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  • Age10
  • Conditionbowed legs
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Shanel's Story

“I thought her knees would become straight as she continued growing,” Jessica, Shanel’s mom told us.

The last-born of three, Shanel is a bubbly, charming and intelligent young girl. You can tell from her big smile! Growing up with the… Read more

“I thought her knees would become straight as she continued growing,” Jessica, Shanel’s mom told us.

The last-born of three, Shanel is a bubbly, charming and intelligent young girl. You can tell from her big smile! Growing up with the bowed legs condition, running has been the only thing that slows her down.

Jessica, Shanel’s mum told us that she was really hopeful that her daughter’s knees would be straight before she turned three. “At home, my firstborn has an arm condition that was caused by an incorrect vaccine injection, second born is fine but now my Shanel has this complicated knee condition,” Shanel’s mom shared with us. “I hoped it would correct, but nothing positive happened,” she continued.

Shanel’s early academic performance has been exceptional and this drove her mom to look for a better education as well as better and specialized treatment in Nairobi. Now they are at CURE Kenya for corrective surgery for Shanel’s bowed legs.

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Latest Updates

Jan 15, 2021

The five o'clock prayer had just ended with Shanel and Jessica and her mom was in high spirits after learning that they will be going home! Jessica was hoping to leave early in the morning since she will be traveling to her home which is approximately 400kms away. The good thing is that Shanel will have a walker to assist her in moving around as her mum follows the regimen given by the doctors to ensure that Shanel's healing is of the safest and highest priority. Please join us in praying for a safe journey and quick recovery for Shanel! Photo of Shanel

Jan 14, 2021

Earlier today in the ward, Shanel was resting after feeling better from the knee pain she had yesterday. She even had a little breakfast. She was playing with her Barbie doll before we walked in. When she saw us, she put the doll aside, and we had a small chat. From the look of things, she still has to get more bed rest and gather her strength so that she can start physiotherapy sessions. Photo of Shanel

Jan 13, 2021

Shanel was given a gift pack from our hospital chaplain that included a wooden car, crayons, books, floss, and a comb for her Barbie doll (top right covered with polka dot cloth). Shanel had some pain in her knee the previous night (this is normal immediately after coming from the operating room) and the night nurses administered pain killers to help her sleep. Her smile is just getting brighter by the day. We thank you for the get-well-messages you have been sending her way during her recovery time this week. Photo of Shanel

Jan 12, 2021

The doctors and the operating room team performed a procedure that corrected Shanel's right foot with an aim to heal gradually using an adjustable frame. The surgeon cut the bone, and put an adjustable external frame on. The frame is connected to the bone with wires and pins. Jessica, Shanel's mom, has received a regimen outlining the daily adjustments that should be done to the frame when helping Shanel. We thank God for a successful surgery as we start her on the road to recovery. Photo of Shanel

Jan 11, 2021

Shanel loves to play and would one day desire to be a doctor. Being an extrovert, she decided to strike poses for the camera. This is how happy she is as she starts the new year with style and grace! She's currently on a low sugar diet as she prepares to go into surgery later on in the day. Kindly join Shanel on her journey while at CURE Kenya. Photo of Shanel

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