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Paul's Story

Paul was born with bilateral clubfoot and his parents started the ponsetti method of treatment when he was little. A few years later, the mum and dad had a disagreement and the mum decided to leave with Paul and she went to her mum’s home. This a… Read more

Paul was born with bilateral clubfoot and his parents started the ponsetti method of treatment when he was little. A few years later, the mum and dad had a disagreement and the mum decided to leave with Paul and she went to her mum’s home. This automatically meant that the treatment process had to stop. Paul’s clubfoot was neglected. For years, nothing was done to address Paul’s clubfoot.

Steven is Paul’s dad. For the longest time, he tried to look for his son with no luck. When he tried calling the mum, his wife, he found that she changed numbers and her old number didn’t go through. Steven asked for advice from his mum and he was told to check if his son could be at his grandmother’s (Steven’s mother-in law) place. Steven went to his mother-in law’s home and found Paul there. Paul was very thin and not well taken care of. Steven found a away to take Paul back and try to get him into school.

Paul’s grandma, Steven’s mum, was able to get some help and someone offered to support Paul through school. While at school they found out about CURE Kenya and that Paul’s condition could be treated surgically. Steven did everything he could and got Paul to CURE Kenya. They are now here and Steven desires that his son gets healed and that he lives a normal life.

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Latest Updates

Jan 08, 2021

This cheeky face by Paul simply means he didn’t do our challenge. When we asked him this morning if he was ready to go on video and tell us one of the stories he had learned, he made this smile and said, “I don’t know!” Paul is doing well with his treatment and we thank God for that. Photo of Paul

Jan 07, 2021

Paul received a book with Bible stories from the spiritual team. This is what is keeping him busy in the ward today as he is learning interesting things from the Bible. We challenged Paul to tell us a story without looking at the book when we see him tomorrow. Let’s wait and see how he does. Photo of Paul

Jan 06, 2021

Friends are as a companion on a journey - helping each other to persevere on the road to a happier life. This is exactly what Paul is venturing into while in the hospital. I met him today with Lameck, a new patient and a new friend, talking and encouraging him to be strong. When we asked him how his day has been, he smiled and said, "Am pressing on." This statement encouraged us that no matter the hardships/troubles/trials/afflictions that we face in life, we should always "press on." Let's continue to pray for this friendly, social, and jovial boy. Photo of Paul

Jan 05, 2021

Paul loves going outside, and today he seemed to have found the perfect partner. The little guy pushing Paul’s wheelchair is a new patient who was just admitted yesterday. How fast is it that Paul has already made friends with him? We are so glad! Photo of Paul

Jan 04, 2021

We are excited to see Paul again this new year. Unfortunately for him, he did not get to go home for Christmas. He remained behind and celebrated Christmas with us here at CURE Kenya. He is doing well and, this morning, he was being entertained watching monkeys play on one of the CURE roofs! Photo of Paul

Dec 18, 2020

Paul and his dad were having a little chat about random things and Paul couldn’t stop laughing. Paul refused to tell us what his dad was telling him, but it was really cool to witness their bond. “This boy is more famous than I am right now at CURE Kenya. I wonder how he does it!” Paul’s dad joked with us. Photo of Paul

Dec 17, 2020

Just another day in Paul’s thrilling hospital life where he gets to have fun with other patients and relatives. Paul is continuing with his healing process and he is doing well! Photo of Paul

Dec 16, 2020

Paul is so good at making friends. He met Mesiyieki yesterday and now they are great buddies. As Mesiyieki was reading his get well messages, Paul was behind him making funny faces because he noticed us taking pictures. We also read Paul his get well messages and he was very happy. Photo of Paul

Dec 15, 2020

It is so interesting how Paul has developed ways to live with his TSF frame. He sure takes care of it but doesn’t allow it to get in the way of his fun and happiness. Photo of Paul

Dec 14, 2020

Paul is very helpful! Today he was trying to get his dad a charger and plug his phone in to a power outlet. He didn’t see us approaching and when he finally noticed that we were taking pictures of him, he stopped humming and hid his face for a second. Please continue praying for his healing. Photo of Paul

Dec 04, 2020

Because the new ward doesn’t have a TV yet, Paul spends most of his time sleeping. Thank you for continually praying for his recovery. Please pray for Paul’s dad who goes out of his way to find jobs as Paul is in hospital so he can provide the basic needs for him and his family back at home. Photo of Paul

Dec 03, 2020

Today, Paul was moved to our brand new CURE Kenya ward just before it was officially opened! He was really impressed by the new beds. He kept on saying he likes the new beds but he doesn’t like that the new ward doesn’t have a TV. We will tell you more about this new ward soon! Photo of Paul

Dec 01, 2020

Paul had a chance to watch TV today and just relax in the ward. We found him watching and thought we’d sneak up on him and take a picture but he turned and saw us and so we took this picture instead. Paul looks forward to when he can go home but he understands why he is here and is okay with it. Due to the complexity of his frame, he needs to have it checked by a doctor regularly. That is why he is staying at CURE Kenya a bit longer than usual. Photo of Paul

Nov 30, 2020

Paul is doing well. He has been able to overcome the pain in his leg and is feeling much better. His movement has been limited, but he is still jovial and is taking every opportunity to cheer other people up. Photo of Paul

Nov 20, 2020

We are so glad to see Paul smiling. God is surely doing a great thing in his life, and it is beautiful to see. We pray that this will be the trend from now on and that God will bring complete healing to our little friend. Photo of Paul

Nov 19, 2020

Paul keeps getting waves of pain, and it really is putting him down compared to his friend Baraqo. We are kindly asking you to pray for him to be strong and to overcome the pain. Paul has been receiving pain medication and will continue with that. Due to the delicateness of his apparatus, he needs to be checked on constantly and our doctors are doing just that. Photo of Paul

Nov 18, 2020

After a long night of pain and very little sleep, Paul was able to get some sleep this morning. This allowed his dad to rush to the shop and buy a few things like soap and toothpaste. Paul is doing better today. He is taking pain medication to help relieve the pain. Please continue praying for his smooth healing. Photo of Paul

Nov 17, 2020

Paul went to the theatre today. His operation was done very differently from the way we have always done clubfoot correction procedures. This week, we have visiting surgeons here to teach our surgeons how to use TSF (Taylor Spatial frames) fixators to treat serious bone deformities. TSF fixators basically are external apparatuses used by orthopedic surgeons to treat complex fractures and bone deformities. “This new way will take a bit longer but will eliminate the chance of Paul getting an infection. We are stretching the ligaments over a long period of time so the body will adapt and the wound won’t crush,” one of his surgeons told us. Please pray for Paul because the next few hours are going to be painful and seeing such a complex apparatus on his leg might scare him a bit. Photo of Paul

Nov 16, 2020

“I feel very bad when Paul comes home and tells me that some kids were laughing at him and calling him names at school,” Steven told us. Steven wants so much for his son to be transformed so he can be normal and not have to go through ridicule ever again in his life. Please pray that his feet are corrected and that at the end of his journey with CURE, Paul will be transformed both physically, mentally and spiritually. Paul is a happy kid and really loves his dad! Photo of Paul

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