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Benson's Story

Meet this cute little boy named Benson! He is one year and six months old and is full of character. When Benson was little, about nine months old, he was in the house with another child who was at the time 4 years old. There was an open fire left u… Read more

Meet this cute little boy named Benson! He is one year and six months old and is full of character. When Benson was little, about nine months old, he was in the house with another child who was at the time 4 years old. There was an open fire left unattended briefly after someone was done boiling something. It is likely that Benson saw the red burning charcoal as something very interesting and decided to touch it. His right hand was severely burned as a result.

“I came back to the house because I heard my son crying and when I saw what had happened, I started screaming!” Miriam, Benson’s mum told us. Immediately, Benson was rushed to a hospital near home where they begun first aid treatment. A friend of Benson’s mum accompanied them to the hospital and this was a blessing because Miriam couldn’t get herself to watch as her son was being treated. The friend held Benson down as he was having his burn wounds treated, an extremely painful experience.

A few months later Benson’s wounds were healed, but he came out of this storm with a serious burn contracture. He lost two fingers and he couldn’t open up his hand to use it. One day, Miriam heard that there would be a mobile clinic near their home and that the doctors visiting would be seeing among other things, children with burn contractures. She planned to visit and see if there was anything that could be done for her son. She was told that the contracture could be released through surgery. They are now both at CURE Kenya and Benson’s mum would like at least some functionality restored to her son’s hand. Please join us in praying for Benson's healing!

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Latest Updates

Feb 05, 2021

This is day two of Benson not feeling well. He was given some medicine to help take down his fever, but according to his mom, he still feels hot. Today, we found our little champ sleeping, and he didn’t want his mom to leave at all. Please pray for Benson. Photo of Benson

Feb 04, 2021

Benson’s canine teeth have just started growing causing him to be a bit edgy. His mom told us that he didn’t sleep very well last night because of a fever. Please ask God to help Benson feel better and for the fever to subside. Our little friend will be here a while, as he continues with wound checks and dressing changes. Photo of Benson

Feb 03, 2021 The Storyteller cameras usually fascinate the kids we serve. When they are shown the other side of the camera, they see a frozen picture of them and are fascinated. In this case, we turned the articulating screen to face Benson so he could see himself in real time. Watch how his face changes every time he sees himself.

Feb 02, 2021

Benson is doing well and feeling better today. His wound is healing, and we thank God for this. His mom was a bit concerned about the site where the doctors got some skin for grafting on Benson’s hand. Now, the site is healing well, and his mom is no longer worried. Photo of Benson

Feb 01, 2021

Benson was going back to the operating room this morning for a wound check and dressing change. Benson has gotten used to a camera, and he likes it. Photo of Benson

Jan 29, 2021

Our little friend Benson is back! He is here for a simple wound check and dressing change, and hopefully, he can start physiotherapy. It is always exciting to hang out with Benson because he is super happy and loves to play. It is said that birds of a feather flock together, and today, Benson met Sharleen who is as upbeat as he is. They connected really well and became friends. Photo of Benson

Jan 08, 2021

We took Benson out to bask and enjoy the sun today for a change of view. He really enjoyed seeing trees and birds. We also showed him some of his photos on the camera and he loved scrolling back and forth. Benson will need a wound check and dressing change which will be done on Monday. Photo of Benson

Jan 07, 2021

It was so good to see Benson resting this morning. He had his surgery yesterday and his transformation journey started well. The mum appreciates what the nurses did at night to help her son be comfortable and not feel a lot of pain. We thank God for a new day and we pray for healing for Benson. Photo of Benson

Jan 06, 2021

Benson had to leave his sweet Mom to get in the operating room today. The surgery involves releasing the contractures so that he can stretch and use his hand like other children. That's his mom's prayer for her lovely son. Continue praying for a successful surgery and healing as well. Photo of Benson

Jan 05, 2021

Benson’s first friend is his mum, Miriam. If she has to leave to go somewhere, she either has to wait for him to sleep or goes with him. For example, today Benson’s mum needed to go to the shop to buy diapers. Since she can’t leave the hospital gate with him, she had to wait until he fell asleep so she could rush and come back before he woke up and started crying. Miriam loves her son so much. We were able to get a picture of Benson enjoying a small bottle of tea in the company of his sweet mum! Photo of Benson

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