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Allan's Story

“One thing I am looking forward to is to see my boy Allan putting on some shoes and able to run free,” said Dayima, Allan’s mother.

Allan was born with Bilateral Clubfoot which makes it very hard to walk and move around because of the … Read more

“One thing I am looking forward to is to see my boy Allan putting on some shoes and able to run free,” said Dayima, Allan’s mother.

Allan was born with Bilateral Clubfoot which makes it very hard to walk and move around because of the pain. As we were speaking with Allan’s mother, she told us that if it was not for this deformity, Allan could have been gone further in his schooling by now. However, Allan still pushes himself to school because that is the most important tool for his future. He has never been in the hospital and he will be treated for the first time ever in his life. When he was taken to the hospital near his village where he was told that they could not treat him and had to search for another place. We are so thankful that God has made a way for him to be here at CURE. Please join us in praying for Allan's healing!

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Latest Updates

Aug 11, 2017

Allan came in today as part of a research project on the outcome of the frame procedure on clubfoot. He was a bit nervous to be here, but otherwise is doing well, and his mom is super happy! Photo of Allan

Jul 18, 2016

Allan's doing a little more therapy before he leaves! His grandma is a pro at this point and was spotting him as he practiced going up and down a step! He's getting better and better at walking! He'll get to go home very soon - probably tomorrow if physio Patrick gives the okay! Photo of Allan

Jul 15, 2016

Allan might be going home tomorrow if all goes well with physiotherapy! That's the last thing that needs to get done before he can head home with his AFO's for the long haul! We're so excited for him! Photo of Allan

Jul 14, 2016

Allan's back from Lilongwe with a pair of lovely matching AFOs! We're so happy that he's got his orthotics all settled! He'll probably be headed home in the next day or so, but hopefully we'll get a chance to hear any other details from Dr. James during ward rounds tomorrow before he goes home! Photo of Allan

Jul 08, 2016

Allan has managed not to go to Feed the Children, so we got a chance to bring him his get-well messages today! Unfortunately, Thandy was having a hard time communicating with him since he speaks Yao, but 'praying' is the same in both languages so he could tell him about the people who were praying for him! He understands a little bit - Thandy asked him questions about his grandmother and he understood most of them! Allan will be going on Monday to get his AFO fitted in Lilongwe, traveling with our team who are going for a clinic! Please be praying for him and his granny! Photo of Allan

Jul 05, 2016

Thandy got Allan to smile today! He's very quiet - it's hard because he can't interact with the other children as well since he speaks Yao instead of Chichewa, he seems to be picking it up a bit though! He'll be going to Feed The Children for a couple days so we won't see him, and hopefully traveling with our clinic team to Lilongwe next week to get the AFO! Photo of Allan

Jul 04, 2016

Allan's back for his AFO! Unfortunately, he'll need to travel to Lilongwe because the nearby facility that made orthotics ran out of materials months ago and hasn't gotten any new supplies yet. We're arranging travel for him at the moment - he doesn't look very happy to be back in the hospital though! Please be praying that he'll readjust to being here and be happy that it's almost over! Photo of Allan

May 23, 2016

Allan went home over the weekend and sadly we didn't have a chance to read him all your well-wishes before he left! Fortunately, he will be back for a checkup in early July here at our main hospital to get an AFO - ankle foot orthotic, so we will be sure to read his get well messages then! Please be praying for him as he recovers!

May 20, 2016

Allan had his tendon transfer yesterday and he's looking well recovering in the ward today! We found out why he wasn't smiling before - he had malaria! Fortunately, the doctors put him on malaria medication and he was all set yesterday for his operation. The surgeons did tendon transfers on both of his feet. Basically, one side of the foot is very weak so the strong tendons on the other side of the foot pull it into a clubbed position. The doctors repurposed the tendon on the inside of the foot and pulled it across to the other side so that it will pull the foot into the correct position. To keep it in place, they drill a small hole in the bone and thread the tendon through. Once the bone heals it keeps the tendon taut and the foot straight. Unfortunately, he'll need to be in plasters for a few more weeks until they heal! Please be praying for him - and his mom - as his mom will need to carry him until it's healed enough to walk on, and he's quite a big boy! Photo of Allan

May 19, 2016

Allan is going into surgery today! Unfortunately, the doctors decided to rearrange operations so he's having his surgery in the afternoon, not first thing in the morning! That's okay, he got to have a nice nap in the meantime! Please be praying for him as he has bilateral tendon transfers, we'll post more info tomorrow! Photo of Allan

May 18, 2016

We're guessing Allan isn't looking forward to another operation, judging from the fact that we haven't gotten his characteristic grin to reappear yet. Fortunately for him, his surgery this time will be really quick and he'll be out of here in no time! Please be praying for him as he has his operation first thing tomorrow morning! Photo of Allan

May 17, 2016

Guess who's back?! Allan is here for his tendon transfers to keep his clubfoot from relapsing, and he's rocking some pretty well-worn casts at the moment! We're so happy to see him again! He'll probably be having surgery on Thursday, stay tuned and keep him in your prayers! Photo of Allan

Apr 01, 2016

Allan gets to go home tomorrow! So exciting - and guess who's visiting the hospital the day before he leaves? His friend Ibrahim, with a beautifully healed skin graft! Two successes! Don't worry though, we'll see Allan again in six weeks for his tendon transfers to ensure that his feet don't relapse! Please continue to pray for him! Photo of Allan

Mar 31, 2016

Allan toughed it out and did some physiotherapy today! He wasn't that happy afterwards, but he still managed to grin for the camera! I say "Bho" to him all the time - it's an informal way to say 'Hi' in Chichewa, and he always says something that sounds a bit like "chow" back. I was wondering if it meant something in Yao, his language, so I asked Thandy to talk to his mom - turns out he's using English slang and saying "sharp", as in "thumbs up" or "cool". I didn't expect that... but we're glad he's feeling "sharp"! Photo of Allan

Mar 30, 2016

We posted earlier today that Allan wasn't back to his smiley self - well he is now! This afternoon we brought him get-well messages and he was grinning and laughing the whole time! We're so glad to see him smile! Photo of Allan

Mar 30, 2016

Allan is looking a little bit better today, but he's still not back to his normal smiley self. He was resting in the recovery wing and when he was moved back to the ward he looked pained again. Please continue to pray for him! Fortunately his feet are looking pretty good in casts though! Photo of Allan

Mar 29, 2016

Out of respect for Allan, we aren't going to post a photo of him from today - he had his frame off first thing this morning and the painkillers are wearing off so his feet really hurt and he's in tears. Please be praying the pain goes away so we can have our smiling boy back! Here's a photo of him from last Thursday, before the long weekend! Photo of Allan

Mar 24, 2016

Allan's been coloring in the playroom! Poor kid was stuck in his wheelchair, but he still managed to have a good time! He will have his frame off sometime next week, and he seems a lot happier now that they're down to doing only one frame's turns. Photo of Allan

Mar 23, 2016

We stopped by to see Allan during morning teatime! All of our CUREkids were there enjoying tea together! Allan's doing well and happy at the concept of going home next week sometime! The doctors are thinking he can have his frame off on Tuesday! Photo of Allan

Mar 22, 2016

Allan's mom says he was in a lot of pain overnight but he's doing much better and they're excited his feet are looking almost straight! Please be praying that he won't be in much pain during the night and that his feet are done soon! Photo of Allan

Mar 21, 2016

Allan is doing well! His friend Madalitso stopped by his bed - she's so cute with her teddy bear wrapped around her! The moms here always strap their babies to their backs with chitenge fabric just like that! Allan will hopefully get to have his frames off and go home next week! So exciting! After that, he will return in 8 weeks for a tendon transfer to keep his clubfoot from recurring. Photo of Allan

Mar 18, 2016

Look at that smile! Allan's been holding back on us! He's doing well (obviously with a grin like that) and Dr. James is just going to change a couple of his struts on the frame around so that they can continue the turns. Hopefully, he can be done with the frames by next week, please pray! Photo of Allan

Mar 17, 2016

We succeeded in delivering get-well messages today! Allan's mom was up and she and Osvaldo's mom helped translate from Chichewa to Yao for him! Again he was grinning the whole time! He says he's feeling really good today, as we can see from his giant smile! Photo of Allan

Mar 16, 2016

Look at this charmer! Allan is always willing to throw the camera a grin! Unfortunately, he was in a lot of pain this morning and was crying, but this afternoon he's been a bit better. We tried to deliver his messages but his mom was sleeping and couldn't translate it into Yao! We tried talking to him, but it was rough because he doesn't know Chichewa! Thandy asked another guardian who knew Yao how to say some of the message and after a lot of laughing they gave up. We'll bring them later this week when his mom is awake to translate! Please be praying for Allan, usually he's in pain at night when we aren't always aware of it. Hopefully his frames can come off in the next week or so. His left foot is almost done, but the right foot needs a bit more time. Photo of Allan

Mar 15, 2016

Allan's all smiles today! We found him playing with a makeshift balloon in the ward! He was supposed to be finishing turns tomorrow, but Dr. James thinks it needs a bit more. Poor boy! Please pray that it will be finished soon! Photo of Allan

Mar 14, 2016

Allan is still in pain from his frames, but he's such a trooper! We found him out and about watching some tv today! He didn't give us a smile at that exact moment, but was grinning later. Please continue to pray for his pain management! Photo of Allan

Mar 11, 2016

Allan isn't looking quite as cheerful at the moment, but we think that may be because he had his turns recently today. He was outside during teatime though, enjoying the warm weather and some tea and bread! We're glad he got a chance to go outside, it's not healthy to be inside all day! Photo of Allan

Mar 10, 2016

Everyone in the ward is so cheery today! All of these photos were taken within a 15 minute span of time! Our happy cast is Steven, Esther, Allan (of course), Violet and Chris! Allan is doing well today, and doesn't seem as bored as we would be! Thank you for your prayers! Photo of Allan

Mar 09, 2016

Meet Osvaldo, Allan's friend! Osvaldo has clubfoot and has been staying in the bed next to Allan getting serial casting for the past couple of weeks. He is also terrified of white people, and cries and hides behind his mom every time CUREkids Coordinator Avanell comes to say "Hi!" to Allan and to take a photo. Osvaldo's mom and Allan laugh every time he freaks out, but we've finally made a breakthrough! It turns out Osvaldo loves having his photo taken and is willing to conquer his fear to see the back of the camera! Please be praying for these clubfoot kiddos! Photo of Allan

Mar 08, 2016

Allan's doing well today! He's been playing with a magnetic drawing board and hanging out with his mom. We brought him his get-well messages today and he grinned the whole time we read them to him, it was quite a round-about because he doesn't know Chichewa, but a local language! Thandy translates English into Chichewa, and then Daina, his mom, translated it from Chichewa to Yao for him! Photo of Allan

Mar 07, 2016

This guy is so chill! Despite the fact that Allan is stuck in bed, he still manages to smile and enjoy life! Although he's usually okay during the day, he's been in a bit of pain at night, so please be praying for that! Photo of Allan

Mar 04, 2016

Allan's the life of the party - everyone is sitting on his bed! Despite the fact he's pretty much bed or wheelchair bound, he still finds ways to socialize! His pal Ibrahim was sitting with him again today! Thank you so much for your prayers for Ibrahim - we just heard today that his second skin graft DID take and he will be able to go home! Of course, that means Allan's friend is going to be leaving, so please pray he'll make other friends in the hospital to hang out with! Photo of Allan

Mar 02, 2016

Allan is feeling a lot better today! Thank you for praying for him! His friend Ibrahim came over to join him for a photograph! Both of the boys know a local tribal language, Yao, and don't speak much if any of the national language, Chichewa. It's awesome they've found someone in the hospital to be friends with! Please be praying that Allan's pain stays manageable, and for Ibrahim, who has a burn contracture and who's skin graft just failed to take for the second time. Photo of Allan

Mar 01, 2016

Please be praying for Allan today! Thandy talked to him and his mom and says he was in tears because of the pain. Poor boy. He still manages to smile through the pain. Photo of Allan

Feb 29, 2016

Allan is doing okay today, he's mostly been staying in bed. He's in a bit of pain and his feet are a little sore, but Dr. James assured him that it will get better. Allan is such a good natured fellow! Photo of Allan

Feb 26, 2016

Allan looks like he's feeling a little better today! He's been up and about in his wheelchair, visiting his friend Ibrahim! Unfortunately, the doctors will start doing turns for his feet tomorrow, which is usually painful for the kids! Please be praying for him, that he doesn't find it too painful. Photo of Allan

Feb 25, 2016

Allan has been sad and in pain most of today, so we decided to stop by and try to cheer him up with some get-well messages! Thandy saw him frowning and then showed him the photo on his profile of his big grin and asked happy Allan to come back - and he did! We're so happy to see a smile, but please be praying for him as one frame is rough going, let alone two at the same time! Photo of Allan

Feb 24, 2016

Allan had his surgery yesterday! It was a really long operation, one frame usually takes a while, and two at the same time takes even longer! The doctors were operating until 7pm! Usually they try to be done with all operations by 5pm, so shoutout to everyone for sticking it out! Dr. James did very minor operations to the tendons in his feet, releasing them so the foot can be manipulated into the correct position by the frames. Allan looked a little scared this morning, the frames are strange things to have on! Please be praying that he'll get comfortable and that he won't be in pain, especially once they start the turns! Photo of Allan

Feb 23, 2016

Allan goes in for surgery today! We'll post photos of it tomorrow! He doesn't look too happy at the prospect... and we don't blame him! He will be having bilateral frames on his feet, metal contraptions which will slowly turn his feet into the right position - unfortunately they're not exactly comfortable, and it will take a couple weeks of staying in the hospital while they do their work. Please be praying that the surgery goes smoothly and that the frames aren't too painful when they start doing the turns! Photo of Allan

Feb 22, 2016

Meet Allan! Allan has already been here in the hospital for a while since we were planning what to do for his bilateral clubfoot. He will be going in tomorrow to have frames put on both of his feet, which will slowly manipulate them into the correct position. Please be praying for him as he goes into the operating room tomorrow! Photo of Allan

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