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The picture above is of CURE in Kenya. Everyone who serves with CURE in Kenya, from medical professionals to office staff, are dedicated to providing the highest quality medical and spiritual care to people who, without CURE, couldn't find it and couldn't afford it, just like Elizabeth. To do that, we're inviting you to partner with us.

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Elizabeth's Story

“I was so shocked when I first saw my daughter, but my husband was very supportive and he encouraged me.”

Elizabeth is a 7 year old girl who was born with bilateral clubfoot. She is Nancy’s last born child and has 3 elder siblings. B… Read more

“I was so shocked when I first saw my daughter, but my husband was very supportive and he encouraged me.”

Elizabeth is a 7 year old girl who was born with bilateral clubfoot. She is Nancy’s last born child and has 3 elder siblings. By the time Elizabeth was born, Nancy had never seen anything like clubfoot. She had never interacted with a child born with clubfoot neither had she ever heard of a condition like that.

When Nancy was given her child to hold for the first time, she had mixed feelings. This is because she was excited to have a new child but on the other hand, she was born with an unexplainable deformity. The nurse in charge at the time told Nancy about the deformity and asked her not to be worried. She explained to her what she could do to get help for Elizabeth.

Clubfoot correction started when Elizabeth was merely a week old. They started the ponsetti method as soon as 3 days old. Nancy kept taking Elizabeth for clinic up to a point where she needed tenotomy. After this stage, they thought that the correction process was over. They went back home and decided to let Elizabeth grow as they observed her. The deformity did not go away.

One day a well-wisher saw Elizabeth and decided to find her mum and tell her about CURE Kenya. She even gave them bus fare to get them to CURE so they can be seen by a doctor and told the way forward. According to Nancy, they were told that Elizabeth would need surgery and that they should go home and wait to be called for the same. A few days ago, Nancy received a phone call asking her to bring Elizabeth to CURE Kenya. “I saw the hand of God because I didn’t think they would actually call us to go have my girl’s feet corrected.” Nancy told us.

Elizabeth cannot wear shoes properly and struggles a lot to go to school because it is located on a hill which is hard for her to climb. Some mornings she is helped by her siblings and other mornings other kids going to school help her carry her bag. After the surgery, she will be able to fully depend on herself. We can’t wait to see her transformation once she is done with all the procedures she has to go through. Please pray for Elizabeth’s stay at CURE Kenya and for the surgery she needs to have.

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Latest Updates

Jul 31, 2020

Elizabeth and her mum couldn’t hold back their joy when one of our pastors at CURE Kenya handed them a CURE Care Package. Even before they saw what was inside, they were excited at the thought that someone, somewhere took their time to give, prepare and deliver to them a gift. “May God richly bless you and give you more so that you can be a blessing to many more people!” Elizabeth’s mum had a message to all who made this possible. Elizabeth got a new cast and they hope to be discharged over the weekend. We thank God for this progress and we can’t wait to see Elizabeth back when they come for a review! Photo of Elizabeth

Jul 30, 2020

Elizabeth was really touched by your get well messages we read her today. “Thank you and God bless you all so much!” she said to tell you. We thank God for all the progress she has made in her recovery. She is expected to have a new cast put on later today. Please thank God for this! Photo of Elizabeth

Jul 29, 2020

Amos, a physical therapist at CURE Kenya, had to split Elizabeth’s cast because it was too tight and was causing her fingers to swell a bit. A little bit of post-op swelling is normal and splitting the cast will relieve the pressure but will also mean Elizabeth will need a new cast in a bit. The nurses are keeping an eye on Elizabeth and assure us the swelling is already going down. Photo of Elizabeth

Jul 28, 2020

Elizabeth’s feet on the operating room table is a huge prayer answered for her entire family. She has always wondered how her daughter would grow up different from the rest and this opportunity for surgery presented to them is a golden one. We thank God that Elizabeth will come out of the OR one step closer to being disability free! Her first procedure simply involves cutting a tendon and lengthening it to stop it pulling her foot into this curved position. The doctor will also work on her bones to make them straight. A cast will be applied and in six weeks she will be ready for a doctors review. But before all that, let’s thank God for her surgery and pray that it is successful! Photo of Elizabeth

Jul 27, 2020

“I want to be a doctor when I grow up so that I can help other people feel better when they are sick!” Elizabeth told us when we asked about her future plans. Elizabeth is a very bright girl and we thank God that she has a caring mum who is ready to do anything to help her live her dream! Photo of Elizabeth

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