete her studies without any physical obstacles,” Monica said, Sofiati’… Read more

“I failed Grade 4 four times, so I left school young. But, I have hope for my daughter. She is smarter than me, and I want her to be treated so that she can start and complete her studies without any physical obstacles,” Monica said, Sofiati’s mother.

Sofiati is a three-year-old girl who has just come to our hospital, and who has a condition called pseudoarthrosis, or ‘false joint.’ This condition is one of the most difficult conditions we treat here at CURE Malawi. Many girls in Malawi drop out of school and marry young, and Monica was only fifteen years old when she was married and had her daughter Sofiati.

When Sofiati was six months old, Monica noticed that something was wrong with her daughter’s leg. She took her to several health centers, but they kept telling her that her daughter had no problem. Finally, one day she decided to go to a public hospital in Nkhotakota where they were referred to CURE.

Sofiati’s condition has affected her young mother in many ways. “Currently I am not doing any business because I have to give my daughter all my attention, when going to farm or market I have to carry her with me. There’s no one whom I can leave her with. I can’t participate fully to my community because some of my fellow women bully me and laugh and gossip about my daughter's condition,” Monica said.

Sofiati’s life has also been affected. “My friends don’t play with me. Some laugh at me and say that I have one leg. I admire my friends when they are going to school. One day I want to start going to school,” Sofiati said.

Now that they’ve arrived at CURE, Monica has hope that her daughter will receive treatment, be able to walk like any other girl in her community, and attend school. Please join us in praying for and supporting Sofiati and Monica!

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Latest Updates

Feb 26, 2018

Sofi's doing grand. She was having a lot of fun blowing up a latex glove and playing with it like it was a balloon! Her little friend Margret seemed to be enjoying it too! Sofi will be headed to 500 Miles with Mirriam to get their AFO's early Wednesday morning. Photo of Sofiati

Feb 23, 2018

Sofi's been stuck in bed with her leg up while she waits for the swelling to go down before she can go to 500 Miles, but that doesn't seem to stop her from having a grand ole time! Every time we stop by her bed she's giggling and posing! Photo of Sofiati

Feb 21, 2018

Sofi was having a grand time playing with blocks while waiting for physio the other day! She and another girl, Mirriam, had the exact same surgery on the same day so they have the same plan! They both will be going up to 500 Miles in Lilongwe next week to get a special orthotic to hold their legs in place while they heal. They were going to go this week but unfortunately their legs are still swollen, so they'll be waiting another week before going to get that done, and then they'll be coming back to Blantyre to make sure they're all set before going home. Once the leg heals she'll be coming back for a frame to lengthen her leg since it's quite short comparatively. Please pray for both her and Mirriam as they have a long ways to go! Photo of Sofiati

Feb 19, 2018

Sofiati is was really happy this morning, but unfortunately we didn't think to grab a photo of her and she's been passed out asleep all afternoon! You can see her in bed in the background. Fortunately, her mom and her mom's friends were all around her bed and our other adorable friend, Margret, was there to steal the spotlight while Sofi slept. Margret's getting casted for clubfoot - unfortunately her legs are too chubby so the casts keep falling off so she's being kept in the hospital to monitor and change them more frequently! She's a very happy baby! Photo of Sofiati

Feb 15, 2018

Sofi is having her surgery today! Dr. James and Dr. Maina have been operating on her all morning! They cut out the bit of bone that was bent and set it straight with a pair of rods. They needed to take a bone graft from her pelvis which will encourage the bone to heal together. The new medication we've been telling you about is to help make sure the bone graft won't be eaten away by the overactive bone cells in her tibia! Please be praying for her as she recovers from her surgery! Photo of Sofiati

Feb 14, 2018

Sofiati was a bit glum this morning despite being in the playroom. We ended up bringing her some of your get well messages and showing her some pictures to help her cheer up. Soon she was grinning just like always! Please be praying for her as she has her big operation tomorrow! Photo of Sofiati

Feb 12, 2018

Sofiati has made a new friend! She was laughing at us and told us to take a picture of her and her friends - we were happy to oblige! Fortunately, the medication has done it's job so she's set to have surgery on this Thursday - please be praying it goes smoothly and that this new medicine will help her leg to heal better! Photo of Sofiati

Feb 08, 2018

Today Sofi was saying goodbye to one of the Danish nursing students who has been working at our hospital for the past month! We haven't seen her all week since we were away and are happy to see her still in the hospital and bouncing around! Photo of Sofiati

Feb 01, 2018

Sofiati was conked out the other day, getting her IV treatment of medication that will help her bones. CURE Malawi Storyteller Avanell is not a doctor, but as far as we understand from what Dr. James has said, in Sofi's bones the cells that cause bone to dissolve (making way for new bone growth from other cells) are overactive in the false joint. This means if Dr. James puts a bone graft in to heal the bone it will simply disappear, eaten away. That is what makes this type of condition so difficult to treat. This medication will stop those cells from being so overactive which will hopefully give the bone a chance to heal. Please be praying for her as she waits for the medication to sink in so she can have her operation! Photo of Sofiati

Jan 29, 2018

Sofiati and her mom Monica are back! Monica says, “This is my third time coming here but still they haven’t operated her, I hope this time they will operate her leg. I want to see her walking normally. She still complains about her leg hurting but not as much as before we come here. Now when I am going to farm, I leave her to play with her friends although they mock her by copying how she walks, but it’s a bit better now. She insists that she wants to be enrolled, she admires her friends when they are going to school but I cannot allow her to start school yet because there is such a long to distance to and from school.”

Sofiati’s condition, Osteofibrous Dysplasia, has caused pseudoarthrosis (a false joint) in her tibia. We’re going to put her on a special medication, which will affect the way the bones grow, which will hopefully keep the condition from reoccurring and/or eating away at the bone graft we put in to heal the gap. Because the medicine needs to kick in, she’ll be at the hostel for a couple weeks before she has her surgery. Please be praying for her and Monica! Photo of Sofiati

Dec 05, 2017

Sofi is still here. Her biopsy results finally came back, so we chatted with Dr. James about it. Apparently, she has a condition called Osteofibrous Dysplasia, which we think is a rare benign tumor that mostly affects the tibia. Because it's so rare, Dr. James has decided to send her home and have her come back after the holidays in January. In the meantime, he can research the condition and talk to other doctors about what the best course of action will be. Fortunately, it appears that it might be easier to treat than the other conditions we thought it may be. Please be praying for her as she travels home, and for wisdom for Dr. James and for the other consultants. Photo of Sofiati

Dec 04, 2017

Sofiati is back, and she looks so happy! We're glad to see her, but unfortunately one of the biopsy results hasn't come back yet. We've sent her to our clinic, and are trying to get one of the drivers to go and see if they can find the biopsy results. Stay tuned! Photo of Sofiati

Nov 10, 2017

Our lovely little friend Sofiati has gone home until the biopsy results come back. We'll see her again December 3rd, and make a plan for what to do next. Please pray for her as she travels home, and for her friend Alinafe as she recovers from her surgery! Photo of Sofiati

Nov 08, 2017

Sofiati's biopsy yesterday went well, and she's back to smiling big! She was showing off her cheezy puffs during teatime this morning- she'd be a good ad for them! She's going to be heading home soon for three weeks while we wait for her biopsy results to come back, but it's a bit expensive to travel there and back so we're trying to figure out the best situation for her and her family's finances. Please pray it goes well! Photo of Sofiati

Nov 07, 2017

Sofiati is having surgery today. Dr. James isn't entirely convinced by the diagnosis of pseudoarthrosis, so the doctors are going to do a very minor procedure and take a biopsy to test what she has. Dr. James said she could have a benign tumor, cystic pseudoarthrosis (a more rare variation of the condition) or neurofibromatosis. Depending on what the biopsy results are, it could change what they do for the operation to correct her leg, as some of them could result in a bone graft and not bone taking. Please pray that she has one of the more simple, easy-to-treat conditions! Her results will take three weeks, so she might go home in the meantime. Photo of Sofiati

Nov 06, 2017

Meet Sofiati and her new best friend, Alinafe! Sofiati has a pretty severe condition called pseudoarthrosis, where the bone creates a false joint. It's one of the most difficult things we treat here at CURE Malawi, and she might need multiple surgeries because there's a high likelihood of the bone not healing straight. We'll find out during ward rounds tomorrow what the plan of action is since there are several different methods they may try to use to fix it! Photo of Sofiati

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