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  • Age13
  • Conditionburn contractures
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The picture above is of CURE in Kenya. Everyone who serves with CURE in Kenya, from medical professionals to office staff, are dedicated to providing the highest quality medical and spiritual care to people who, without CURE, couldn't find it and couldn't afford it, just like Neema. To do that, we're inviting you to partner with us.

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Neema's Story

“We have really suffered and gone through a lot as we tried to get help for my little girl.” Hadija, Neema’s mum told us.

Hadija has several children including Neema who is the firstborn. They live in a humble grass-thatched hut in t… Read more

“We have really suffered and gone through a lot as we tried to get help for my little girl.” Hadija, Neema’s mum told us.

Hadija has several children including Neema who is the firstborn. They live in a humble grass-thatched hut in the coastal region of Kenya. Hadija works casual jobs to try and make ends meet for her family and put food on the table for them. In the first quarter of the last decade on one of the afternoons, as Hadija was trying to prepare some lunch for her family, a tiny three-year-old girl thought she’d help her mother. Hadija who was cooking on a three-stone fireplace had stepped out of the house to go and get a few things. Hadija doesn’t know clearly what Neema threw in the fire that caused it to rage and burn a few things close to it.

The highly combustible grass roof caught fire in a matter of seconds coming down on Neema. She was seriously burned on her right side. Her hand, waist, and thigh being the most affected. By the time the first responders got to the house, she had already passed out and couldn’t hear them calling out her name. The fire was quickly taken out and Neema was found laying down motionless. She was picked up by the mum who was screaming the entire time and rushed to a nearby dispensary. First aid was done but she needed to be rushed to another hospital where she’d receive better care.

Hadija and her daughter spent approximately one year admitted to the hospital trying to deal with the burns. After Hadija was healed and at least the burn wounds had all dried up, they went back home to try and start up all over again. They did not have a house to go back to so they had to find places to stay. Infections came in plenty affecting Neema all over again. Four years later they went to our mobile clinic site on the coast and they were asked to come when we were in town. Neema had a burn contracture on her right hand that needed to be released surgically so she was asked to come to the CURE hospital where the surgery could be done. Neema is here with her mum and they are very happy that this surgery can be done so Neema can have a normal life and use both hands to do the things she needs to. Please pray for Neema’s surgery that it will transform her life. Also, pray for her family and God’s abundant provision.

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Neema is going home today because her doctors are happy with the way her hand is healing. We hope to see her again when she comes back for a doctor's review. Neema’s mom is saved, and she loves reading her Bible. She came to CURE with a very old Bible that didn’t have all the pages, and one of our chaplains gave her a new one. We asked Neema if she reads the Bible, and she told us that Psalms is her favorite book. We are glad that they now have a new Bible that they can read cover to cover without missing anything! Please pray that their journey home is safe and that Neema will continue to heal well. Photo of Neema

Apr 09, 2021

Pastor George was sharing a joke with Mary who is Neema’s cube mate in the ward, but Neema couldn't help but join in on the laughing. It even seems as if she caught on before the man of God could drop the punchline as she started smiling way before! Neema and her mum are doing well, they are just waiting for a bandage change and wound check that is scheduled for a little bit later. Photo of Neema

Apr 08, 2021

It was really nice to see Neema and her mum stepping out of the ward to go and enjoy the sun today. As they were doing so, they also shared an orange. Neema is recovering well and is expected to go for a surgical wound check tomorrow. Let’s continue praying for her recovery and good progress! Photo of Neema

Apr 07, 2021

Neema has has her operation! The burned skin constraining her elbow was released and she had a skin graft applied to cover the newly exposed areas of her arm. She's in a bit of discomfort, but our nurses gave her some meds to help her through this rough time. Photo of Neema

Apr 06, 2021

"I want to be a doctor when I grow up so I can help many people not suffer like I did when I was little,” Neema told us as she observed keenly what one of the nurses was doing. We asked her if she understood the difference between a nurse and a doctor and she told us she did. This surgery is going to change her life because it will allow her to be fully independent and use her hand to her full potential! Photo of Neema

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