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Shamira's Story

“Having a child is one of the excitements a mother looks for when one is expectant. Shamira is only few days old and there is joy in my heart and to many others. My baby is born with clubfoot on both legs. It is my first time to see a child with … Read more

“Having a child is one of the excitements a mother looks for when one is expectant. Shamira is only few days old and there is joy in my heart and to many others. My baby is born with clubfoot on both legs. It is my first time to see a child with this condition. When I saw her with clubfeet, I was not happy because I had no idea where or who will treat my child. At the hospital where Shamira was born, the doctors did not do anything. They said I have to wait and see. But this was very disturbing to see my child in a such condition. I went to a local hospital where at least there I was told one step at a time to do. The doctor told me that there is hope that Shamira can be well and have normal feet. I am happy now! My hope was fading away, but now my face is shining and I’ve started walking with my head up! I was told to come here to CURE and meet the doctors. When I arrived here, I noticed one thing, that this is a Christian hospital, this even helped me to feel secured and cared for. Shamira has really been loved, cared for and helped. I have confidence now that my daughter Shamira will be well as she will be undergoing treatment here at CURE,” Rebecca, Shamira’s mother expressed to us. Join us in praying for Shamira’s complete healing!

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Latest Updates

Oct 12, 2017

Shamira has grown so much that we hardly recognized her! She is learning to stand using objects like chairs and tables. Her mother says she is glad with how Shamira's treatment is progressing. "There is a big difference with how she was and I'm happy that I can see my daughter's feet being corrected," Rabecca says. Today Shamira had another pair of special shoes in a different size. Please pray for Shamira as she is continuing her journey. Her next appointment is on January 11, 2018! Photo of Shamira

Jul 20, 2017

Shamira is back! Her mom showed us that she's wearing her little t-shirt from the clubfoot walk! She's doing well and just had a checkup to make sure everything was going well and that her braces still fit. We'll see her again October 12! Photo of Shamira

Jun 08, 2017

Shamira won't be back until July but this past weekend, CURE had a big clubfoot walk through town to raise awareness and money for clinic, and several of the parents and babies from clubfoot clinic were there! Poor Rabeccah was a bit late and didn't get one of the shirts for the moms, but we're pretty sure we saw Shamira sporting a cute little CURE clubfoot shirt (under all those blankets). Photo of Shamira

May 18, 2017

Shamira's back in the hospital and her mom says she's happy and everything is going well! They left really soon after we took this pic so we didn't get much more information than that, but she should be back for another checkup for her braces in a couple of months! Photo of Shamira

Mar 21, 2017

Shamira came in today for a checkup with the doctors! Her toes had gotten a bit curled from her last cast it seems, and mom was a little worried about it. The doctors just said to do some regular stretching and they'll be fine! Photo of Shamira

Mar 16, 2017

Shamira's back and she's SO BIG! We barely recognized her! Thandy was having a grand time squeaking to her and she was squeaking back - Thandy is fluent in baby language! She seems really happy and Rabeccah says she's doing great with the braces - it's hard to notice the difference, but the braces are keeping her feet in place. She just came for a checkup to make sure that the braces are still fitting well; we'll probably see her again in a couple months! Photo of Shamira

Dec 15, 2016

Shamira came in today for a quick checkup, but she left before we could take a photo of her! They were probably just making sure that her braces are fitting properly, which doesn't take very long! She'll be back in three months, around mid-March! Photo of Shamira

Dec 01, 2016

Shamira is getting so big! We remember when she was just four days old! She had braces put on today, which she'll be wearing for a couple months all the time and then just at night, to keep her feet in the correct position. We'll see her again December 15th for an evaluation, and maybe a brace change if she keeps growing so fast! Photo of Shamira

Nov 10, 2016

Shamira had her tenotomy today! Dr. Saf did a couple little nicks to the tendons through the skin on her ankles, which helps them stretch out and lengthen so the clubfoot doesn't reoccur. She had local anesthesia, but she still wasn't very happy! She will have casts on for another three weeks while her feet heal and then she'll come back to be fitted with cute little shoes which will keep her feet in place! Photo of Shamira

Nov 03, 2016

Shamira is waiting for her casts to be put on! Her mommy Rebecca was talking to another clubfoot mommy while they waited. Shamira's feet aren't quite ready for the tenotomy yet, so maybe next week will be the day! We're already amazed at how different her feet look from just casting - check out the before and after pictures! Photo of Shamira

Oct 27, 2016

Shamira is getting bigger! We took her current profile photo today and she's so cute! At first, she started crying during casting but after a while, she got tired and fell asleep while they were putting the plaster on! Please be praying for her and Rebecca; she'll be having her tenatomy next week! It's a very minor operation under local anesthesia where the doctors nick the tendon in the back of the foot to make it longer so that it stops pulling the foot the wrong way. Photo of Shamira

Oct 20, 2016

We got a picture of Shamira with her eyes open today! She's so tiny! We're so excited to see her grow over the next few weeks of casting her tiny feet! She cried a bit during her cast change today, but also seemed to almost fall asleep a couple times. Please continue to be praying for her and Rebecca, we'll see them again next week! Photo of Shamira

Oct 13, 2016

Meet Shamira! Shamira is quite new to the world, having been born only four days ago! Unfortunately, she was born with clubfoot but there is good news for her, she was referred here to CURE so she can have serial casting and a small operation to fix the problem and get her feet straight! For the next few weeks she'll be coming in every Thursday morning with her mommy Rabeccah to have her feet slowly casted into the correct position. Please be praying for Shamira and Rabeccah! Photo of Shamira

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