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Shakira's Story

“We usually leave the children playing back home when we want to go to get firewood in the bush,” said Agnes, Shakira’s mother.

Shakira is a lovely girl who comes from an area where our doctors go and hold a clinic and book children wh… Read more

“We usually leave the children playing back home when we want to go to get firewood in the bush,” said Agnes, Shakira’s mother.

Shakira is a lovely girl who comes from an area where our doctors go and hold a clinic and book children who need to be treated. We met Shakira at her local hospital where she has been having her wound dressings following the burn accident. Shakira got burned on her face and on her right hand when she was left at home with her sister wrapped in a cloth sitting near the fire warming themselves. Unknowingly, Shakira’s loose clothing caught fire and she was burned. It was the neighbors who came to her rescue and first aid. When her mother came, Shakira was taken to the hospital where she had her wounds dressed and they healed. However, her skin became contracted and she can no longer use her right hand as she used to. The fingers on her right hand are all contracted. In order to adapt, she has been learning to use her left hand which has not been easy for Shakira. There are two in her family and she is the youngest. Her parents earn a living by practising local farming activity. Please join us in praying for Shakira’s healing!

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Latest Updates

Jun 20, 2017

Shakira's heading home today! We're going to miss her smiles so much. She's happy to go home, but granny Agnes is even more excited to go home and return to her family! Please be praying for a safe journey for them! Photo of Shakira

Jun 19, 2017

Shakira is our resident cheerer-upper! Whenever CUREkids Coordinator Avanell is having a rough day she goes and finds Shakira - nothing quite as joy-inducing as having a little kid laughing and giggling and chasing you! She grabbed my pocket though and Faith told me that Shakira wants to steal my money, so I guess I'll have to keep an eye on my change! Photo of Shakira

Jun 16, 2017

In typical form, Shakira's been wheeling around physiotherapy on one of the walkers - we don't think she needs it since her injury is on her hand not her feet! Her graft looked good when they checked it; clean and healing well, but she's going to have another inspection next week before they send her home. Photo of Shakira

Jun 15, 2017

Shakira has been touching EVERYTHING today! She's been all over the place, chasing CUREkids Coordinator Avanell and Thandy! She especially enjoys physiotherapy and our office, where she's been touching the computer keys, the camera, the tripod, the phone, the stuffed animals, and anything else she can get her hands on. This picture was taken in the physiotherapy office, where she led CKC Avanell into for some reason or other. We finally had to pick her up and carry her to lunch because she didn't want to leave! Photo of Shakira

Jun 14, 2017

Shakira had her wound inspection and is now chilling in the recovery bay, although it looks like at this point she wishes she was running around again with the other girls! Fortunately, her friend Lufina stopped by and was chatting with her to keep her from getting bored, and she was 'playing' with her phone! Photo of Shakira

Jun 13, 2017

Shakira's best friend Veronica is going home! They were hiding between beds, eating some chips when we found them, enjoying time together before she leaves. Veronica's graft looks good and we're sure Shakira is going to miss her, but we're glad that she gets to go home! The doctors will be checking Shakira's graft tomorrow in the operating room to see how it looks. Please pray it looks good like Veronica's, and pray that Veronica has a safe trip home! Photo of Shakira

Jun 12, 2017

Sha-sha-shakira! She was enjoying the lovely day outside, it's nice and cool and the kids were all enjoying playing on the bikes! Poor Calvine got knocked over by one and while he wasn't hurt, started crying so Shakira played big sis and walked him back to his granny! Such a good girl! Photo of Shakira

Jun 09, 2017

Shakira is such a funny kid! She was smiling big today and hugging her mom a lot while we brought her get-well messages! She says that she wants to go home and see everyone, especially her granny, but otherwise she's good and happy. Photo of Shakira

Jun 08, 2017

Shakira and Veronica were having a blast on the playground today! They were thrilled to get pushed around on the roundabout! Unfortunately for Shakira, who just wants to play, will be having her operation later this afternoon. Please be praying for her as she has surgery later today! Photo of Shakira

Jun 07, 2017

Shakira and Veronica have become fast friends, and they both have burn contractures! There was some debate as to whether or not Shakira will have her operation today, but there's some training going on for local staff to teach the proper method to treat clubfoot so a few of the doctors who usually operate today are busy with that. Please be praying for her as she waits for surgery! Photo of Shakira

Jun 06, 2017

Shakira's such a blast to be around - she's been yelling and giggling all day, playing outside with her friends and in general, making us smile a lot! She seems to find it particularly funny to hide her face from the camera (all the while giggling) since it causes a bit of frustration! Tickling seemed to get her hands off her face though! Photo of Shakira

Jun 05, 2017

Guess who's back! Shakira shrieked and giggled when she saw us! Mostly because we started tickling her, but before that too! She's going to have her middle fingers separated and we're so excited for her. She was pretending to be "shy" and was so giggly when we took her photo, trying to hide behind her mom as a game! Photo of Shakira

Nov 29, 2016

Our happy, crazy, delightful, energetic little friend has been discharged today! She's going to have a plaster splint made for her hand by the physios and then they can take out the k-wires that are holding her fingers straight and send her home! She'll be seen at the local hospital for another wound inspection in a week and will be returning in a few months for surgery to have her fingers separated. Please keep her in your prayers! Photo of Shakira

Nov 28, 2016

Shakira is so crazy! We went to see her at lunch and started playing hide-and-seek/tag behind a pillar! She ran up to Thandy and I and hugged us this morning when she saw us, and then followed us out to take photos of the new kids this morning! Photo of Shakira

Nov 24, 2016

Shakira is back from Feed the Children! As soon as her friend Jane saw CKC Avanell she ran to get her. Shakira loves playing tag with Avanell - or rather, loves chasing and being chased around the ward! We caught Shakira pushing this wheelchair around so we sat down in it and she pushed us into another kid's mom while we were turned around looking at Shakira! Oops! Fortunately the mom thought it was funny! Photo of Shakira

Nov 21, 2016

Shakira's wish has come true and she's off to Feed the Children, a local shelter where we send kids when the ward is full. Last Friday she told us that she really, really wanted to go, despite the fact that she hasn't been there before! We guess the clubfoot kids who have been going back and forth were talking it up! Hopefully it measures up to her expectations! We'll probably see her later this week for a wound inspection, please be praying for her. Photo of Shakira

Nov 18, 2016

Shakira is doing well! She's had a very busy day today tormenting CUREkids Coordinator Avanell by chasing her around! She had a 'balloon' made out of a surgical glove that she was tossing around with CKC Avanell and Jane today, but then it popped during teatime and obviously that is quite traumatic so she started crying. Fortunately after CKC Avanell and CKC Thandy started stealing her shoes and playing with her she quickly forgot about it and was laughing again! We brought her some get-well messages and she told us to tell you all "hi" for her! Then she tried to steal our camera lens cap and keys so we had to run away! Photo of Shakira

Nov 17, 2016

Shakira had a really quick operation yesterday and is already giggling and running around like nothing happened today! Dr. Saf and Ns. Margreet released her fingers, which were curled up, and fixed them into a straight position with some wires which will be removed in a couple weeks. They then took a skin graft from her stomach and stitched it to the exposed flesh on the underside of her fingers. She still has two fingers which are fused together but those will have to be separated later, and her thumb might also need a release. It was a really straightforward surgery and she was out in an hour! Photo of Shakira

Nov 16, 2016

Shakira's waiting for her operation to release her fingers and make them straight! When we walked up to take this photo she giggled and hid her face, pretending to be shy! Then she flashed us this lovely grin! She has just gone into the operating room and looked a bit nervous, please be praying for her as she has her surgery today, that it goes smoothly and that the skin graft heals on her hand well. Photo of Shakira

Nov 15, 2016

Shakira's doing well and has been running around the ward laughing and having a blast! It's only noon and she's already watched the Jesus Film with her friend Jane and now is playing outside with Yamikani! They both loved seeing their photo! She'll have an operation tomorrow to straighten her fingers, but she'll still need a third operation in the future to separate them where they've fused together at the base. Please be praying her surgery goes smoothly! Photo of Shakira

Nov 14, 2016

Shakira's back for her next operation to release the burn contratures on her fingers! Her abdominal flap from last time looks so good! When we came in to work this morning we walked in and she peeked around the corner and was giggling when she saw us, playing peek-a-boo! We're so happy to have her back, she'll most likely be having her second operation on Wednesday if all goes well. Photo of Shakira

Apr 06, 2016

Shakira gets to go home today! So exciting! The doctors looked at both of her wounds and decided she was all set to get dressings at home! We brought her some get-well messages before she left, and both she and Chindikani really enjoyed seeing her photo on the computer! After her hand heals, Shakira will be back for an operation on her fingers, so please be praying for her as she recovers at home! Photo of Shakira

Apr 05, 2016

Shakira and her mom were hanging out with our pal Chindikani and his mom this afternoon! Chindikani is one of the cheeriest little guys in the hospital at the moment, and can run really fast despite his bowed legs! Please be praying for both of these cuties! Photo of Shakira

Apr 04, 2016

Look at her... just lounging on her mom's lap, eating rice! They checked her hand and stomach and decided she needs regular dressings for both her hand and her stomach. Her stomach especially will take a while to heal, so they're going to train her mom how to do the dressings so she can do them at home! Please be praying for our sassy Shakira! Photo of Shakira

Apr 01, 2016

Shakira's doing well! The doctors are checking her hand today and then will decide if she can go home today or maybe on Monday! We're so excited she'll be able to go home and recover for a bit before her next operation on her fingers! We brought her get well messages - she loves scrolling up and down and looking at her picture on the computer! Curious girl! Please continue to be praying for her as she heals and maybe travels home this weekend! Photo of Shakira

Mar 31, 2016

Shakira seems quite a bit happier now that her hand is detached! She was hanging outside with her mom and when we came out of theater to take some pictures in the ward she waved us over to take her photo! She's so cute! She was chewing gum so we captured some pretty silly expressions! Photo of Shakira

Mar 30, 2016

Shakira went in to have her hand removed from her stomach today! We caught a picture of her waiting on her mom's back before the operation! She's so cute! Please be praying for her, she was really scared going into theater and cried when she woke up after her operation - we can't imagine she feels very good right now. We'll post photos of her operation tomorrow! Photo of Shakira

Mar 29, 2016

Shakira will have her hand removed from her stomach tomorrow! We're so happy for her, we can't imagine what it must feel like to have your hand "glued" to your stomach for two weeks! Please be praying she won't be in a lot of pain after her operation! Photo of Shakira

Mar 24, 2016

Sweet Shakira was playing in the playroom today! We brought the kids into the playroom to celebrate Easter and she was having a great time banging around on the xylophone and coloring! Photo of Shakira

Mar 23, 2016

Sweet Shakira was all bundled up today! It's a bit chilly after months of having the temperature in the 80's! Usually she's running around in shorts and not much else! She's handling having her hand stuck to her stomach remarkably well! Photo of Shakira

Mar 22, 2016

Shakira seems to be doing a little bit better than yesterday! Her cough has gone down a bit and although she was still quiet today, she seems healthier! She was watching Brother Bear with some of the other little girls in the ward - we're glad she's making friends! We got this sweet photo of her with her grandmother! Photo of Shakira

Mar 21, 2016

Please be praying for Shakira! She has a bit of a fever and is coughing a lot - our general practitioners are going to give her a look and we'll put her on antibiotics. Since she's not feeling very well, here's a picture of her friend Lesson who has been hanging out in the bed across from her! He'll be able to go home soon, we're so excited for him! The good news for Shakira is that her hand looks like it's coming along well, and she'll hopefully have it detached next week! Photo of Shakira

Mar 18, 2016

Shakira's doing well today! She's wearing a fabulous hat - one of the CKC notebooks for ward rounds! The doctors checked briefly under her bandage and think it looks good, but they're going to have an official wound inspection in theater on Tuesday! Photo of Shakira

Mar 17, 2016

Shakira's so sweet! She loves having her photo taken and looking through all the other photos on the camera! Yesterday, we delivered messages to her and it was a bit difficult because she kept yelling, "no not me!", giggling and hiding under her blanket! Finally, we lured her out by flipping back and forth between a picture of her and a picture of a sponsor! Photo of Shakira

Mar 16, 2016

Shakira looks like she's doing well today, but she's still recovering from her surgery yesterday, poor girl. The back of her hand was contracted so she couldn't make a fist, her hand was permanently stuck open, and then her fingers were also contracted. The doctors are working on one thing at a time, so they worked on the back of her hand first, and she will have surgery for her fingers later. They released the back of her hand, but a thin skin graft wasn't enough to properly cover the area, and you can't transfer the fat just below the skin the same way you transfer skin. What they did was cut a section of her stomach fat and skin and created a sort of "bridge" her hand could lie under. They sewed the stomach back together underneath and then placed her hand under the skin and sewed it down on top of her hand. Because the skin and fat is still attached to her stomach at both ends, it is still getting blood flow, and will heal together from both her stomach and her hand. Her hand will be attached to her tummy for about 2 weeks while it heals and then the doctors will release it. Please be praying for her! She'll be in the hospital for quite a while! Photo of Shakira

Mar 15, 2016

Shakira had her surgery today! We caught a picture of Nurse Isaac translating Dr. Lubega to Shakira's mom! Dr. Lubega wanted to make sure her mom understood what they were doing before the operation - basically they cut a flap in the skin and fat on the surface of her stomach, sewed it together underneath and then put the hand under the flap still attached to her stomach! Her hand will be held to her stomach for a couple of weeks while the skin and fat heals onto her hand. It was a really interesting operation and we'll post photos and more information tomorrow! Please be praying for Shakira as it looks like it will be painful when she wakes up! Photo of Shakira

Mar 14, 2016

Meet Shakira! She's a sweet little girl who's still warming up to being in the hospital! She has a pretty bad burn contracture on her hand that our doctors are going to release tomorrow. She may need multiple surgeries for her hand, but we'll ask the surgeons after her operation what the long-term plan is. Please be praying for Shakira as she adjusts to the hospital - that she'll make friends and that her surgery will go well tomorrow! She will probably be here for quite a while since skin grafts take a long time to take! Photo of Shakira

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