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  • Age11
  • Conditionburn contractures
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Allan's Story

Allan is an eleven year old boy who was born in a family of three kids and is the firstborn. When Allan was pretty young, he lost his dad and now lives with his uncle who is just like a father to him. Allan has been a very active boy ever since bir… Read more

Allan is an eleven year old boy who was born in a family of three kids and is the firstborn. When Allan was pretty young, he lost his dad and now lives with his uncle who is just like a father to him. Allan has been a very active boy ever since birth. When he was little and learning how to crawl around in the house, there happened to be a pot of boiling water within his reach. Innocently, he put his hand inside and as you would expect, what followed next was a very loud cry of a toddler in excruciating pain.

Allan was rushed to a hospital near his home where he was hospitalized for a month as his wound was being treated and skin grafting done. His mum was with him the entire time. “You know, I couldn't tell he was disabled because whenever I’d go to visit him in hospital, his mum would tell me that his hand was cleaned and the dressing done.” Benson, Allan’s dad (uncle), told us when we asked if he knew how the disability came about. Regardless of how it happened, Allan's burn didn't heal properly and he ended up with a serious burn contracture.

Benson heard about CURE Kenya from a close friend. He was told that his son would be treated and this would at least give him a chance to use his right hand. Allan and his dad look forward to the transformation that is about to happen. As we were talking, we made a joke about how there are really powerful people who write with their left hand, like the president, and we told Allan that he could be just as powerful if he worked hard in school. Allan wants to be a pilot when he grows up and he will need both his hands to fly all over the world. Please pray that his surgery goes well so that he has a shot at becoming a pilot one day!

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Latest Updates

Nov 15, 2019

Occupational therapists Alice and Naomi worked to make Allan a splint when he came for his checkup. This splint will help keep his wrist in a position so that it won’t contract again. He’ll also be coming back for physical therapy in a couple of weeks so they can continue helping him keep his wrist flexible! Photo of Allan

Oct 14, 2019

Allan is so brave. He was asked if he wanted to be put to sleep for his dressing change in the OR as it was going to be a little painful, but he said no. He was very interested in seeing what was happening and the doctor was kind enough to let him do so. Allan is doing well and his wound is healing properly. He will be allowed to go home for two weeks then we’ll need him to come back for another wound check and dressing change. Photo of Allan

Oct 11, 2019

It’s always good to have a friend who understands, one who knows what it feels like to experience what you’re experiencing. Allan and Isaac both had surgeries for their burn contractures this week. Although their stories are different, they both know what it’s like to live with burn contractures and to experience healing afterward. We’re so glad they have each other as they continue to recover in the hospital! Photo of Allan

Oct 10, 2019

It’s a drizzly day in Kijabe, a good day for naps. Allan sure seemed to think so because that’s what he was doing when we found him this morning! And it’s good because the more he rests, the more his body restores itself. He’ll be sticking around until early next week for a dressing change. Pray he rests a lot during the next few days! Photo of Allan

Oct 08, 2019

Did you know doctors also get to be artists? One of the things they do during their preparation process involves using a marker to mark the surgery site. Today, Dr. Kinyua was marking Allan’s hand in the OR in order to decide how best to proceed. Allan will probably end up needing two surgeries. This first one he had today to release his wrist. At another time, he’ll also have his thumb released. Pray that the final outcome will give Allan maximum hand function! Photo of Allan

Oct 07, 2019

When Allan and Storyteller Elvis met this morning, Elvis spoke to him in their mother tongue and smiled. We’re not really sure some of what was said, but Elvis had fun with it! He also had a chance to make friends with Benson and Allan as Allan’s story was shared this morning. We know a little teasing happened again! Allan has a silly and joyful personality, so we figure he’s good for all the teasing! He’ll hopefully go for surgery tomorrow. Photo of Allan

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