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Margaret's Story

A case of knock knees caused by severe bowing of the tibia in both legs, Margaret has very little function in her lower limbs. She developed the deformity around 2 years of age and the bowing of the tibia gradually increased. Margaret is currentl… Read more

A case of knock knees caused by severe bowing of the tibia in both legs, Margaret has very little function in her lower limbs. She developed the deformity around 2 years of age and the bowing of the tibia gradually increased. Margaret is currently in the 4th grade and tells us that she wants to be a nurse when she finishes. Her mother, Ester, carries her to school each day. The family is supported financially through domestic farming. Margaret is the only girl in a family of 7 children. Ester tells us that Margaret enjoys helping her with household chores. Please pray with us for Margaret's healing!

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Latest Updates

Apr 04, 2018

Margaret has come in with a new fancy and colorful dress! Physio Ndapile says, "She's doing really, really well. I was surprised." Because of the special boarding school she goes to for kids with special needs and disabilities, she has a session of physiotherapy every day which is having an effect! She can even walk well without her crutches. She has a slight limp so Ndapile told her to continue working with the physiotherapists at school and we'll see her during her next school holiday in August. Thank you for your prayers! Photo of Margaret

Feb 20, 2018

Margaret came in for a checkup and some physiotherapy today with her mom! She's doing well, but the physiotherapy students say she still needs to keep on using her crutches. She won't need another operation anytime soon, but she still needs to be diligent with her walking exercises. We'll see her again April 3rd! Photo of Margaret

Dec 05, 2017

Margaret was still here for physiotherapy this morning, but by the time we asked the physiotherapists about her, she had been discharged. Her mom was helping her out with some exercises, which is good practice for home. Diana said she's doing well and will be back sometime in February for a check-up. Photo of Margaret

Dec 04, 2017

Margaret is back to have her cast off, and Spiritual Department Volunteer Chisomo was so happy to see her! She's doing okay but depending on how her physical therapy session goes she may be admitted for a couple of days to do physiotherapy! If not, we'll see her again in two months according to her notes. Photo of Margaret

Oct 27, 2017

Margaret is going home today! We brought her the last of her get-well messages yesterday before she left. Again, she says, "I am so thankful that you remembered me. If you didn't pray for me, I don't think I would be getting better now. God bless you." She such a sweetie! Please pray for her as she travels home, we'll see her again on December 4th to have her cast off! Photo of Margaret

Oct 25, 2017

Margaret had her surgery yesterday to correct her rush rod, which went well. At the beginning, the power went off - it's the hot, dry season here in Malawi and power outages are frequent. Fortunately, the doctors here are used to this. They just gave a bit of a groan when the lights turned off while we all wait for thirty seconds for the generator to kick on. Don't worry, though, essential equipment for the anesthesia is all on back-up batteries and won't go off. It can get pretty dark in the room while we wait for the lights to come back on. Please be praying for Margaret as she heals, but also be praying for Malawi and these power cuts that happen often over the course of a day! Photo of Margaret

Oct 23, 2017

Margaret unfortunately needs to go in for another operation tomorrow - they need to do another cut to the bone and straighten the rush rod in her left femur a little more. Please pray for her as she goes to surgery! The good news is that we brought her your get-well messages on Friday, and she was really happy to hear from you all. She said, "Thank you for the encouragement and prayers! May God bless you so much and provide all that you need in life." Photo of Margaret

Oct 19, 2017

Margaret's operation went well yesterday, and she's already smiling in the ward. Because she has brittle bones, she'll need many surgeries to keep her bones straight until she reaches maturity. This time, Dr. Daniel and Dr. Lubega worked on her left leg, which needed to be cut since the bones were bending. Then metal rush rods were put through to hold the bones straight and keep them strong. Please pray for her as she recovers! Photo of Margaret

Oct 18, 2017

Lovely Margaret is going in for her operation today. She's already had so many that she doesn't look at all fazed about having another one! Please be praying for her mom Ester as she waits for Margaret to come out of surgery yet again, and that her operation will go well. Photo of Margaret

Oct 17, 2017

Margaret is back! She's already made fast friends with Maliana, who came in today for a wound inspection - she was very amused by the funny faces Maliana was making for the camera! We'll find out during ward rounds tomorrow what her next operation will be, please continue your prayers for her. Photo of Margaret

Sep 13, 2017

Margaret is going home today! She is super excited and was waving goodbye to us! Margaret is still finding it hard to sit properly because of the cut on her hip. Please keep Margaret and Ester, her mother, in your prayers as they travel back home and for Margaret's quick recovery! Photo of Margaret

Sep 12, 2017

Our girl Margaret was sitting so calmly on her bed today as she was waiting for doctors to put a cast on her right leg. She appeared to be busy on the phone as well as chatting with her mother, Ester. Every prayer is heard and brings a difference towards Margaret's healing journey! Photo of Margaret

Sep 11, 2017

Margaret looks happy today despite the fact she needed blood drawn! We got a photo of Margaret in the lab while Mr. Khomani was doing some tests. Dr. Lubega was considering operating on the left leg, but her mother thinks maybe we should wait until the right side heals first because Margaret is having a hard time sitting with the cut on her hip and it will make it worse if she can't rest on her left side. Please continue praying as they discuss options for Margaret later today! Photo of Margaret

Sep 08, 2017

Margaret's surgery went well yesterday! Doctors put a rush rod on the right side of her femur and tibia to stabilize her brittle bones. Instead of waiting until this leg has healed, they have decided to operate on her other leg next week so that she will only have to deal with casts and the healing process once. Please continue praying for her as she gets better each day! Photo of Margaret

Sep 07, 2017

Margaret will be going into the theatre today! She is always smiling and she looks so comfortable as she waits for her turn. Doctors will be putting a rush rod into one of her femurs and we will post a photo of her operation tomorrow with more information about how it went. Please continue praying for Margaret and for Ester her mother!

We also brought Margaret get-well messages yesterday and this was her response to you all - "I am so happy that since I've had operations here at CURE, my legs have improved! I am able to go to school and I passed! We are about 70 students and I scored position TWO! I am really happy to hear from everyone who has been here for me and helped encourage me!" Photo of Margaret

Sep 06, 2017

Please be praying as Margaret has her operation scheduled for tomorrow! We're not sure exactly what the doctors are planning to do, but we'll let you know when we find out. Margaret seems to be enjoying spending time with her friends here at the hospital and was enjoying tea at the kitchen when we ran into her this morning! Photo of Margaret

Sep 04, 2017

Our lovely Margaret is back! A few months after she was scheduled to come back, but we're thrilled that she's finally gotten here for another operation! She's not feeling that good today so please be praying for her, as well as for her surgery later this week. Photo of Margaret

Mar 30, 2017

We happened to visit the Balaka clinic yesterday and saw Margaret there! She has osteogenesis imperfecta (brittle bone disease) so her legs are still quite deformed, and Dr. Mak thinks that she might need rush rods in her femurs as well. He told her guardian to bring her to one of the Monday clinics at CURE in July (when her guardian comes back from a trip home to Italy) so one of the other doctors who's more specialized can decide what to do for her and her knees!

Margaret stays at a children's home/boarding school for disabled children, so her mom was there, but the lady who is in charge of the children's home was there too, with several of Margaret's friends from the home who are also disabled, mostly with cerebral palsy. Unfortunately, we didn't catch the woman's name, but she told us that Margaret is quite clever and is doing well in school! Because it's often hard for children with disabilities to get to school, this home provides them with a place to stay with a school and support, which is awesome for kids like Margaret! Because of the brittle bone disease she'll probably always have a difficult time walking, even after operations. Please be praying for Margaret and all of her friends at the boarding school, and for the people who watch over them! Photo of Margaret

May 26, 2016

Margaret gets to go home today! Lucky girl! Please be praying for her as her leg still hurts a bit while she's healing! We're going to miss her smiling face! We also managed to upload the video of her mom and some other moms in physiotherapy yesterday praising God because their children can now walk!

The YouTube link is at

May 25, 2016

Margaret is doing well today! She was in the physio department and some of the other kid's moms started dancing and singing because they were so happy their kids were walking now! We'll try to upload video of it sometime when the internet here at CURE Malawi is better! Photo of Margaret

May 24, 2016

Margaret is in bed recovering today, but looks pretty well! The doctors took out the rush rod in her left tibia yesterday. They cut the tibia because it was bending again, and then put a newer, longer rush rod in to keep the bone straight. Please be praying for her as her bone heals! Photo of Margaret

May 23, 2016

Margaret is back! She has Osteogenesis Imperfecta, a condition commonly known as brittle bone disease, which makes her bones, well, brittle. This is what caused her knock-knee in the first place. Most kids with OI need rush rods in each of their leg bones to keep them straight, but unfortunately when they grow, the rush rod becomes too short so they need to be replaced. Margaret just had another operation to replace the rush rod in her left tibia which had become too short and was protruding. We'll post photos of her surgery tomorrow! We're so excited to have her back! Photo of Margaret

Jun 23, 2015

Look who we spotted! Margaret was back at the hospital for a review and physiotherapy appointment. We are so stoked to see her walking around! She and her mom are both well and very happy, thanks for continuing to pray for them! Photo of Margaret

May 11, 2015

Margaret is feeling way better! She's been discharged! RAD. But there was still time to sneak in a bit of coloring before she left today. Here she is in the playroom! Margaret and Ester will be back in about 6 weeks to have the casts removed and her legs reviewed. Please continue to pray for them during that time, and thanks for all the messages and prayers while they've been here! Photo of Margaret

May 08, 2015

Margaret's been vomiting since she came out of theater yesterday, but she's just eaten and is keeping it down so far. She's got an IV line in, and we're keeping a close eye on her. Other than that, everything is fine, and Ester, her mom, is taking care of her beautifully! Please keep praying! Photo of Margaret

May 07, 2015

Surgery day! Margaret went into theater this morning, and now it's all over she's recovering nicely in the ward. In the operating room, Dr Lubega worked with his team to remove the rod in Margaret's lower leg that she'd outgrown. This proved a little more difficult than anticipated, because bone had started to form around the ends of it! Eventually it was out, and the rod was replaced with a new one, more suited to Margaret's current height. We decided against adding another rod alongside her thigh bone this time. We'll wait until she recovers from this surgery before going ahead with that. Thanks for your prayers, please keep them coming! Photo of Margaret

May 06, 2015

Margaret's got some mad art skills, check out the coloring that she's been doing today! She says this doing coloring was her favorite thing about today. Margaret's been tentatively scheduled to go to theater tomorrow, and right now the plan is to remove the rush rod that's giving her trouble, replace it, and also insert a rush rod alongside the thigh bone of the same leg. Please pray for both Margaret and the surgeons as everyone prepares for the surgery! Photo of Margaret

May 05, 2015

Margaret has no shortage of pals here at CURE! Here she is hanging out with Chifundo and Elsey, obviously all having a great time! We're still waiting on the decision about Margaret's legs, but we'll continue to keep you updated as we work on that. Photo of Margaret

May 04, 2015

Margaret is back! We're so happy to see her again, along with her Mum Ester, aka the sweetest woman in the world. Unfortunately, Margaret is having a bit of trouble with one of the rods that is in her leg. Our surgeons are assessing her case at the moment, so we'll let you know what the plan is once that's been decided. Keep her in your prayers please! Photo of Margaret

Nov 14, 2014

Margaret is such a trooper! She bounced back after surgery so quickly that she was allowed to go home today! Her casts will be removed after 6 weeks, at a local clinic in Balaka where she's from. While we love her sweet smile and nature a whole lot, we're hoping that there will be no complications and she won't have to come back here. Thanks for your prayers and support for this precious little girl! Photo of Margaret

Nov 10, 2014

Almost a whole year later and look who is back with us! After her first operation in November last year, Margaret was so happy that her legs could now carry her so much further! She says she is so happy to come back and continue the process. Margaret arrived at CURE over the weekend, and went in for surgery this morning. During surgery, a section of bone was taken out of each of her knees, and then both legs were put into plaster. All in all, this should set them straight! We're so glad to see Margaret's smiling face again, and that her legs are so much better! Please keep her in your prayers as she heals. Photo of Margaret

Dec 05, 2013

Margaret James was discharged from CURE Malawi and is scheduled for a future follow up appointment early next year. We don't have the exact date yet but she will be reviewed in her home district of Balaka. Photo of Margaret

Dec 03, 2013

Margaret recovered well over the weekend and she is almost ready to go home. The doctors are concerned about a small wound on the right leg. The doctors need to apply full plaster casts on both legs before discharge. The doctors waited to apply the hard casts due to swelling and discomfort immediately after the operation.

Nov 28, 2013

Guess who's feeling 100 times better? Margaret is now moving around the ward in a wheelchair. She is keeping a check on the CUREkids staff too, she's learned that we're just down the hall from the ward. She loves the many fun things in the CUREkids office, so she visits several times daily. Photo of Margaret

Nov 22, 2013

Margaret James is in recovery at CURE Malawi. She is struggling and experiencing pain frequently. The nurses are keeping a close watch on her. She is being given pain medication every few hours. The surgery was successful, check out pictures from the procedure. The tibia and fibula were broken and rush rods were inserted in both legs. She will be sore for a couple of days but that will wear off soon. Photo of Margaret

Nov 21, 2013

Margaret James is in surgery at CURE Malawi. Learn more at

Nov 19, 2013

Margaret James has arrived at CURE Malawi. Her legs are a mess but she's in the right place. Follow her this week as she is prepared for a corrective procedure on both legs. She's a sweetheart and we thank God that she was referred to CURE. Please share this determined little girl's story. Learn more at Photo of Margaret

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