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Maureen's Story

Maureen was welcomed into the world just over a year ago, but she didn’t come alone. She came with her twin sister, Mitchelle! And so they’ve done life together ever since. “They love each other,” Maureen and Mitchelle’s auntie told us. … Read more

Maureen was welcomed into the world just over a year ago, but she didn’t come alone. She came with her twin sister, Mitchelle! And so they’ve done life together ever since. “They love each other,” Maureen and Mitchelle’s auntie told us. “If one wakes up, she must wake the other.” And this is only the beginning of doing life together for these twins.

Both sisters were born with unique hands. For Maureen, she has an extra digit on her thumb. For Mitchelle, her thumbs curve in. And this week, thanks to a referral from another hospital, both sisters will find healing for their hands.

Please pray that as both girls embark on this journey of healing together, it will be swift and without complication!

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Latest Updates

Jan 08, 2020

Always curious and looking for something to do is the best way to describe Maureen and her twin sister. During our clinic today, we met Maureen at the waiting area. She was with her mum, grandma, and twin sister. Her little cast was removed and the pin removed as well. We will see Maureen again in three weeks when she comes in for a check up. Photo of Maureen

Dec 04, 2019

Maureen went home and we'll see her in a few weeks!

Dec 02, 2019

Mama Maureen wanted to see photos from Maureen’s surgery. So, Elvis showed her the photo, on our website, of the surgeon doing Maureen’s surgery last week. That photo is a little sneaky because if you look close, you can actually catch the reflection of the operation in the doctor’s magnifiers! Maureen should be able to go home tomorrow. Photo of Maureen

Nov 29, 2019

Maureen's father really loves his daughters. Maureen has a tiny chest complication that has her staying in the high dependency unit (HDU) but this doesn’t stop her family from coming to visit, especially her dad. He loves playing with the twins, and today he came to visit Maureen, who just recently had surgery. We thank God for the progress Maureen has made. She will stay here over the weekend and have a wound check on Monday. Photo of Maureen

Nov 28, 2019

Maureen’s surgery was successful, and we are so happy for her! Please join us in prayer for her recovery process. We will have them here for a while before they can be discharged and allowed to go home. Photo of Maureen

Nov 27, 2019

Hand surgery is quite complicated, and you can imagine how much more complicated it is for such a tiny girl as Maureen. To be able to see all the important details, it is important for the surgeon to wear specialized gear. Today, Dr. Kinyua wore special magnifiers to see exactly where to cut or stitch and ensure Maureen has a successful procedure. Please thank God for today for Dr. Kinyua and Maureen's surgery. Photo of Maureen

Nov 26, 2019

Maureen still didn’t get to go to the operating room today, but we are praying that she will go tomorrow. Instead, she spent her day playing with her sister and dad. Please pray for patience for Maureen and her parents as they wait for surgery. Photo of Maureen

Nov 25, 2019

Maureen and her twin sister are a bit shy with new faces. But as time goes by, they warm up to you. We took a few photos of them together, but when we tried to show them the photos, they both didn’t want to look. When their mom showed them the photos, they were excited to touch the camera monitor. Maureen will have her procedure tomorrow. We are praying for strength for the team in the operating room since it is a long procedure, as well as a successful outcome for Maureen. Photo of Maureen

Nov 22, 2019

Maureen was spending a little time outside today and Peter the guard was catching some snuggle time with her. She’s super precious, so how could one resist her snuggles? Maureen will be available for snuggles all weekend as she waits for her surgery next week! Photo of Maureen

Nov 21, 2019

Maureen was having a snooze on her auntie’s back today. This is a different auntie than last time which shows how much she’s loved! Maureen will be going to surgery tomorrow, so today is a good day to catch some zzz’s and hang out with auntie and mom! Photo of Maureen

Nov 20, 2019

Maureen didn’t come to CURE Kenya alone. She brought FAMILY! Mom, grandma, her two sisters, and two other family members. We’re grateful for the love that surrounds her! She’s here for her surgery now. Please pray for the best outcome and for a safe surgery! Photo of Maureen

Oct 18, 2019

“They’re born again Christians,” Pastor Emmy said. No (hehe), we’re not talking about the twins (but you can pray that they’ll come to know Jesus when they’re a little bigger). We’re talking about their mama and their auntie. Yesterday, Pastor Emmy spent time with the twins, but she also got to sit down at some point with the adults and do a little discipleship. Pray they’ll grow closer to Jesus over time! They will all be going home today and coming back next month for Mitchelle’s checkup. Pray that Maureen will get to have her surgery soon! Photo of Maureen

Oct 17, 2019

Twins are twice the fun because instead of one person getting baby snuggles at a time, two get the snuggles at the same time! Storyteller Elvis and Social Worker Chege were enjoying some playtime with Maureen and Mitchelle. Mitchelle has had her surgery, but Maureen will have to wait just a little bit longer for hers because her surgery will take many hours and we need to make sure our schedule is ready for that. We’re so glad these babies have been loved on lots this week! Photo of Maureen

Oct 16, 2019

It was twin sister Mitchelle’s turn in the OR and since Maureen is waiting until tomorrow to go to the OR, she and Auntie Rachel had time to kill. Thankfully, there was music to listen to and watch on the phone, so Maureen was doing well. Pray for her surgery tomorrow -- and her sister’s today! Photo of Maureen

Oct 15, 2019

This is life with twins sometimes! Rachel is auntie to these two and since their mama had gone to brush her teeth, auntie was holding down the fort -- and Maureen! We’re glad Maureen stayed safe and didn’t crawl off the bed! Her surgery (and Mitchelle’s) should happen tomorrow. Photo of Maureen

Oct 14, 2019

Having an extra somebody around is so helpful when you’re spending time in the hospital, especially when you have twins! Thankfully Nancy, Maureen and Mitchelle’s mama, has her sister-in-law with her in the hospital this week. This helps lighten her load and will make the twins stay in the hospital an even better experience! Photo of Maureen

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