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  • Age12
  • Conditiona limb deformity
  • Next Appointment 02/20/2017

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Patsani's Story

“Patsani has four other siblings and they are wonderful children. Patsani means “Giver”. She is the first born and she loves playing outside with her friends. I love seeing her happy and joyful. Patsani was born well but at the age of two, sh… Read more

“Patsani has four other siblings and they are wonderful children. Patsani means “Giver”. She is the first born and she loves playing outside with her friends. I love seeing her happy and joyful. Patsani was born well but at the age of two, she started showing some sort of walking - bending one side towards her left. Patsani does not complain of pain but her walking is really getting worse. This can lead her in failure to be accepted in the society. There are many things that she will end up not being able to do or to contribute. When we went to hospital, Patsani was given pills which I had no idea why she was given those pills. We were told to go home and with no clear help. I feel sad seeing Patsani limping as she walks and runs. One time as Patsani was walking home, a lady who was passing by saw Patsani and she followed her to my house. That is where we were told all about CURE. This lady told us that CURE can help and that we should not delay. My family got the resources from our garden earnings and I travelled with Patsani to CURE. We arrived here and I was amazed on how the staff welcomed us. I love the nurses! They are so nice and loving. Talking about my hope for Patsani, she is healed! I have seen and heard that my cousin will walk and be free again. My heart leaped with joy and I am so happy to come here at CURE. Thank you to that unknown lady who encouraged us to come here for help. I am looking forward to seeing Patsani healed,” said Patricia, Patsani’s cousin.

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Latest Updates


Patsani has been discharged! The nurses are going to train her cousin Patricia how to clean her wound really well at home since it will take two months for it to heal over, and they don't want to be in the hospital that whole time! She'll be coming back every four weeks to see how her leg is progressing. Hopefully she can head home later today, but if not, she'll leave probably tomorrow. In the meantime, she's waiting and all the moms and guardians were having fun playing Bao and chatting on the bed behind her! Photo of Patsani

Jan 20, 2017

We brought Patsani her get-well messages and she says "Thank you!" Her leg didn't hurt today, even after the wound care. She's a bit envious of her friend Chisomo, who is hopefully going home next week - she says she wants to go too! Dr. James is thinking that's a really strong possibility, once they teach her cousin Patricia how to do the dressings for her leg at home! She has a pretty large wound, and it will take a long time for the flesh to heal, so she may as well learn to do it from home! Please continue to be praying for her! Photo of Patsani

Jan 19, 2017

I spy with my little eye - Patsani! There were a lot of kids in physiotherapy today! Some (like Charles on the bike) were a lot happier than others (Joseph was crying because he didn't like walking with a splint). Patsani says it hurts less than it has other times, so she thinks she's getting better! Photo of Patsani

Jan 18, 2017

Patsani is doing well! She's having her physiotherapy session today and Rehab Tech Diana says she's doing really well, and that her wound is healing well! She looks a lot more happy about the concept of physio than Manuel! Photo of Patsani

Jan 17, 2017

Patsani is doing well today and was hanging around outside with her friend Aisha enjoying the lovely weather - it's nice and cool and rainy out, which is a welcome relief after the hot season here in Malawi! Photo of Patsani

Jan 13, 2017

So we heard what's going on with Patsani today! Her wound had gotten infected and had lots of pus so she came in Dec 30th. Unfortunately, the bone graft from her fibula came out with the pus, but they've been doing regular dressings and her wound is almost completely healed over now, so she's looking a lot better. Without the bits of fibula it might just take a bit longer for her bone to heal together. We brought her get-well messages today and she said she had a good time for Christmas at home, but spent the New Year here at CURE. She has pain after the turns, but otherwise it's fine. She said she's happy to be here and recovering and continuing treatment. Photo of Patsani

Jan 12, 2017

Patsani is back! She's actually been back for two weeks, since Dec 30th. We didn't realize she was a published CUREkid when she came in, and since she's not having another surgery, we didn't look up her file! Oops! CUREkids Coordinator Avanell recognized her when she came back from vacation today, and it looks like Patsani is happy to see her too! We haven't heard what's going on with her from the doctors yet, but based on her file notes, it looks like she came in with some bad pin site infections and has been getting those treated with antibiotics and cleaned. Stay tuned, we'll let you know more when we hear from ward rounds tomorrow! Photo of Patsani

Dec 12, 2016

Patsani came in for her strut change today and some physiotherapy. Unfortunately, we saw her after her strut change and it had caused a lot of pain so she was crying, and we didn't want to infringe on her privacy by taking a photo of her when she was obviously in pain. Please be praying for her! She and her cousin, who takes care of her, are doing really well with her physiotherapy though, she can bend just as much as when she was in the hospital so Rehab Tech Diana, who is pictured here, is happy to let her stay home until January 23rd after the holidays when she'll come for another session. Photo of Patsani

Dec 02, 2016

Patsani is giving us the thumbs up today! Her cousin, Patricia, is super motivated to go home and practiced the turns yesterday, so she'll try it one more time today and if she does it right they can go home over the weekend! She'll be back on the 12th for a strut change either way. Please continue to be praying for her! Photo of Patsani

Dec 01, 2016

Patsani is so happy today! She was lying in bed grinning at us, and then we went over to read her some get-well messages from you all. She is learning a bit of English so she sounded out a couple of the words by herself and Thandy helped with the rest. He encouraged her to talk to the playroom director to try to get some help learning more! Photo of Patsani

Nov 30, 2016

Patsani is doing well! We finally got a big, genuine smile out of her while she was waiting for physio! She'll have to continue doing turns until December 19th and the doctors gave her and her mom the option to either stay here and do them, or she can learn how to do it herself and can go home. Her mom is still deciding what she wants to do. On December 12th she needs a strut change and she'll need it on for a couple months after the turns are over while the bone heals solid enough! Photo of Patsani

Nov 29, 2016

Patsani is doing well today! We caught her waiting for some pin site dressings this morning - she didn't look very happy. It was her second day of physiotherapy today and things are slow but improving. Please continue to pray for her! Photo of Patsani

Nov 28, 2016

Patsani will start the turns for her frame tomorrow! We caught her in physiotherapy getting something made to hold her foot in place so it doesn't start turning downwards and get a contracture. Please be praying for her, frame turns can be painful! Photo of Patsani

Nov 24, 2016

Patsani is doing well but is still recovering from her surgery two days ago. They will start doing the turns on her frame next week and she'll probably need to keep it on for quite a while before her leg will be straight and healed enough to take it off! Please be praying for her! Photo of Patsani

Nov 23, 2016

Patsani had a successful surgery yesterday and is recovering in the ward today! First, Dr. James took a piece of her fibula out, which will grow back, so that the tibia can heal straight without being pushed by it. Then they cut a wedge out of her tibia near the knee so that her knee will be straight, not bent anymore, and put a bone graft from her pelvis as well as a bit of the fibula back in that space, which will promote healing. They sewed it all up and put on the frame, which will slowly reorient her leg into a straight position, and did another cut to the bone to make it straight. Please be praying for her, it was a major operation and she'll have the frame on for a while! Photo of Patsani

Nov 22, 2016

Patsani is waiting to go in to have her frame put on! Because she's older and her surgery will take a while, she's going to be done later in the day, so that the little kids who also are on the schedule today don't have to go without food as long. She looks a bit nervous, so please be praying that her operation goes smoothly and she won't be in pain tomorrow! We'll post photos of her operation and information tomorrow! Photo of Patsani

Nov 21, 2016

Meet Patsani! She's just arrived in the hospital and is still a little shy! She'll be going in late tomorrow afternoon to have an operation for her Blounts. The doctors will be cutting the bone in her left leg and then using a frame to slowly move the bone into place over a long period of time. Please be praying for her surgery, that it goes well! Photo of Patsani

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