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Caroline's Story

“Caroline was born well. It has been three years now since Caroline has had pain in her hip. It has been really hard for her to live with this condition because it has caused her to withdraw from school and some of her social activities. We took … Read more

“Caroline was born well. It has been three years now since Caroline has had pain in her hip. It has been really hard for her to live with this condition because it has caused her to withdraw from school and some of her social activities. We took her to the hospital, but all the hospitals that we have been going to have not been able to help my child because they would just give her painkillers and send her back home without a successful treatment. We then returned home and with disappointment. Even though we felt like losing hope, I kept hoping that someday Caroline will be treated and she will walk like before again. We really felt at home as we came through CURE, they have admitted my granddaughter who soon will be undergoing treatment. I am so happy and so thankful to come here to CURE for help,” said Caroline’s grandmother, Maria.

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Latest Updates

Apr 30, 2018

Caroline's getting discharged today! We're going to miss her sweet smile so much. We'll see her again on June 24th when she'll be readmitted for some intensive physiotherapy. We asked her what she's looking forward to doing when she gets home but she got super shy on us! She did say, "I want to play," but wouldn't say what. She's also looking forward to seeing her little sister Gloria! Please pray for safe travels as she heads home. Photo of Caroline

Apr 27, 2018

Caroline's operation went well today but it was a major one and she's still looking a bit sick today now that she's recovering, so please pray she feels better soon! Dr. James made cuts to her femur to make a little shelf that her pelvis could rest on, then put plates on to hold everything together, which you can see in her after x-ray. She's doing well but won't be able to walk for 6-8 weeks and will be in a wheelchair most of the time for about three months. She'll need a lot of physiotherapy to keep things loose, so please be praying for her as she has a long journey ahead of her! Photo of Caroline

Apr 25, 2018

Caroline was having fun playing bao with the incorrigible Lufina yesterday before Lufina headed home! Today during ward rounds, Dr. James gave us an update. Tomorrow Caroline is going to have a bilateral pelvic support osteotomy with plates instead of frames - basically he's going to cut the top bit of her femurs to create a little shelf which will hold up her pelvis and help her walk better, and then will fix them with metal plates. Unfortunately this means the gap between her legs will be a bit smaller than usual, so her knees will be closer than most of ours. He reassured her mother that she will still be able to do most things and that she will still be able to give birth when she's older. Please be praying for her as she will be having a 6-7 hour surgery tomorrow! Photo of Caroline

Apr 23, 2018

Caroline's back! She's going to have her hips operated on later this week, but the doctors are still deciding on exactly what to do. Bilateral girdlestone operations (where the head of the hip needs to be removed) are fairly rare - if it's one side, you can do an intense operation and frame program called a pelvic support osteotomy, but since it's so difficult for the kids to manage the intense physiotherapy with just one side we're trying to find an alternative instead of doing that to both hips. Please be praying for wisdom for the doctors and that her surgery goes well! Photo of Caroline

Jun 28, 2017

We brought Caroline her get-well messages today! She'll be going home soon after she learns some exercises and will be seen in Lilongwe in September. She hopes she'll be able to go back to school after treatment since it's been hard to walk to school with her painful hip. She says it hurts a lot less now! Photo of Caroline

Jun 27, 2017

We haven't seen Caroline since Thursday, but she's gotten off traction over the weekend and is now walking around a lot! We spotted her in physiotherapy this afternoon and she looks relieved that the painful hip is gone. Thank you for your prayers for her! Photo of Caroline

Jun 22, 2017

Caroline's stuck in bed, but she doesn't look too frustrated about it yet! She's still smiling and seems to be feeling a lot better. Thank you for your prayers, keep them coming! Photo of Caroline

Jun 21, 2017

Dr. Christy and Dr. Karolina removed Caroline's painful hip yesterday! Her surgery went well and now she's in bed recovering. Please be praying for her as she's going to be stuck in bed on traction for about a week now, she'll need lots of patience! Photo of Caroline

Jun 20, 2017

Caroline's waiting to go in for her second girdlestone today! Please be praying for her as she has her surgery later! Photo of Caroline

Jun 19, 2017

We spotted Caroline in clinic and have just learned that she's being readmitted! We asked Dr. James what's going on and he said that both her hips have been destroyed in childhood (so we don't know how or why) - one worse than the other - so she's come in to have the same operation (girdlestone procedure) on the left that she's already had on the right. The hip is very painful and they've tried doing injections for the pain, but it hasn't helped. It's a bad idea to do the girdlestone on both sides because it makes it a lot harder to walk and will mean that she might need bilateral pelvic support osteotomies - major surgeries that require frames and a lot of time since you can't do them both at once. Caroline just wants the pain to stop though since at the moment she can't walk very far at all before it's overwhelming, so they asked to go through with a second girdlestone operation. Please pray for her as she has surgery later this year and has a very long journey of healing and recovery ahead of her. Photo of Caroline

Jan 30, 2017

Caroline is going home today or tomorrow! She'll be seen in Lilongwe in June and they'll decide whether the physiotherapy is working or if she needs anything else done surgically - often plans change as the kids' bones grow, but hopefully she won't need another operation. She was chilling with Hendrina and Carolyn this morning in the ward! Photo of Caroline

Jan 27, 2017

Caroline is doing well! We brought her get well messages today now that she's back from Queens Hospital. Her mom is so grateful for all the help and prayers, and Caroline says 'thank you for all the people who are sending messages'! She is happy with the help from the physios, and told us she wouldn't know what to do without CURE! Photo of Caroline

Jan 26, 2017

Poor Caroline is away for the day at Queens Hospital getting a shoe raise and missed having time in the playroom with all the other kids, including Hendrina (pictured)! We were wondering where she was all day and finally asked physiotherapist Ndapile, who confirmed she's at Queens Hospital getting the shoe raise - we asked if she'd go home after and she said, "She'll go home... when I'm happy. And I'm not happy right now." Unfortunately because of family situations at home, Caroline hasn't been doing her exercises so she's regressing. Ndapile has asked the Spiritual Department to talk to her and her grandmother to try to make sure that she does the workouts at home, and is teaching her the technical parts of doing the exercises in the meantime. Please pray that we get her all set up with good motivation to work on her hip at home so she can heal! Photo of Caroline

Jan 25, 2017

So the news is that Caroline doesn't need surgery (now at least). She'll be able to walk fine with a long-term shoe raise and some physiotherapy. When she's fully grown (in 10 years) she might need a total hip replacement, but we can't do that until she's stopped growing. We're so happy for her! She'll be around for a bit longer while she does therapy with the physios! Photo of Caroline

Jan 24, 2017

Caroline and her grandmother Maria were enjoying some nsima and beef this afternoon! It was nice and rainy out so it was cool in the kitchen area. We still don't know if Caroline is going to have an operation or not, but we'll let you know tomorrow what the doctors have decided during ward rounds! Photo of Caroline

Jan 23, 2017

Caroline is back in the hospital and is doing well! She's not walking normally yet, but has lots of range of movement. The doctors are going to do Xrays on her hip and knees to see what's going on. Sometimes younger kids can end up walking fine without having a Pelvic Support Osteotomy, which is a major surgery that includes months in a frame and lots of physiotherapy. Dr. James is hoping that what she has left of a hip will work fine so she doesn't need a PSO and will just have lots of therapy instead to get walking better. Fortunately there's not a whole lot of leg length discrepancy, which is usually a big issue with kids who have had the ball of their hip removed. Instead of using a frame to lengthen the leg, we might be able to just stop the growth plate in her knee on the other side. Please be praying she won't need the major PSO surgery! Photo of Caroline

Sep 28, 2016

Caroline is heading home today! She and Priscilla had one last physiotherapy appointment with Patrick before they left! She'll be back in January, when we'll review her to see if she's healed enough for her next surgery, the pelvic support osteotomy! Please be praying for both of these lovely girls! Photo of Caroline

Sep 27, 2016

Caroline is still around, and was in the playroom sitting next to Priscilla again! They haven't gone home yet because they're both waiting for shoe raises. They went to get fitted today and were told to come back tomorrow for them! Photo of Caroline

Sep 26, 2016

Caroline has been doing well today and has been watching tv then running - well, crutching - around outside with her friend Priscilla! They're both headed home sometime today or tomorrow, so please be praying for them both while they heal! Caroline will be coming back in several months for her next operation! Photo of Caroline

Sep 23, 2016

Caroline’s operation went well! The doctors cut into her hip and removed the deformed ball of the hip – it was a bit smushed and Dr. Nick, who is visiting from Belgium, said, “That should be a ball, not that!” They then washed out the cavity and took a couple samples to do a biopsy just in case they’re missing something (it looks like a post-infection). In a few months, Caroline will come back for a PSO – a pelvic support osteotomy, where the femur is cut to make a sort of support for the pelvis to rest on, and then a frame is put on while it heals and to make up for the loss of length from that operation. Please be praying for Caroline as she heals! Photo of Caroline

Sep 23, 2016

Meet the REAL Caroline! We accidentally mixed her up with another girl, Priscilla, because they were both having the same operation on Tuesday! The story belongs to Caroline, but the photos were of Priscilla! Typically in theater the kid’s face is hidden behind a curtain, and that’s why we didn’t notice we made the switchup during her surgery! Both girls had good operations and are in recovering in the ward now, please be praying for them both! Caroline is a sweet girl with a painful hip, which the doctors removed. She is now recovering in the ward, please be praying for her! She’ll come back in a couple months for another surgery, a pelvic support osteotomy! Photo of Caroline

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