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Athumani's Story

Meet Athumani, a ten year old boy who was born without a single complication. His father told us how exciting it was to receive a baby boy. When Athumani turned two, he developed a very serious cold and was taken to the hospital for treatment. As p… Read more

Meet Athumani, a ten year old boy who was born without a single complication. His father told us how exciting it was to receive a baby boy. When Athumani turned two, he developed a very serious cold and was taken to the hospital for treatment. As part of his treatment, he was given an injection that his father believes is the cause of his son’s problem.

When Athumani started crawling around the house, his dad observed that he kept dragging his left foot behind. It didn’t bother him much because he thought it was part of his son’s growth process. A few weeks later, there was no improvement. Athumani's dad started looking for answers as to why this was happening. He took his son to a nearby hospital where it was discovered that his left foot was bent toward the inside.

The correction process began with casting for almost a year and then Athumani was given braces to wear to try and correct the bending. Athumani started developing wounds on his left leg because of the friction caused by the brace. It became very difficult for him to wear the special shoe, so he stopped. His leg became worse. His father almost gave up with the correction process and decided to go to the clinic one last time before deciding to stop entirely.

Athumani's father was referred to a CURE mobile clinic. He was told there were doctors coming who would be able to offer a long-lasting solution to the problem. He gave it a try. He met people from CURE Kenya who were encouraging. They told him not to lose hope and that all would be well through Christ.

Athumani and his dad are now at CURE Kenya and are optimistic they will be treated and healed. He also hopes that his son will walk like all his age-mates. Please pray for the procedure Athumani is going to have and for his recovery process.

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Latest Updates

Jan 29, 2020

We saw Amani this morning and when we asked his dad why they were here, he told us they are looking forward to getting a foot brace that will enable Amani to walk with confidence. Amani was able to get his brace fitted and he will use it from now on! We’ll see Amani and his dad again in a few months time. Photo of Athumani

Dec 18, 2019

It can be tricky for us to locate kids who come in for reviews because it is possible that they are at one of six different stations! This was the case for Athumani. We knew he was coming, but when he got here, it took us a while to find him. We finally found Athumani and his dad at our orthopedic workshop getting his Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO) measurements taken. Athumani will need to be cast again as he waits for his AFO to be made. Photo of Athumani

Nov 15, 2019

Athumani got to practice his walking today and then he and his dad wandered around the ward, visiting their friends. Athumani’s dad is such a friendly and happy guy, so he has many ward friends! And did you guess correct? Did you choose orange for the color of Athumani’s shirt? Good job you (you know who you are)! Athumani and his dad will say ‘see you later’ to their friend tomorrow and go home to say ‘hello’ to their family! Photo of Athumani

Nov 14, 2019

Any guesses on which color t-shirt Athumani chose? The one in this photo is green, but there was orange and blue to choose from too! He’d done some good coloring on other coloring pages even before finishing the one he was given yesterday! Athumani went to the OR for a cast change today. Tomorrow he should be heading home, so maybe he’ll be wearing his new shirt and we can reveal which color he chose! Photo of Athumani

Nov 13, 2019

Pastor Emmy was handing out coloring pages and crayons for kiddos to color while they stay cozy in bed, recovering. Athumani is one of those kiddos who is staying cozy in bed, recovering, so he got himself a coloring page to color. And -- Pastor Emmy told him that if he finished, he would get a free tee shirt! Stay tuned tomorrow to find out if Athumani gets his free tee shirt. Photo of Athumani

Nov 12, 2019

Athumani’s surgery resulted in one of the doctors saying: “The foot has been corrected.” This is always a good thing for doctors to say and it looks like God is working hard to heal Athumani! Athumani will wear a splint for a bit to allow room for healing and then we’re hopeful that by the end of this week or the beginning of next week, he’ll be able to go back to the OR to have a proper cast placed! Photo of Athumani

Nov 11, 2019

Athumani and his dad are here! After a lot of struggle finding treatment, they’ve come and now God is using CURE Kenya to heal Athumani! Pray that his journey will be smooth and without complication. Photo of Athumani

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