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  • Age20
  • Conditiona limb deformity
  • Next Appointment 07/27/2018

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Felia's Story

“I thank my mother for always being there when I am passing through tough conditions with my deformed leg. Especially at school, other students laugh at me and it is not easy to ignore them,” Felia said as she shared her experiences with us.

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“I thank my mother for always being there when I am passing through tough conditions with my deformed leg. Especially at school, other students laugh at me and it is not easy to ignore them,” Felia said as she shared her experiences with us.

Felia is the daughter of her single mother, Christina. Her father left them some years back and Christina has been Felia’s supportive hand in managing her Diplegia. Christina tells us that her daughter was born well and that she never had a serious illness to cause her leg to be deformed. Felia goes to school but sometimes she cannot make it because she is tired and ashamed of her condition. When she was younger, Felia was taken to a hospital where she was went through a casting method for about six months. The local hospital where she received her treatment no longer had the capability to help her so the doctors told her that she had to go somewhere else. Felia and her mother were hopeless and didn’t know about CURE Malawi until last year! Someone from the same hospital told them about CURE Malawi and Felia and Christina made their way to us. Felia is the last born in her family and she has two siblings back at home who are being cared for by her grandmother. Please join us in praying for Felia’s healing!

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Latest Updates

Apr 19, 2018

Felia came in yesterday for some physiotherapy! Patrick and Shadreck say she's doing really well, there's a lot of improvement and she's even doing stairs well now. Shadreck made a cast slab for the back of her knee to wear at night - the AFO keeps her foot straight but her knee is still a bit bent so hopefully this will help! Please continue praying for her. Photo of Felia

Jan 26, 2018

Felia's back for another checkup! She's here to have her cast off and then will be headed to 500 Miles in Lilongwe for an AFO. Unfortunately, she started going to school this semester but stopped after a week because it was too painful walking with her twitching toes in the cast. Hopefully she can get the AFO and get back to it! Photo of Felia

Jan 08, 2018

“This new year is my year to walk normally, I am healed now and able to walk a distance without the crutches, so by the end of this year I will be fully healed. I am here for doctors to remove my cast. I bet I will be able to jump by then! It’s been years since I start coming here. I have made a lot of friends at CURE and I am thanking the ‘Mzungu’ (white person) who takes our pictures. When I come here for check up I always look forward to seeing her. I’m also thankful for the physiotherapists who always treat me well, I always tell my friends about them,” says Felia. Felia's so sweet and we're so happy to hear about her optimism and it makes me (Storyteller Avanell, the 'mzungu') happy to know that she's glad to see me! She'll be going to 500 Miles for another AFO and then she'll come back for some more physiotherapy, but we don't know exactly when. Your continued prayers for her are appreciated! Photo of Felia

Nov 16, 2017

Felia went home late yesterday/early this morning. We're gonna miss her great smile and optimism! We'll see her again on January 8th for a check-up with the doctors and for some physiotherapy. Photo of Felia

Nov 15, 2017

The lovely Felia's operation yesterday went well! Dr. Dan and Dr. Lubega released one of the tight tissues near her knee which should help with the tightness in her leg. She'll be headed home tomorrow, and is already up and smiling at us at the ward! Photo of Felia

Nov 14, 2017

We brought Felia some get-well messages today. She had 30 built up from the last time she was admitted to the hospital, and we delivered them to her. Francine, our lovely volunteer, translated them to her. Felia said, "I am so happy that a lot of people are thinking about me, when I go home I will try to learn and understand English so I can read them all by myself! I had a great day today, and I hope God blesses you. I'd like to meet you all someday!" She's such a great girl!

Please be praying for her as she's having surgery today to release some more of the tightness in her legs. The last operation was very successful, so Dr. James thinks it's promising to do a bit more. Photo of Felia

Nov 13, 2017

“I am now 14 years old and I am in grade 7. I was treated here in February last year, before that I was not able to walk and I used to crawl to do house chores and to play with my friends. But, now I walk using crutches, but not even all the time, I only use them when my leg is hurting. I can do all house chores and I even bathe myself, and I am happy that I can play with my friends freely,” Felia said.

“I’m back in the hospital because lately I have been having problems with my feet, but I am not worried since the doctors have assured me that I will be treated and that I will be walking again, I am so relieved by hearing this because I know that my dream of being selected to a boarding secondary school and later becoming a nurse here at CURE will come true.”

Felia’s been readmitted for another soft tissue release, please be praying for her as she has another operation later this week. We think she put it pretty well herself. (We know her profile says she is 19, but many parents and children don't know their dates of birth and often it gets very confusing trying to figure out exactly how old a kid is. We think she's older than 14 but possibly younger than 19). Photo of Felia

Sep 19, 2017

Felia is back for check-up, and we are so glad to see her and meet her family again. Our doctors will see her again on Monday next week. Felia needs new AFOs which she will have to put them on to help correct her leg. She looked happier today, and we want her joyful smile to continue. Felia is an amazing girl and we believe this healing journey will definitely make a huge impact on her future of success! Thank you so much for your support, and please keep praying for her! Photo of Felia

Jun 19, 2017

Felia's back for some physio! Diana, the physiotherapist, says that she's good but there's not a huge difference than before the alcohol injection, because her muscles are still so taut. She had an AFO and crutch adjustment, but is otherwise doing good. Thandy talked to her and she says her knee is uncomfortable, but she's still able to go to school and her mom lets her rest a lot at home. Please keep her in your prayers for more flexibility! Photo of Felia

May 24, 2017

Felia was discharged this morning! Apparently they gave her the injection as a test to see if it would help, and if it works, she might have another more permanent muscle release of some kind in the future. Please be praying for her, she'll be back June 19th! Photo of Felia

May 23, 2017

Felia went in and had her quick alcohol injection to release the tension in her leg and is already back out and fast asleep napping. We assume that means it went well and she's not in pain - or that the nurses gave her some good painkillers. Please be praying for her as she'll probably be back to doing physiotherapy soon! Photo of Felia

May 22, 2017

We spotted Felia in clinic for a checkup with the doctors - and she's been readmitted! She's going to have another alcohol injection to relieve the tension in her leg caused by the cerebral palsy. Please be praying for her as she goes into the operating room today - it's a very short operation, but she still needs to go under anesthesia! Photo of Felia

May 10, 2017

Felia came in today for some physiotherapy! Ndapile says she's doing well, but at the rate she's going she's going to be using crutches for a long time, so she's not completely happy. She has pain in her big toe so she's going to be coming back in two Mondays to be seen by our doctor at clinic. Otherwise, she's doing well and is still going to school! Photo of Felia

Mar 06, 2017

Felia came in for another appointment today! Unfortunately we didn't get the physiotherapist's report on things, but Felia told Thandy she feels great and is doing well! Photo of Felia

Dec 05, 2016

Felia is doing really well according to Physio Ndapile! Unfortunately when she came in today she missed an exam for school - Ndapile scolded her gently and asked why she didn't call and come some other day, she has our number! Fortunately she came early in the morning so Ndapile saw her quick and rushed her off home so she could try and make the end of them so she doesn't have to repeat the class! She's not doing very well in school because she doesn't like reading, so you can be praying that she does better with that, but in terms of walking, her AFO fits really well and she's doing a lot better! Photo of Felia

Oct 10, 2016

Felia is doing a lot better now! Thandy said 'Hi' to her this morning when she came in for some therapy. We talked to Rehab Tech Patrick and he says that she's doing better, she's been doing her exercises and is starting to put more weight on her foot! She still doesn't walk very well without crutches, so they're going to keep her using them until she stops being able to improve because them. She'll be back December 5th for another checkup! Photo of Felia

Aug 15, 2016

Felia is here for some physiotherapy! She's not progressing very well and she and her mom had to have a serious chat with Ndapile, one of our physiotherapists. Her foot has started to drift back into tiptoe position which prompted the necessity of an honest conversation where it was discovered that Felia hasn't been wearing her AFO or doing her exercises. Ndapile stressed to them that progress won't be made doing physiotherapy at the hospital if they are not being consistent in doing it at home. They promised they would do the exercises and Felia's mom, Christina, said she would teach the neighbor how to do exercises with Felia since she is often takes care of her. Please be praying that they'll stick to the plan - they're coming back in October and Ndapile promised she'd be able to tell if they weren't doing the work! Thandy talked to Felia and otherwise she says she's doing well and is looking forward to going to school soon. Photo of Felia

Jun 06, 2016

Felia's finally back! Because her family lives so far away, her mom asked if they could decrease the amount of physiotherapy appointments, so now she's only coming in once a month! She's doing well, but please pray that she'll continue to do exercises at home! Photo of Felia

May 09, 2016

Felia is here for her weekly physio appointment! This time she saw Jo, our hilarious physiotherapist, and Sarah our occupational therapist. We caught a photo of them talking to her mom about the exercises she needs to do! Please be praying she'll be dedicated in doing them! Photo of Felia

Apr 26, 2016

Felia's back from Lilongwe with her AFO! Thank you for praying for her and her mom! She's still having some difficulty walking with it, but hopefully the physiotherapists will be able to help her get more comfortable with it and she will learn how to walk well! Photo of Felia

Apr 18, 2016

Felia is back! We saw her today, but we didn't have a translator, so we had to ask the physio later what happened with the Lilongwe trip - apparently she's leaving today! We're assuming that means her family was given money to go, hurray! Please be praying for her as she and her mom travel a pretty long way! Photo of Felia

Apr 13, 2016

Felia's back! She had her appointment today and we asked our Physio Patrick afterwards what the story is. She needs to get an AFO and unfortunately the nearby hospital that makes them has run out of supplies, so she will need to go to the capital city, Lilongwe, where there is a company called 500 Miles that provides Ankle Foot Orthotics. Unfortunately, travel and food for her and her mom will be about 20,000 kwacha ($25) which is a lot of money for her family. Her mom is asking someone they know who helps them out sometimes if he is willing to give them money for travel, and if so, she will go this weekend and get an AFO. Please be praying for them as they try to make this happen, and pray that the local facility gets in the supplies needed to have them made nearby for the future. Photo of Felia

Mar 30, 2016

Felia's here for her physio appointment, and she's had a haircut! We almost didn't recognize her while walking past! She's doing well and looks happy - although she didn't look too cheery while doing physio. Please be praying for her, physiotherapy can be really tough! She also got a cast change, the old one was a bit dirty! Photo of Felia

Mar 23, 2016

Felia gets to go home tomorrow! We're glad she will be home for Easter! No worries though, she'll still be coming in once a week for physiotherapy, we're happy that the physios have seen enough improvement to send her home! She's really excited! Photo of Felia

Mar 22, 2016

We talked to Felia and she said she's really good and happy. Please pray she stays that way! Physio is sometimes a bit stressful! Photo of Felia

Mar 21, 2016

Felia will be with us for one more week of intensive physio and then she'll get to go home! We're trying to find her a leg brace so she won't have to wear the clunky plaster brace all the time, fortunately she's adult-sized so we don't have to worry about finding something too small. Photo of Felia

Mar 18, 2016

We got a photo of Felia outside of physio for once! She was watching tv with her friend Esther! We found out today Felia's going to stay for another week for intensive physiotherapy and hopefully after that, she'll get to go back to only coming in once a week! Photo of Felia

Mar 17, 2016

Felia is doing well today! Physio Patrick changed her cast today because they were worried she might have an ulcer because of the smell and it's a common cast problem with the constant movement of kids with Cerebral Palsy. They checked and she doesn't have any ulcers, just some bruising from where her toes were hitting the cast and from her ankle. They added more padding and ended the cast lower on her foot so that her toes aren't obstructed and she says it feels better now! Please continue to be praying for her! Photo of Felia

Mar 16, 2016

Felia is so adorable! We brought her some get well messages while she waited to see the physios. She saw her picture and was laughing and covering her face! We were glad to see her smile because she's not been feeling very well today - she has had a bit of a headache and just feels off. The good news is that she's doing well for her physiotherapy, her shaking has gone down a bit and she's learning to walk with only one crutch and is more comfortable putting weight on her foot - which is what we need! Please pray she feels better tomorrow! Photo of Felia

Mar 15, 2016

Such a lovely smile! Felia was having a backslab put on today and we caught a photo of her waiting while Francis the physiotherapist and her mother fitted it to her leg. Basically it's a slab of plaster that will keep her from bending her knee all the time. Her leg has been bent, which isn't helpful for learning to walk straight! Photo of Felia

Mar 14, 2016

She's back! The physiotherapists haven't been happy with Felia's progress, so they got permission from Dr. James to readmit her into the hospital to stay for a week! She will be getting some more intensive physiotherapy while she's here to keep her foot drop from reoccurring and to ensure that she does her exercises! Photo of Felia

Mar 09, 2016

Felia came in for her first physiotherapy appointment today! She was complaining about pain so they took off the cast to make sure everything's alright and it looks like it's healing well! They had to re-plaster her foot to keep it in the correct position, so please be praying that she won't have anymore pain! She will be coming in every Monday for physiotherapy, and hopefully twice a week in the future. Photo of Felia

Mar 04, 2016

Felia gets to go home today! She is going to have part of her cast cut off; because of her involuntary twitching she's developing blisters on her toes, so we need to cut the cast so they don't rub against it. After that, she can leave! We're happy we finally managed to get a photo of her beautiful smile - usually she laughs and smiles and then when we point the camera at her she stops grinning! She'll be coming in to CURE once a week for physiotherapy, so hopefully we'll get to know her even better as she visits us regularly! Photo of Felia

Mar 02, 2016

Felia had the quickest surgery ever! It took maybe 5 minutes for the doctors to do what they needed to do! Felia has a type of cerebral palsy known as Athetoid cerebral palsy. This type doesn't affect her learning or cognitive abilities so she doesn't have any of the learning disabilities associated with some types of cerebral palsy. However, it does make her brain send constant, unnecessary signals to her limbs - in this case, especially her foot and hands. Her hands are constantly twitching and her foot is always getting pulled into a downward, tiptoeing position which makes walking extremely difficult.

Because she's older and her brain has been doing this for so long, her foot is at an angle. Our doctors needed to lengthen the tendon so it can be flexed into a normal 90 degree angle. They did this by pricking the tendon through the skin with a blade in three different places, alternating sides of the tendon and cutting partway through, so that it will stretch out. The tendon and muscles in kids with cerebral palsy are also often weak, so anything more would damage her ability to walk. They then put on a heavy duty cast on that she can walk on which will help keep her foot at 90 degrees while she's doing physiotherapy and practicing walking. After the cast comes off in several weeks, she will have a permanent AFO (ankle-foot-orthotic) put on so that the spasms from her brain won't cause it to reoccur. Please be praying for her - the surgery was quick and easy, but physiotherapy will take a lot longer and a lot more effort on her part! Photo of Felia

Mar 01, 2016

Felia will be having surgery today! We found her waiting with some of the other kids who are going into the operating room today. Please keep all of these beautiful children in your prayers as they have their operations, and for their speedy recovery! We'll post photos of Felia's surgery tomorrow! Photo of Felia

Feb 29, 2016

Meet Felia! Felia's a sweet teenage girl with Diplegia, a condition where the muscles are very tight and keep her from walking normally. She will be going into the operating room tomorrow and we'll let you know exactly what the doctors did afterwards! She will need an AFO (Ankle-Foot-Orthotic) after her operation to keep her foot in the correct position for walking. Please keep her in your prayers! Photo of Felia

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