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  • Conditiona limb deformity
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Thokozani's Story

“My name is Thokozani and I am the first born child in my family of four children,” he told us with pride.

“From the day my son was born, he was all fine and without any deformity, but after about three weeks, Thokozani was reported … Read more

“My name is Thokozani and I am the first born child in my family of four children,” he told us with pride.

“From the day my son was born, he was all fine and without any deformity, but after about three weeks, Thokozani was reported to have a deformity on his right leg. I still do not know what caused this condition, but all we want now is to get our son help,” his father Shawa shared with us.

Thokozani and his father came to CURE after being told about our hospital by a friend who saw him struggling to walk from school. Thokozani is a schoolboy and he is in Grade 4. He has borne the brunt of jokes regarding his condition and he told us that he feels bad when other people pay attention to his deformity.

“When I heard that I will be coming to CURE, I knew I would be well! My dream of becoming a doctor is more hopeful now and I am so happy,” said Thokozani.

Thokozani and his father Shawa are so thankful and they believe that all what Thokozani needs has been found here at CURE. “Coming here at CURE for help of my son Thokozani is a great relief to all of my family but mainly, Thokozani will live a happy a life and he will have peace,” said Shawa. His father is full of hope and is positive that when they return home, his son will be well. The name “Thokozani” means Thankful. When we talked with this young man, he had a humble heart and we are happy to tell you that we’ve welcomed him into our CURE family while he seeks healing. Please join us in praying for Thokozani and his father as they are here at CURE for treatment!

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Latest Updates

Jul 10, 2018

Thokozani says, "Before my leg was corrected, my friends were laughing at me, they would make fun of me, but now they are my friends. They are amazed at what has happened. When I came back from the hospital and they saw me for the first time, they were so surprised that now I'm able to walk, and they're no longer laughing at me and are happy for me."

We went and visited Thokozani a couple weeks ago and forgot to update you all! A short-term mission team from the US went with us to see Thoko and his family. We got to meet his whole family, and he showed us how now he can play Pada (similar to hopscotch) and jump! Check out his profile for a picture of him with his family!

His dad, Shawa, says, "Before, he could go to school by himself, but it was difficult because he was in pain and it was far. Now he is able to go to school without difficulties and he is also able to ride a bicycle on his own. All the shame, all the laughing, all the mockery is gone, and that has brought a sigh of relief to our family because I'm able to do other things, other business as he is able to go to school. So I thank God we were able to go to the hospital and we have managed to get this help, today we are so thankful! I am so grateful for what CURE is doing, my child was treated for free. I am so thankful today my son's leg is okay." Photo of Thokozani

Apr 09, 2018

Thoko's back and doing great! He says he's walking without crutches and going to school. His dad says, "I am very, very happy. Thokozani has truly been helped." We don't know if they've decided on having another frame to lengthen his leg, but he still needs time to heal before that's possible anyways so we imagine they'll wait to make that choice! Please continue to pray for him. Photo of Thokozani

Feb 21, 2018

Thokozani had his frame off yesterday! He's quite excited and is already walking around really well! He'll get to go home today, so we decided to take an after photo as soon as possible and asked him to come outside... this is one of the outtakes - he was doing some pretty funny poses! His leg is still quite a bit shorter than the other one, so Dr. James is giving him the option in six months after it's healed to get another frame to lengthen it and make them equal... unfortunately he'd have to wear it for four months to make them equal. He has a lot of time to decide if he wants that or just wants to have a shoe raise, but either way we'll see him in six months for some sort of operation as he will need the growth stopped in the other leg to keep it from getting worse if he decides against the frame. Please be praying for wise decisions for his future! We'll see him in clinic on April 9th! Photo of Thokozani

Feb 19, 2018

Guess who's back in the hospital! Thokozani is here to have his frame off after about six months! We bet he can't wait! We made a little promo video about him to celebrate the occasion!

Jan 08, 2018

Thokozani came in for a checkup! Dr. James is really, really happy with how he's healing, but says that his leg still needs a bit longer. They're going to pull out a few of the wires now so that the bone can heal better and then he'll head home tomorrow - please continue to pray for him! Photo of Thokozani

Nov 27, 2017

Thoko and his mom are back for a check-up, as is Innocent and his dad. They were sharing a laugh while waiting for the nurses to do wound inspections for both of them. Thokozani will have his stitches taken out and an X-ray, and then we'll see what the next step will be. He'll probably be sent home for a bit longer so the bone can heal more before we take the frame off. Photo of Thokozani

Oct 30, 2017

We confess our doubts were unfounded! Thokozani was gone this morning when we came in, he left over the weekend with training and cleaning materials for the frame. We'll see him November 27th for a check-up and x-ray to see how his leg is healing. Here's one last photo of him with his hospital best bud, Kelvin, that we took last week in the playroom. Please be praying for both of them as they heal at home! Photo of Thokozani

Oct 27, 2017

Thokozani may be going home soon! During ward rounds, Dr. James told the nurses to teach his mom, and maybe his dad who is coming to visit, how to work the frame. There's a lot of stuff they need to learn about how to care for the frame before they leave. The turns are kind of complicated, and cleaning the frame is also very important, so we're not 100% convinced he'll go home Monday as planned. Please be praying that he can, though! We're sure he's tired of being at the hospital for so long, no matter how smiley he is. One of his well-wishers sent a photo of their very muddy dog, and he said he really enjoyed seeing it. He also asked God to bless all of you who are spending time praying for him! Photo of Thokozani

Oct 25, 2017

Thokozani and Kelvin have been doing everything together. In the morning we spotted them waiting for physiotherapy together outside. Then we found them watching TV, and finally they were sitting next to each other making jokes in the playroom. We're so happy when our kids make good friends. A lot of times they face merciless teasing at school so it's nice to be friends with someone who understands what you're going through and won't laugh at you. Please pray for Thokozani and Kelvin as they continue to heal! Photo of Thokozani

Oct 23, 2017

The doctor's checked Thokozani's muscle graft this morning. That was what they did to cover the exposed bone, and it looks like it's taking and healing nicely. Unfortunately, there's still a small raw bit which needs to heal before we can continue with the frame, so please pray it heals over fast so we can fix his leg. On Friday we brought a bunch of kids their get-well messages, including Thokozani's. He said, "I am so happy that you take your time praying for me. I am so encouraged and I believe that I will get well soon. May God bless you!" Photo of Thokozani

Oct 19, 2017

Thokozani was on point today with his funny faces. We found him waiting for physio today outside in the pavilion enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. Physical therapist Shadreck said Thokozani been doing quite well with his exercises! Photo of Thokozani

Oct 17, 2017

Thokozani was really absorbed by one of the toys in physiotherapy today - he didn't look up to smile and give a thumbs up to the camera as usual! His friends, on the other hand, gave you all big grins! Photo of Thokozani

Oct 13, 2017

Thokozani had a visitor today! She is our Accommodations Coordinator at the hospital, Pamela. She came to the ward to spend time with and encourage the kids and one of them was Thokozani. She asked how he is feeling and he explained how his wound is progressing and the way he is feeling today. He showed her where he was feeling pain on the wound and later they prayed together. Thokozani says he is happy that people are wishing him well and he is thanking God for that. Thokozani will later have a new dressing on his wound. Thank you for supporting him with your prayers! Photo of Thokozani

Oct 12, 2017

Today Thokozani decided to stay awake while his mother was taking a nap. He says the pain on the pin sites is going slowly and that he is fine, we admire Thokozani's brave attitude! Thank you for your support and please continue praying for him! Photo of Thokozani

Oct 11, 2017

Thokozani is not himself after the surgery yesterday. He looks a little bit sad, unlike other days. He says he is feeling some pain on a few pin sites. Yesterday, doctors corrected the exposed bone next to his frame and today he has been put on observation. He is not supposed to make any movements for the time being unless advised to do so. His mother is always there watching and taking care of him. Please keep on praying for Thokozani to get well quickly and return to his old self! Photo of Thokozani

Oct 10, 2017

Thokozani is going in the theatre for wound inspection. There is a little bone exposure beside his frame, and the doctors are making sure that it is all covered up and is in its right position. Please pray for Thokozani as he is undergoing the procedure! Photo of Thokozani

Oct 09, 2017

Thokozani was so anxious to know what the doctors were going to say about his frame and wound dressings. He was attentive and watching every move our doctor was making on his frame. Dr. Nicholas says the wound is getting healed and this brought a sigh of relief for Thokozani. Thank you so much for all your prayers, God is doing amazing things in the healing of Thokozani! Photo of Thokozani

Oct 06, 2017

"When am saying I have missed football (soccer) am not joking," says Thokozani who had a soccer ball on his other foot. Thokozani told us how he enjoys playing this game with his friends at home. "I play this game more often at home. It was difficult to play properly because my right leg was not in a proper position, but with the treatment I have received, I will be able to play comfortably." Thokozani still has a frame on his right leg and is continuing with his wound dressings and strut changes. Please keep on praying for him to have quick healing so that his desire to play football again becomes a reality! Photo of Thokozani

Oct 05, 2017

Thokozani is all smiles and happy today. He has been sitting upright on the chair for quite some time. "I am feeling well and i can see the progress on my leg. It is now getting in the right position," he said. Thokozani is still doing more physiotherapy. Thank you for praying for him and for helping him have a positive attitude towards his treatment and healing! Photo of Thokozani

Oct 04, 2017

Time to work out for Thokozani! After a long day in bed as directed by doctors, Thokozani finally got the chance to go to physiotherapy. He is doing great and has no complaints so far. Please join us in thanking God for all He is doing for Thokozani during the healing process. Photo of Thokozani

Oct 03, 2017

Thokozani was so busy watching and observing the women next to his bed playing "Bawo" a mancala-like board game. It is one of the popular games in the ward as anyone can play it, even adults, and Thokozani is having fun even though he is not involved. One of the players is his mother and he is making sure that no one is cheating! Thokozani is still continuing with strut changes and physiotherapy. He is feeling well with no pain. Please continue keeping him in your prayers for him to heal quickly. Photo of Thokozani

Oct 02, 2017

Thank you so much for sending Thokozani some encouraging "get-well" messages. We delivered them to him and he was happy upon hearing Thandy reading them. Thokozani is feeling well and is continuing with physiotherapy sessions. He says he is so thankful for thinking of him and he can't wait to play different games including football with his friends at home. Thank you once again for keeping Thokozani in your prayers! Photo of Thokozani

Sep 29, 2017

Thokozani is doing really great today! He has been doing lots of physiotherapy. This morning Thokozani has been resting and his frame has been healing so well. "I cannot wait to play football and use my leg again! I feel really great now, and I am happy," said Thokozani. Photo of Thokozani

Sep 28, 2017

Thokozani doesn't want to miss out on school work by being in the hospital. He has made it a habit of reading text books which his friends use in class. Please continue praying for his wound to heal quickly so that he can be able to concentrate fully on his studies! Photo of Thokozani

Sep 25, 2017

"I am not having any pain when doing physiotherapy and I feel so relaxed. The physiotherapists are helping me so well and I know I will be ok soon," Thokozani said explaining his condition. Thokozani will be going into the theatre tomorrow for wound inspection. Please pray for him as he will be undergoing the procedure! Photo of Thokozani

Sep 22, 2017

Our boy Thokozani is so quiet today! This morning during ward rounds he was very attentive and observant to what our doctors were saying. His leg is looking good and he is continuing the needed turns on his frame. Please be praying for Thokozani to keep his trust in God and pray that he will be healed soon! Photo of Thokozani

Sep 21, 2017

Thokozani can't get enough of reading today! He asked for some comic books from the playroom and has been reading them this morning until lunch hour. Thokozani likes reading and is excited when he find books. He is also getting better with each passing day. Thank you for keeping him in your prayers! Photo of Thokozani

Sep 19, 2017

Another day of physiotherapy for Thokozani! We are happy that Thokozani is responding well to the treatment and is not having too much pain. Please keep those prayers coming for him! Photo of Thokozani

Sep 18, 2017

Thokozani's physiotherapy exercises are improving day by day! He seems to enjoy them more since they are only a little painful, so he says. This morning, doctors said he is doing well and should continue with strut turns. Please continue praying for Thokozani! Photo of Thokozani

Sep 15, 2017

Thokozani is feeling well today! During ward rounds, the doctors said he is getting better by the day and his leg is getting into proper shape. Thank you for keeping Thokozani in your prayers! Photo of Thokozani

Sep 14, 2017

Today Thokozani visited us and we took the opportunity to give him his get-well messages! Thandy read some of them to him and he read the others. He's a good reader! We are glad that he is able to walk around without any pain, please keep on praying for Thokozani's healing process! Photo of Thokozani

Sep 13, 2017

Thokozani is not feeling very well today. He says he has a headache. Despite that, he is still strong enough to enter the physiotherapy room with his friend Mavuto for some exercises. Please continue praying for Thokozani to heal from the headache as he continues to recover with the frame on his leg. Photo of Thokozani

Sep 12, 2017

Today is another quiet day for Thokozani. He was complaining of itching on his right foot, which is the same leg that has the frame but he says he is not feeling any pain. Later we found Thokozani in the playroom with his friend, Shadrick, who is the shy one hiding his face, and his other friend, Blessings! Thank you for keeping Thokozani and his friends in your prayers! Photo of Thokozani

Sep 11, 2017

Thokozani was draped over the bed today, eating some food and watching his mom and another patient's guardian play bawo, a mancala-type game where you try to capture your opponent's stones (or seeds). Photo of Thokozani

Sep 08, 2017

Thokozani is having a quiet day today and looks relaxed! He has been spending time with Alinafe on the same bed as she awaits for her physiotherapy session. Thokozani is so strong and hasn't yet complained of any pain, despite the frame. Please continue praying for him and his dad Shawa to also have spiritual strength during the recovering process! Photo of Thokozani

Sep 07, 2017

We're always amazed when we look back at the before photos of a kid and then see what they look like now - especially with the frames, sometimes improvement is so slow you don't notice it day to day. Thokozani still isn't done with the turns, and already his leg looks so much better than it used to! Please continue to pray for him as he heals - we're so excited to share his progress with you when he's completely healed! Photo of Thokozani

Sep 06, 2017

Nurse Ulemu was chatting today with Thoko while she cleaned up his frame and pinsites. We're not sure what they were talking about, but they were thoroughly enjoying talking! We're glad that the pinsite care isn't causing Thokozani any pain! Photo of Thokozani

Sep 04, 2017

Thokozani was enjoying the sunshine today by himself, but was soon joined by his new friend Mavuto! Thokozani is super friendly and has already made a lot of friends with the other kids in the hospital, despite having never met them before! We talked to him and he says he is so happy with the hospital's morning devotions and prayer times and he is excited to learn how to pray since he hasn't learned how to pray by himself. Please pray that God continues to work in Thokozani's life, both physically and spiritually as his leg corrects and he learns how to pray! Photo of Thokozani

Sep 01, 2017

Thokozani's operation went well yesterday and he seems pretty happy today! Dr. James and Dr. Christy took some wedges out of the bones in his lower legs so that they can swing around straight, and then put on a frame so that they can gradually turn it and make it in the right position. Please be praying for him as he has a long way to go for healing! Photo of Thokozani

Aug 31, 2017

Thokozani is finally going in for his operation today, we're so excited for him! He's going to have a frame put on his leg that will slowly move the bones into the right position. Here's a video of him walking before his surgery! Please be praying that his operation goes smoothly.

Aug 30, 2017

Thokozani is having a blast today! We caught up with him playing a game called "Bawo" which is a mancala-like board game. The game is played by two people and small stones are used to pass around the small holes of the board. Whoever loses the stones first, loses the game! But in this game, it seems like everyone is a winner! Please continue praying for Thokozani as he still is awaiting for his surgery any day this week. Photo of Thokozani

Aug 29, 2017

Thokozani has been in the playroom today painting and drawing different objects with other kids in our hospital! He was supposed to have his operation today and has been rescheduled for later in the week since his surgery will be very long and the doctors have a lot of surgeries to accomplish today. Please be praying for him and the other kids who had surgery today! Photo of Thokozani

Aug 28, 2017

Meet Thokozani! He has severe Blount's disease on his right leg which has made his leg to bow making it difficult to walk properly. Thokozani has been brought to our hospital in Malawi by his dad Shawa. He will be having his operation tomorrow and will have a frame, please be praying for him! Here is Thokozani and his dad telling his story to Thandy. Photo of Thokozani

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