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  • Age6
  • Conditionclubfoot
  • Next Appointment 03/10/2020

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Lavine's Story

“My girl is the only one with visible disability in her school and sometimes when she comes home in the evening and tells me how other kids called bad her names, I feel very bad.” Millicent, Lavine’s mum expressed a rather disturbing issue.

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“My girl is the only one with visible disability in her school and sometimes when she comes home in the evening and tells me how other kids called bad her names, I feel very bad.” Millicent, Lavine’s mum expressed a rather disturbing issue.

Lavine is is a six year old girl and is the fourth born child in a family of 5. She was born with clubfoot and after advice from the nurses at the hospital where Lavine was born, her mum begun the ponsetti method of treatment for clubfoot. This involved multiple casts every week and at some point a pair of shoes with a bar in between called a bar brace. Millicent did this for a year.

When it got to the point where Lavine needed to wear her bar brace only at night, it became too hard for her and very painful. This bothered Millicent who every time Lavine would cry because of the shoes, she would take them off so Lavine could sleep through the night. Gradually they stopped going for clinics and check ups and they abandoned the clubfoot correction process entirely.

One day Millicent decided to revisit this issue. When she went to hospital, she was told her daughter would need special shoes that would cost quite some money. So she went back home and tried to ask her husband if they would raise the money so their daughter can be assisted. He kept making promises but due to the nature of his work, they could not afford the shoes. Still in that season of trying to find solutions to Lavine’s problem, Millicent met someone completely random who told her about a CURE Kenya mobile clinic happening near her home. She decided to try her luck.

Millicent and Lavine came to our mobile clinic. Millicent was told that at that particular point the only way to correct Lavine’s deformity would be through surgery. She was shocked at first because the moment she heard the word “operation” she knew that it would need a lot of money. Lavine’s mum was told what she needed to do and was asked to go home and wait for a date to come to CURE Kenya for surgery.

They are at hospital now and when we asked Millicent what she was looking forward to the most, this is what she said, “I just want my daughter to be healed so that other kids can stop ridiculing her at school.” Please pray for Lavine’s procedure to be successful and that God will meet this family at their point of need.

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Latest Updates

Jan 27, 2020

Lavine and her mum left for home over the weekend after being discharged! We will see them again in six weeks and we ask you to continue praying for Lavine's healing process.

Jan 24, 2020

Lavine’s mum was out visiting another mama and her child who had just been discharged when we got to Lavine’s bed this morning. Lavine is hoping they can also go home so she can see all her little friends. Thank you for your prayers and support throughout their stay here! Photo of Lavine

Jan 23, 2020

Lavine had some time yesterday to work on some crafts in the company of some really sweet people visiting CURE Kenya this week. This morning, when we went to say hi to her, we found her wearing the eye mask she had colored so nicely. Millicent hopes that they can go home tomorrow, but she is very happy with everything that has happened to them since they came! Photo of Lavine

Jan 22, 2020

“Do you know who Jesus is?” We asked Lavine in reference to some coloring she had done. “Yes!” She responded. We asked her mum if they both go to church and she confirmed that Lavine goes to Sunday school with other kids. We took time to tell Lavine the story of the Shepherd and the lost sheep because it is one of the stories she read as she was coloring. We told her what God expects of us as His children and we asked her mum to explain it even further in their native language so she understood clearly what we were talking about. Lavine is doing much better today. She struggled with pain a bit yesterday but it was well managed and at least today she can work on more crafts. We thank God for His grace so far. Photo of Lavine

Jan 21, 2020

“Her feet should not look like this once she has had surgery.” Dr. Mandela said as he held and examined Lavine’s feet while on the operating room table. Lavine had surgery on both her feet at the same time in order to minimize her healing time. The procedure was successful and we thank God for this blessing! Photo of Lavine

Jan 20, 2020

“Please take our picture together so that we can remember this moment when we look at this picture in the future.” Mama Lavine told us. We are happy to have these two at CURE Kenya and we hope that they love their stay with us! Photo of Lavine

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