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Elinat's Story

“My family has passed through a lot of life challenges and I have stood strong throughout. My husband left us and it has not been easy to raise children without a father. Through all this, God has been on my side and I am so thankful to be a moth… Read more

“My family has passed through a lot of life challenges and I have stood strong throughout. My husband left us and it has not been easy to raise children without a father. Through all this, God has been on my side and I am so thankful to be a mother of five children. One of my five children is Elinat. Elinat was born with clubfoot on her right foot. I do not remember what year it was when I used to take my daughter to the hospital for help. The early days at the hospital, I was told that Elinat needed to be reviewed weekly,” said Liviness, mother to Elinat.

Elinat comes from Lilongwe the region of Malawi. We met our new patient who now is here with us at CURE hospital because she was seen at one of our CURE mobile clinics in the Lilongwe local hospital.

“Having the same condition as my daughter has been so stressful. Most times I feel like Elinat will never get treated. I still have a lot of questions as to why was I not treated when I was a little girl. The same questions Elinat will possibly ask if I do not seek help for her. I do not want her to have such a challenge in her life. Due to the distance that we live from the local hospital, I could not manage to keep traveling every week, to and fro, to receive help for my daughter Elinat. I left my daughter without help and she has been struggling to walk and live in a society where no one has such a condition. Elinat dropped out of school due to the pain she feels when she walks. When I was identified about my condition to get help, I told the organization that I do not need help, but my daughter does. They told me to get my daughter and Elinat was seen then booked for CURE to have an operation. I am so thankful to CURE and the charitable organization that helped me to find CURE. My daughter has a hopeful future now and I am a happy mother,” Liviness expressed.

We are so grateful to have Elinat and her mother Liviness here at CURE. And the most amazing part is to see a mother putting her deformity aside and instead seeking for her daughter to be helped. What a mother’s love! Help us in prayers and support to show Christ to this family.

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Latest Updates

Aug 31, 2017

Elinat's going home today! We asked to take a picture of her and her mom since they went home first thing this morning, and her friend Gilberta, who's also leaving, joined in for the photo! They're both so excited to be headed home! Please be praying for safe journeys. Elinat will be coming back November 11th for a tendon transfer. Photo of Elinat

Aug 30, 2017

Elinat was watching a movie in Chichewa in the playroom today - quite a treat since we don't have a ton of movies in Chichewa! Fortunately for her, she'll be headed home soon, either Thursday or Friday! She says that she's very happy her disability brought her to CURE and to Jesus, and she doesn't think evil as she did before she knew Christ. She's so thankful for what CURE is doing for her! Photo of Elinat

Aug 29, 2017

Finally Elinat's frame has been removed! Unfortunately, Elinat is not really feeling well today after the surgery and is saying that her leg is hurting. We're sure the pain is worth having that frame off though, but please pray that she feels better! Thandy read her get-well messages and her mum was there to listen to them as well. Liviness says that her life is so much better and she knows more about Jesus now that she's come to CURE! She's also noticed a difference in Elinat, that she is a well-behaved child and more friendly. We're so excited to see not only physical, but spiritual healing in Elinat and Liviness' lives! Photo of Elinat

Aug 28, 2017

Elinat was having physiotherapy again today, but she won't be going to physio for much longer! That's right, she's having her frame off tomorrow! We're so excited for her and after hearing her complain about her foot itching we bet she's pretty happy too. Please pray for her as she goes in for surgery again tomorrow, no matter how minor! Photo of Elinat

Aug 25, 2017

Elinat is doing well today! She was chilling in bed, waiting for the nurses to take her temperature and pulse so she could go back to playing. We're so happy that Dr. James said she can probably have her frame off next week - please pray it all goes according to plan! Photo of Elinat

Aug 23, 2017

"Today I spent a lot of time with my mother, we talked and laughed. I am so thankful to have a loving mother who cares for and sits next to me," Elinat told us. She went to physiotherapy with Funny from our Spiritual Team today and we love the effort that Elinat is putting into her healing with working to get stronger! Photo of Elinat

Aug 22, 2017

Elinat's mom Liviness joined us and sang worship songs with the other guardians this morning as we were having our morning devotional prayers! It was a beautiful time of community. Music heals, music transforms, and helps us to be close to God! Photo of Elinat

Aug 21, 2017

Mavuto and Elinat have started a club - the clubfoot frames club! They were having a blast talking today and playing Bao, an African mancala game. An important part of healing happens when our kids meet and befriend other children with similar struggles and disabilities while they are in the hospital, emotional healing! Please continue to pray for Mavuto and Elinat! Photo of Elinat

Aug 18, 2017

"I feel so much better today and my foot is really turning to the right position! Even though I feel pain, it's bearable." Elinat continues to be happy and is living freely with joy everyday here at CURE. Thank you for the time and resources you spend to send her get-well messages and to pray for her! God bless you all. Photo of Elinat

Aug 17, 2017

Elinat's having a blast in the playroom today, playing with a toy car and watching Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses! Photo of Elinat

Aug 16, 2017

Elinat's hanging out with her new best friend Esther today! We asked Elinat and her mom Liviness how they're doing. Elinat has been really well and she is recovering rapidly. Please be praying for Liviness and Elinat, for God's provision for their family after they leave the hospital. Liviness says that she and Elinat feel so loved and cared for here, like they're at home with their family, and she is so thankful. Photo of Elinat

Aug 15, 2017

The triplets are here! Faith, Mavuto and Elinat - friends that all have clubfoot on their right foot, and are all being treated with frames! They were waiting outside of the dressing room together this morning to have their pin sites cleaned. We're thankful that they have each other to go through this process with and for all of you who are cheering them on and supporting them! Photo of Elinat

Aug 14, 2017

Elinat is doing well today! The lovely Bessie from physio was doing the turns for her frames again today. Otherwise, she's just been hanging out in the ward, enjoying tea and tv! Photo of Elinat

Aug 11, 2017

We brought Elinat and Liviness your messages today! Liviness says, "I love how we pray and meet every morning. My life has moved closer to Jesus and I am at peace in my heart." Elinat says, "I want to get healed and help my mother, go to school and play well with my friends." Photo of Elinat

Aug 10, 2017

Elinat has been smiling a lot more recently - even when she's waiting for physiotherapy! She's doing well, the doctors are just continuing to do the turns for her legs. Please keep her in your prayers to keep going and for good progress! Photo of Elinat

Aug 09, 2017

The lovely Elinat was enjoying the playroom today! She was having a lot of fun with Naomi, Funny, and all the other kids tossing a balloon around and also playing with blocks! Photo of Elinat

Aug 08, 2017

Elinat is having some physiotherapy today! She didn't seem to be minding it too much, which is really good since sometimes physiotherapy can be painful! Photo of Elinat

Aug 07, 2017

Elinat and a bunch of the other kids and their moms were enjoying the lovely day outside! Dr. James came back today and wants to make a small tweak to her frame (moving a strut around) so please pray that doesn't cause her too much pain. Otherwise she's doing well and will continue with the turns. Photo of Elinat

Aug 04, 2017

We brought Elinat her get-well messages today! She really enjoyed hearing from everyone. She even got a message from a girl in the USA who also suffers from clubfoot who sent a get-well to encourage her! Please continue praying for all the children who are born with this condition, that they'll get effective treatment early in life! Photo of Elinat

Aug 03, 2017

Today's status features our amazing physiotherapist Bessie! She was helping doing the turns for Elinat's frame today. We're so thankful for our physiotherapists who are constantly working to make sure the surgeries achieve long-term success! Photo of Elinat

Aug 02, 2017

Elinat was enjoying some time with the other kids in the playroom yesterday, throwing around light up balls! Martha, in the background, was enjoying posing with them for photos with her eyes closed, silly girl. Photo of Elinat

Aug 01, 2017

Elinat is good, she just has a little bit of pain. Her mom Liviness is happy but says that Blantyre is too cold! It's "winter" here - which means it's a chilly 65 degrees Fahrenheit! Photo of Elinat

Jul 31, 2017

Elinat had her frame cleaned today - the kids with frames need daily pin site care to make sure they don't get infected! She didn't seem to mind it though and was laughing with the nurses. She's going to have her turns start today to bring her foot into place, please pray that it doesn't cause her much pain. Photo of Elinat

Jul 28, 2017

Elinat was smiling in physio today! That's a pretty rare circumstance - although physio is necessary for healing it's often painful, but Elinat doesn't seem to mind. She's practicing walking with a frame and will later move on to crutches! Photo of Elinat

Jul 27, 2017

Elinat is back to smiling again! Her mother brought her some tea and snacks this morning - all Malawians love their tea and bread in the morning and Elinat is no exception! Photo of Elinat

Jul 26, 2017

Elinat's surgery yesterday went smoothly and now she's recovering and seems to be doing well! They did an osteotomy, cutting the bone, and then putting a frame around the foot and pins through the bones which will slowly rotate the foot into the correct position. Please be praying for her as turns start next week! Photo of Elinat

Jul 25, 2017

Elinat's surgery will be today, not Thursday! Here's a photo of her with her mother Liviness who also has clubfoot, while they wait for Elinat to go in for her surgery. Please be praying as it will be a long operation! Photo of Elinat

Jul 24, 2017

Meet Elinat! Funny and Chisomo from the Spiritual Department were counseling her and her mother and getting her story today. Elinat and her mother both have clubfoot and Elinat has come for surgery for her foot. Chisomo herself had clubfoot when she was a child and had it treated here at CURE and is now volunteering with us! We hope she'll be able to uniquely encourage Elinat and her mom. Please be praying for Elinat as she has surgery later this week, probably on Thursday! Photo of Elinat

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