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  • Age18
  • Conditiona limb deformity
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Square's Story

“My mother told me that I was born well. But it looks like I have had this deformity since birth because I have suffered for a long time and it has really disturbed my education and so many things in my life that I have wished to do. Like now, I … Read more

“My mother told me that I was born well. But it looks like I have had this deformity since birth because I have suffered for a long time and it has really disturbed my education and so many things in my life that I have wished to do. Like now, I have dropped out of school and I cannot walk far to my friends. I have to be somewhere near my house. I feel pain when I walk. I want to get helped and if possible, I want go back to school. I want to reach my goals and live a good life. Ever since I was five, this deformity has really also cost my parents and I want it to come to an end. As we have come here at CURE, I believe that I will be well and the doctors will help me to get better. We are seven in my family and I am the sixth child. We have been here before, but it was long time ago. I got helped and things were better. Then later on, the deformity came again. I like CURE so much. It is very child friendly which helps us to smile and joke about the cartoons on the walls. I love the spiritual side as well, it helps us to be focused on thanking God for CURE and our lives,” says Square.

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Latest Updates

Dec 14, 2016

Square's getting discharged today! He's all set to go home - we're gonna miss him a lot! We brought him all your well-wishes before he left, and this is what he wanted to say to you all, "Thankful for all the help you have given me. I have been looked after so well. People of CURE, thanks so much for loving, supporting, caring and making my life better. Thanks to Thandy and Avanell for making my days fun and smiley." He's so sweet! Photo of Square

Dec 13, 2016

"Sharp, sharp, sharp, I am fine!" That's what Square said when we took this photo - and also showed us his foot! 'Sharp' is South African slang, an exclamation expressing agreement or approval - CUREkids Coordinator Avanell had to look that up since she's from the States, and a lot of kids here use it! Square's doing well today! He's such a great guy, he's been making friends with all the toddlers by tickling and playing with them, and keeps the rest of us cheerful as well with his antics! Photo of Square

Dec 12, 2016

Square's back from Queens! He was looking so happy in the ward, showing off his new AFO. Right after this photo, his mom came over and made him get out of the wheelchair - he doesn't need it anymore! Since all he needed was the AFO, he'll probably be discharged soon! Photo of Square

Dec 09, 2016

Square is STILL at Queens trying to get an AFO, and may or may not get discharged over the weekend, so here's another featured guest on his page while we wait for him to come back - Neymar! We think he looks like he's about to enter a boxing match and is pretty sure that he's gonna win! We'll let you know on Monday what happened with Square (and if Neymar won his match)! Photo of Square

Dec 08, 2016

Square has been out of the hospital all day today, he went to the nearby Queens public hospital to try to get an AFO from a sponsor there since he can't afford to travel to Lilongwe - we hope it works out, he's been gone since this morning! Please be praying he gets it and gets it fitted properly. He'll probably be back tomorrow since he hasn't been officially discharged yet. In the meantime, here's a photo of these little rascals who have been making friends in the ward - Harrison, Francis, Promise and Watipatso! Photo of Square

Dec 07, 2016

Square's doing well today! This photo is from yesterday after his operation - he was a bit loopy post-anesthesia and was giggling and giving us thumbs up a lot! We're glad he's happy, better than being in pain (although he's acting more normal today)! He needs an insole and an AFO, so we're going to send him home and arrange for him to go to '500 Miles' in Lilongwe to get it. Unfortunately, since he's almost an adult, we'll pay for the first AFO, but since they wear out he'll need to save up for getting new ones every so often, and they can be pretty expensive for people from Malawi - please be praying for him! Photo of Square

Dec 06, 2016

Square's flashing his signature grin despite the fact he's going into the operating room today to have a wire removed! We're so excited for him - and he's also excited to get the wire out, get an AFO, and be able to walk around on his healed foot! We're loving the floral robe they gave him for waiting to go into theater! Photo of Square

Dec 05, 2016

Square's back at the hospital and looked so excited to get his casts off - double thumbs up! He's been readmitted to the hospital because he needs to have a wire taken out of his foot tomorrow, and then we'll be arranging for him to go to '500 Miles' in Lilongwe to get an AFO (ankle-foot-orthotic) to keep his foot in place! Photo of Square

Oct 19, 2016

Square was discharged today, so we read him some of his (very many) get-well messages before he left! He is SO excited to go home and to be able to go to school again - he told us he was going to read and study up and go back in two to three months when the new school semester starts. After nearly a year out of school, he's itching to get back! He'll be back here Dec 5th to have his cast off and to get an AFO (ankle-foot-orthotic) arranged. Photo of Square

Oct 18, 2016

Square's still hanging around the hospital after a long weekend, yesterday was a national holiday, Malawian Mother's Day. He's looking good and the Spiritual Department even presented him with his very own Bible to read at home! Photo of Square

Oct 14, 2016

Square's operation yesterday for his cavo varus foot went well! Dr. Lubega and Dr. Hilary did lots of different things to make his foot straight! They did some soft tissue releases to the tendons so they would pull in different directions, as well as a boney operation at the back of his foot, and put some wires and screws in to keep it in place until it heals. Please be praying that his recovery goes well, he was a bit loopy with pain meds today, and he'll be with us until at least next week while we wait for the swelling to go down before he can have a completed cast! Photo of Square

Oct 13, 2016

Square's waiting to go in for his procedure! So exciting! As always he's grinning big! He'll be having a bunch of things done to his foot - Dr. Lubega told Dr. Hillary, who's in training, that they would be doing six different things! Please be praying for him, and we'll update you on how his surgery went tomorrow! Photo of Square

Oct 12, 2016

Square was making an awesome silly face, sticking out his tongue, but as soon as we turned the camera on him he stopped! Oh well. He's going in for his operation tomorrow, it turns out his MRI results were all clear so he doesn't need any spinal surgery before he can have an operation on his foot. Please be praying that his surgery for his foot tomorrow goes well! Photo of Square

Oct 11, 2016

We're waiting for ward rounds tomorrow morning to discover what the MRI results showed for Square! Please be praying there's nothing wrong with his spine and that we will be able to go ahead with surgery on his foot! Today he was having fun playing Bao with Christian, but he's always willing to flash a grin for the camera! Photo of Square

Oct 10, 2016

Square's MRI results are back so the doctors just need to look at them before they decide what the next steps are for dealing with his foot, or seeing if he will need some sort of spinal surgery first. In the meantime, he's back in the hospital and making friends with Boniface! Photo of Square

Sep 29, 2016

Square has gone home temporarily, but will be back next week for his MRI at Queens Hospital, which is booked on October 6th. Since he lives so far away, he's probably going to stay with relatives who live locally, since was a long and expensive journey to get here! Please be praying for him, that his MRI will be clean and show no problems so he can have the operation on his foot soon! Photo of Square

Sep 28, 2016

Square was pushing his friend Fanizo around in the wheelchair this morning! They both went outside to grab some sunshine and a picture! Square still needs to be scheduled for his MRI, and once they know the date, he will head to Feed The Children, a local shelter that holds our kids when the ward is too full! Photo of Square

Sep 27, 2016

Square was having a lot of fun in the playroom today, entertaining the younger kids! We'll hopefully be hearing during ward rounds tomorrow when he's been scheduled to have his MRI, which he needs before any operation can happen! Photo of Square

Sep 26, 2016

Meet Square! He was outside playing Bao with Caroline and Priscilla this afternoon! We love his smile! He's going to have surgery for his cavovarus foot, but before that happens he'll need to get an MRI from nearby Queens Hospital to make sure there's no spinal issues (which sometimes cause cavovarus foot). Please be praying for him! Depending on when he is getting his MRI he might be in and out of our hospital and either at home or at a local shelter, Feed the Children, before he is able to get his operation! Photo of Square

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