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  • Age7
  • Conditionburn contractures
  • Next Appointment 05/08/2017

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Chinasi's Story

“Many people have been asking me the meaning of the name for my child, Chinasi. Now I’m opening up again to say, the name means a relative from a distance, (but) we cannot really remember what made her grandmother to give her that name. We beli… Read more

“Many people have been asking me the meaning of the name for my child, Chinasi. Now I’m opening up again to say, the name means a relative from a distance, (but) we cannot really remember what made her grandmother to give her that name. We believe there was a reason beside the name, as a lot of Malawi traditional names have the meanings and the story behind it. Sometimes it is because of pain, deaths, barrenness and even conflicts.
My daughter likes playing with her friends, but fire blocked the real happiness of being free in times of playing. What happened was that I put a scarf on her neck while she was warming herself in the kitchen and the fire caught the scarf and burned her severely. When all this was happening, I was in the house. I had to run after I heard the cry, (and) I rescued her and run to a nearby clinic where she was treated. Chinasi, with this condition caused with fire, she cannot move much her shoulder. She cannot stretch her left elbow and her wrist is stiff because of the contracture which was a result that showed up after the burns were treated. As Alinafe, the mother of Chinasi, I’m ready to take a path of treatment and thank you CURE hospital, these words are coming from my heart as a parent.”

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Latest Updates

Dec 16, 2016

This is the best way to deliver get-well messages! Chinasi and her friend Doreen and their moms were enjoying some time swinging outside in the cool air before the storm (it's the rainy season here in Malawi) so we went out to join them and brought Chinasi her messages! Her mom Alinafe was quite eloquent and is so happy, she says she's noticed a big difference in Chinasi and she's doing a lot better now and she's so happy. Chinasi just wanted to see another picture of Emma's cat, 'Psst'. Unfortunately no one else has sent Chinasi more cat photos yet so we had to show her the old one again! A woman named Ashley sent a photo of her doggie Rolo but Chinasi definitely seems more excited about cats! We guess we have a fellow cat person in the hospital! Photo of Chinasi

Dec 15, 2016

Chinasi is SO happy now that she has that broomstick detached from her arm - and the bulky plaster "belt" that was holding it up is off! She's been running around having a blast! If you notice, her arm isn't completely extended yet - the graft wasn't good enough quality to stretch out yet and they were afraid it would just fall to pieces if they did so, so she's going to have it done hopefully next week if the skin is healed enough - please be praying that's the case. Photo of Chinasi

Dec 14, 2016

We brought Chinasi her get-well messages today while she was waiting to go into the operating room for her wound inspection/manipulation under anesthesia. She was so happy to hear from you all! Someone named Emma sent a photo of their orange tabby cat, and Chinasi said she should name her 'Pssst', because that's the sound you make when you're calling a cat here! Photo of Chinasi

Dec 13, 2016

Chinasi's been relaxing in bed for most of today from what we've seen, although she got up and watched some tv this morning! Because we're short staffed due to the holidays, all the wound inspections are happening tomorrow. That means she'll be going into the operating room tomorrow, not today! Photo of Chinasi

Dec 12, 2016

Chinasi loves playing with 'balloons' - today she was blowing up another glove and playing with it! She's already made friends with another CUREkid, Tamara, and they were watching some tv together. You can see what an awkward angle her arm is at now, and why her mom thought she should stay in bed! Fortunately, tomorrow she's going back into the operating room and will have the wound inspected and the arm straightened all the way! Please be praying for her! Photo of Chinasi

Dec 09, 2016

Chinasi is doing well today! She'll be having a wound inspection on Tuesday. She's been in bed a lot so we asked the doctors and they said it's fine if she walks around a little, so we made sure to get someone to tell her mom, who sounded surprised! Chinasi got up almost immediately, but now she's back in bed - her frame is a pretty big contraption to lug around on your arm all day! She was content to play with one of the doctor's gloves and having a lot of fun blowing it up though! Photo of Chinasi

Dec 08, 2016

Chinasi has been pretty much stuck in bed with her splint for the last couple of days but that hasn't stopped her from smiling and being happy! She really enjoyed Thandy translating get-well messages to her today - and her mom is grateful for your prayers! Chinasi told us that she's not in pain and really enjoyed her lunch - beef and nsima! Photo of Chinasi

Dec 07, 2016

Chinasi's doing really well today and was smiling at us this morning! The camera seems to make her serious face come out, oh well! Her operation yesterday went well but she'll go back to theater next week after the skin has healed a bit to have her arm fully extended and put in a splint - right now it's bent slightly to let the graft heal. Please keep here in your prayers! Photo of Chinasi

Dec 06, 2016

Chinasi had her operation today! The doctors decided they couldn't do the hand first - they wanted to do it first because hand function is more important and the longer they wait the more contracted it will get. They also had to wait because her arm couldn't stretch far enough to get her hand into the correct position for the abdominal flap. Dr. Lubega released her axilla (fancy word for armpit!) and elbow which both had burn contractures keeping them bent. Most of it he covered with the skin already there, but they also needed a small skin graft from her leg to cover the extra bits of flesh. Please be praying her skin graft takes well when they check it next week, and that she's not in much pain tomorrow! Photo of Chinasi

Dec 05, 2016

Chinasi is back! Her skin graft has healed well enough to do a second operation, so the doctors are trying to decide what to do next, her arm or her hand. The back of her hand will most likely need to be done next with an abdominal flap, where the hand is sewn into a skin flap on the stomach for a couple weeks until it heals onto the hand. Unfortunately because of the contractures at her armpit and elbow its difficult to get the hand into the correct position to attach it to the stomach, but for some reason it's preferable to do the hand first so they're trying to figure out if they can do the abdominal flap higher on the stomach than normal. Please be praying for her, she'll have her operation later this week! Photo of Chinasi

Nov 01, 2016

Chinasi's gone home! She'll be seen at our Dedza clinic at the end of November and booked for her second operation here at CURE when we see how her arm is doing - she'll probably be back early next year for a stomach flap! Since Chinasi is gone, here's a photo of her little friend Julia, who was wearing a lovely Snow White dress this morning! Please be praying for Chinasi and Julia as they heal from burn contractures! Photo of Chinasi

Oct 31, 2016

We're pretty sure Chinasi has been discharged today after her wound dressing, but we can't seem to find the discharge papers - it's been crazy at the nurses station today because a lot of new kids were admitted so we're not 100% sure! We'll update you all when we find the paper with the information on when she's coming back, in the meantime, please pray for her while she recovers at home! Photo of Chinasi

Oct 28, 2016

We read Chinasi her get-well messages today and she really enjoyed hearing from all her new supporters! On ward rounds it was decided that if her wound looks good, she may be able to go home on Monday - please be praying that's the case! Photo of Chinasi

Oct 27, 2016

Chinasi has been having great fun with Gloria today - we were doing a photoshoot with Gloria (because she loves having her picture taken) and Chinasi ran up to join! Then when we tried to leave they both followed us and were peering through the windows trying to get another photo taken! Silly girls! Photo of Chinasi

Oct 26, 2016

Chinasi has been making friends! We heard singing outside our window and it sounded like an adorable scene so we went out to investigate! It was Chinasi, Gloria and Julia, all singing worship songs and giggling! It very quickly evolved into a photo session - here is one where we tried getting a photo of Julia, and then Gloria tried to get in on the action, but it ended with Chinasi on top because she stepped right in front of the camera! Chinasi's skin graft is a little infected so she will be getting daily wound dressings - please pray she gets better quickly! Photo of Chinasi

Oct 25, 2016

Chinasi is doing well today, and is just waiting to go into theater to have a wound inspection. We'll find out tomorrow during ward rounds how her wound looks - please pray that the skin graft is clean and taking well! Photo of Chinasi

Oct 24, 2016

Meet Chinasi! She's a little girl with a very serious burn contracture on her hand - there was a bit of a run-around while we tried to get an opinion from the plastic surgeon at nearby Queens Hospital about whether there was any hope at all or if an amputation would be better in the long run. He decided that it's worth it to try to save the hand. First off, the burn contracture around her arm was still a bit raw, so we skin grafted that already this past week, and she'll be having a wound inspection tomorrow to see if the graft took. After that, we'll release the wrist and then fingers in multiple stages over the next year. Please be praying for this little girl! Photo of Chinasi

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