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The picture above is of CURE in Malawi. Everyone who serves with CURE in Malawi, from medical professionals to office staff, are dedicated to providing the highest quality medical and spiritual care to people who, without CURE, couldn't find it and couldn't afford it, just like Eda. To do that, we're inviting you to partner with us.

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Eda's Story

“My grandmother loves me so much, she has been by my side since I broke my leg. We have been in the hospital long enough and I want to go back home and continue my studies again,” said Eda responding to our chat in the hospital.

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“My grandmother loves me so much, she has been by my side since I broke my leg. We have been in the hospital long enough and I want to go back home and continue my studies again,” said Eda responding to our chat in the hospital.

We also had a chat with her grandmother, Selina, who told us, “I am really looking forward to seeing my granddaughter walk again and resume a normal life.”

Eda comes from an area where CURE Malawi has helped many children with all sorts of deformities. She was born healthy, but had an accident last year as she was going out of her house, she fell and broke her thigh bone. Eda has been in pain ever since. When she was taken to the hospital, Eda was told to she’d be admitted for four months and on traction and that she would not be able to walk or be mobile. During the past two months that Eda has spent in public hospitals, her teachers at school have been asking where she is. We heard from her grandmother that Eda is so smart and that she wants to be a nurse so that she can help other kids who have problems with their bones just like her. She has a long road ahead of her, and we are honored to walk with her in the process. Please join us in praying for Eda!

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Latest Updates

Dec 11, 2017

"I'm very happy because my bone has joined together and now am able to walk. Before my mom used to carry me everywhere. I'm so glad that I came to CURE International. I got hurt when I was about to sit for my Primary School certificate, because of that I was unable to take my exams, but when I was discharged here last year, I was able to write the exams and I passed and was selected to a Community Day Secondary School," Eda says. “I'm here for check up and maybe to be operated on my knee because it cannot bend. I am looking forward to being healed so I can finish school without any disturbances and be a pediatric doctor.”

We talked to Dr. James after he saw Eda and he says she's doing really well - the X-ray still shows her femur as stable so that's very good! Unfortunately, because of the infection and because the femur is still fragile, she won't have an operation to help her bend her knee, which is only going to 30 degrees, until six months from now. We'll see her again then and hopefully she'll be able to have a release of the tight muscles in her leg! Photo of Eda

Sep 07, 2017

"I am much better now. Thank you all for encouraging me while I am here at CURE for help. When I was home, I was able to go to school and walk around by myself to keep fit. My leg feels so light now and I love how I have been treated. Many thanks to Dr. James, the nurses, Thandy and Avanell for loving and keeping me company."

Our lovely lady Eda went home early this morning - we're going to miss her a lot, fortunately we delivered your get-well messages to her yesterday afternoon and that was her response! Look at that huge grin on her face! We're so happy for her and we'll see her again in another three months for her next checkup! Photo of Eda

Sep 06, 2017

Eda's operation went well yesterday and she had such a big grin on her face today now that her frame is finally off! She was so brave yesterday as she got anesthesia and Theater Nurse Angella held her hand and comforted her while she got a spinal before surgery. They took off her frame and then released some of the tight tendons in her leg. She'll start physiotherapy, but will still have to be careful with her leg and walk with crutches for a bit longer. We're also holding off on doing anything for her stiff knee until at least a year has gone by since there's a risk of starting up the infection again. Thank you for your continued prayers for her! Photo of Eda

Sep 05, 2017

Eda's having her operation to have her frame removed today! Please be praying for her, we're so excited to see her without a frame, and she's even more excited! Photo of Eda

Sep 04, 2017

It always makes our day to see Eda in clinic! She's doing well and is just waiting for an X-ray check right now. Unless her X-rays are amazing, they will just be continuing wound dressings at home. She has been walking with one crutch and her healing is making good progress. She says that she's looking forward to going to school next week since it's starting up again after the break! Update: Eda has been readmitted! After two years she's finally having her frame off! Praise God and pray for her as she has surgery later this week! Photo of Eda

Jul 24, 2017

Eda came in today for a checkup! We didn't manage to get a chance to talk to her, but she had an X-ray and the doctor's notes say that she'll be back on September 4th so we assume that must mean she's doing well! Photo of Eda

Jun 02, 2017

Eda's been discharged! At ward rounds last night Dr. James said she could go as soon as she starts walking and she jumped out of bed to prove to him that she was already walking! She was hardly even using the crutches! She'll see us again on July 24th for another checkup. Photo of Eda

Jun 01, 2017

We brought Eda her get-well messages yesterday afternoon! She says that there's a little bit of pain, but it's better than it used to be. She's really happy that there's people praying for her and told us, "It gives me hope when I hear that there are people praying for me!" Photo of Eda

May 31, 2017

Eda's surgery yesterday went well and now she's back to smiling! She says she has a little bit of pain, but not a lot, so that's good. She basically had the same operation as last time, where they took some of the bone from her pelvis, which has lots of growth stimulating bone-cells, and put it in the area where her bone is still healing, but is a bit thin in order to encourage it to grow back. More good news is that her frame is still steady, the doctors were concerned that if it was in too long it would get loose, but so far that hasn't happened! We asked Dr. James and he said they can't take off the frame soon lest they risk a fracture, but hopefully this surgery will work and she'll be able to take it off in three months! She's had the frame on for about a year and a half now so we can bet she's willing to get rid of it, please be praying! Photo of Eda

May 30, 2017

Eda's waiting for her operation today - she doesn't look too thrilled to be having another surgery, so please be praying for her! This poor girl has had such a long journey and it's not done yet! Photo of Eda

May 29, 2017

Eda's back! We thought she was just here for a checkup, so we asked CUREkids Coordintor Funny to ask her how she's doing. Eda says she's feeling a lot better and was going to school, and that she wrote her exams recently! We asked her how they went and she said, "It will depend on God's will." Let's be praying that she did well. She's actually been readmitted to have another bone graft, which will hopefully help her healing process! Photo of Eda

Mar 06, 2017

Eda came in again today, and she and her mom are looking happy! We checked out the doctor's notes from her visit and unfortunately the bone still hasn't healed. Please be praying hard for Eda, that her bone heals, as we heard during her last operation it's a bit of a race against time at this point for the bone to grow back before the frame gets too loose! She'll be back on May 29th for another review! Photo of Eda

Nov 14, 2016

The lovely Eda was discharged today during ward rounds! Dr. James tightened up some bits on her frame and then instructed her and her grandma Jinny how to turn it - they'll do a week of turning one way and then the next week go back, which will bring the bone back and forth and hopefully stimulate healing! Please be praying it works, we'll see her again December 19th for a checkup! Photo of Eda

Nov 11, 2016

Eda's operation yesterday went well and she will probably get to go home on Monday! She says she just has a little bit of pain, which only 'a little' is really good. Dr. James and Dr. Carolina went in and adjusted the frame a little bit, then opened up her pelvis and took a small portion of bone. The bone was cut into little pieces and put into her leg above the frame in the area where the bone isn't healing together and needs encouragement. The pelvis has lots of bone cells which promote growth, so that's why they use bone graft from that area. We talked to Dr. James about it and he says they aren't 100% it will work but they're trying to beat the clock because the longer the frame is on, the looser it will get, so they're trying to get the bone to heal before the frame needs to be taken off because it can't stay in any more. At this point she'll still need the frame on for another six months before they can think about taking it off, and we're really hoping her femur is solid by then! Please be praying that the bone grafting works and helps the bone to heal together! Photo of Eda

Nov 10, 2016

Dr. James, Dr. Tongai, Dr. Lubega and Dr. Mo all check out the Xrays and make plans for the day's upcoming surgeries, including Eda's! She went in first thing to have her bone graft operation today, and it went really well. Please be praying that she isn't in too much pain when she wakes up. We'll post more photos and information tomorrow from her operation. Photo of Eda

Nov 09, 2016

Eda is doing well today! Her little friend Emma, who is three, was just admitted today. You might remember Emma from last year, they were both in the infected bay at the same time over Christmas. Please be praying for both of them - infected bone is hard enough when you're fourteen like Eda, let alone when you're three! Eda's femur isn't healing back very well, probably because of the infection, so Dr. James is going to take a bone graft from her pelvis tomorrow and put it in the space to help encourage it to grow back. Please be praying her operation goes smoothly! Photo of Eda

Nov 08, 2016

Lovely Eda is in getting some wound dressings from the nurses today - we bet her faithful grandmother Jinny is grateful for the respite from pin site care! We're happy that Eda is doing so well that she can now move on to the next operation! She was admitted to our hospital exactly a year ago tomorrow and she's come so far from the very sick young girl she was then! Please continue to pray for her healing! Photo of Eda

Nov 07, 2016

Eda's been readmitted to the hospital! She's going to have a bone graft put into the space in her leg to promote healing - now that the pieces of her femur are closer together, that's the next step. Please be praying her operation Thursday goes well! Photo of Eda

Oct 03, 2016

Eda's back visiting the hospital! She says she's good, but she still needs to continue wearing the frame and taking medicine. We're super happy, she's going back to school and is catching up on what she's missed from being in the hospital last year! Please be praying that she does well in school and learns a lot, and that her leg continues to heal! We'll see her again at the end of November! Photo of Eda

Jul 05, 2016

We read Eda her messages yesterday! She had 20! They've piled up since the last time she visited and we had a chance to read them to her! She had lots of compliments on her hair and haircut from last time and she thought it was quite funny everyone was writing to her about her hair - it's already grown back so much! She already headed home very early today - it looks like Queens was satisfied on their end too! Photo of Eda

Jul 04, 2016

Eda is back for a couple days because the doctors from Queens need to review a medication she's on! Fortunately it's looking good on our end and Eda is so happy! She's not in pain and looks quite healthy! Photo of Eda

Jun 01, 2016

Eda's going home today! Queens put her on a different medication so hopefully that will help! She has an appointment there at the public hospital next Tuesday to make sure it's working, but in the meantime, her grandmother wants to go home, so we won't see her again until her scheduled appointment with us on June 27th! Please be praying for her that this new medication will work better! Photo of Eda

May 31, 2016

Eda and her grandma have been at Queens all day trying to sort out medication so she hasn't been in the ward for us to take a photo of her beautiful face! Unfortunately, that also means she missed playtime on the playground with Rhoda, Asiyatu and a bunch of other kids, the poor girl! Please continue to be praying for her! Photo of Eda

May 30, 2016

Eda's doing well today! They got her results back for the last blood test and just need to check the numbers to make sure she's alright. Thank you for your continued prayers! Photo of Eda

May 27, 2016

We delivered Eda some messages today since she was feeling well enough to be out and about - she has 32 messages that have piled up since she was last here! Popular girl! It's hard not to fall in love with such a sweet girl!

The doctors decided to take off the vac because the seal wasn't working very well so it wasn't sucking out gunk like it was supposed to. No worries though, she will have regular wound dressings instead. The x-rays and blood-work all look fine, we just need to get one test back on her blood from an outside lab. Dr. James doesn't want to send her home quite yet though, so they're going to keep her under observation and regular dressings for a bit. Please be praying she will be set to go home soon! Photo of Eda

May 26, 2016

Eda got a haircut earlier today! We miss her lovely thick hair, but it's more hygienic for the hospital to keep it short it seems! We asked her if CUREkids Coordinator Avanell (who has long blonde hair) should shave her own hair off and Eda said 'yes'! Avanell isn't convinced! Photo of Eda

May 25, 2016

Beautiful Eda graced us with her lovely smile! We love this girl, and wanted to deliver all her get-well messages from all you well-wishers today! Unfortunately, our internet was down for most of today, so we'll have to try again tomorrow or Friday! She has her vac on now, it was difficult to put it on around her frame (think of trying to plastic wrap something like that and you get an idea of what it looks like) so the vac isn't working 100%, but hopefully it's good enough to keep it clean and get rid of some of the gunk! Please be praying! Photo of Eda

May 24, 2016

Eda's going in to have a vac get put on today! It will help suck away all the gunk in her leg and keep her wounds clean. Please be praying for our lovely Eda as she goes into the operating room later today! Photo of Eda

May 23, 2016

Eda's ultrasound looks okay, and the doctors at Queens gave her the okay, but our doctors are still going to need to check out her blood work and xrays! We're going to be dressing her wounds regularly and we'll let you know more when we know! Fortunately she seems to be enjoying herself playing Bao with Idrissa! Photo of Eda

May 20, 2016

Eda's back, unexpectedly! Her leg is a bit swollen and her wound has some pus so she came back in to make sure that everything's alright. We're running a bunch of blood work, xrays and tests and also sent her to Queens earlier this afternoon so that they could check her out as well. We'll let you know on Monday what we find out, but please be praying that it's a minor issue! We're so glad to see her beautiful face again though! Photo of Eda

Apr 04, 2016

Eda's in for her checkup! She's doing so well Dr. James says she doesn't need another checkup for 3 months! Such a long time! Her bone has finally come together but it will need another 6 months before it's solid enough to take off her frame, poor girl! But at least she can stay at home! Please be praying for her! Photo of Eda

Mar 07, 2016

Eda's in for her monthly checkup! She's doing well, but still is stuck at home and can't go to school. Unfortunately, bones with osteomyelitis typically take a lot longer to heal than a regular bone that's healthy. It's growing, but pretty slowly. She'll be coming back in another month for her regular checkup! Please pray it will heal quickly! Photo of Eda

Feb 08, 2016

Eda came in for her checkup today! It all looks good and she will be coming back in a month for another review! We're so happy she's doing well enough to stay home! She will have the frame in for quite a while, even after the bone grows back it will take some time to strengthen enough to take the frame off. Please be praying for her as she continues her journey of healing! Photo of Eda

Jan 25, 2016

After being in the hospital for about two and a half months, Eda finally gets to go home for a while! She had her x-ray today and Dr. James says it looks good so she's set to leave! We're so happy she's finally well enough to do wound dressings and turns at home and hope she'll be doing just as well when she visits in two weeks for a checkup! Please keep her in your prayers!

Jan 22, 2016

We went to see if Eda was awake right before we left work last night and she was looking well enough to listen to her get-wells! She even read some of them herself! Thandy just had to hold the computer (and get distracted by our friend Peace). Sweet Eda had over 20 messages! We're glad she has so many people praying for her, she needs it!

On ward rounds today Dr. James said that she shouldn't be in pain, we shouldn't try to rush the healing process, so she can turn the pins only once a day and see how that goes! And more good news, he said if she does a good job turning them over the weekend and an x-ray that is scheduled for Monday shows good progress, she can go home! She'll have to come back two weeks after that to make sure that they're doing a good job cleaning the wound, doing physio and the frame turns! So exciting that she gets to go home though!

Shoutout to all of you wonderful supporters out there who have been praying for her through the ups and downs! Especially thank you to all the wonderful ladies who have faithfully sent her get-wells for the two months she's been here with us in the hospital: Vicki, Dolly, Karen, Sarah, and Kris, as well Erica Berge and her family!

Jan 21, 2016

We tried to deliver get-well messages yesterday and Eda was asleep! We tried to deliver get-well messages today and Eda was asleep! We're scared the old pattern of always showing up when Eda is sleeping is coming back! We talked to her grandma and she said she's in a lot of pain because of lengthening the bone - the pins move on the outside so it pulls her flesh as well as the bone, unfortunately making another painful wound. She's trying to sleep it off, and we're glad her mind has some rest from the pain. Please be praying hard for her again, and bear with us as we try to find an appropriate time to deliver your messages to her! Photo of Eda

Jan 20, 2016

We snapped a photo on ward rounds today! Doctor James showed Eda how to start doing the turns for her frame so she can start lengthening her bone herself! She has to do a half turn twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. Eda and her grandmother asked if they could do it at home, they're getting a bit tired of the hospital. He said first they need to make sure that Eda does the turns correctly, that her grandmother can clean her still -healing wounds and pin-sites well, and that Eda does her physio exercises! Unfortunately, they can't have the wound dressed at the local hospital because it's a multi-resistant infection and the public hospitals here aren't the most reliable so we don't want to spread the infections to other people. Pray that they're able to do those three things well so Eda can heal at home! She'll need to be doing the turns for about a month before we see her again to check her progress. Photo of Eda

Jan 19, 2016

Eda says she's feeling better today! She was coloring with the crayons she got for Christmas when we caught up with her, but hid her pictures when we tried to take a photo of them! She's a shy artist! Photo of Eda

Jan 18, 2016

Eda's in a bit of pain today, so please be praying for her, but she's smiling, laughing and talking so she's not as bad as she was a month ago! We're happy that the most recent surgery didn't set her back at all, and she recognizes that it was necessary for healing to take place! Photo of Eda

Jan 14, 2016

Eda had a pretty quick surgery yesterday! Doctor Kyle just added three pins to her frame, seen in the x-ray, and then cut the top of the femur in two pieces so that when they start healing together, by moving the bone very slowly apart, the bone will gradually heal all the way back together. Please keep her in your prayers as we're hoping she will still be feeling happy and well after this operation! Photo of Eda

Jan 14, 2016

Eda had her second surgery this afternoon, to add a couple of pins to her frame so we can start lengthening the bone in her leg and help it grow back! She looked pretty happy when we caught up with her, she was allowed to have breakfast this morning since she's having surgery late in the day! We walked up just as someone from our Spiritual Department had finished praying for her and her surgery! Photo of Eda

Jan 13, 2016

Eda is going in for her second surgery tomorrow afternoon! We brought her some get-well messages to encourage her before she goes in! Please keep her in your prayers tomorrow, fortunately this surgery should be a lot smaller and quicker than the first one! Photo of Eda

Jan 12, 2016

Eda is so happy today! It's so good to feel well after you've felt sick for a long time! We still don't know exactly when she will be having surgery this week. Two of our doctors were going to discuss when would be best, so we'll probably find out during ward rounds tomorrow what they decided! Photo of Eda

Jan 11, 2016

Eda's feeling good today! We caught a photo of her and her grandmother together! Shout out to all the grandmas out there who love their grandchildren like Jinny loves Eda! She's been here in the hospital with Eda for pretty much the entire two months that Eda has been in the hospital, and we're so glad Eda has someone who cares for her that much. Photo of Eda

Jan 08, 2016

Here's the video from yesterday for everyone who's supporting Eda, sending get-wells, prayers and well-wishes! Thank you so much for praying! The doctors did an x-ray yesterday in preparation for Eda's operation and discovered the bone is looking a lot better than they thought! There's already 7 whole centimeters of bone growing back from the bottom, so there's only a 3 centimeter gap to make up! Because of this, they will only put the pins at the top of the bone to grow down to fill the gap. This is really good news because that means it will only take a couple months rather than almost half a year for the bone to grow back!

Jan 07, 2016

Eda's doing well today! Yesterday we stopped in and delivered her get-well messages and she told us she'd respond today, so we stopped in and took a video of her saying 'Thank you' to her supporters! We'll post it tomorrow!

She asked Thandy today about her next operation. She wanted to know where the doctors would cut the bones and add a couple more pins to help grow the bone back! It's hard to explain what's going on, so we drew a rough sketch to give everyone an idea of what's going on. The separated pieces of bone will want to heal back together, and by moving the two pieces apart by tiny increments (.25mm) on each side the bone will be encouraged to grow all the way back. Eda is not looking forward to her second operation, especially the idea of the wound! Please keep praying for her, that it won't be as painful. Photo of Eda

Jan 06, 2016

Eda's still cheerful! Doctor Kyle is happy with how her wound looks, so if everything goes well, they will have a minor operation and add four more pins to her frame next week. Then, we will start to grow back the 10 centimeters of bone that had to be taken out. Each end of the femur will slowly be lengthened with the frame until they meet. Unfortunately, we can only get half a millimeter per day, which means it will take roughly 200 days to grow the entire length back without complications. We're still discussing whether she can go home for part of that time or not, but because of the way we need to use the frame, she will probably have pin-site wounds which is dangerous because we don't want the infection to spread to other people, or to be poorly cleaned which would affect Eda's healing. Please continue to keep her in your prayers, that she will heal enough to go home while we are growing her bone so that she doesn't have to be in the hospital for so long! Photo of Eda

Jan 05, 2016

We're so proud of Eda! She used her walker and got all the way from the ward to physio! Sarah, one of our physiotherapists, was quite impressed! She sat down for a rest afterwards before doing some knee exercises and gave us her lovely grin! She is so happy to be improving and getting around. Her pressure sores have also healed! Thank you for praying for her! Photo of Eda

Jan 04, 2016

We're back! There are not very many new admissions this week, but we'll be updating Eda every day again now! Thank you so much for your prayers, she is doing a lot better and the doctors are impressed with how much she's improved! The wound looks good, and she's sitting and eating. She said she was really happy that she can taste her food now, it used to be tasteless or sour.

The physios have gotten her walking a bit, but now we need to work on her knee so it doesn't get too stiff. She still has a long way to go though! In order to grow back the large chunk of bone we had to take out, she'll have to wear the frame for at least a year. She'll also have to stay in the hospital while her wound is healing because she lives far away and although there's a hospital near her home the standards of medical care aren't very high and we don't want to risk her getting an infection. She may be able to go home after it's healed and we're just using the frame to lengthen her bone. Please keep Eda in your prayers! Photo of Eda

Dec 28, 2015

Eda had an okay Christmas - she's still not feeling that well, but she enjoyed the presents we brought! All the kids have been moved to our physio department over the weekend because there are only a few left in the hospital so it's an ideal time to clean the ward! We have to fumigate once a year because bugs multiply in Africa no matter how clean you keep the floors! Eda got her own space in one of the physio offices while it's regular inhabitants are on break. Please continue to be praying for her, she has painful daily wound wash-outs and our physio is getting her to walk around a little each day, but even that hurts. Her grandma was happy though when we stopped by while Eda was sleeping! Photo of Eda

Dec 24, 2015

Happy Christmas Eve from Malawi! Eda is doing a little better, we caught her doing some physical therapy and walking around a bit so her joints don't stiffen up! We took a picture, but silly Maxwell stole the show! A few days ago, Eda was still throwing up, but we took her off a couple of medications to see if they were the problem and it didn't seem to help at first, but now she's feeling a bit better. She is on several different medications so we're talking with the doctors at Queens Public Hospital as well to trying to figure out what would be best to keep her on and what to take her off of. The infection is still resistant to our drugs so we're doing our best to just continually wash it out, which is very painful for Eda, please keep praying for her, especially on Christmas that she will have a good day. Photo of Eda

Dec 21, 2015

The hospital is slowing down a lot for the holidays! The only newly admitted kid today is Bertha, Eda's newest wardmate! She has an infected tibia which can't wait until after the holidays to be treated, so she was admitted to have surgery today, please be praying for her! Eda is definitely not feeling well, she is receiving a blood transfusion at the moment so please keep her in your prayers. Thandy, who usually translates, is away on break for the next two weeks, but CUREkids Coordinator Avanell lives nearby and will be stopping by the hospital every couple of days to keep you all updated on how Eda is doing during the holidays! Photo of Eda

Dec 18, 2015

Eda was feeling well enough to give us a smile this morning! She did a bit of physical therapy yesterday and says standing up made her dizzy, but she hasn't been vomiting and she slept through the night! Although it's hard, we need her to walk so that her joints don't stiffen and because it will help the pus drain out. We had a pediatrician from the local hospital look her over and he had some suggestions for medications to give to her for her various ailments. Thank you for praying for her. Photo of Eda

Dec 17, 2015

Eda's not a happy camper! Thank you so much for your prayers for her, she's still in pain. Her mom was helping her sit up a bit today. Eda's mom knows a little English and says she's still in pain from her wound and a bit irritated with the oral thrush. Please continue to pray. Photo of Eda

Dec 16, 2015

Please be praying for Eda, she's still been vomiting a lot. Her mom says she's feeling a little better, but she still looks like she's in a lot of pain. She hasn't felt well enough for us to deliver her get-well messages for a while, she's usually in pain or asleep recently. We told her today that people were writing to her and cared a lot about her, and that all her supporters were praying hard for her healing. Photo of Eda

Dec 15, 2015

Eda is doing a bit better today, but when we went in she was getting a wound dressing and was in a lot of pain. We snapped a photo of her mom though, who's now in the hospital keeping an eye on her and apparently taking photos for posterity! Eda's healing very slowly, but it seems that she's improving. Please keep her in your prayers! Photo of Eda

Dec 14, 2015

We feel so sorry for poor Eda! She felt nauseous and was vomiting a lot this weekend, and we had to have a doctor come in to see her late Saturday night. The doctors think it was probably side effects from all the pain mediations she's on right now. She also developed a bit of oral thrush, which isn't usually a big deal, but because Eda is already sick, it complicates things. Please be praying hard for her! It is difficult to see such a sweet child in so much pain. She was feeling better this afternoon though, and we got a smile out of her! She even got up out of bed, which is really good, because it will help her leg drain and keep the bed sores at bay. Her mom has come to relieve her grandmother and will be watching over Eda now! Photo of Eda

Dec 11, 2015

Here's photos of Eda's ward-mates! These three semi-cheerful children all have infected femurs and are stuck on bedrest and on traction! Please be praying for Emma, Victoria and Juliet as well as Eda!

Eda's feeling a little better today, but she's still sleeping it off! Because moving is so painful she tends to stay in one position which isn't good because she's developing some small sores, so we have to get her to lie on her side sometimes if possible. Her hip also is still sore because we opened it up. The good news is that her wound is looking a bit better, there's not as much pus! Photo of Eda

Dec 10, 2015

As always, we have had exceptionally bad timing when delivering Eda's get-wells each week! Today, she was asleep most of the day so hopefully we can't be blamed. We're glad she's able to sleep and hope that it will help her heal, and it's so hot here there's not enough energy to do much else! The infected wounds ward is pretty full of girls at the moment, and little Victoria was one of the few who was actually awake! Photo of Eda

Dec 09, 2015

Out of respect for Eda, we decided not to take a photo of her today. She's in a lot of pain right now and nobody likes having their photo taken when they don't feel well. Please be praying for her, the washout took a lot out of her. There is good news though, her hip looked fine and they managed to drain a lot of the pus from her leg, as well as take out a little more dead bone. She's going to be rather stiff though, so she needs to do some exercises to keep her knee and hip mobile which will also probably be uncomfortable for her.

Dec 08, 2015

Please be praying hard for the lovely Eda. The doctors are worried about her. We sent a sample of her infection to the lab, and it's resistant to all of the drugs we usually use. We sent another sample to try with another medicine that wasn't on the original list, but if it also comes back resistant, our other options have side effects we don't want to subject her body to. Please be praying as she fights against this infection, and as she deals with the pain from going through the washout yesterday. Photo of Eda

Dec 07, 2015

Eda went into theater to have her wound washed out today, please be praying for her! Moving hurts a lot, so it was hard for her to get out of bed and into her wheelchair to go to theater. Please be praying that the washout helps and that she won't be in pain afterwards! Photo of Eda

Dec 04, 2015

Getting Eda to the X-ray room and back is quite a production! We snapped a picture of her coming back in on the bed from the x-ray room! Today, during ward rounds, Eda said that her hip hurt, and there is still a lot of pus in her leg. We leave the wound open on purpose so that it can drain out, but the doctors are afraid it's draining inside down the leg instead of out because of how she has to sit in bed. Because her hip hurts, we did an x-ray to see if it's also draining there as well. She will be going into theater on Monday to have her leg and maybe her hip washed out to get rid of all that nasty stuff. Please be praying for her, it's not pleasant! Photo of Eda

Dec 03, 2015

Eda had her nails done today! One of our staff from CURE headquarters is here and his 16-year-old daughter had a lot of fun with Eda and some of the other kids, having a nail-painting party in the playroom! Even the boys enjoy having their nails painted pink and purple! Photo of Eda

Dec 02, 2015

There's a new girl in the infected wounds ward, Juliet! Juliet is still kind of afraid and nervous to be in the hospital, and doesn't enjoy sitting in bed with traction. We were trying to get her to smile so she asked Eda to make a face for the camera to show Juliet how it's done! Juliet is still warming up to everything so she only smiled a little, but hopefully being stuck near cheery Eda and Loveness will help her relax a little! Please pray for all three of these lovely girls with osteomyelitis! Photo of Eda

Dec 01, 2015

Eda was playing Bao with Alena today! She won the first game, but looked a bit skeptical while playing the second! She's feeling pretty good today and even tried to teach one of the CUREkids Coordinators, Avanell, some Chichewa! Photo of Eda

Nov 30, 2015

Eda is doing well today! We caught up with her in the playroom this afternoon and she was enjoying looking through a book! Her humerus is healing up really well, but they have to continue dressing her femur. Poor Eda has to be here during Christmas, but fortunately, she doesn't seem too upset about that. Please continue to pray for her healing! Photo of Eda

Nov 27, 2015

Eda came to visit us in the office and brought her friends Alena and Loveness! We're in trouble... Eda told everyone that we have crayons! After some exhorting - they promised not to leave unless we gave them crayons - we were persuaded to give some out. We're afraid of how many kids will show up tomorrow! Photo of Eda

Nov 26, 2015

In honor of the US holiday of Thanksgiving, we asked several of the kids what they were thankful for, including Eda! Eda is thankful for healing and that she has a lot of good food here at CURE. She's also thankful for all her new friends here at CURE, like Loveness, who also has an infected femur. Photo of Eda

Nov 25, 2015

We finally had a chance to deliver Eda's get-well messages! We went to her bed and she was so happy today! She was drinking a milk-based energy drink and seemed to be enjoying it a lot! We read her messages and she loved hearing from people who are supporting and praying for her overseas! Photo of Eda

Nov 24, 2015

Eda went into theater today to have the wound to her humerus sealed up a little more. With the osteomyelitis (infected bone), the opening they make to take out the infected bone is left open, packed with sterile material and regularly dressed and cleaned. It's necessary in order to make sure the bone heals correctly. However, her humerus was a bit too exposed so the doctors had to close up the wound more. It's painful, so be praying for her! Photo of Eda

Nov 23, 2015

Eda isn't feeling very well today. She's in a lot of pain. Unfortunately, we seem to have terrible timing when bringing her get-well messages, this is the second time we've loaded them on the computer to deliver them, but she's been in too much pain to really be able to pay attention. Please be praying that she'll feel better! Photo of Eda

Nov 20, 2015

Thank you so much for praying for Eda! We were out of the office for most of the day yesterday at a clinic, and so we couldn't do updates, but Thandy stopped by Eda's bed quickly before we left and she said she had a really restful sleep! Her mom was so happy that she slept well! She's definitely improving and she feels even better today. We're so happy she's not in as much pain and can sit up a little more! Photo of Eda

Nov 18, 2015

Eda is in a lot of pain today. We got a photo of her smiling while Thandy distracted her with the picture of herself on the website, but she is definitely not feeling to well. She had an x-ray right before we visited and moving around left her in tears. She's such a cheerful, happy girl and we're sad she's having such a hard time. Please be praying that she'll have a peaceful sleep tonight and that the pain will ease. Tomorrow, she will start regular dressing changes, which can also be pretty painful. Photo of Eda

Nov 17, 2015

Eda had her surgery today! It was a major operation, and she was in for about 4 hours! Our surgeons first removed the infected humerus bone in her upper arm so that it can heal back normally. Then they opened her thigh and removed a large chunk of the infected femur near the fracture. Because putting a plate or something inside her leg could cause further infection, they instead put a frame on the outside of her leg. The frame is screwed into the bone, which helps to stabilize it and later encourage it to grow back together. Please be praying that her femur and humerus grow back quickly and that she won't be in a lot of pain! Photo of Eda

Nov 16, 2015

Eda was chilling in the playroom today! She will be going into theater tomorrow, as long as the blood transfusion she needs is available, so please be praying for her! It will be a major operation and is going to take up most of the afternoon. Photo of Eda

Nov 13, 2015

Eda's just chilling on bedrest today! We have a partitioned space for the kids with infected bones and she and Hamza are stuck in bed, so we brought them some foam butterflies to color in while the other kids were watching tv! They both seem pretty cheery though, especially Eda! She will be going in hopefully early next week for surgery on both of the infected bones in her arm and her leg! Photo of Eda

Nov 12, 2015

Eda's doing well today! We caught her in the middle of a dressing change. She's really happy, her leg feels a lot better now that it's not in traction anymore. Being in traction pulls the broken bone and muscles into the correct position after a fracture, but is painful. We are already falling in love with her sweet smile! Photo of Eda

Nov 11, 2015

Meet Eda! Eda's a sweet girl with an infected, broken femur (upper leg) and an infected humerus (upper arm) bone. She will be getting surgery next week. Originally, we were going to put her on traction, but that will take too long with her condition. She's already been at two different hospitals for a couple of months. We're now waiting on blood for a blood transfusion during her operation and she is on bed rest in the meantime! Please be praying hard for her, infected bones are very serious! Photo of Eda

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