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Innocent's Story

“When we reached the public hospital, they examined Innocent and offered to cut off his legs - claiming that there’s no way they can cure him. I was heartbroken, I refused their offer and went home without hope of ever seeing my son walk again,… Read more

“When we reached the public hospital, they examined Innocent and offered to cut off his legs - claiming that there’s no way they can cure him. I was heartbroken, I refused their offer and went home without hope of ever seeing my son walk again,” Matthew said.

Matthew’s son, Innocent, is a nine-year-old boy who was burned on both his feet several years ago. Matthews explained, “It was during harvest in May of 2009. We had dug a pit to burn the maize husks in. One fateful evening, Innocent was playing with his friends and was accidentally pushed into the burning pit. Luckily, his uncle was around so he quickly saved him and rushed him to a nearby public hospital in Dowa.”

When they arrived at the hospital they were offered a bed, and were told that he would be treated the following day since no doctor was around. “When they told us that my son with severe burns would not be treated, I was not pleased. So, I took him to another hospital where we stayed for three weeks, but again, they had limited resources, so we were then referred to Kamuzu Central Hospital were his burns were treated for about three months before he was discharged.”

When they reached home, life was difficult for both Innocent and his parents. Coping with deformity was pretty hard for Innocent, who now had to crawl or be carried by his parents to and from school.

When the burn contractures started to get worse, they went to a hospital in Lilongwe where they offered to cut off Innocent’s legs. Fortunately, Matthews turned down that offer. Later, a nonprofit called World Vision referred him to CURE International Hospital. They did not hesitate and rushed to the hospital where they were admitted last week.

“I was so happy to see the kind of hospitality they offer here. We received a quick treatment. He received an operation on his right knee as soon as we got here. The operation was to open up his veins so that blood can move and reach his feet. Currently, we are waiting for another operation where they are going to straighten his feet,” Matthews explained.

Innocent still has quite a long journey of healing ahead of him! As his father said, he had already recieved one operation to prepare for a flap, where the skin and muscle is taken from one area and put in another. Once the skin heals onto his contracted foot over several weeks, he will need a frame to slowly manipulate his foot into the correct position. Please join us in prayer and support of Innocent and his dad Matthews who has rushed him to us for help!

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Latest Updates

Sep 17, 2018

Innocent is always shy and looks so “innocent” like his name! He came in today for a review at our clinic with his father Mathews. Innocent says he is not feeling any pain and now he is able to walk long distances with the aid of his crutches. There's even more good news - he is able to play with his friends at home as well as at school and no one mocks him anymore! His only prayer request is that he gets healed quickly. Please continue praying for our boy Innocent! Photo of Innocent

Aug 03, 2018

Innocent and Umali are both going home and showed us their new casts!

Innocent: "I'm so happy to be going today, I want to see home. I want to see my little brother Brian."

Umali: "I'm also happy to be going home tomorrow, I want to see Isumiyara."

Us: "Will you miss Umali?"

Innocent: "No."

Us: "Will you miss Innocent?"

Umali: "No."

Us: "Are you friends?"

Umali and Innocent: "Yes."

We're getting some mixed messages from Innocent and Umali, but we're glad they're both excited to go home! Please be praying for safe travels for both of them! Photo of Innocent

Aug 01, 2018

"I'm looking forward to surgery, I'm not afraid. I've been playing with pom-pom "slingshots" with Umali," Innocent says. We went and asked Umali the same questions and his answers were almost identical! "I'm happy Innocent is here. I'm not afraid to go to surgery." Please pray for Innocent and Umali as they both have surgery in the next couple of days! Photo of Innocent

Jul 30, 2018

"I've been playing a lot and haven't had any troubles. My siblings were excited to see me walking," Innocent says. "I'm so excited to see Umali again!" Innocent's been readmitted to the hospital for a tendon transfer and his best friend Umali was readmitted at the exact same time when they both showed up for clinic. It's great that his best friend is here with him again! Please pray for Innocent and Umali as they have surgery later this week! Photo of Innocent

Jun 01, 2018

We brought Innocent your Get-Well messages today and he and his dad were very thankful! We also asked some questions about what he's excited about doing when he gets home.

Us: "What do you think people will say when you come home with a healed foot?" Innocent: "They will not laugh or mock me again." Us: "What are you most excited to do when you go home?" Innocent: "I'm excited to play!" Us: "What's your favorite game?" Innocent: "Football. I'm going to play with my best friend Lolenti." Innocent: "I'm also excited to see Eliza."

After further questioning we discovered Eliza is Innocent's baby sister who is a little over a month old! He must have left to come to CURE right after she was born.

Innocent's dad Matthews says, "I'm very thankful for the prayers that you are offering for my son. I didn't know that my son would be healed the way he is now. The prayers have helped him to become healed. My son was a burden because most of his friends would laugh at him and mock him, as if he wished to be like that, but it could have happened to anyone, and that should be a lesson to people. I thought it wise to quit the job that I had so that I could attend to my son because I never know what may come next; I could die and leave my son in this condition. He can't look after himself so I thought to help my son so he can look after himself if I can't."

Matthews is a government teacher, and didn't have to quit his job but is on leave for this semester with permission from his boss, but he'll be retiring next year anyways because he wants to try something new while he still has the strength.

Please pray for Innocent as he will most likely be headed home over the weekend! We're so excited for him! Photo of Innocent

May 31, 2018

Innocent went into the operating room first thing tomorrow and after a half an hour we heard some yelling from the recovery bay - Innocent was calling me over with a huge grin on his face! He is so excited to join Umali in the "post-frames" world, and we're so happy for him! Photo of Innocent

May 28, 2018

Look at these two lucky boys! Best friends Umali and Innocent are both having their frames off this week! Umali goes in tomorrow and Innocent goes in on Thursday! We asked them how they feel and they both say they're "really happy". Please continue praying for them as they finish up their treatment. Photo of Innocent

May 23, 2018

Innocent is back to having a grand old time, this time in the playroom drawing! The kids have been there almost every single day with Else Hitt, who is the wife of CURE Zambia's Executive Director, Steve Hitt! Steve is covering for a few weeks for our Executive Director and Else came along and has been doing a great job teaching the kids Bible stories and playing Bible Bingo! Photo of Innocent

May 21, 2018

Innocent and Umali are such cheerful BFFs! Here they are lounging on the physio bed waiting to be seen. Unfortunately, only ten minutes after we took this photo of them laughing, Innocent was throwing a fit and "running" away screaming, "I'm not staying, I'm going to die if you straighten my knee!" His dad, Umali's dad, and Physiotherapist Janet were all chuckling at this melodrama, but it probably does hurt quite a bit to have physiotherapy, even if it's not going to kill him, so please pray that the pain lessens and that he is diligent in doing his therapy so it doesn't get so stiff! Photo of Innocent

May 17, 2018

Innocent's attempt to jump out and scare us was foiled by his frame! Such an inconvenience! He's taking the frame in stride though and is playing Uno in the playroom at the moment! Photo of Innocent

May 16, 2018

Innocent and Umali are thick as thieves all the time, wheeling around the hospital together and even doing physiotherapy at the same time! Umali has bilateral frames for clubfoot that is also taking a long time, so they've gotten to know each other pretty well while in the hospital. Photo of Innocent

May 11, 2018

Today we caught Innocent waiting for wound dressings in the morning, and then in the playroom in the afternoon! He loves the camera and is always grinning super big! Photo of Innocent

May 10, 2018

Innocent has been ALL over the hospital this past week... in the playroom, in physiotherapy, in the ward... we're so glad that he's getting around despite his frame, which unfortunately he'll need to have on for quite a while because of the tender muscle flap that we grafted on his heel. His dad Matthews is also doing well and says, "My coming here has changed my faith so much. At home I'm a member of the church but I wasn't attending. Now that I've been here, I am going to start going to church again." We're so encouraged that Innocent and Matthews are getting healed both physically and spiritually! Photo of Innocent

May 09, 2018

We asked Innocent what he likes about being at CURE today! He says, "If you take away the toys in the playroom, I would never be happy. I love the cars and coloring. I also like watching TV in the ward." Innocent says if it were up to him he would hangout in the playroom as long as he can because of how fun it is! We also asked what he misses about home, and he says, "I have a younger brother, Brian, and I miss playing with him." Photo of Innocent

May 08, 2018

Innocent, Blessings, and Stanley were all chilling outside in their wheelchairs when we went to deliver get-well messages to them. Our old co-worker Thandy is on holiday from college and is in volunteering for the day and translated them to him! Innocent says his foot hurts a little bit but not enough to make him uncomfortable, and he also says "Thank you so much for the prayers!" Photo of Innocent

May 07, 2018

Innocent's having fun playing bao with his new friend Timothy, as well as making funny faces and signs for the camera! Timothy has a very similar condition to Innocent, a foot with bad scarring, although his is from a car accident. Since he's having almost the exact same operations as Innocent, we're sure Innocent's lightheartedness will go a long way in reassuring Timothy! Photo of Innocent

May 03, 2018

Innocent is doing well and we spotted him enjoying some time in the playroom this morning! As of right now, the only news is to keep on going with the turns on his frame! Photo of Innocent

Apr 30, 2018

This morning, we found Sungani pushing David in a wheelchair down the corridor to the kitchen with Innocent in hot pursuit in another wheelchair! I have no idea where they were going but as soon as they discovered they were being followed they stopped and Innocent pulled out his football for a photo op! We also managed to bring him several get-well messages this morning and asked him what he likes about the hospital and what he's looking forward to when he goes home. He says, "Thank you for writing to me. I like the playroom and the car toys. When I go home I want to play football and draw things." Photo of Innocent

Apr 27, 2018

Innocent is having fun, despite being stuck in bed, he's found a soft football to toss around with the other kids stuck in their beds too! He will have turns for his frame started today, please be praying for him as it can be painful! Photo of Innocent

Apr 23, 2018

Innocent is stuck in bed with his frame but that's not stopping him from smiling big when we stopped by! We're glad that his frame isn't causing undue pain. Dr. Lubega says he'll need a bit of bedrest to let his leg get used to the frame and relax and then they'll start the turns in a few days. Photo of Innocent

Apr 20, 2018

Innocent had his surgery today to have a frame put on for his foot! Dr. James and Dr. Andrea, who is volunteering with us for three weeks, came in and did the operation. They did some cuts to the bone to help it move around with the frame since the foot is so stiff. The metal frame will gradually pull the bones apart and then shift them around to make his foot flat over the course of the next few weeks. Please be praying for him as he recovers! Photo of Innocent

Apr 17, 2018

Innocent came in a couple of days late but he's here now and ready to have his frame put on his foot! Already he was enjoying drawing pictures with the other kids in the playroom this morning. Please be praying for him as he has his frame surgery later this week. Photo of Innocent

Feb 08, 2018

We went up to the clinic in Lilongwe for three days and spotted Innocent on Monday! He was chilling, waiting to be seen by Dr. James. He says, "I am doing much better than before." His dad is also very happy that his son is improving, but they aren't done yet! He'll be back April 15th for a frame to correct his foot! Photo of Innocent

Dec 08, 2017

Innocent and his friend Margret are enjoying one last game of bao before they head home over the weekend. We're so happy Innocent finally gets to go back home! He'll have regular check-ups at the local hospital, and then we'll see him again on February 5th at the clinic in Lilongwe. Photo of Innocent

Dec 07, 2017

We brought get-well messages to Innocent and another CUREkid, Francis, while they were enjoying the sunshine today. Innocent said, "It's so nice to have friends who can still remember you in your hard times. Thank you for your prayers. May the Lord bless you all." Photo of Innocent

Dec 05, 2017

Innocent's surgery yesterday went well, and he's already running around the hospital with his friend Chisomo. Now that his flap has been stitched up again, he may be going home in the next day or two! Photo of Innocent

Dec 04, 2017

Innocent is waiting to go into the operating room to have the graft sewn on a bit tighter. It's a minor operation, but please still be praying for him! Photo of Innocent

Dec 01, 2017

I was taking a photo of Innocent while his dad took a photo of me photographing him! Ha! Matthew asked after I was done for a photo of me (Storyteller Avanell) with Innocent. Innocent's doing well and we'll probably be sewing the graft so that it's tighter on the foot on Monday, but Dr. Mak is checking today to make sure it's healthy enough for that. Please be praying it is! Photo of Innocent

Nov 30, 2017

Volunteer Storyteller Francine read Innocent his get-well messages a couple days ago. He and his dad were so thrilled to hear from you all, and his dad told us to tell you, "Thank you, we are praying for you too!" Photo of Innocent

Nov 28, 2017

Innocent has been readmitted! Unfortunately, his wound inspection did not look all good yesterday, so we're holding him here until we're happy. Fortunately, the graft looked okay, but it's pulling away a bit from the sides and there's a bit of pus. Dr. Lubega said he's been running around and using his foot too much from the look of things, so we're gonna keep him under surveillance at the hospital until we're sure it's healed on okay! Photo of Innocent

Nov 27, 2017

Innocent has come in for a checkup today! He's just going to have a wound inspection and as long as it looks all good he'll be off and then will be back February 13th to be readmitted! Photo of Innocent

Nov 10, 2017

Innocent had a wound inspection this morning and it's looking really good, so he's headed home until February 13th when he'll probably be readmitted for a frame. Physical therapist Shadreck set him all up with a cast splint to keep it safe and straight in the meantime. Please be praying for Innocent and Matthew as they travel home! Photo of Innocent

Nov 09, 2017

Innocent was having a ton of fun during teatime with his friends Lazaro and Yassin today. They were doing some pretty interesting poses for the camera! We're glad Innocent is warming up to being in the hospital and is making friends! Photo of Innocent

Nov 06, 2017

We got a photo of Innocent with his dad Matthew today! A lot of the times it's moms who come with their kids so it's always encouraging to see a dad come in! Matthew cares so much about Innocent and wants to bring healing into his life and we're so glad that he's committed the time to bring Innocent here to CURE for multiple operations. Photo of Innocent

Nov 03, 2017

Innocent's surgery yesterday went well! Dr. Lubega and Dr. James took a flap from his upper leg and moved it down to his foot. Once it's healed on well in a couple months, he will need a frame to move the foot slowly into the correct position. Please be praying for him as he heals! Photo of Innocent

Nov 01, 2017

Innocent will be having his surgery tomorrow. Please be praying for him- that the surgery will all go smoothly as it's a pretty big operation. Today, however, he's enjoying listening to some visitors share the gospel story in the playroom! Photo of Innocent

Oct 31, 2017

There are no friends like best friends! Innocent and Edvaldo have really hit it off and have been wheeling all over the hospital together today! Photo of Innocent

Oct 30, 2017

Meet Innocent! He's a bit shy, but he's so sweet! This poor boy has bad burn contractures on both of his feet, but mostly the right. He had an operation last week to stimulate blood flow to the area that we're going to graft to the tight area on his foot. It will take a while to heal, then he will have a frame a couple months later to slowly move the tight foot flat again. Please be praying for him as he has a long ways to go! Photo of Innocent

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