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  • Age3
  • Conditiona limb deformity
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Boniface's Story

“Boniface is my last child among the five and he loves jumping around joyfully! He was born with syndactyly in both hands. When I took him to a local hospital, I was told that he has to go to another hospital where I then got referred to CURE. I … Read more

“Boniface is my last child among the five and he loves jumping around joyfully! He was born with syndactyly in both hands. When I took him to a local hospital, I was told that he has to go to another hospital where I then got referred to CURE. I did not hesitate to come here. It was hard to keep waiting and going a hospital and a hospital. I finally got seen by CURE doctors who promise me that my child will be well, but I had to wait. It seemed long waiting, but it has been worthy waiting. With how I was told by CURE doctors, I had courage enough to wait because it was worthy waiting for Boniface’s operation. Boniface has already made some friends and this just encourages me that he is well and interactive. In that way, he will be happy and can respond to the treatment well. One thing that I love about CURE is that we put God first and everything comes later. This is so important and it has already transformed many others because of these prayers and devotions,” Boniface’s mother, Margret told us.

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Latest Updates

Sep 12, 2017

Turns out Boniface is NOT having surgery this week! Besides malaria, which is easily and quickly treatable, he also has a low blood count, which means it's not safe to operate to him. He's going to go home probably with some medication and will hopefully be back when he's better! Photo of Boniface

Sep 11, 2017

Ever smiling Boniface is back and already showing off his cuteness! Boniface was supposed to have surgery on Wednesday, but is on malaria treatment, so will be having a surgery later. Please continue praying for Boniface as he is waiting for the operation and heals from malaria! Photo of Boniface

Aug 01, 2017

Boniface is back for a checkup and showing his cute little grin! He hasn't been wearing splints or doing physiotherapy so his fingers have contracted - gotten stiff and clawed. They're having him come for another operation on September 10th! Photo of Boniface

Feb 23, 2017

Boniface is going home today! We're gonna miss his adorable little giggle, grin, and the cute way he sticks out his tongue! We were trying (very unsuccessfully) to teach him how to say "bye bye" for a video for you all and finally gave up and went back to our office to work... but he wanted more fun time with CUREkids Coordinator Avanell and the camera! It's hard to get any work done when you're being chased down by this cutie! He was making some pretty adorable faces through the physio door before he finally ran off to get his mom to let him in! We're gonna miss him bunches but he'll be back for his final surgery on April 9th, so stay tuned! The YouTube link is at

Feb 22, 2017

It's really hard to get different angles on Boniface because every time he sees me with the camera he runs up and tries to get held, or at the very least photographed! This is a pretty regular viewpoint - trying to get picked up! I spotted him from our office and called his name, but he was having a hilariously hard time figuring out where the voice was coming from, so I decided to go outside to say hi! Photo of Boniface

Feb 21, 2017

We've had pretty bad internet recently, but today it's been amazing so you all are in for a treat - two videos of Boniface taken over the past week of his adventures in the hospital! First up, a clip from last week of Physio Student Blessings hard at work in the physiotherapy department, towing Boniface and the dino around! And below, this is basically what happens whenever I'm in the ward with my camera and Boniface and Calvine are loose. That day they were listening to the worship team practicing in the playroom but unfortunately for me, they weren't distracted for very long before they decided to go back to the 'chase Avanell and try to get tossed in the air and get saliva on the camera' game! Today Boniface is doing well, besides a little pain from a wound inspection this morning. The wound is a little wet down at the base of his fingers so they're going to dress it to try to get it clean and dry. Hopefully by his next wound inspection on Thursday, he'll be ready for home! Youtube links are at and

Feb 20, 2017

Boniface is all over again today - he came on ward rounds with us this morning - and Dr. Lubega picked him up and tickled him, great fun! Then later we found him crawling around the bike outside with Telesifolo. And just now we saw him stamping around the kitchen with Joseph and Dalitso! Photo of Boniface

Feb 17, 2017

Meet the newest physiotherapy intern, Boniface! He's been EVERYWHERE today - mostly he's been playing in the physiotherapy department with Calvine since there's a ton of toys in there! He wandered into the physiotherapy office with his toy car, silly boy! Please be praying for him, it looks like he has a bit of a sneeze and a runny nose! Photo of Boniface

Feb 15, 2017

Little Boniface needed his wound inspection done today - he was in and out in a flash and is fast asleep now. Anesthesia does that to you! The doctor's notes in his file, although hard to read, seem to say that the wound looks clean and dry! He'll probably have another wound inspection next week and then will be set to go home, unless they decide it looks so good he can go home sooner! Photo of Boniface

Feb 14, 2017

Boniface has made new friends, Daniel and Jonathan, and apparently lying on the floor while you get your photo taken is the newest game in the hospital - it's always something new here at CURE Malawi, and apparently EVERYTHING is worth giggling about when Boniface is involved! Photo of Boniface

Feb 13, 2017

Boniface keeps running up to CUREkids Coordinator Avanell and asking her to pick him up! He loves getting tossed in the air and is constantly chasing her, trying to get her to do it! Even during spiritual meetings in the chapel, where she had to take him outside so he didn't disturb the meeting. Here he is 'hiding' pretty ineffectively, behind the curtains! Photo of Boniface

Feb 10, 2017

We brought Boniface his get well messages today! He was hanging out with his mom under the gazebo outside and ran away giggling when we walked up towards him. He isn't speaking yet but seemed to like the get well messages - Thandy would ask him questions and he makes a cute little "eh?" sound in response. Thandy also taught him how to do high fives! Almost. We need to practice. Photo of Boniface

Feb 09, 2017

Boniface's surgery yesterday went really well! He was in the ward today looking a bit mopey - he hasn't perked up yet so we think he's still feeling some post op pain - please pray he'll be back to his bouncy, giggly self soon! Dr. Linda released the middle fingers on his right hand, marking them and cutting the skin in a zig-zag pattern to cover as much of the flesh between the fingers as possible. Then she took a skin graft from his stomach and filled in the extra bits! Please be praying that the skin heals onto his hand well. He'll have a wound inspection next week to check the graft. Photo of Boniface

Feb 08, 2017

For once Boniface isn't looking happy - we're pretty sure this is the first time ever he hasn't smiled for us! He's going into his surgery today and he was hungry from fasting and probably a bit apprehensive about having another operation. He was fussing a bit but was easily distracted by some pictures on the back of the camera. Please be praying his operation goes smoothly, we'll post photos and more information tomorrow! Photo of Boniface

Feb 07, 2017

Boniface is such a legend. He was charming all the doctors during ward rounds this morning with his grin, and CUREkids Coordinator Avanell put her notebook on his head, which he thought was quite funny! After he took it off Dr. Saf gave him a pen and he started scribbling away on the ward round notes! Boniface will be having surgery first thing tomorrow, please be praying it all goes smoothly and that he's just as happy afterwards as he is today! He's been running up to us all day and asking to be tossed in the air (apparently his favorite pastime based on his squeals and giggles)! Photo of Boniface

Feb 06, 2017

Guess who's back for round three of surgeries! It's our pal Boniface! He's already running around giggling and grinning and yelling for us to pick him up! He'll be having surgery most likely on Wednesday for another syndactyly release, stay tuned! Photo of Boniface

Nov 22, 2016

Boniface is going home today! We're gonna miss his cute little smile and giggles so much! He loves being tossed in the air by CKC Avanell and kept reaching out for her this morning, the little cutie! He'll be back on Dec 20th for a checkup and will probably be rebooked for his next operation! Photo of Boniface

Nov 21, 2016

Boniface is doing well and is back from Feed the Children! He was "helping" his mommy do the laundry this morning and now he's running back and forth in front of the big mirror in the ward, enjoying seeing himself! He'll have another wound inspection in the ward tomorrow and hopefully head home if it looks good! Photo of Boniface

Nov 15, 2016

Boniface's wound is looking amazing according to the doctors! We're so happy! He needs another quick inspection next Tuesday in the ward before they're comfortable sending him away though. In the meantime, he'll either go to Feed the Children, a local shelter where we send kids when the ward is full, or if his family lives near enough to afford transportation home and back, he might go home and just come in as an outpatient. We think he lives pretty far though, so he'll probably be at FTC until next week! Here he is waving goodbye! Photo of Boniface

Nov 14, 2016

Boniface had a wound check this morning and has been sleeping most of the day away after! His mommy looks pretty tired too, she fell asleep watching over him. It's the hot season here in Malawi and it's quite stuffy in the ward so it's easy to drift off! We'll find out tomorrow during ward rounds what the verdict was about his skin graft. Photo of Boniface

Nov 11, 2016

Boniface is doing well, we brought him some messages today from all his adoring fans - hard not to adore such an adorable grin! He's one year old so, as Thandy says, he said "zero" in response, but he did really seem to enjoy getting attention from Thandy and you all, even if he didn't understand fully! His mom, however, says to thank you for the prayers and encouragement! Photo of Boniface

Nov 10, 2016

Boniface is so cute! He was hanging out with his mommy and some of the other toddlers and was hiding behind a crate and exploring when we found him! As soon as we got his attention he ran out to get his photo taken though. He loves the camera so much and is always popping out for a picture! Photo of Boniface

Nov 09, 2016

Our adorable Boniface is still in the hospital, raising all our spirits with his sweet little grin! We love how happy he is all the time, even right after surgery! He might be going to Feed the Children, a local shelter, until it's time for his wound check next week. Photo of Boniface

Nov 08, 2016

Boniface's surgery went well and he's toddling around the ward now, grinning at everyone! Dr. Maina and Dr. Hilary released his right little finger, cutting it away from the other two fingers it was fused to, and then took a small skin graft from his upper arm to cover the exposed flesh. Please be praying his graft takes well! He'll have a wound check next week! Photo of Boniface

Nov 07, 2016

Boniface was admitted for his second operation yesterday and went in today to have the little finger on his right hand released (opposite from the first time)! His operation went smoothly and we'll post more photos of his surgery and information tomorrow! Photo of Boniface

Oct 18, 2016

Boniface was discharged home today! He even gave Dr. Maina a hug this morning! Before he left, he got CUREkids Coordinator Avanell to get in a photo for once (usually she's behind the camera)! We're going to miss him a lot, but he's coming back in early November for another operation! Photo of Boniface

Oct 14, 2016

CKC Thandy loves playing with Boniface, and vice versa! During ward rounds this morning, Thandy was tossing Boniface gently in the air, much to his delight! We love playing with such an adorable little chap! Photo of Boniface

Oct 13, 2016

Boniface has the exact same expression on his face as yesterday! He really likes grinning while chewing on his fingers! His wound inspection went well and the graft is still intact, but he'll need to stay another week and have another inspection next week, please be praying it still looks good then! Photo of Boniface

Oct 12, 2016

Look at this munchkin! Boniface has been charming us all week. Today during lunch he was eating his thumb instead of his food! We'll find out tomorrow how his wound inspection went, please keep him in your prayers. Photo of Boniface

Oct 11, 2016

CUREkids Coordinator Thandy is hoarding all the babies! Thandy loves to play with the toddlers and carry them around and they love him back! Boniface was having a great time and although Yusuf isn't grinning as big, he always gets really upset when Thandy walks away and stops playing with them! It's hard to get work done when these charmers are distracting you with their giggles! Photo of Boniface

Oct 10, 2016

Boniface was having a blast playing with the mirror this afternoon during TV time! We love how happy and bubbly this kid is. He was basically playing peekaboo with us with the mirror! He'll be having a wound inspection in the next couple days so please keep him in your prayers. Photo of Boniface

Oct 07, 2016

Boniface was having teatime today with his mommy and his new little friend Yusuf, who has clubfoot. They were both thrilled to have their photos taken! We told Boniface that shoes are for wearing, not eating for teatime! We're sure that a biscuit would taste a lot better with tea than an old shoe! Photo of Boniface

Oct 06, 2016

Boniface is looking pretty happy for a kid who had surgery just yesterday! He didn't even cry when the doctors looked at his hands (although he didn't look happy when they did either). Yesterday, Dr. Maina released his little finger on his left hand from the two other fused fingers and took a small skin graft from his upper arm to cover the exposed flesh. He'll need several more operations in the future, please be praying that the skin graft from this operation takes well! Photo of Boniface

Oct 05, 2016

Boniface is up and ready to go into his operation! Just kidding, he was snoozing away on his mom's back while she and the other patients and Fanny from the Spiritual team prayed for the day's operations to go well! He's already had his surgery, it's gone smoothly and we'll post more photos and info tomorrow! Photo of Boniface

Oct 04, 2016

Today during ward rounds the doctors decided they will be operating on Boniface's left hand tomorrow! Unfortunately, since both of his hands have three fingers fused together, he will need to have four operations total. There's a risk of cutting off blood supply if they separate two fingers at once. Please be praying for him when he goes to surgery tomorrow morning! Photo of Boniface

Oct 03, 2016

Meet Boniface! Boniface is a sweet little boy with bilateral syndactyly on his hands - that means his fingers have fused together. He'll probably be having his operation later this week, but we're not sure if they'll operate on both hands at the same time or one after another - it depends on what the doctors and his mom Margret decide. Please be praying for him! Photo of Boniface

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